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(08:06:08 PM) vorian_: Alrighty! lets begin
(08:06:25 PM) vorian_: Welcome to the First Meeting of the Year!
(08:06:57 PM) vorian_: There are a lot of things to cover, so to start....
(08:07:20 PM) vorian_: We are over 54 members at last count!
(08:07:36 PM) vorian_: theidiotthatisme is our newest member.
(08:07:44 PM) vorian_: Good Welcome!
(08:07:44 PM) hackle577: welcome!
(08:07:53 PM) theidiotthatisme: Howdy! :-)
(08:07:54 PM) jacobmp92: awesome, and welcome theidiotthatisme
(08:07:59 PM) theidiotthatisme: Thank you!
(08:08:18 PM) theidiotthatisme: Thank you for your kind welcomes :-)
(08:08:48 PM) jacobmp92: :-)
(08:09:08 PM) vorian_: OK- Since this is an official meeting - Any Business That needs to come before the team?
(08:09:17 PM) PWill: http://www.smoothweb.net/logosm.png
(08:09:42 PM) vorian_: PWill: :D great!
(08:09:44 PM) PWill: cool
(08:10:00 PM) meatballhat: PWill: well played, good sir :-)
(08:10:01 PM) hackle577: PWill: Sweet!!!
(08:10:11 PM) PWill: thanks
(08:10:16 PM) theidiotthatisme: Looks good
(08:10:23 PM) PWill: GIMP is win :)
(08:10:31 PM) jacobmp92: GIMP rules
(08:10:35 PM) PWill: heh
(08:10:38 PM) vorian_: !language | PWill
(08:10:41 PM) lfmiller: nice.
(08:11:07 PM) PWill: huh?
(08:11:13 PM) vorian_: just kidding
(08:11:14 PM) PWill: oh
(08:11:22 PM) vorian_: win = devil
(08:11:26 PM) PWill: haha
(08:11:35 PM) hackle577: lol
(08:11:42 PM) meatballhat: are we is begin at now?
(08:11:46 PM) Black5un [i=mr@cpe-71-79-229-244.woh.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(08:11:49 PM) vorian_: yes,
(08:11:54 PM) vorian_: OK- Since this is an official meeting - Any Business That needs to come before the team?
(08:12:39 PM) PWill: just to make you all jealous -- I just got a 2.8GHz Dual Core box :-P
(08:12:41 PM) vorian_: none?
(08:12:57 PM) vorian_: PWill: nice, xen and all right?
(08:13:03 PM) PWill: vorian_: yeah
(08:13:22 PM) vorian_: Ok here's the agenda
(08:13:32 PM) vorian_: We'll chat about the logo's
(08:13:33 PM) vorian_: then
(08:13:53 PM) vorian_: we'll chat about becoming an official loco team
(08:13:53 PM) vorian_: then
(08:14:01 PM) vorian_: We'll chat about sub teams
(08:14:04 PM) vorian_: then
(08:14:27 PM) goatdad13: Good evening all
(08:14:31 PM) vorian_: We'll chat about Feisty Release party
(08:14:37 PM) vorian_: goatdad13: Hello!
(08:14:47 PM) PWill: cool
(08:15:09 PM) vorian_: meatballhat: can you cover the logo guidelines
(08:15:11 PM) vorian_: ?
(08:15:14 PM) meatballhat: sure
(08:15:20 PM) PWill: Logos: does anybody have any ideas to improce the logo that they want me to implement?
(08:15:23 PM) meatballhat: as Vorian posted on the forums
(08:15:26 PM) PWill: oh
(08:15:42 PM) meatballhat: er...
(08:15:48 PM) vorian_: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=330869
(08:15:51 PM) meatballhat: PWill: what's that? :-)
(08:16:13 PM) PWill: I didn't see that you had started talking about logos
(08:16:13 PM) PWill: heh
(08:16:23 PM) vorian_: PWill: :D
(08:16:33 PM) meatballhat: in my work on the DIY Marketing Site http://diy.devubuntu.com , I was approached by the Marketing Director from Canonical, Ms. Christina Armstrong (CJA)
(08:16:42 PM) PWill: I was just gonna see if anybody has any other ideas that they want me--or themself-- to implement in the logo.
(08:16:55 PM) vorian_: PWill: lets table that for now
(08:17:03 PM) PWill: k
(08:17:11 PM) meatballhat: she took the position in the last quarter of '06, and has literally no prior exposure to Desktop Linux
(08:17:25 PM) meatballhat: ...although she has over 15 years' experience in Marketing... :-)
(08:17:31 PM) PWill: heh
(08:17:43 PM) meatballhat: she emailed me in response to a post I made to the MT mailing list
(08:18:05 PM) meatballhat: to let me know that she'd like some minor changes made to how we were using the Ubuntu logo
(08:18:17 PM) meatballhat: she further let me know that as part of her new appointment...
(08:18:29 PM) meatballhat: she'd be tightening up Trademark Policy quite a bit
(08:18:37 PM) theidiotthatisme: Hmm...
(08:18:38 PM) meatballhat: in an effort to better control the Ubuntu brand
(08:18:56 PM) meatballhat: ...all with the goal of presenting a cleaner, more unified image
(08:19:05 PM) meatballhat: ...which is nothing if not good marketing practice
(08:19:06 PM) vorian_: good idea, really.
(08:19:10 PM) hackle577: i see
(08:19:18 PM) theidiotthatisme: It is a good iea, but I always liked the community image Ubuntu presented
(08:19:29 PM) meatballhat: ...So....
(08:19:40 PM) PWill: i agree theidiotthatisme
(08:19:42 PM) meatballhat: many have protested to my initial proddings :-) ... and...
(08:20:16 PM) meatballhat: have said that $SomeOtherTeam and $ThatOtherTeam have already violated the trademark policy...
(08:20:17 PM) goatdad13: I have 10 yrs in mktg and pr and she is dead on
(08:20:31 PM) meatballhat: ...so why can't we?
