Discussion Points

  • Delayed application for approval
  • Checked status of sub-teams
    • Possible ways to combine certain teams for effectiveness
    • WikiTeam received props from SABDFL!

    • Theidiotthatisme's Ubuntu workshop idea
  • Ways to bring over and train students and businesses
    • Face-to-face support
    • Possible face-to-face support regions
    • Skype support
  • Partnerships with FOSS-friendly businesses
  • Specialized CD for our LoCo

    • Discussion of logo guidelines


(08:02:13 PM) theidiotthatisme: So howdy everyone
(08:02:33 PM) jacobmp92: hello
(08:03:02 PM) jacobmp92: Welcome to another unofficial meeting
(08:03:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: ... kind of dead tonight huh?
(08:03:14 PM) meatballhat [n=dbuch@70-39-156-18.clvdoh.adelphia.net] entered the room.
(08:03:17 PM) meatballhat: oi!
(08:03:30 PM) piggah [n=nick@cpe-24-95-40-214.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(08:03:30 PM) jacobmp92: theidiotthatisme: Vorian isn't here
(08:03:38 PM) meatballhat: he is workin' :(
(08:03:44 PM) piggah: evening everyone.
(08:03:48 PM) theidiotthatisme: jacobmp92: I noticed. Aww that's a stinker. What time does he get off?
(08:03:50 PM) meatballhat: hallo to all!
(08:03:51 PM) jacobmp92: evening piggah
(08:03:57 PM) piggah: how is everyone? :)
(08:04:01 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: too late, probs :(
(08:04:12 PM) meatballhat: piggah: welcome welcome!
(08:04:24 PM) meatballhat: atoponce: welcome from beautiful Utah!
(08:05:12 PM) atoponce: meatballhat: thx
(08:05:18 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: Probably.. stinkers! lol
(08:05:21 PM) goatdad13: evening folks
(08:05:24 PM) ***atoponce will just lurk, keeping an eye on the meet
(08:05:39 PM) meatballhat: I know that this is an "informal" meeting, but as we've delayed our application for official approval until next month, there are some things that should definitely be discussed
(08:06:09 PM) meatballhat: Vorian has asked that I do my best to keep things moving
(08:06:16 PM) ***meatballhat is honored to do so
(08:06:44 PM) meatballhat: anyone have any objections if I rattle off something of an agenda?
(08:06:48 PM) jacobmp92: hopefully things will stay going, no one talks too much :-p
(08:06:59 PM) jacobmp92: no objections here
(08:07:23 PM) theidiotthatisme: go for it meatballhat
(08:07:26 PM) meatballhat: first off: Subteams
(08:07:38 PM) meatballhat: next: theidiotthatisme's class plans
(08:07:55 PM) meatballhat: thirdly: Face to Face support
(08:08:09 PM) meatballhat: fourthly: ....
(08:08:12 PM) meatballhat: open topic mode
(08:08:30 PM) PWill: i can't stay guys. my grandma just got in from chicago, gotta go
(08:08:30 PM) #ubuntu-ohio: mode (+o jacobmp92 ) by ChanServ
(08:08:33 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol my class plans can go into either the first or third also
(08:08:39 PM) jacobmp92: see ya pwill
(08:08:40 PM) PWill: tell vor sorry i couldn't make it
(08:08:41 PM) meatballhat: PWill: give her our best :)
(08:08:46 PM) jacobmp92!n=jacobmp@rrcs-70-63-13-2.central.biz.rr.com: jacobmp92 has changed the topic to: Now Organizing Teams! Find out more at http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org || Planning is Underway for Feisty Release Parties throughout the State! Join in the planning ||
(08:08:51 PM) #ubuntu-ohio: mode (-o jacobmp92 ) by jacobmp92
(08:08:55 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: it makes for a good transition, eh?
(08:09:06 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: thanks much for the topic change
(08:09:20 PM) jacobmp92: i couldn't leave it saying the meeting was still tomorrow ;)
(08:09:30 PM) theidiotthatisme: maybe lol
(08:09:58 PM) meatballhat: so.... what is the general feeling of the Subteams thus far ... anyone care to pipe up? :)
(08:10:30 PM) jacobmp92: i think they keep things organized, and it gives people a clue of what to do or can do
(08:10:55 PM) meatballhat: as an aside we hit 60 members today thanks to piggah (!!!)
(08:11:08 PM) jacobmp92: woot!
(08:11:33 PM) meatballhat: any remarks on the current divisions? anything seem off? are we moving in the right direction?
(08:11:35 PM) piggah: thank you :P its nice to be here :P
(08:11:46 PM) zerhacke left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(08:12:01 PM) ***jacobmp92 gives a simple thumbs up to the subteams
(08:12:27 PM) meatballhat: http://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-ohio <--- perhaps we should review? :D
(08:12:27 PM) piggah: i think the subteams are a fine idea, so long as we don't get tons of them with few members and fragment...
(08:12:38 PM) meatballhat: piggah: that's our primary concern
(08:12:39 PM) theidiotthatisme: I think we should review
(08:12:47 PM) theidiotthatisme: (btw I may be gone for a second to get a soda)
(08:12:55 PM) meatballhat: okay... here goes:
(08:13:05 PM) piggah: i dont think it hurts to have them now, but i think they should stay general until we get more members... know what i mean?
(08:13:07 PM) meatballhat: CD Team
(08:13:12 PM) meatballhat: Communication Team
(08:13:12 PM) goatdad13: I think that the subteams are a good idea, and the right number as we don't have a lot of members and we don't want to spread ourselves too thin.
(08:13:15 PM) meatballhat: Marketing Team
(08:13:21 PM) meatballhat: New User Team
(08:13:24 PM) meatballhat: Web Team
(08:13:27 PM) meatballhat: Wiki Team
(08:13:45 PM) meatballhat: goatdad13: glad you like :-D
(08:13:59 PM) piggah: like, to me.. communications and marketing could be combined. maybe even web with them.
(08:14:04 PM) meatballhat: there's certainly some crossover in responsibility...
(08:14:06 PM) meatballhat: right
(08:14:21 PM) piggah: now, if we had hundreds of members, itd be better.
(08:14:24 PM) meatballhat: that's the kind of discussion I'd like to hear ...
(08:14:29 PM) meatballhat: for one...
(08:14:33 PM) jacobmp92: :-D
(08:14:38 PM) meatballhat: communications is the introvert
(08:14:47 PM) meatballhat: marketing is the extrovert
(08:15:06 PM) goatdad13: and if you do both you must have two personalities
(08:15:06 PM) meatballhat: web team and wiki team could probably be combined (?)
