Discussion Points

  • Jgedeon's work in school ditricts
  • CD distribution at libraries and universities
    • Theidiotthatisme's talk with a Dean
    • FOSS in universities and possible problems
  • Video guides and support
    • Usefulness vs. web FAQs/guides
  • FOSS vs. MS in small businesses


(08:02:31 PM) meatballhat: okay, so this is technically an informal meeting .... but does anyone have anything to report?
(08:02:43 PM) ***jgedeon needs to remember to send vorian a PPK for diaper changing.
(08:02:46 PM) theidiotthatisme: Not much unfortunately. Been a very busy week
(08:03:02 PM) hackle577: yeah, not much to report
(08:03:10 PM) meatballhat: I've got some stuff to say 'bout library partnerships :D
(08:03:33 PM) hackle577: oo!
(08:03:40 PM) meatballhat: and CD distribution ... and related stuff
(08:03:49 PM) ***theidiotthatisme is interested
(08:04:07 PM) Derspankster [n=Larry@cpe-76-181-4-2.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(08:04:24 PM) meatballhat: ok ...and I seem to remember that jgedeon had an important meeting
(08:04:39 PM) hackle577: pray tell
(08:04:54 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: you first :D
(08:05:02 PM) jgedeon: Yes it was a nice meeting with the School Technology Committee.
(08:05:54 PM) jgedeon: They are very interested in the Open Technology and are currently looking at Edubuntu and it's offerings. Seems none of them knew that there was anything else other than M$
(08:06:09 PM) Brady_M_at_work: nice!
(08:06:14 PM) hackle577: sweet
(08:06:26 PM) ***theidiotthatisme claps
(08:06:46 PM) jgedeon: They are also looking at eSchooling and the rep. pointed out quite quickly they use alot of Open Technology.
(08:07:16 PM) jgedeon: At the close of the meeting the School Super. asked if I would be kind enough to join the committee.
(08:07:32 PM) hackle577: nice work!
(08:07:45 PM) theidiotthatisme: That's awesome!
(08:08:01 PM) jgedeon: so in his words I have been drafted. And now I can guarentee(sp) that OpenSource and Ubuntu will be looked at.
(08:08:04 PM) arustyspork: kudos to you, just out of curiosity how big is the district?
(08:08:44 PM) jgedeon: arustyspork: I would have to look that up. It covers like 5 townships in the southeast corner of Portage County.
(08:08:54 PM) meatballhat: on a related note, my boss just donated some slightly outdated machines that jgedeon offered to help me configure as an Edubuntu "cluster"
(08:09:16 PM) jgedeon: meatballhat: as long as I can steal an image! LMAO
(08:09:20 PM) arustyspork: jgedeon, do you know the athletics division that would give me a rough estimate
(08:09:20 PM) goatdad13: good evening everyone
(08:09:21 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: the number is up to 10 machines :D
(08:09:34 PM) goatdad13: just a few minutes between bathtime and bedtime
(08:09:37 PM) meatballhat: goatdad13: hallo!
(08:09:38 PM) jgedeon: meatballhat: Sweet!
(08:09:42 PM) jgedeon: Evening goatdad13
(08:09:49 PM) hackle577: g'day!
(08:10:23 PM) meatballhat: okay ... while we've got goatdad13 ... about libraries and CDs and such
(08:10:44 PM) jgedeon: arustyspork: http://se-web.portage.k12.oh.us/index.cfm
(08:10:57 PM) arustyspork: thanks
(08:11:10 PM) meatballhat: while we were originally talking about "announcing" the f2f to "the media" ...
(08:11:34 PM) meatballhat: in conjunction with the CD distribution ...
(08:12:08 PM) meatballhat: now I'm reconsidering the intended audience ... at least a little bit
(08:12:26 PM) meatballhat: here are some key links:
(08:12:57 PM) meatballhat: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_colleges_and_universities_in_Ohio
(08:13:06 PM) meatballhat: http://www.oplin.org/
(08:13:12 PM) meatballhat: http://www.olc.org/
(08:14:01 PM) meatballhat: ...and my best friend's dad is a prof of library science at Kent State
(08:14:03 PM) goatdad13: should we not limit ourselves to just colleges and univeristy
(08:14:18 PM) meatballhat: and K-12, yes
(08:14:40 PM) meatballhat: as jgedeon is already working on ;-)
(08:14:56 PM) goatdad13: good work jgedeon
(08:15:09 PM) goatdad13: congratulations on the enlistment
(08:15:34 PM) hackle577: maybe we should generate a list of which of us live close to which universities, etc.
(08:15:53 PM) meatballhat: on the subject of approaching libraries and Ed. institutions ....