(08:20:32 PM) ***vorian_ blushes
(08:20:34 PM) PWill: If she has no Linux experience, which means she doesn't have experience with the community, how can she make decisions for the community? </ rant>
(08:20:35 PM) meatballhat: well... :-)
(08:20:52 PM) meatballhat: PWill: it's a valid point... from a Linux community perspective...
(08:21:12 PM) meatballhat: but it doesn't fit in well with Ubuntu/Canonical's marketing aspirations
(08:21:15 PM) goatdad13: community feel is great however if we want to reach the masses we need to present a unified look
(08:21:18 PM) theidiotthatisme: I agree PWill. I understand that Ubuntu would like to be both a community and commercial offering, but I would rather avoid another whole Firefox trademark fiasco
(08:21:26 PM) PWill: heh
(08:21:31 PM) PWill: IceWeasel...
(08:21:48 PM) ***jacobmp92 feels guilty for publicizing the Firefox/Mozilla/Debian story on Digg
(08:21:52 PM) vorian_: We are working on becoming an official arm of Ubuntu, and we need to abide by the rules and regs.
(08:21:53 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme, PWill: both of you are representing a large part of the Ubuntu usur community
(08:22:01 PM) meatballhat: vorian_ : precisely
(08:22:04 PM) hackle577: vorian: agreed
(08:22:12 PM) PWill: jacobmp92: I dugg it...
(08:22:12 PM) goatdad13: ditto
(08:22:15 PM) meatballhat: this isn't a matter of preference, but of setting a good example.. (or whatever...)
(08:22:27 PM) jacobmp92: right
(08:22:33 PM) hackle577: meatballhat: well played good sir
(08:22:40 PM) hackle577: :-D
(08:22:41 PM) meatballhat: the Linux community at large is already suffering from enough "splitting"
(08:22:49 PM) meatballhat: hackle577: touche
(08:23:01 PM) PWill: heh. Debian
(08:23:04 PM) vorian_: the *buntu synromes
(08:23:05 PM) jacobmp92: unification is key to fixing Bug #1
(08:23:14 PM) meatballhat: the Circle Of Friends may be a familiar site to *us* .... but...
(08:23:18 PM) goatdad13: as a newbie to Ubuntu
(08:23:27 PM) meatballhat: it's hardly a Nike Swoosh or Betty Crocker Spoon
(08:23:29 PM) theidiotthatisme: I do understand. Splitting is never good for a community.
(08:23:32 PM) meatballhat: B-)
(08:23:50 PM) theidiotthatisme: I recognize the Ubuntu Logo before the Betty Crocker Spoon O:-)
(08:23:55 PM) meatballhat: LOL
(08:23:57 PM) PWill: haha
(08:24:08 PM) vorian_: thing of the windows logo,
(08:24:13 PM) vorian_: how many variations?
(08:24:22 PM) PWill: 0
(08:24:27 PM) vorian_: SuSE
(08:24:28 PM) PWill: but they all suck, anyways
(08:24:28 PM) meatballhat: so we can all agree to grumble and accept it as a necessary step, right? :-D
(08:24:38 PM) hackle577: yeah
(08:24:40 PM) theidiotthatisme: I understand. I also believe that as an official arm of Ubuntu (or trying to become one) we should definitely follow their standards and guidelines
(08:24:40 PM) theidiotthatisme: yes
(08:24:51 PM) PWill: yeah
(08:24:56 PM) jacobmp92: i agree
(08:25:00 PM) hackle577: agreed
(08:25:01 PM) vorian_: all for following the rules?
(08:25:04 PM) goatdad13: membership has it's perks
(08:25:05 PM) meatballhat: YOP
(08:25:08 PM) ***vorian_ +1
(08:25:11 PM) goatdad13: agreed
(08:25:12 PM) theidiotthatisme: Agreed
(08:25:13 PM) meatballhat: +1
(08:25:13 PM) ***jacobmp92 nods
(08:25:17 PM) lfmiller: sounds good
(08:25:18 PM) hackle577: +1
(08:25:23 PM) PWill: +9,000
(08:25:27 PM) vorian_: hehe
(08:25:30 PM) meatballhat: PWill: lol
(08:25:33 PM) rrittenhouse: +1
(08:26:05 PM) meatballhat: okay... so on to becoming an Official LoCo Team, yes?
(08:26:14 PM) meatballhat: vorian_: ? :-D
(08:26:14 PM) PWill: yeah
(08:26:23 PM) rrittenhouse: i didnt know there was another option besides going independent?
(08:26:24 PM) rrittenhouse: haha
(08:26:35 PM) vorian_: I sent Jono Bacon an email earlier in the week
(08:26:53 PM) vorian_: Asking him for feedback on our team
(08:27:12 PM) vorian_: He asked us to fill out an application page... on the wiki
(08:27:15 PM) vorian_: so...
(08:27:16 PM) PWill: did he respond? those canonical folks do take a while...
(08:27:30 PM) meatballhat: PWill: they're busy being awesome B-)
(08:27:35 PM) PWill: heh
(08:27:35 PM) vorian_: Yes, he responds to me LOL
(08:27:40 PM) hackle577: lol
(08:28:09 PM) vorian_: It looks * like we have a shot this month
(08:28:15 PM) PWill: w00t
(08:28:20 PM) vorian_: hackle577: and meatballhat have been working on the wiki
(08:28:22 PM) theidiotthatisme: That's great
(08:28:38 PM) rrittenhouse: sweet
(08:28:47 PM) meatballhat: much props to hackle577 for fussing with MoinMoin tables :-)
(08:28:59 PM) ***vorian_ bows to hackle577
(08:29:03 PM) hackle577: lol thanks
(08:29:11 PM) hackle577: speaking of that
(08:29:24 PM) vorian_: ...
(08:29:29 PM) hackle577: i did make a little prototype table with our team's basic info
(08:29:47 PM) hackle577: it is currently viewable on the bottom of the sandbox page (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WikiSandBox)
(08:30:02 PM) hackle577: also...
(08:30:20 PM) hackle577: we planned to make that into a header template for all of our subpages
(08:30:37 PM) hackle577: but i just learned MoinMoin today, so I don't know how to do this... yet
(08:30:41 PM) hackle577: lastly...