(08:15:17 PM) meatballhat: goatdad13: precisely :D
(08:15:18 PM) piggah: it depends on the specific goal of each team...
(08:15:41 PM) piggah: web and wiki could be totally different, or exactly the same..
(08:15:45 PM) meatballhat: piggah: right on ... have you had a chance to review the descriptions on each Subteams' page?
(08:15:53 PM) jacobmp92: meatballhat: the web/wiki teams i think do different things, there is the same goal, but we do different things with the LoCo
(08:15:56 PM) piggah: i havnt, so i probably dont make sense :P
(08:15:58 PM) jgedeon [n=joe@oh-67-77-123-4.sta.embarqhsd.net] entered the room.
(08:16:06 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: welcome!!!
(08:16:17 PM) jgedeon: Hello there meatballhat
(08:16:32 PM) jgedeon: meatballhat: did you ever get my PM?
(08:16:55 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: ... uh oh .. I haven't been on the UF in a few days :( ....
(08:17:08 PM) meatballhat: so have all those present had a chance to review the Subteams and see if there's one or two you'd like to join?
(08:17:18 PM) theidiotthatisme: Are there any updates for any of the teams? We know there has been a lot of progress in the Wiki and Website, what about any of the others?
(08:17:20 PM) meatballhat: (assuming you haven't already)
(08:17:35 PM) meatballhat: Marketing Team is up to 3 whole members :D
(08:17:40 PM) jacobmp92: lol
(08:17:41 PM) meatballhat: with the addition of goatdad13
(08:17:47 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: I'm apart of three, though I will be more active in the CD and New User probably
(08:18:00 PM) theidiotthatisme: Maybe 4, I dont remember exactly lol
(08:18:11 PM) jacobmp92: i'm in Web, New User, and Communication
(08:18:19 PM) jgedeon: When things slow down here a little bit I will be looking where I can be of a benefit to the teams, but right now there just isn't enough time in the day.
(08:18:22 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: multitasking is certainly okay when it comes to Subteams, IMHO :D
(08:18:49 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: that's certainly a-OK ... you're representative of most of our LoCo team members in that regard
(08:19:00 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: I know the feeling, I have a lot going on with school but I'm trying to use that to my advantage on the New Users and CD teams
(08:19:19 PM) meatballhat: as far as updates to Subteam progress is concerned ...
(08:19:26 PM) jgedeon: Oh I have plenty of NewUsers coming. LOL
(08:19:30 PM) goatdad13: unfortunately, with work and family, 1 is about all I have time for
(08:19:47 PM) meatballhat: Wiki team has done a bang-up job ... even got props from sabdfl (!!!)
(08:19:53 PM) goatdad13: that is unless I am to do a crappy job at all
(08:20:00 PM) jacobmp92: yeah, good job wikiers!
(08:20:02 PM) jgedeon: Just need to get that Mac image from meatballhat. LOL
(08:20:09 PM) theidiotthatisme: The wiki team has done really well
(08:20:23 PM) meatballhat: goatdad13: we *neeed* your help with Marketing .... don't you go anywhere :P
(08:20:42 PM) meatballhat: hackle577 wasn't able to show, I see
(08:20:49 PM) meatballhat: 3 cheers for Wiki Team!
(08:21:00 PM) meatballhat: Web team in this here house?
(08:21:08 PM) jacobmp92: here
(08:21:10 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: progress report? :D
(08:21:21 PM) goatdad13: not planning on going anywhere
(08:21:32 PM) meatballhat: goatdad13: good to hear :D
(08:21:40 PM) ***meatballhat wipes sweat from brow
(08:21:43 PM) jacobmp92: hmm, i can't say that there has been too much on the web site itself, although Vorian got safe mode on PHP turned off so now uploads work :)
(08:21:55 PM) goatdad13: how are the seperate teams meeting to discuss plan of attack and set goals?
(08:21:56 PM) meatballhat: PHP Safe Mode be gone!
(08:22:04 PM) meatballhat: goatdad13: excellent question
(08:22:36 PM) meatballhat: as most Subteams are (ahem) smaller .... email is the mode of choice for many ... in addition to IRC
(08:23:01 PM) ***meatballhat is a huge fan of email ... fits his workflow reeel good
(08:23:20 PM) theidiotthatisme: I've mostly talked through IRC, dont really get any emails lol
(08:23:34 PM) jacobmp92: we need to get the mailing list going
(08:23:42 PM) jacobmp92: mailing list = forums, but in your inbox
(08:23:46 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: I second that (hugely)
(08:23:46 PM) goatdad13: I have no problem with email, didn't know if there was a mode of preference
(08:24:01 PM) meatballhat: that's what the Communication Team is for
(08:24:07 PM) jacobmp92: heh
(08:24:11 PM) meatballhat: getting all of the lines properly intertwined
(08:24:27 PM) meatballhat: we all of different preferences when it comes to communicating
(08:24:41 PM) meatballhat: there's no reason for our Team's progress to settle on *one* mode
(08:24:43 PM) jacobmp92: i'm going to try to send some more convo starters again.. hopefully it will work ;)
(08:24:57 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: fire away!!!
(08:25:07 PM) goatdad13: as long as everyone on the team is ok with that mode doesn't matter if each team has same or not
(08:25:14 PM) meatballhat: okay ... anybody here from the CD Team ... theidiotthatisme ?
(08:25:26 PM) theidiotthatisme: Just me I think
(08:25:42 PM) theidiotthatisme: Not sure who's all in my teams I'm apart of
(08:25:44 PM) meatballhat: perhaps this is a good time to transition to you ? :D
(08:25:50 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(08:25:58 PM) theidiotthatisme: nah let's finish goin through the teams first
(08:26:00 PM) meatballhat: you had some good ideas 'bout using LightScribe, etc..
(08:26:02 PM) theidiotthatisme: But for the CD Team
(08:26:03 PM) meatballhat: okay
(08:26:12 PM) theidiotthatisme: Yes, I am getting a lightscribe burner next weekend
(08:26:34 PM) theidiotthatisme: And I will be burning Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu CD's for our team free to distribute
(08:26:58 PM) meatballhat: New User Team ??? anyone about?
(08:27:01 PM) theidiotthatisme: I would like to ask those who are artistically inclined to come up with a design that I could use for the CD's and also CD covers
(08:27:06 PM) jgedeon: theidiotthatisme: You may want to consider some edubuntu too..
(08:27:10 PM) ***jacobmp92 is here from NU team
(08:27:28 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: have you been in on the discussion about Face to Face support?