(08:16:09 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: I'd like to add a little on this in a little bit
(08:16:12 PM) meatballhat: I'll be submitting an email to the list ...
(08:16:24 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: go! please :D
(08:16:48 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: Not yet, just wanted to share a talk with a Dean I had here, but I'll wait. Didn't mean to interrupt, just trying to do a bit too much multitasking lol
(08:17:21 PM) Derspankster left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(08:17:41 PM) meatballhat: There will be a spec written up, too
(08:17:54 PM) meatballhat: so that all may review the plan ...
(08:19:01 PM) hackle577: roger that
(08:19:06 PM) meatballhat: It'll have to be well-planned and with a decent amount of standardized content, etc :P
(08:19:35 PM) theidiotthatisme: Sounds good
(08:20:06 PM) jgedeon: Sounds good here.
(08:20:40 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: go with your bit now? :)
(08:21:24 PM) goatdad13: amen
(08:21:55 PM) theidiotthatisme: Ok
(08:22:20 PM) theidiotthatisme: I was recently talking to one of the Deans about the various projects with Ubuntu Ohio LoCo
(08:23:16 PM) theidiotthatisme: And of course, I happen to get very excited when I talk about technology, because I'm a geek like that ;) And I was talking to him about the idea of distributing software for free, starting with on campus on Defiance. I mentioned some of the software, including Ubuntu and OpenOffice.org, and he immediately picked up on OpenOffice.org
(08:23:37 PM) hackle577: nice
(08:24:04 PM) theidiotthatisme: So I started talking to him about the software as an office suite, and also talked to him about the difference between regular proprietary software, and GPL software, and told him one of the great advantages is lower cost, especially with OpenOffice.org
(08:24:35 PM) hackle577: lower cost as in no cost
(08:24:46 PM) theidiotthatisme: Very attractive to instituitions ;)
(08:24:51 PM) hackle577: indeed
(08:25:33 PM) theidiotthatisme: And he asked me if it was possible to install OpenOffice.org next to MS Office, and I told him it was and was also a great way to try out the software, so the college could test them head to head, and when it comes time to upgrade the software (from MS Office 2003 to 2007), the college may be able to save a lot of money by choosing OpenOffice.org if most of the faculty becomes comfortable with it.
(08:25:58 PM) meatballhat: Huzzah!!
(08:26:08 PM) hackle577: may i interject for a sec?
(08:26:11 PM) theidiotthatisme: He liked the idea, and said he would talk to other Deans and the CFO of the college (not sure who that is) about trying it out sometime in the near future.
(08:26:12 PM) theidiotthatisme: Of course
(08:26:19 PM) hackle577: thanks!
(08:26:53 PM) jgedeon: theidiotthatisme: if you need some references on Openoffice I can give you some of the local governments that use it plus now there are actual state governemts using it here in the US.
(08:27:25 PM) hackle577: from my experience here at Miami University, I have found that faculty are often extremely resistant to change as far as their technology goes. In fact, some of the profs I know literally do not use computers at all.
(08:27:48 PM) hackle577: However....
(08:28:11 PM) theidiotthatisme: hacle577: I understand what you mean. However, all professors at Defiance are required to use their computers for at least some purpose, and most are efficient and actually somewhat adaptable
(08:28:20 PM) hackle577: The no cost factor can be very persuasive
(08:28:42 PM) hackle577: theidiotthatisme: ok
(08:28:45 PM) theidiotthatisme: Hackle577: I actually brought the factor up switching students first, since it was compatible with MS Office, and then he suggested the entire college trying it
(08:29:27 PM) Brady_M_at_work: I won a computer store. 40% of a complete computer is purcheased software, that's a big cost cutter.
(08:29:31 PM) jgedeon: theidiotthatisme: when you start showing them that it is possible to save a million dollars they will open thier ears. You might have to put a lab together to show them and EDU's normally have linux in the science areas.
(08:29:35 PM) hackle577: theidiotthatisme: good idea with the students first
(08:29:47 PM) meatballhat: this is darned near awesome ... be sure to keep us up to date in case you need support of any kind
(08:29:50 PM) theidiotthatisme: I am burning a CD for him to try it out. However, before the discussion ended, we had begun talking to Linux, and he straight asked me the advantages Defiance could experience if they set up Linux labs in Defiance College
(08:30:13 PM) ***hackle577 bows to theidiotthatisme
(08:30:41 PM) theidiotthatisme: I wasn't prepared to answer yet lol. I told him we do have one lab that dualboots, however it's isolated from the network because it's a forensics lab. I told him even a lab of older hardware could easily use Linux, and create an entire new lab instead of ditching the computers when upgrading.