(08:31:07 PM) hackle577: vorian has been testing a new layout for the main page of our wiki
(08:31:19 PM) hackle577: it is up there now (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam)
(08:31:41 PM) hackle577: i will be working on this tomorrow and they will likely be done before Friday
(08:31:46 PM) jacobmp92: looks nice so far
(08:32:01 PM) PWill: nice
(08:32:10 PM) vorian_: btw, hackle577 is the wiki team right now :-D thanks for helping
(08:32:21 PM) hackle577: both of them will go through some changes, but should basically be the same
(08:32:23 PM) theidiotthatisme: Very well laid out, will keep checking it out between now and Friday
(08:32:32 PM) meatballhat: same goes for the Application for Approval... done before Friday, time allowing
(08:32:40 PM) ***hackle577 climbs down from podium
(08:32:41 PM) meatballhat: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/ApprovalApplication
(08:33:02 PM) hackle577: meatballhat: You are working on that correct?
(08:33:10 PM) vorian_: wow!
(08:33:10 PM) meatballhat: hackle577: yop
(08:33:16 PM) hackle577: okie dokie
(08:33:30 PM) hackle577: looks nice meatballhat
(08:33:34 PM) meatballhat: shanks
(08:33:37 PM) PWill: brb, can't find my flash drive...
(08:33:45 PM) vorian_: PWill: lol
(08:33:52 PM) meatballhat: vor: back to Jono? :-D
(08:33:56 PM) hackle577: so if anyone wants to give feedback on the wiki pages, drop me a line!
(08:34:01 PM) theidiotthatisme: PWill: I lost mine a long time ago
(08:34:13 PM) vorian_: I might email him now :-)
(08:34:30 PM) vorian_: Just need to update the logo
(08:35:11 PM) vorian_: Anyway, the Community Council meets next week.
(08:35:25 PM) vorian_: Approving loco teams is one things they do at meetings
(08:35:42 PM) vorian_: do we have any Jendas for support?
(08:35:46 PM) ***meatballhat tucks in shirt, straightens tie, clears throat.... "I'm ready for the CC" thinks to himself while slicking back hair
(08:35:57 PM) meatballhat: Jenda ought to be there, yup :-)
(08:36:01 PM) PWill: hahaha
(08:36:17 PM) ***meatballhat 's hair is 1/8 in. long
(08:36:38 PM) meatballhat: Jenda is our one-man sister city
(08:36:38 PM) vorian_: I'll send any updates via "mailing list"
(08:37:10 PM) meatballhat: vorian_: excellent! Mailing List!
(08:37:14 PM) vorian_: So, If we get approved this month (or next)
(08:37:29 PM) theidiotthatisme: We'll get a notification in our emails?
(08:37:34 PM) vorian_: we will have 500 CD's for the Feisty Party
(08:37:43 PM) hackle577: zOMG
(08:37:47 PM) meatballhat: vorian_: you're flippin' kidding me!
(08:37:47 PM) vorian_: theidiotthatisme: yes!
(08:37:51 PM) PWill: woah
(08:37:55 PM) theidiotthatisme: Oh wow
(08:37:58 PM) vorian_: meatballhat: ? you didn't know that?
(08:38:04 PM) jacobmp92: ah the magic 500 number
(08:38:07 PM) meatballhat: I must've missed it :-D
(08:38:18 PM) vorian_: and...
(08:38:34 PM) vorian_: We get them 2 weeks before it is released officially!
(08:38:46 PM) meatballhat: most excellent, indeed
(08:38:48 PM) vorian_: *if we are approved*
(08:38:53 PM) theidiotthatisme: Quite the perks
(08:39:26 PM) meatballhat: do we get Canonical monocles and Ubuntu top hats, too?
(08:39:35 PM) vorian_: It's about bettering the people of ohio
(08:39:46 PM) ***hackle577 tears up
(08:39:47 PM) vorian_: meatballhat: yep
(08:39:59 PM) meatballhat: welcome to the good life
(08:40:23 PM) hackle577: the miller high life
(08:40:23 PM) rrittenhouse: haha
(08:40:30 PM) vorian_: ok those in favor of becoming an approved team?
(08:40:35 PM) vorian_: +1
(08:40:36 PM) PWill: +1
(08:40:37 PM) jacobmp92: aye
(08:40:39 PM) meatballhat: +1
(08:40:40 PM) theidiotthatisme: +1
(08:40:42 PM) hackle577: +1
(08:40:50 PM) lfmiller: aye
(08:40:52 PM) goatdad13: +1
(08:40:53 PM) PWill: found my flash drive. heh.
(08:41:05 PM) jacobmp92: lol..
(08:41:08 PM) theidiotthatisme: PWill: Maybe someday you can help me find mine :-)
(08:41:14 PM) PWill: theidiotthatisme: heh
(08:41:29 PM) meatballhat: vorian_: is it time, perhaps, to move onto the subject of SubTeams?
(08:41:44 PM) ***vorian_ was just back reading....
(08:41:51 PM) vorian_: Ok!
(08:42:15 PM) vorian_: We are pleased to announce Teams within our LoCo team
(08:42:32 PM) vorian_: Shall we go thru them one by one?
(08:42:38 PM) hackle577: why not
(08:42:39 PM) meatballhat: vorian_: shoot!
(08:42:39 PM) theidiotthatisme: Yes
(08:42:42 PM) jacobmp92: sure
(08:42:59 PM) vorian_: Our first sub team
(08:43:09 PM) vorian_: Ohio LoCo Web-Team
(08:43:10 PM) goatdad13: Folks gotta step away kids bedtime
(08:43:28 PM) meatballhat: goatdad13: check out the logs on the forum! later!
(08:43:28 PM) vorian_: goatdad13: tell the fam g'nite
(08:43:35 PM) jacobmp92: adios goatdad13
(08:43:44 PM) PWill: bye goatdad13
(08:43:45 PM) hackle577: bye!