(08:27:34 PM) theidiotthatisme: Well any requested by our team can be burned jgedeon
(08:27:45 PM) jacobmp92: yes, and i'm looking into getting SkypeOut service just for that purpose :)
(08:28:20 PM) jacobmp92: i might also be considering a skypeIn number, but those are $40 a year and i probably won't use it much
(08:28:20 PM) meatballhat: we'll get to that in bit then ;)
(08:28:32 PM) meatballhat: oi ... yeeeah, no thanks
(08:28:35 PM) meatballhat: :P
(08:28:40 PM) jacobmp92: heh :-)
(08:29:14 PM) meatballhat: okay ... well, theidiotthatisme, would you be willing to talk 'bout your class idea?
(08:29:22 PM) theidiotthatisme: Sure can if you'd like
(08:29:49 PM) theidiotthatisme: for those who do not know I am starting a workshop for the community on my college campus in training on computers
(08:29:53 PM) meatballhat: please please :D
(08:30:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: Most of it will be basics to intermediate skills, and will of course incorporate Free software
(08:31:05 PM) theidiotthatisme: One class that I will be doing is on using email with Mozilla Thunderbird. I will be starting it from signing up for an email service (inbox.com), setting it up in Thunderbird, and teaching the different parts of email and Thunderbird
(08:31:27 PM) theidiotthatisme: Including the basics with the fields on the email form (To:, CC:, BCC:, etc.)
(08:31:34 PM) theidiotthatisme: moving on to folders, filters, etc.
(08:32:30 PM) theidiotthatisme: Another class I will be doing will be on Internet and using intermediate techniques with your browser (using Firefox of course), starting with the basics of URL, bookmarks, tabbed browsing, and then moving on to Profiles, RSS Feeds, extensions, and more.
(08:33:04 PM) theidiotthatisme: During these workshops I will be providing custom burned Firefox and Thunderbird CD's (again if anyone is artistiaclly inclined... any help with CD design would be greatly appreciated)
(08:33:56 PM) theidiotthatisme: As time progresses I want to continue training with other Free open-source apps, as the goal is train computer usage with Free software
(08:34:15 PM) piggah: thats a great goal to have :)
(08:34:15 PM) jgedeon: Does a college campus community have that many basic computer users?
(08:34:43 PM) theidiotthatisme: My current college is rather small, and the workshop is for the entire town community as well as anyone on campus interested
(08:34:44 PM) piggah: i bet most do... but ive not been to college :P
(08:34:57 PM) theidiotthatisme: And to answer your question, yes my college has far more than I thought
(08:35:12 PM) jgedeon: OK was just wondering.
(08:35:47 PM) goatdad13: there wasn't when I went
(08:35:55 PM) goatdad13: but that was awhile ago
(08:36:26 PM) jgedeon: theidiotthatisme: what area are you in?
(08:36:28 PM) theidiotthatisme: My idea would be as a project for the New User team to replicate these workshops around Ohio in high schools, local libraries, aimed towards the general community, using the New User team launchpad
(08:36:50 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: Defiance, smaller community far south of Toledo
(08:37:21 PM) jgedeon: theidiotthatisme: Oh ok. I have been asked to work on something similiar but not the same basic level.
(08:37:28 PM) theidiotthatisme: My aim for the workshops is to expose and train new users in Free software, instead of pushing it as an "alternative"
(08:37:38 PM) piggah: I live in the middle of nowhere... unfortunately, I have to drive to find other people interested in computers. I only know 2 other Linux users in person. xD
(08:37:54 PM) piggah: its kinda sad, really.
(08:38:00 PM) theidiotthatisme: Eventually I'd like to move my workshops to a higher level but I am starting with the basics first to attend to the community's needs
(08:38:02 PM) meatballhat: piggah: I know ZERO in person ... it's a real problem
(08:38:25 PM) theidiotthatisme: piggah: The only ones I know I have turned. That actually leads to another goal
(08:38:33 PM) jgedeon: I have been asked to look into putting something together to show what kind of bottom line effects OSS can have on budgets.
(08:38:49 PM) theidiotthatisme: I believe it would be much easier to transition users of Free software to a Free operating system since applciations that will be used to will be available.
(08:38:59 PM) jgedeon: For schools, small to medium businesses, and local governments.
(08:39:01 PM) goatdad13: would love to see the results
(08:39:34 PM) piggah: yeah. my friend actually asked me if he would have Firefrox when he switched to Ubuntu. Expore to software first is definitely key...
(08:39:47 PM) piggah: exposure, rather...
(08:40:09 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'm actually doing the reverse of many, I'm hitting the end user first to later gain more influence over businesses. Tell them they use this software, are you able to preload it? And with the college, to install OpenOffice.org next to MS Office
(08:41:04 PM) theidiotthatisme: Of course this is meant mostly for the New User team, and I dont expect all workshops to be identical (actually, that would be a terrible thing!) But maybe share some of our workshops, adapt them to our community, and share resources we've created for distributing any workshops several users might use in their local community
(08:41:30 PM) meatballhat: I'm really into the concept of "gateway apps" ... it's this part of theidiotthatisme's plan that really piqued my interest
(08:42:01 PM) meatballhat: has anyone else seen this sort of discussion/concept out in the Open Source world? .. in this exact form, at least?
(08:42:04 PM) theidiotthatisme: Yes. It is more effective to train users in Free software from the get go meatballhat
(08:42:06 PM) piggah: definitely. apps like firefox really have a lot of impact on gaining linux users...
(08:42:37 PM) piggah: firefox is really always how i first get someone into free software.
(08:42:42 PM) jgedeon: But apps like OOo seems to help push them after they have started.
(08:42:57 PM) theidiotthatisme: Firefox is a good start, along with Thunderbird and OpenOffice.org
(08:43:10 PM) meatballhat: I can vouch for that at my workplace, too
(08:43:22 PM) meatballhat: Firefox is all I'll let my department use :D
(08:43:23 PM) theidiotthatisme: Who else is part of the NU team?
(08:43:32 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: you on NU?
(08:43:47 PM) jacobmp92: meatballhat: yep
(08:44:09 PM) meatballhat: do you have any instructors who'd be willing to listen to our plan?
(08:44:10 PM) jgedeon: I disagree with the OpenOffice being a good one to pull them in. There is a big difference with it when the user only knows M$ office. They find the features that OOo is missing too easily.
(08:44:12 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'd like input from others on NU and if they know of anyone who may be able to set up similar workshops
(08:44:46 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: for power users, perhaps, but I've seen much the opposite when it comes to light everyday business stuff
(08:44:59 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: I think it depends on the level of experience with your user. That's one of the factors that must be adapted based on your audience. For me, it's not difficult at all since the most anyone has done with MS Office is write papers here.