(08:30:44 PM) Brady_M_at_work: *own *shys
(08:31:13 PM) hackle577: good idea once again
(08:32:11 PM) theidiotthatisme: Sorry for the long speech :-)
(08:32:33 PM) ***meatballhat applauds for speech
(08:32:37 PM) theidiotthatisme: Oh and I have given him my blog address on Ubuntu Ohio, along with several other professors, so they can see inside some of the community aspect of it.
(08:33:02 PM) hackle577: nice
(08:34:08 PM) theidiotthatisme: Something different :-)
(08:35:06 PM) jgedeon: Is the floor going to someone else or a different topic?
(08:35:32 PM) theidiotthatisme: Not sure. Happy to finish multitasking now, since I finally finished my post
(08:36:18 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: the floor be open, AFAIK :)
(08:36:41 PM) ***Brady_M_at_work is listening
(08:37:33 PM) jgedeon: Over the last few days I have thought about the projects that are going on and how alot of them could work together. As in we are looking at CD distrobution places, helping new users, getting into education, and teaching classes.
(08:39:32 PM) jgedeon: After the meeting I have seriously looked at one side of things that I have not really thought of cause I am the type of person that likes to continue learning new things. And that is training people how to work differently with different software.. theidiotthatisme has brought the project about teaching classes but what if we also did something like elearning or actual training videos to help cross train?
(08:40:17 PM) jgedeon: Some what like CB Nugget does but with Ubuntu and some of the applications that we use with
(08:40:42 PM) Derspankster [n=Larry@cpe-76-181-4-2.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(08:40:45 PM) theidiotthatisme: With the training videos, do you mean ones that can be downloaded and followed?
(08:41:00 PM) jgedeon: theidiotthatisme: yes..
(08:42:17 PM) hackle577: Prescriptions are one thing, Maxoderm is *completely* different!
(08:42:37 PM) ***hackle577 breaks the silence
(08:42:53 PM) theidiotthatisme: Silence is good to be broken :-)
(08:43:22 PM) theidiotthatisme: But jgedeon, I'm interested, but a bit confused. Would you elaborate for simple me? lol
(08:44:34 PM) jgedeon: I've seen various flash videos and have even used some of CB Nuggets videos and thought that it would be more to offer the new users or even help places cross train to new software.
(08:45:08 PM) arustyspork left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(08:45:53 PM) jgedeon: For instance. The first time you boot a linux machine did you really know how to log off of it or did you have to search?
(08:45:58 PM) theidiotthatisme: I understand what you mean. There's a software actually made for that purpose, I believe, but dont remember if it's Ubuntu or Windows or whatever else
(08:46:09 PM) Brady_M_at_work: jgedeon: Can the screencast teams been working on videos, do you think if they can amil those files to someone who's making a dvd video?
(08:46:59 PM) jgedeon: Brady_M_at_work: not sure what they have been working on or what kind of formats.
(08:48:22 PM) jgedeon: theidiotthatisme: I think there is in the repo's.
(08:49:00 PM) hackle577: I hate to piss in everyones Cheerios, but wouldn't making the guides on the web be plain easier? I think anyone who is ready to install Linux will be able to figure out the Internet, given that the Firefox icon is on the desktop by default.
(08:49:35 PM) jgedeon: theidiotthatisme: here is sorta the idea. http://www.zimbra.com/demos/zimbra_overview.html
(08:49:49 PM) theidiotthatisme: okay
(08:49:51 PM) hackle577: It would allow the user to work at their own pace as well
(08:50:18 PM) jgedeon: hackle577: the guides are for those that want to read. Just look at the #ubuntu channel.
(08:50:32 PM) jgedeon: These could be also used to cross train or even be used for classes.
(08:50:58 PM) theidiotthatisme: hackle577: I dont like to remake a lot of materials, which is why for the education team I've linked a site dedicated to tutorials for OpenOffice.org
(08:51:10 PM) Brady_M_at_work: hackle577: Well, if it was one of my customers, and they brought it home, knowing how to access the page may be "hard" I mean not literally, but they just been put out of their confort zone and scared just to play solitare.
(08:51:37 PM) theidiotthatisme: I understand your concern, and for a lot of things guides are good (installing software). There are some things, that need a little more structure (teaching administration, or new software in depth, or security).
(08:52:58 PM) jgedeon: Doesn't 6.10 CD come with some demos on it?
(08:53:44 PM) nauseaboy: sorry i'm late i over slept (i work 3rd shift)
(08:53:47 PM) hackle577: Yeah, I can see that angle. But I'm still stubbornly clinging to the idea that web guides will be more organized, easier to create, and also there are many out there already to be linked to.
(08:53:53 PM) theidiotthatisme: nauseaboy: No problem
(08:54:22 PM) jgedeon: hackle577: I understand what you are saying about the guides and I also love the guides.