(08:43:50 PM) theidiotthatisme: Bye goatdad
(08:44:01 PM) lfmiller: laters goatdad
(08:44:03 PM) vorian_: https://launchpad.net/~ohio-web-team
(08:44:05 PM) meatballhat: huzzah for Ohio Web-Team
(08:44:07 PM) meatballhat: !
(08:44:15 PM) PWill: that's me!
(08:44:16 PM) jacobmp92: woohoo!
(08:44:21 PM) vorian_: as you see, Dan is the owner
(08:44:38 PM) meatballhat: the Drupal gods have smiled upon us... though we're still working on the PHP gods
(08:44:42 PM) meatballhat: :-P
(08:44:46 PM) vorian_: props go out to PWill and jacobmp92 !
(08:44:52 PM) PWill: hooray!
(08:44:55 PM) vorian_: The site is looking great
(08:44:57 PM) ***hackle577 passes out props
(08:45:17 PM) vorian_: meatballhat: any comments on your team?
(08:45:24 PM) jacobmp92: fyi, drupal 5 final is out soon, the site will be down for a few hours during the upgrade upon release
(08:45:34 PM) vorian_: YEA!
(08:45:38 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: thanks!
(08:45:50 PM) jacobmp92: :)
(08:45:55 PM) meatballhat: vorian_: we simply have to get our style in line with the previous trademark discussion
(08:46:00 PM) PWill: jacobmp92: what's the tentative release date?
(08:46:15 PM) jacobmp92: no official date, but I'm guessing sometime this month
(08:46:15 PM) vorian_: follow chicago, or france
(08:46:18 PM) meatballhat: other than that, I don't see any need for complication just yet
(08:46:22 PM) PWill: k
(08:46:40 PM) vorian_: follow chicago, or france, cant go wrong with one of those layouts
(08:46:49 PM) vorian_: okkkk
(08:46:53 PM) vorian_: Ohio LoCo Communication Team
(08:46:54 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92 brought it to our attention early on that Uploads were disabled... but we haven't had a need for them yet
(08:47:06 PM) meatballhat: Communication Team! huzzah!
(08:47:18 PM) vorian_: https://launchpad.net/~oh-communications
(08:47:29 PM) vorian_: Communication Guru(s) - unassigned This/These team members will need to ensure information is shared on all fronts web/forum/wiki/mailing list. This will include moderator capabilities on http://ohioloco.ubuntuforms.org
(08:47:39 PM) PWill: ooh. i want mod.
(08:47:49 PM) jacobmp92: hehe
(08:48:03 PM) vorian_: PWill: On UF
(08:48:05 PM) vorian_: ?
(08:48:12 PM) PWill: yeah
(08:48:24 PM) vorian_: It's only in our little section...
(08:48:27 PM) PWill: i know
(08:48:37 PM) PWill: i'm just power hungry
(08:48:40 PM) jacobmp92: lol
(08:48:42 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(08:48:43 PM) meatballhat: PWill: care to be the Web-Team/Communication-
(08:48:46 PM) meatballhat: Team...
(08:48:47 PM) meatballhat: oops
(08:48:48 PM) vorian_: PWill: then the answer is no
(08:48:49 PM) meatballhat: envoy
(08:49:03 PM) vorian_: PWill: just kidding!
(08:49:04 PM) PWill: :(
(08:49:07 PM) PWill: :)
(08:49:10 PM) hackle577: heh
(08:49:20 PM) meatballhat: PWill == double agent?
(08:49:25 PM) jacobmp92: yes
(08:49:46 PM) PWill: yeah, but keep it on the down-low
(08:49:50 PM) vorian_: There will be a point in time when we will need 2 mods
(08:50:03 PM) vorian_: PWill: sign up for the team
(08:50:08 PM) PWill: k
(08:50:16 PM) jacobmp92: i'm up for it at any point, but i do not care if i have moderator status or not
(08:50:23 PM) theidiotthatisme: I spend a lot of time on the forums, but am not sure of available time for being on two teams yet during this upcoming semester
(08:50:39 PM) theidiotthatisme: If I find enough time available I will definitely see about joining the Communication Team
(08:50:44 PM) hackle577: theidiotthatisme: same here
(08:51:01 PM) vorian_: the main purpose of this team is to ensure
(08:51:18 PM) theidiotthatisme: That the information is correct and the same on all fronts?
(08:51:20 PM) vorian_: the same messages are on every front of the ohio team
(08:51:39 PM) vorian_: ]_(
(08:51:41 PM) theidiotthatisme: Well I can spend time doing that on my weekends O:-) All I ever do is sleep on weekends anyways
(08:51:57 PM) vorian_: theidiotthatisme: join the team then!
(08:52:17 PM) vorian_: any questions on the comm team?
(08:52:28 PM) meatballhat: on to the next! wheeee!
(08:52:28 PM) theidiotthatisme: Pending Approval
(08:52:32 PM) PWill: same here
(08:52:47 PM) vorian_: Ohio LoCo Marketing
(08:52:48 PM) vorian_: https://launchpad.net/~oh-marketing
(08:53:06 PM) vorian_: I hope this will become a template for other loco teams
(08:53:21 PM) vorian_: The marketing team need a lot of help!
(08:53:34 PM) vorian_: We have a team set up to do just that!
(08:53:34 PM) meatballhat: vorian_: AWE SOME
(08:53:42 PM) vorian_: Ohio Marketing Team - unassigned Need one leader and as many team members as possible. Will include assignments such as http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=320182 This is a position of glory and high recognition!
(08:53:56 PM) meatballhat: where's goatdad13 when we need him?.... he has *actual* marketing experience
(08:54:21 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: Definitely should email him to get his recommendations on the Marketing Team
(08:54:23 PM) ***vorian_ thinks he putting kids in carnival or something
(08:54:50 PM) meatballhat: Thanks!!!!"
(08:54:51 PM) rrittenhouse: I took marketing in college =/ haha it was required though
(08:55:28 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'd take it but I wont have a free elective until senior year (3 years away)
(08:55:40 PM) rrittenhouse: ouch
(08:55:42 PM) meatballhat: why did I write that? ^^ "Thanks!!!!" ....