(08:45:56 PM) jgedeon: That might be true meatballhat and theidiotthatisme
(08:45:59 PM) jacobmp92: meatballhat: i'm not entirely sure i know of any instructors who know much what an OS is around here :-/
(08:46:12 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: heehee ... I can relate :P
(08:47:04 PM) theidiotthatisme: jacobmp92: It's ok, you dont have to start with OS. I sure am not, most people here dont know anything about that. That's why I like to start with the basics, those are the easiest users to transition to Free software
(08:47:06 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92, theidiotthatisme: making overtures to shareholders who haven't a clue what we're talking about ... does it work to our advantage?
(08:47:21 PM) meatballhat: stakeholders, that is
(08:47:23 PM) meatballhat: :P
(08:47:54 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: Not sure what you mean? *confused*
(08:48:03 PM) jacobmp92: i'm not too sure either really
(08:48:17 PM) jgedeon: The ones with the $$$'s
(08:48:25 PM) meatballhat: let's say that Mrs. Administratorsons is one's principal .. or a librarian ...
(08:48:29 PM) jacobmp92: ah
(08:48:29 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: you got it
(08:48:32 PM) rrittenhouse [n=tad@cpe-76-188-35-66.neo.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(08:48:37 PM) meatballhat: rrittenhouse: halloooo!
(08:48:44 PM) jacobmp92: when you replace share with steak you had me confused there
(08:48:44 PM) theidiotthatisme: Ah
(08:48:45 PM) jgedeon: I'm in that boat now.
(08:48:49 PM) rrittenhouse: hello!
(08:48:54 PM) jgedeon: Hey there rrittenhouse
(08:48:58 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: sorry 'bout that :P
(08:48:59 PM) jacobmp92: stake*
(08:49:02 PM) theidiotthatisme: Well for me to convince the people here to allow the workshops was easy
(08:49:04 PM) jacobmp92: hehe
(08:49:09 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: do tell
(08:49:13 PM) rrittenhouse: OH its wed :(
(08:49:23 PM) rrittenhouse: came home and started relaxing instead of turning on the PC
(08:49:34 PM) theidiotthatisme: The main points were 1) Free software 2) Free training and 3) it opened way for more involvement between the community and the school
(08:49:48 PM) jacobmp92: meatballhat: i think that certain places might be a good place to start
(08:49:49 PM) theidiotthatisme: And if nothing else, one thing a school and library loves, it's a better public image and more people
(08:49:49 PM) jgedeon: rrittenhouse: it if will make you feel better we can call it the day after Tuesday and the day before Thursday.
(08:49:55 PM) jacobmp92: some shops in columbus
(08:50:06 PM) rrittenhouse: :P
(08:50:07 PM) rrittenhouse: sure
(08:50:41 PM) theidiotthatisme: Once the training is started, you can approach some local computer shops to ask tell them of your progress and that there is now training in some of these programs, and see if you can convince them to include CD's for some of the software since people will be looking for it now
(08:50:49 PM) jgedeon: theidiotthatisme: Are you going to show them the OSS on multiple OS's?
(08:50:53 PM) theidiotthatisme: Or (as I will be) distribute them in your local library or bookstore
(08:51:09 PM) goatdad13: are you looking to dual boot or a total conversion?
(08:51:27 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: this helps us transition rather nicely to the next point :D (thanks!)
(08:51:27 PM) rrittenhouse: i would distribute it in the local library but the town is so small i wonder if theres another techie here but me
(08:51:33 PM) rrittenhouse: population ~900
(08:51:37 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: That is a great question. At first, all software taught will be cross platform. Most likely I will teach it with my computer on Linux, so they will have the chance to ask about it, but I wont mention the fact I am using Linux.
(08:52:05 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: wonderful!!!
(08:52:09 PM) theidiotthatisme: goatdad13: Neither, at first. That's why I believe this may work.
(08:52:14 PM) jgedeon: theidiotthatisme: then aren't you going to take them right off the bat to a place that they are totally unfamiliar with?
(08:52:26 PM) theidiotthatisme: goatdad13: Instead of preaching about this software is better, we are simply training common uses for computers using Free software.
(08:52:51 PM) goatdad13: ok
(08:53:26 PM) meatballhat: I like it ... sneeeeaky ... but well-intentioned nonetheless }:->
(08:53:31 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: not at first, since I dont want to confuse them. Eventually, once I get them trained in Free software, I will hold a presentation to the community on Linux, what it is, why they can use it, and it's benefits over their current setup. At this point they will know they can use their applications and will be much less threatened by the whole idea
(08:53:40 PM) goatdad13: when you were discussing talking about approaching stakeholders I wasn't sure what the approach would be
(08:54:03 PM) meatballhat: goatdad13: I think this is where the Marketing team has to collaborate with the NU Team
(08:54:16 PM) meatballhat: we've got to official-ize it a bit
(08:54:16 PM) goatdad13: most definately
(08:54:19 PM) jacobmp92: true
(08:54:31 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: That's what I'm hoping for
(08:54:39 PM) goatdad13: FREE is always a pretty word
(08:54:44 PM) meatballhat: which.. amazingly ... brings us rather nicely to our next topic :D
(08:54:52 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: lol
(08:54:52 PM) meatballhat: Face To Face Support!
(08:54:59 PM) jacobmp92: woot!
(08:55:08 PM) meatballhat: (FREE) Face to Face Support, rather
(08:55:15 PM) jgedeon: IMO I would start off with a system that looks like theirs and show them the applications and then switch over to your prefered OS and show them that they are still there and work the same and just tease them a little that there is even more inside.
(08:55:25 PM) meatballhat: Vorian had a good idea as our first LoCo-wide project
(08:55:55 PM) jacobmp92: meatballhat: loco-wide as in through all global LoCo teams?
(08:55:59 PM) theidiotthatisme: jdegeon: That's a good idea, and I will probably start with Windows, then shift to KDE Suse, and eventually to Ubuntu
(08:56:00 PM) meatballhat: that we should solicit all Ohio LoCo team members to volunteer as Face to Face support staffers
(08:56:05 PM) ScottK [n=kitterma@static-72-81-252-22.bltmmd.fios.verizon.net] entered the room.
(08:56:10 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: sorry .. just Ohio :D
(08:56:14 PM) jacobmp92: lol
(08:56:35 PM) meatballhat: it's a low responsibility title
(08:56:46 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: That is a good idea, but I think first we really need to amp up advertising ALL of the sub-teams for something they may be interested in
(08:57:01 PM) meatballhat: and all one need do is agree to be counted into a pool of potential troubleshooters
(08:57:12 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: I think interest in a team will prove more productive than selecting a team for it's low responsibility
(08:57:41 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: yes... but in order to get Official support from Canonical, we really need to concentrate on outreach ... but I understand your point
(08:57:46 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: But there should definitely be someway for encouraging users for joining subteams, including the NU team.
(08:57:48 PM) jgedeon: I like face to face support!!! I can break just about anything!!! LOL
(08:57:54 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: That is true.
(08:58:05 PM) meatballhat: just looking at the number of folks who are here right now versus our total Team count ...
(08:58:29 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: I think we should definitely work on getting more users into subteams and fully support you.
(08:58:41 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: I am currently the local support for users here on campus
(08:58:41 PM) meatballhat: it's a matter of fact that most Team members cannot afford to make significant commitments
(08:58:51 PM) jacobmp92: true
(08:59:09 PM) meatballhat: but there is power in numbers ..... and the press loves numbers :D
(08:59:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: Oh and I noticed one friend who I set up with a dualboot who said he will use Windows mostly, I now noticed when in his room he was in Ubuntu :-)
(08:59:24 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: that's great!
(09:00:02 PM) meatballhat: goatdad13: this is something I need to talk to you about later .. via email ... but we're going to need to get an Ohio LoCo-wide take on what people think of Face to Face Support
(09:00:10 PM) meatballhat: ...then write up a Press Release...
(09:00:20 PM) meatballhat: I'm already getting assistance from Canonical staff
(09:00:44 PM) jgedeon: meatballhat: well then lets go into more detail about face to face support.
(09:00:47 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: What is the assistance?
(09:00:52 PM) jacobmp92: meatballhat: how does this idea sound: user fills out a support request at our site, and it will be posted to a place where only NU members can find them. Any NU member can "claim" the request, and call back the user at that number
(09:00:59 PM) meatballhat: and it would practically guarantee our acceptance as an Official LoCo Team
(09:01:23 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon, jacobmp92: go for it .. let's hear some details :D
(09:01:31 PM) piggah: that might be a great idea..
(09:01:57 PM) rrittenhouse: nice idea
(09:02:02 PM) jacobmp92: i am imagining it as a general support email form, but the user would put in a phone number and a good time to call back
(09:02:12 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: I fully support that idea, although because I cannot make outgoing calls and time restrictions I am unable to participate fully in that. However for that we would need a strong NU team, also, but it's definitely great potential!
(09:02:14 PM) rrittenhouse: great thought
(09:02:19 PM) jgedeon: jacobmp92: Would there be a way to get it up that you get a notification about the support issue that is maybe in your area code and or prefix?
(09:02:24 PM) jacobmp92: and maybe request a specific person if they choose to continue a call
(09:02:40 PM) goatdad13: do they do the press release or is that something we will need to come up with
(09:02:50 PM) jacobmp92: jgedeon: there is a workaround for long-distance calls:
(09:02:54 PM) goatdad13: how much support does support offer?
(09:03:02 PM) jacobmp92: SkypeOut: http://www.skype.com/products/skypeout/ it is however $15 a year
(09:03:12 PM) meatballhat: goatdad13: we'll need to do some back and forth .... provide them with draft ... get approval and suggestions
(09:03:20 PM) goatdad13: ok
(09:03:26 PM) jgedeon: jacobmp92: Reason I am asking is there might be a way to actually make it a face to face instead of a voice to voice.
(09:03:28 PM) theidiotthatisme: jacobmp92: There is also Gizmo and Linphone
(09:03:43 PM) jacobmp92: ah! gizmo! i was trying to remember that one
(09:04:30 PM) meatballhat: the fact that the support we are proposing to offer is *FREE* makes it a bit easier to swallow slow response time ... plus we want to be in support of, not competing with, Ubuntu Partners in the State of Ohio
(09:04:32 PM) jacobmp92: jgedeon: actual face to face might work with this same solution, but instead of a phone # they enter a meeting place
(09:04:59 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: and there's always good ol' email :D
(09:05:10 PM) jgedeon: So you aren't talking actual tech support for a person.
(09:05:17 PM) jacobmp92: :-D
(09:05:19 PM) meatballhat: but it's already been pointed out that *good* troubleshooting requires faster communication
(09:05:20 PM) theidiotthatisme: the one thing that worries me is that I'm not sure people will be too willing to give out information such as meeting places and phone numbers for privacy and safety concerns t hough.
(09:05:33 PM) jacobmp92: jgedeon: yes, it would be tech support if over the phone
(09:05:38 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: that's it precisely ... we need to be helpful but not invasive
(09:05:58 PM) meatballhat: the support we propose to offer must be primarily on the user's terms
(09:06:04 PM) jacobmp92: jgedeon: and also F2F if they brought a PC or you were at their hours on a 'service call'
(09:06:11 PM) jacobmp92: s/hours/house
(09:06:24 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: A good idea would be maybe to try and solve the problem online in a support channel, IM, or email, and if it does not work maybe pass it on with all currently tried solutions to a higher up support solution?
(09:06:26 PM) jgedeon: Over the phone I can see some of it but for a meeting place to be posted. That would see a little odd. And I would hope that this would only be for residentual users and not commercial.
(09:06:50 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: yes ... residential, not commercial
(09:06:55 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: I think any commercial entity would look for certified support
(09:07:05 PM) meatballhat: we are the Free Clinic to Ubuntu Partner's specialist practice
(09:07:09 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: Except maybe the smallest of businesses
(09:07:12 PM) rrittenhouse: haha
(09:07:26 PM) jgedeon: Commercial would just take food off the table where commercial should put food on and residentual is more of a helping hand.
(09:08:12 PM) jacobmp92: yeah, we should probably stick to residential
(09:08:15 PM) meatballhat: which brings up a related point ... establishing partnerships with Ubuntu-supporting businesses in Ohio
(09:08:31 PM) meatballhat: there are currently only 2
(09:08:35 PM) meatballhat: both in Cleveland
(09:08:37 PM) meatballhat: :P
(09:08:45 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: I was looking up stuff for that, such as the Hardware Certified, and Ubuntu Partners
(09:08:50 PM) jgedeon: meatballhat: that are listed with conical?
(09:09:03 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: yes
(09:09:06 PM) rrittenhouse: ive always wanted to make a company that at least supported open source software setup/support
(09:09:23 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: go on ... where were you lookin'?
(09:09:28 PM) jgedeon: meatballhat: most your consultants will support whatever the client has.