(08:55:46 PM) meatballhat: clipboard error
(08:56:01 PM) vorian_: Well, this team will take on projects that the main Marketing team needs done
(08:56:32 PM) rrittenhouse: I think I would like marketing but I would want to be exposed to it and make sure I am able to fulfill the requirements of the job...
(08:56:39 PM) vorian_: What marketing accomplishes will help all of us....
(08:57:02 PM) meatballhat: rrittenhouse: jump in! It's safe here :-D
(08:57:10 PM) rrittenhouse: haha :-D
(08:57:17 PM) theidiotthatisme: rrittenhouse: Maybe try joining and just helping out! It's the best way to learn and gain experience
(08:57:22 PM) rrittenhouse: true
(08:57:29 PM) theidiotthatisme: There will be someone to guide you I'm sure
(08:57:29 PM) meatballhat: the Ubuntu Marketing Team is mostly non-technical enthusiasts
(08:57:29 PM) vorian_: right now there's a great need for "materials" to upload to the diy site
(08:57:54 PM) meatballhat: vorian_: with an emphasis on organizing rather than just creating
(08:58:04 PM) rrittenhouse: yeah now the "materials"..is this OUR materials or are we supposed to find materials?
(08:58:08 PM) vorian_: meatballhat: right-o
(08:58:11 PM) rrittenhouse: that kind of confused me a little ;)
(08:58:24 PM) meatballhat: rrittenhouse: we're looking to aggregate stuff from across the Ubuntu universe
(08:58:30 PM) vorian_: all, meatballhat is a bigshot in Ubuntu Marketing
(08:58:45 PM) meatballhat: so what we really need to be doing is asking other users if they have existing materials
(08:58:57 PM) meatballhat: vorian_ lies like the liar that lies
(08:59:06 PM) ***meatballhat is Jenda's apprentice
(08:59:16 PM) vorian_: hehe
(08:59:33 PM) meatballhat: creating new stuff is okay, too...
(08:59:43 PM) vorian_: any other questions of marketing?
(08:59:50 PM) vorian_: Feel free to join
(08:59:54 PM) meatballhat: Join!!!
(09:00:28 PM) vorian_: Ohio LoCo Wiki Team
(09:00:39 PM) vorian_: Wiki Team - Unassigned This can be one person, or a group of people. This group will be devoted to fabulizing our wiki pages on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam
(09:00:42 PM) hackle577: woohoo! that's me!
(09:00:46 PM) vorian_: yep
(09:00:52 PM) hackle577: as a side note
(09:01:08 PM) meatballhat: hackle577 is now known as the fabulotron
(09:01:22 PM) hackle577: i literally just today learned MoinMoin, so if there are any l33t MoniMoin hackers out there... join up!
(09:01:24 PM) vorian_: rofl
(09:01:41 PM) ***vorian_ cut and paste things i like :D
(09:01:56 PM) PWill: gotta split, vorian_
(09:02:04 PM) vorian_: PWill: thanks!
(09:02:07 PM) PWill: I'll read the rest of the logs tomorrow
(09:02:08 PM) firenurse4 [n=john@cblcpe-73-106.suite224.net] entered the room.
(09:02:09 PM) meatballhat: PWill: later :-D
(09:02:10 PM) PWill: adios, all
(09:02:16 PM) meatballhat: firenurse4: hallooo!!!
(09:02:17 PM) hackle577: see ya PWill
(09:02:19 PM) theidiotthatisme: PWill: Goodnight!
(09:02:30 PM) vorian_: PWill: g'nite
(09:02:37 PM) firenurse4: Looks like I missed the meeting
(09:02:44 PM) vorian_: nope
(09:02:53 PM) hackle577 is now known as The
(09:02:53 PM) theidiotthatisme: Nope, still going on!
(09:02:54 PM) vorian_: just about half way
(09:03:04 PM) The is now known as TheFabulotron
(09:03:09 PM) TheFabulotron: bwahaha
(09:03:19 PM) vorian_: I'd register that nick
(09:03:31 PM) meatballhat: TheFabulotron: excellent work, mein herr
(09:03:39 PM) theidiotthatisme: Reminds me of Futurama for some reason. That acting bot.
(09:03:40 PM) vorian_: TheFabulotron: Great work
(09:03:43 PM) TheFabulotron: meatballhat: danke schon
(09:03:50 PM) meatballhat: rofl
(09:04:16 PM) vorian_: so the wiki team is designed to "fabulize" our wiki pages
(09:04:19 PM) meatballhat: TheFabulotron: you might also want to register "Mointastic"
(09:04:25 PM) jacobmp92: lol
(09:04:33 PM) TheFabulotron is now known as TheWikiFabulizer
(09:05:19 PM) vorian_: so the wiki team is designed to "fabulize" our wiki pages
(09:05:22 PM) vorian_: and
(09:05:28 PM) vorian_: is crazy
(09:05:39 PM) TheWikiFabulizer: only slightly
(09:05:42 PM) theidiotthatisme: Need a little crazy for a little creativity
(09:05:47 PM) TheWikiFabulizer: true!
(09:06:00 PM) TheWikiFabulizer is now known as hackle577
(09:06:02 PM) vorian_: Ohio LoCo CD Team
(09:06:15 PM) vorian_: https://launchpad.net/~oh-cd
(09:06:22 PM) vorian_: CD Team - Unassigned One leader and as many members as possible. This team will be devoted to obtaining CD's (burning, publishing, requesting). This team will also be responsable for finding and placing CD's in physical locations in the State. Also, mapping these locations and publishing them (CD's available at Barnes and Noble in Pickerington....)
(09:06:23 PM) hackle577: nah i would just ask that anyone who really knows MoinMoin, join up because I'm a totally newb at it
(09:06:31 PM) theidiotthatisme: Last but not least! CD Team!
(09:06:40 PM) vorian_: there's one more
(09:06:47 PM) theidiotthatisme: oh. hehe. oopsie
(09:06:48 PM) meatballhat: CD Team! huzzah!