(09:09:42 PM) meatballhat: rrittenhouse: that's what I'm trying to do at *my* workplace
(09:10:06 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: true ... unless they have NO IDEA what they're looking at (they exist ... I've met them)
(09:10:12 PM) rrittenhouse: meatballhat, very nice.
(09:10:19 PM) jgedeon: meatballhat: true.
(09:10:25 PM) rrittenhouse: meatballhat, all of the business-related stuff is what keeps me out of it hahah
(09:10:26 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: I was thinking of one of two of the local computer shops here in Defiance, but I wanted to show that people were beginning to use Free software which goes back to the training
(09:10:35 PM) rrittenhouse: meatballhat, never sure *what* i need to do legally to get something going
(09:10:37 PM) piggah_ [n=nick@cpe-24-95-40-214.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(09:11:03 PM) meatballhat: rrittenhouse: legally ....? who said that?
(09:11:07 PM) jgedeon: rrittenhouse: incorperate and start.
(09:11:30 PM) rrittenhouse: im not too business savvy
(09:11:36 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: I like that approach as well... along with fostering relationships with Computer Recycling programs
(09:12:04 PM) rrittenhouse: meatballhat, yes legally haha i figure if you charged you have to pay money somewhere or have a license of some sort
(09:12:13 PM) meatballhat: well... it's clear there's a schload of potential work to be done :D
(09:12:26 PM) jgedeon: I with you there meatballhat, computer recycling has given me plenty of computers to donate to our local school..
(09:12:27 PM) meatballhat: rrittenhouse: that's why F2F *HAS TO BE FREE* :D
(09:12:36 PM) rrittenhouse: haha
(09:12:39 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: same here - and to relatives :)
(09:12:45 PM) rrittenhouse: i meant i wanted to do it for commercial
(09:13:11 PM) meatballhat: rrittenhouse: it can be done for sure .... I'd like to think that my employer might one day qualify
(09:13:24 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: Computer Recycling programs are another great area, especially for getting it into schools and libraries
(09:13:25 PM) jgedeon: rrittenhouse: in ohio there are four licenses you need. And I would advise of being atleast an LLC.
(09:13:33 PM) meatballhat: rrittenhouse: the folks at Canonical want to help with such endeavors, to be sure
(09:14:11 PM) rrittenhouse: cool and yeah there are lots of LLC's :)
(09:14:25 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: to my knowledge there is only one FreeGeek franchise in Ohio, and it's in Columbus ... which I'd like to see change
(09:14:42 PM) jgedeon: rrittenhouse: it just helps to protect your family if something does go terribly wrong.
(09:14:45 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: I've heard that term but not sure what it is
(09:14:53 PM) meatballhat: the Chicago LoCo has integrated a FreeGeek franchise
(09:15:12 PM) rrittenhouse: jgedeon, yea
(09:15:18 PM) meatballhat: http://freegeek.org
(09:15:22 PM) jgedeon: F2F Support I would be willing to make time for.
(09:15:43 PM) jgedeon: To residentual users only though.
(09:15:51 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: huzzah! you're volunteer number 3 :D
(09:15:52 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: That's great :-)
(09:16:18 PM) jacobmp92: meatballhat: add me to the list of volunteers if i'm not on there :-p
(09:16:22 PM) jgedeon: Heck I'm already doing it around here with edubuntu.
(09:16:25 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: I will support F2F in my area, I already do for those on I install it for, and will see if I can gain a base of Ubuntu-ers to do workshops based solely on and in Ubuntu
(09:16:31 PM) ***meatballhat scribbles on scrap paper
(09:16:41 PM) ***meatballhat loses paper into well behind old barn
(09:16:52 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: Unfortunately I cannot do so for those with the email requests you mentioned.
(09:16:53 PM) ***meatballhat shuffles feet in embarrassment
(09:16:54 PM) jgedeon: Meatball better chase paper.
(09:17:19 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: you've got your time busy with the class thingy
(09:17:28 PM) meatballhat: we need your feedback on success/lack thereof
(09:17:29 PM) meatballhat: :D
(09:18:02 PM) meatballhat: we'll have to get a semi-official tally of volunteers going on the Forum, I think
(09:18:22 PM) meatballhat: anybody willing to start a Sticky post?
(09:18:41 PM) ***meatballhat isn't especially Forum-savvy
(09:18:43 PM) jgedeon: Are you going to just make it a general or look for people in areas?
(09:19:05 PM) rrittenhouse: are we still talking about the new user support? =x
(09:19:07 PM) rrittenhouse: haha
(09:19:11 PM) jgedeon: Meatball does need to go into UF and check is PMs!!!!
(09:19:12 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: a general call to arms for now .. then regionalize based on participants (?)
(09:19:26 PM) theidiotthatisme: Sounds good.
(09:19:27 PM) ***meatballhat shuffles off to UF :(
(09:19:46 PM) meatballhat: rrittenhouse: I think so, yesh :)
(09:19:50 PM) rrittenhouse: k :-D
(09:19:59 PM) rrittenhouse: sorry im a bit slow tonight haha
(09:20:01 PM) jgedeon: meatballhat: ok, cause I could cover most of the portage county area and some of the areas southeast of Portage.
(09:20:18 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: whereabouts in Portage are you, anyway? :)
(09:20:47 PM) jgedeon: Down here in the southeast corner.... Little Town called Palmyra.
(09:20:59 PM) jgedeon: SR 225 and I76
(09:21:04 PM) meatballhat: heehee ... I used to live in Ravenna when in school
(09:21:20 PM) jgedeon: meatballhat: sorry to hear that. LOL
(09:21:26 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: indeed :P
(09:21:37 PM) jgedeon: meatballhat: was a stow billy back in the day.
(09:21:58 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: now *there's* a semi-embarrassing admission :D ... jk
(09:22:01 PM) piggah left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(09:22:02 PM) jgedeon: meatballhat: your up there in bedford now aren't you?
(09:22:17 PM) jgedeon: LOL
(09:22:23 PM) theidiotthatisme: jacobmp92: You said you were part of the NU team?
(09:22:27 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: yeppers
(09:22:33 PM) jacobmp92: theidiotthatisme: yes
(09:23:13 PM) theidiotthatisme: jacobmp92: Okee doke. Wanted to make sure. Is there a place I can post ideas/results/resources for/from the workshop?
(09:23:17 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme, jacobmp92: do you mind slapping a Subpage up on the Wiki about a FOSS curriculum?
(09:23:22 PM) jgedeon: I think I am going to have to get into the forums and find out what the NU is all about. Maybe I can make that one too.