(09:06:49 PM) vorian_: (after cd)
(09:07:02 PM) vorian_: This will be easier if we get approved
(09:07:06 PM) vorian_: if not
(09:07:11 PM) vorian_: It will be alot of work
(09:07:33 PM) vorian_: firenurse4: has a great CD graphic
(09:07:40 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'd love to see it
(09:08:14 PM) vorian_: Mission of the CD team
(09:08:22 PM) vorian_: 1 get or make cd's
(09:08:35 PM) vorian_: 2 Distribute CD's
(09:08:45 PM) vorian_: questions?
(09:09:02 PM) theidiotthatisme: Is there a good linux compatible external lightscribe drive?
(09:09:18 PM) firenurse4: Graphic is on the one of the forum topics. Done with glabels.
(09:09:18 PM) vorian_: all hp is linux friendly
(09:09:29 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'd like to invest in a lightscribe drive this month for burning copies of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu.
(09:09:34 PM) theidiotthatisme: vorian: Wonderful!
(09:09:54 PM) vorian_: there are some howto's
(09:09:56 PM) vorian_: but
(09:10:08 PM) vorian_: lightscribe cd's are a bit pricey
(09:10:26 PM) vorian_: any other questions about CD's
(09:10:27 PM) theidiotthatisme: The ones I burn I will pay for myself, no worries.
(09:10:35 PM) vorian_: fine
(09:10:39 PM) vorian_: job*
(09:10:59 PM) theidiotthatisme: I make about 50 a week spending money right now, might as well go to something useful!
(09:11:00 PM) ***vorian_ recommends officemax
(09:11:12 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'm glad, it's the nearest store to the campus
(09:11:36 PM) vorian_: any other questions about CD's?
(09:11:41 PM) vorian_: Ohio LoCo New User Team
(09:11:41 PM) theidiotthatisme: Is it possible for anyone in artwork to create CD designs to be uploaded to the CD team?
(09:12:09 PM) vorian_: sure! meatballhat can help you with that
(09:12:14 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: how do ye mean? :-)
(09:13:04 PM) vorian_: moving on?
(09:13:06 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: Designs for CD inserts, lightscribe-able (lol) designs, back insert designs, that can be downloaded and put together by the CD Team who are distributing
(09:13:19 PM) meatballhat: for anyone looking to make custom CD labels right now, I'd recommend starting with the official Ubuntu source file - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Official <-- I think that's it
(09:13:57 PM) vorian_: Ohio LoCo New User Team
(09:14:08 PM) vorian_: https://launchpad.net/~oh-new
(09:14:18 PM) vorian_: This is the support arm of the team
(09:14:44 PM) vorian_: New User Support Team - Unassigned This can be as many people who are interested. We need to have a strong support group as there will be an influx of new users who will need our support.
(09:15:17 PM) meatballhat: I nominate skippy to lead the way :-D
(09:15:29 PM) theidiotthatisme: Quick question. How will New Users go about getting support from Ohio LoCo?
(09:16:34 PM) vorian_: http://ohioloco.ubuntuforums.org
(09:16:46 PM) hackle577: When I started dual-booting Ubuntu (not too long ago) I simply posted in the Ohio LoCo forum and got several warm, helpful responses very quickly.
(09:17:08 PM) theidiotthatisme: Wonderful. I just wasn't sure if we were doing the forums, or live help, or if anyone had any ideas.
(09:17:25 PM) vorian_: forums seem best for the new user
(09:17:31 PM) ***hackle577 loves forums
(09:17:34 PM) meatballhat: it'd be great if the communication team could coordinate with the New Users team in this manner...
(09:17:35 PM) theidiotthatisme: I love forums too
(09:17:41 PM) vorian_: word
(09:17:43 PM) meatballhat: to cover all communication channels
(09:17:47 PM) jacobmp92: good idea
(09:18:06 PM) vorian_: yep
(09:18:36 PM) vorian_: when we give a cd, install it on a win user's compy...
(09:18:46 PM) meatballhat: here's another idea for further down the road...
(09:18:51 PM) vorian_: we can't give them 5 places to go
(09:18:59 PM) vorian_: meatballhat: ...
(09:19:06 PM) meatballhat: once (if) relations are established with Ohio Ubuntu Partners...
(09:19:07 PM) firenurse4: Might be good to have some common setup guides on the wiki as well.
(09:19:25 PM) vorian_: yes!
(09:19:31 PM) meatballhat: the New User team will be able to act as a sort of Free Clinic to the Ubuntu Partner's specialist practice
(09:19:36 PM) hackle577: firenurse: The Aussie wiki has those IIRC
(09:19:45 PM) vorian_: As for the forums
(09:20:03 PM) vorian_: There will be a new user team soon
(09:20:21 PM) jacobmp92: vorian_: global new user team?
(09:20:24 PM) vorian_: The team leaders are being voted on in the next forum council meeting
(09:20:34 PM) vorian_: jacobmp92: yes all of UF
(09:20:39 PM) jacobmp92: ah yes, i applied for that back in October :)
(09:20:43 PM) meatballhat: yowsa! :-)
(09:20:50 PM) hackle577: cool
(09:20:54 PM) vorian_: well the meeting is next week
(09:20:59 PM) vorian_: tuesday
(09:21:08 PM) jacobmp92: yeah
(09:21:12 PM) meatballhat: ...a big day for the Ohio LoCo :-)
(09:21:12 PM) jacobmp92: cool :)
(09:21:16 PM) jacobmp92: it will be
(09:21:20 PM) vorian_: I am up for forum council secretary
(09:21:31 PM) meatballhat: vorian_: congrats!!!
(09:21:38 PM) hackle577: sweet!
(09:21:38 PM) vorian_: pfft!
(09:21:41 PM) jacobmp92: awesome!
(09:21:43 PM) theidiotthatisme: that's great!
(09:21:58 PM) ***vorian_ volunteered
(09:22:24 PM) vorian_: anyway
(09:22:55 PM) vorian_: Last thing is feisty release party
(09:23:36 PM) hackle577: i think we settled on Chuck E. Cheese's?
(09:23:40 PM) hackle577: :-D
(09:23:40 PM) vorian_: woooooooo hooooooooo
(09:23:47 PM) vorian_: funny though
(09:23:54 PM) jacobmp92: lol
(09:24:07 PM) vorian_: I would like to see everyone in one place
(09:24:10 PM) meatballhat: were we lookin' at regionals or are we goin' to state, coach?
(09:24:11 PM) vorian_: but
(09:24:17 PM) meatballhat: B-)
(09:24:36 PM) vorian_: I can understand if it needs to be split
(09:24:51 PM) vorian_: Central is obviously Columbus
(09:25:08 PM) hackle577: everyone together would be great
(09:25:14 PM) jacobmp92: yeah
(09:25:24 PM) meatballhat: perhaps.... regionals this time 'round ... plan for a state-wide in October?
(09:25:25 PM) vorian_: Should we plan on one, or two?
(09:25:25 PM) theidiotthatisme: That it would be
(09:25:44 PM) vorian_: meatballhat: that's a good idea
(09:25:57 PM) vorian_: That way we get the feel of the party
(09:26:02 PM) hackle577: true
(09:26:05 PM) vorian_: and this sounds better
(09:26:08 PM) jacobmp92: yeah
(09:26:15 PM) meatballhat: there are a lot of educators' conventions in Columbus in the fall, too
(09:26:18 PM) rrittenhouse: haha Chuck E Cheese's.... they serve beer i guess
(09:26:22 PM) vorian_: "STATE WIDE FEISTY PARTY"
(09:26:25 PM) meatballhat: perhaps we could make a guest appearance at some... ?
(09:26:54 PM) vorian_: meatballhat: what do you mean by that/
(09:27:18 PM) meatballhat: what *was* SchoolNet (now eTech Ohio) is in January... so it's too late for that..
(09:27:20 PM) meatballhat: but...
(09:27:21 PM) goatdad13 left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(09:27:40 PM) vorian_: ok
(09:27:41 PM) meatballhat: there are some smaller conferences that Tech Coordinators attend ...
(09:27:45 PM) meatballhat: we might want to look into
(09:27:58 PM) vorian_: who's team does that fall under?
(09:28:06 PM) meatballhat: I seem to remember the early fall being a prime season for this...
(09:28:07 PM) vorian_: marketing?
(09:28:12 PM) meatballhat: I think so, yes
(09:28:15 PM) meatballhat: :-)
(09:28:24 PM) vorian_: meatballhat: do you want to xfer ownership of the web team?
(09:28:37 PM) meatballhat: and it wouldn't hurt to have some speakers rep'ing from New users
(09:28:39 PM) vorian_: then you can be owner of marketing
(09:28:47 PM) meatballhat: vorian_: I wouldn't mind that a bit :-)
(09:28:55 PM) vorian_: meatballhat: KEWL
(09:28:55 PM) meatballhat: who wants the Web Team?
(09:28:59 PM) meatballhat: :-D
(09:29:15 PM) vorian_: jacobmp92: ?
(09:29:25 PM) vorian_: PWill: ?
(09:29:28 PM) jacobmp92: hm?
(09:29:35 PM) vorian_: rrittenhouse: ?
(09:29:39 PM) jacobmp92: sorry, i looked away from monitor for a moment :-p
(09:29:43 PM) PWill: I'll take it
(09:29:47 PM) rrittenhouse: sorry wasnt looking
(09:30:05 PM) PWill: Unless jacobmp92 or rrittenhouse want it badly
(09:30:13 PM) vorian_: ??
(09:30:20 PM) meatballhat: I'll secede control to he who bests me not in strength or wits, but in pie-throwing prowess
(09:30:21 PM) jacobmp92: i don't care either way :)
(09:30:38 PM) rrittenhouse: it seems jacobmp92 has done a lot more than I
(09:30:42 PM) vorian_: jacobmp92: will have other opportunities
(09:30:42 PM) rrittenhouse: rofl
(09:31:00 PM) vorian_: all for PWill
(09:31:01 PM) meatballhat: hackle577: it started today and it'll end tonight ;-)
(09:31:01 PM) vorian_: =!
(09:31:03 PM) PWill: I
(09:31:04 PM) vorian_: +!
(09:31:09 PM) jacobmp92: +1
(09:31:10 PM) hackle577: lol
(09:31:11 PM) vorian_: +1
(09:31:19 PM) meatballhat: +1
(09:31:20 PM) theidiotthatisme: +1
(09:31:21 PM) PWill: heh
(09:31:27 PM) meatballhat: who are we votin' for? :-P
(09:31:34 PM) meatballhat: PWill? is it ye?
(09:31:34 PM) vorian_: meatballhat: go PWill
(09:31:39 PM) PWill: ye
(09:31:40 PM) hackle577: +1
(09:33:36 PM) vorian_: we should wait to install any other leaders for another week or so
(09:35:34 PM) hackle577: heh
(09:35:35 PM) vorian_: (no loco bots yet)
(09:35:43 PM) meatballhat: LOL
(09:35:44 PM) jacobmp92: vorian_: workin on it ;)
(09:35:56 PM) PWill: heh
(09:36:01 PM) vorian_: jacobmp92: awesome!
(09:36:13 PM) jacobmp92: i plan to release the bot as an actual product
(09:36:15 PM) vorian_: we should be getting a free one from smurf
(09:36:25 PM) jacobmp92: you mean Seaves?
(09:36:27 PM) vorian_: jacobmp92: AWESOME!
(09:36:40 PM) jacobmp92: python for the win :)
(09:36:53 PM) meatballhat: what did we decide on for the Feisty party, if anything? :-)
(09:36:58 PM) rrittenhouse: im trying to get along with python
(09:37:01 PM) rrittenhouse: heh
(09:37:05 PM) jacobmp92: http://yakbot.codechunk.net was added to the internets as a name for this bot
(09:37:06 PM) rrittenhouse: its just different
(09:37:08 PM) vorian_: meatballhat: Regional
(09:37:14 PM) meatballhat: Regional it is
(09:37:23 PM) meatballhat: October 2007 == Statewide
(09:37:24 PM) meatballhat: yes?