(09:24:08 PM) jacobmp92: theidiotthatisme: you could do it on the wiki, or you could write something up on the website. what is your site username?
(09:24:34 PM) theidiotthatisme: on launchpad I'm Anthony S. Hall, not sure for anything else lol
(09:24:46 PM) theidiotthatisme: Haven't done anything to or with the wiki or web
(09:25:37 PM) jacobmp92: would you prefer posting ideas on the ohio.ubuntu-us.org site, on Launchpad, or on the wiki pages?
(09:26:01 PM) theidiotthatisme: When I buckle down to post I'll probably do all three, since I'm part of the communication team it will save me work later ;)
(09:26:17 PM) jacobmp92: hehe
(09:26:27 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: I'm one for the following: ohio.ubuntu-us.org site for news flashes, Forum for discussion, and wiki for documentation
(09:26:41 PM) jacobmp92: meatballhat: works for me
(09:26:50 PM) jacobmp92: ah! forums! oc course
(09:26:53 PM) jacobmp92: of*
(09:27:05 PM) jgedeon: Whom do I need to talk to to get more information on the NU team?
(09:27:05 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: Sounds good, I think forums would be good for discussion. Could someone make subforums for each team, or at least the NU one for now?
(09:27:08 PM) meatballhat: brb ... sick wife calling for help :(
(09:27:21 PM) rrittenhouse: :(
(09:27:23 PM) jacobmp92: theidiotthatisme: Vorian would have to do that
(09:27:34 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'll send him a message tonight then
(09:27:59 PM) jacobmp92: i don't know if we need a whole subforum really, it might just do having a group of topics
(09:28:06 PM) jgedeon: Wouldn't the F2F and NU almost go hand in hand?
(09:28:06 PM) jacobmp92: but if you feel you need to go ahead
(09:28:16 PM) jacobmp92: jgedeon: yes, they pretty much do
(09:28:21 PM) theidiotthatisme: jacobmp92: If we get subforums, I think forums would be good for discussion: launchpad for organizing the team and projects and keeping tabs on progress; and the Website for news
(09:28:38 PM) jacobmp92: true
(09:28:39 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: Absolutely. NU would more than likely spearhead F2F along with the workshops
(09:28:48 PM) jgedeon: Well then I guess I better figure out how to volunteer for both of those then.
(09:29:14 PM) ScottK left the room ("Konversation terminated!").
(09:29:21 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: Have you been to our Launchpad site yet?
(09:29:24 PM) jgedeon: Dang is the wife going to kill me now.
(09:29:35 PM) jacobmp92: jgedeon: you could just sign up for the NU team in launchpad if you want to
(09:29:40 PM) jgedeon: Yea that is where I had to join the team wasn't it?
(09:29:45 PM) meatballhat: back! ..... /me fetched drink while was at it :)
(09:29:49 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: If you would like to :-)
(09:29:57 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: We missed ya! :-)
(09:30:07 PM) jacobmp92: jgedeon: https://launchpad.net/~oh-new
(09:31:53 PM) jgedeon: Ok it's pending appoval.
(09:32:07 PM) jgedeon: Now where is the F2F sign up. LOL
(09:32:25 PM) jacobmp92: f2f = NU team pretty much :)
(09:32:30 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol that will soon be a project under NU
(09:32:35 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: I was just wonderin'... we should probably ... jacobmp92 just said it :P
(09:32:43 PM) theidiotthatisme: and if the workshop here goes well hopefully we'll have that as a second project for NU
(09:32:48 PM) jacobmp92: yeah
(09:33:04 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: will you be documenting it as a "project" on LP? :D
(09:33:09 PM) jacobmp92: more launchpad teams = more karma and more icons under my username ;)
(09:33:13 PM) jgedeon: I think it goes hand in hand too.
(09:33:20 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: right on :)
(09:33:24 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: If you'd like me to I would love to :-)
(09:33:31 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: I say do it!
(09:33:36 PM) jgedeon: Hmmm... Should I try and find the marketing one tooo?????? LOL
(09:33:37 PM) meatballhat: Vorian will be thrilled
(09:33:59 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: https://launchpad.net/~oh-marketing
(09:34:01 PM) meatballhat: :)
(09:34:08 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat will be thrilled ;)
(09:34:14 PM) meatballhat: true dat
(09:34:14 PM) jgedeon: meatballhat: I knew you were going to do that..
(09:34:16 PM) theidiotthatisme: More on the marketing the better lol
(09:34:32 PM) jgedeon: I want something from meatballhat first.... LOL
(09:34:33 PM) meatballhat: so so so true ... it's my jom
(09:34:40 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: I'm on it :)
(09:34:40 PM) theidiotthatisme: btw is there anyone in here who is able to make designs for the custom CD's?
(09:35:05 PM) jgedeon: I can help with ideas...
(09:35:07 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: you aren't so into the idea of using official artwork, eh? :(
(09:35:12 PM) jacobmp92: theidiotthatisme: ask me that tomorrow when i get my graphire tablet ;)
(09:35:25 PM) jacobmp92: i'm not artsy tonight
(09:35:40 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: Well the designs I'm looking for are for my thunderbird and firefox CD's, with a logo of Ubuntu Ohio LoCo
(09:35:56 PM) jacobmp92: meatballhat: i think a mix of ubuntu artwork + ohio loco logo would work
(09:35:58 PM) jgedeon: IMO we should use official but also add a little something to represent our team.
(09:36:03 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: For the others, I will probably use offical designs with a "Provided by your Ubuntu LoCo"
(09:36:11 PM) jacobmp92: what jgedeon said :)
(09:36:21 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: as long as we tow the line when it comes to presenting the Ubuntu logo and COF, I'm cool :D
(09:36:29 PM) jgedeon: Like the ring with a buckeye in the middle or something.
(09:36:47 PM) theidiotthatisme: jdegeon: I'm afraid that may not be possible with the new trademark restrictions
(09:36:53 PM) jacobmp92: meatballhat: i don't think we'll have many problems with the logo now that we know what to avoid :)
(09:36:54 PM) jgedeon: Just don't put OSU on it cause then we will lose for sure.
(09:37:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: jdegeon: I believe the ubuntu logo must be physically seperated from any additionally added graphic
(09:37:22 PM) jgedeon: An overlay then.
(09:37:26 PM) goatdad13: will we run into any trouble from canonical if we start using any mention of Ubuntu?