(09:37:31 PM) jacobmp92: i think so
(09:37:35 PM) vorian_: meatballhat: yes
(09:37:47 PM) vorian_: SEPT IS linux expo
(09:37:52 PM) vorian_: too
(09:37:56 PM) jacobmp92: sept 29th
(09:37:58 PM) meatballhat: PWill == Web Team Lead? ... or did all the flying pastry postpone this?
(09:38:10 PM) meatballhat: 9/29 is my b-day :-D
(09:38:16 PM) jacobmp92: nice :)
(09:38:20 PM) vorian_: meatballhat: give him the mantle
(09:38:34 PM) hackle577: my b-day was 1/1, what did you guys get me? :-P
(09:38:49 PM) vorian_: a new year!
(09:38:53 PM) meatballhat: hackle577: it's round ... and has a graham-cracker crust...
(09:38:57 PM) vorian_: is that no good enough?
(09:39:02 PM) hackle577: damn! i get that every year
(09:39:21 PM) ***jacobmp92 throws pie at hackle577 and shouts "happy birthday!"
(09:39:35 PM) jacobmp92: s/pie/cake
(09:39:44 PM) meatballhat: PWill == Ohio Web-Team Leader? were all present votes tabulated? Shall I step down? :-D
(09:40:02 PM) PWill: i dunno
(09:40:02 PM) vorian_: all for PWill
(09:40:03 PM) rrittenhouse: haha
(09:40:05 PM) PWill: i guess i am
(09:40:06 PM) vorian_: +1
(09:40:06 PM) jacobmp92: +1
(09:40:11 PM) firenurse4: +1
(09:40:11 PM) PWill: +1
(09:40:12 PM) hackle577: +1
(09:40:25 PM) meatballhat: +1
(09:40:36 PM) PWill: sweet.
(09:40:37 PM) vorian_: meatballhat: give it to him :D
(09:40:43 PM) hackle577: PWill FTW!
(09:40:44 PM) meatballhat: away we go!
(09:40:49 PM) PWill: heh
(09:41:45 PM) hackle577: so i'd like to bring up one last serious point before we adjourn
(09:41:58 PM) vorian_: yeo
(09:42:10 PM) hackle577: some of us, including me, are sub 21 years of age
(09:42:11 PM) vorian_: the
(09:42:16 PM) vorian_: ok
(09:42:25 PM) rrittenhouse: haha
(09:42:44 PM) jacobmp92: hackle577: you are not alone, trust me on that ;)
(09:42:56 PM) theidiotthatisme: Sub21 here
(09:43:10 PM) vorian_: !!!!!!
(09:43:16 PM) meatballhat: PWill: tag, you're it
(09:43:23 PM) PWill: oh
(09:43:24 PM) firenurse4: Oh to be Sub21 again ;-)
(09:43:27 PM) PWill: yeah, I'm 16
(09:43:29 PM) jacobmp92: i'm 15 in 13 days :-D
(09:43:35 PM) PWill: er
(09:43:35 PM) rrittenhouse: what the
(09:43:37 PM) PWill: 15
(09:43:41 PM) PWill: 16 in March
(09:43:41 PM) vorian_: hackle577: what is your concern?
(09:43:44 PM) rrittenhouse: :) i wish i was that old again and knew what i know now haha
(09:43:58 PM) ***vorian_ is 30
(09:44:03 PM) theidiotthatisme: 18 here
(09:44:07 PM) ***meatballhat is 26
(09:44:13 PM) hackle577: well that might limit the choice of locations for the feisty party
(09:44:15 PM) rrittenhouse: 22 here
(09:44:33 PM) rrittenhouse: chuck e cheese i guess has alcohol i was recently told.... lol
(09:44:38 PM) jacobmp92: lol
(09:44:38 PM) rrittenhouse: but its for kids..
(09:44:43 PM) hackle577: ha
(09:44:43 PM) rrittenhouse: (the place)
(09:44:47 PM) PWill: haha
(09:44:51 PM) rrittenhouse: yeah dont ask
(09:44:53 PM) jacobmp92: non-alcoholic alcohol
(09:44:55 PM) vorian_: hackle577: right, I don't drink and I don't like bars
(09:45:19 PM) rrittenhouse: i live next door to one.. =/ it sucks
(09:45:20 PM) rrittenhouse: haha
(09:45:24 PM) vorian_: For us within an hour or so of Columbus
(09:45:37 PM) vorian_: There are lots of free wifi spots at Easton
(09:45:50 PM) jacobmp92: including a Dell booth... :-D
(09:45:52 PM) ***hackle577 loves Easton
(09:46:10 PM) meatballhat: I dunno if anyone saw on the Mailing List, but I know that the Akron LUG and Akron Perl Mongers prefer places like Parrasson's and Cafe Momus, both of which are *not* bars and have no age restrictions
(09:46:49 PM) meatballhat: so... italian-american franchises and coffee joints should work
(09:46:57 PM) theidiotthatisme: I just signed up for the mailing list sometime mid day today
(09:47:19 PM) vorian_: Hey! goatdad13 just joined THE team!
(09:47:33 PM) jacobmp92: woot!
(09:47:38 PM) hackle577: ftw!
(09:47:49 PM) ***meatballhat goes to bug goatdad13 about joining the OhLoCoMT
(09:47:54 PM) ***vorian_ will make sure everone is on the mailing list
(09:48:14 PM) meatballhat: sheesh.. is it 1/4 to 10?
(09:48:24 PM) meatballhat: I've got to go pay attention to my poor wife
(09:48:29 PM) vorian_: any other business?
(09:48:44 PM) theidiotthatisme: Not til another time for me
(09:48:59 PM) vorian_: theidiotthatisme: sure?
(09:49:03 PM) meatballhat: next Tuesday: CC Meeting!!!
(09:49:16 PM) hackle577: We must drop the One Pie into Mount Wastebin to destroy it forever.
(09:49:17 PM) jacobmp92: woot!
(09:49:22 PM) theidiotthatisme: Yes, we have a lot going on now in filling our new teams, no need to bring more confusion til everything else is set

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