(09:37:43 PM) jacobmp92: goatdad13: the name Ubuntu used as-is should be fine
(09:37:50 PM) meatballhat: goatdad13: everything is subjective when it comes to branding
(09:37:56 PM) theidiotthatisme: goatdad13: I ver much doubt it
(09:38:05 PM) meatballhat: it will be best if anything the LoCo is pushing gets approval
(09:38:19 PM) goatdad13: no, I'm afraid nothing is subjective in branding
(09:38:20 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme can do as he likes :D
(09:38:27 PM) jgedeon: Well then we come up with an idea and present it to them.
(09:38:39 PM) goatdad13: they will be very protective of the image
(09:38:46 PM) jgedeon: If we get their permission then all should be fine.
(09:38:46 PM) meatballhat: subjectivity with regard to when, how, and to whom perhaps
(09:38:54 PM) meatballhat: the logo must be pristine
(09:38:55 PM) meatballhat: yes
(09:39:01 PM) goatdad13: I would consider submitting anything we think of using to them
(09:39:11 PM) meatballhat: goatdad13: agreed (strongly so)
(09:39:25 PM) goatdad13: if they balk, get feedback and make changes
(09:39:27 PM) jgedeon: HMMM.. Is the three person ring restricted?
(09:39:34 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: VERY MUCH
(09:39:39 PM) jgedeon: I don't see it much any more.
(09:39:44 PM) meatballhat: wait ....
(09:39:49 PM) meatballhat: yo mean with actual people?
(09:39:56 PM) jgedeon: I was going to say maybe three people passing a buckeye like we are passing the software.
(09:40:35 PM) jacobmp92: offtopic: this is awesome, gizmo plays elevator music when you hold a call :-D
(09:40:35 PM) meatballhat: this is akin to an idea Vorian passed by some Canonical peeps
(09:41:02 PM) theidiotthatisme: I will say one thing
(09:41:06 PM) meatballhat: making up a new logo that *happens* to be a three-pointed whatever is fine
(09:41:14 PM) theidiotthatisme: I am glad that we are getting ideas and moving forward for our teams :-)
(09:41:22 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: hear hear!!!
(09:41:27 PM) rrittenhouse: i might be out of line by when i think ubuntu i think freedom ....but yet they are so protective which almost makes me think they are hindering creativity in some way
(09:41:32 PM) jacobmp92: theidiotthatisme: this has been a very active meeting :)
(09:41:43 PM) goatdad13: not trying to be a wet blanket, just playing devil's advocate
(09:41:48 PM) theidiotthatisme: It seems all that I've been to have been, guess we're really kicking things up
(09:41:51 PM) meatballhat: rrittenhouse: it's all for the sake of strengthening the brand
(09:41:57 PM) goatdad13: correct
(09:42:00 PM) jgedeon: Well if they want the representation free then they shouldn't be so strict with those willing to represent them.
(09:42:05 PM) rrittenhouse: meatballhat, true...it just seemed odd at first
(09:42:16 PM) meatballhat: rrittenhouse: at first is when it will count the most ;)
(09:42:41 PM) goatdad13: if we are going after newbies, need to present a uniform front
(09:43:02 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: this has been the problem thus far ... too much splitting and not *nearly* enough unity
(09:43:07 PM) rrittenhouse: yeah thats very true i guess i just didnt think about it that way
(09:43:15 PM) jgedeon: If we use real people ring does that mean we can use nekkid people too.... I'm sure if we pick the right models we could get them to be pretty popular with a certian age group. LOL
(09:43:17 PM) meatballhat: forking == unproductive when it comes to branding
(09:43:32 PM) rrittenhouse: ah
(09:43:39 PM) jgedeon: WEll then Ubuntu isn't standing for it's meaning and that is a big problem.
(09:43:45 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: That's one thing I never liked about having Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu. I'd prefer a FC or Suse approach, pick one on install
(09:43:54 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: how so?
(09:43:57 PM) rrittenhouse: yeah really
(09:43:58 PM) meatballhat: I'm just curious
(09:44:04 PM) jgedeon: theidiotthatisme: I disagree....
(09:44:15 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: Then we agree to disagree ;) lol
(09:44:37 PM) meatballhat: now begins the in-fighting! :D .... wheee!
(09:44:43 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol nah, just discussion
(09:44:49 PM) theidiotthatisme: We're better than that :-)
(09:44:53 PM) rrittenhouse: oh no what did i do? :P
(09:44:57 PM) meatballhat: heehee
(09:45:19 PM) goatdad13: to me Ubuntu stands for ease of use and ease of support
(09:45:29 PM) jgedeon: "Not nearly enough unity" "I am what I am because of who we all are"
(09:45:49 PM) goatdad13: if we start having many images, starts to get confusing for outsiders we are attempting to reach
(09:45:59 PM) meatballhat: "Humanity to others" cannot be effectively delivered if there is too much forking ..... :)
(09:45:59 PM) goatdad13: think Nike swooch
(09:46:12 PM) goatdad13: oops...swoosh
(09:46:24 PM) meatballhat: the COF needs to be REEEEEAL strong before we start trying to fiddle with it too much
(09:46:25 PM) goatdad13: McDonald's arches
(09:46:27 PM) goatdad13: etc
(09:46:27 PM) ***atoponce pokes his head in
(09:46:30 PM) meatballhat: ...and we're years away from that
(09:46:37 PM) goatdad13: exactly
(09:46:49 PM) goatdad13: but we are talking babysteps
(09:46:50 PM) jgedeon: But the different flavors gives them the freedom to express themselves like with clothes. It may look different but under the hood it's all the same.
(09:46:54 PM) meatballhat: everyone is free to customize their desktop ad nauseum
(09:47:00 PM) jgedeon: And isn't it the insides that count.
(09:47:03 PM) goatdad13: any journey starts with the first step
(09:47:20 PM) meatballhat: ... but not necessarily to redistribute said customized desktop and represent it as "Ubuntu"
(09:47:36 PM) goatdad13: basics have to remain the same
(09:47:48 PM) atoponce: meatballhat: ahh. but that's the beauty of Free Software
(09:48:00 PM) meatballhat: putting a custom-made label on a Vanilla Ubuntu CD is virtually the same thing
(09:48:16 PM) meatballhat: atoponce: he's back! eeeek!
(09:48:19 PM) meatballhat: :D
(09:48:29 PM) atoponce: :)
(09:48:29 PM) goatdad13: preach on reverend
(09:48:42 PM) jgedeon: Well then just keep it simple and put a comment about "Brought to you by the Ubuntu-Ohio Team.
(09:48:58 PM) jacobmp92: @all: i have to go for now, adios!
(09:48:58 PM) goatdad13: or compliments of U-OT
(09:48:59 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: precisely what will probably be approved :D
(09:49:16 PM) theidiotthatisme: Ok guys I gotta get outta here

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