(08:55:01 PM) theidiotthatisme: hackle577: Of course. In fact a lot of them can be adapted to classroom teachings and other stuff. Some people just like to be in a different environment, and have someone they can ask, and learn a variety of ones things and concepts, instead of just a guide to how to get something done.
(08:55:37 PM) Brady_M_at_work: I would offer classes here at my store I can seat 14 people
(08:55:54 PM) Brady_M_at_work: I already have classes in html and pc's
(08:56:07 PM) jgedeon: That used to be the big arguement over the ubuntuguide site. It told the people how to do it so in the ubuntu channel you weren't allowed to point people to it you had to point them to the wiki so that they could learn why it does it.
(08:56:36 PM) hackle577: Maybe I just never liked video guides
(08:56:57 PM) jgedeon: hackle577: have you ever used a CB Nugget course?
(08:57:13 PM) hackle577: nope
(08:57:36 PM) theidiotthatisme: It's ok, I dont use video, but prefer in person. A lot of people do prefer video, and some prefer just to get it done with guides
(08:57:37 PM) jgedeon: More and more places are going to digital learning and there is actually a market.
(08:57:52 PM) theidiotthatisme: Hitting up all three in crossover material would make sure we dont leave anyone out :-)
(08:57:58 PM) spencer47 [n=Larry@] entered the room.
(08:58:11 PM) hackle577: jgedeon: linky?
(08:58:35 PM) jgedeon: hackle577: linky to which?
(08:58:43 PM) Brady_M_at_work: I will be back, I am heading hiome and join from there (back in 10)
(08:59:08 PM) hackle577: jgedeon: this "cb nugget"
(08:59:09 PM) Brady_M_at_work left the room (quit: "Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]").
(08:59:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: ok Brady_M_at_work
(08:59:53 PM) jgedeon: hackle577: bit-torrent is your friend there.
(09:00:13 PM) hackle577: ah ok
(09:00:28 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: hear hear for crossover material :D
(09:01:56 PM) theidiotthatisme: :-)
(09:03:47 PM) Brady_M [n=o0splitp@cpe-24-166-229-191.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
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(09:04:13 PM) Brady_M [n=o0splitp@cpe-24-166-229-191.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(09:04:24 PM) theidiotthatisme: Is floor open again?
(09:04:32 PM) hackle577: i think so
(09:05:24 PM) theidiotthatisme: Does anyone else have anything they'd like to bring up?
(09:05:28 PM) stephen_ [n=stephen@ppp-69-218-247-1.dsl.dytnoh.ameritech.net] entered the room.
(09:06:18 PM) theidiotthatisme: Anything?
(09:06:22 PM) hackle577: as a side note...
(09:06:32 PM) jgedeon: Nothing here
(09:06:49 PM) spencer47 left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(09:06:57 PM) Brady_M: Uhm yes
(09:07:05 PM) hackle577: i didnt see who added the sub-subpages to the main page
(09:07:46 PM) Brady_M: May I take the floor? I have some information.
(09:07:55 PM) hackle577: take it away
(09:08:06 PM) theidiotthatisme: All yours
(09:08:24 PM) Brady_M: Well, I am a small system builder. I own a computer store here in Ohio.
(09:09:04 PM) ***rrittenhouse is caught up with the meeting now
(09:09:08 PM) rrittenhouse: had to cook ..ugh
(09:09:09 PM) Brady_M: I been working on computers for over 13 years, and this is my secound year in business. I was working with MS
(09:09:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: Any job openings? :-D
(09:09:19 PM) Brady_M: On the latest relase of Microsoft Vista.
(09:09:38 PM) jgedeon: !lang
(09:09:40 PM) jgedeon: LOL
(09:09:41 PM) rrittenhouse: I watched your video on that.
(09:09:46 PM) Brady_M: And I was in these meetings and this time, I noticed that they were not going to help us smaller computer stores this year...
(09:10:04 PM) Brady_M: I decided not to reregister my partnership with them
(09:10:07 PM) Brady_M: because
(09:10:27 PM) Brady_M: IF you havn't seen on TV
(09:10:46 PM) Brady_M: There have been allot of those $599.00 computers out there that Dell and HP have been promoting
(09:11:10 PM) jgedeon: When XP first came out they did the same thing. They actually tried to get hardware vendors not to update their drivers so that they could sell more hardware.
(09:11:11 PM) nauseaboy: i just got an add for one today
(09:11:15 PM) Brady_M: Well, these computers don't use Universal PC standard equiptment, and the cost to repair, outweighs buying a new PC
(09:11:30 PM) rrittenhouse: I havent got into system building/repair because I thought all business was lost due to these cheap computers from dell/hp...
(09:11:37 PM) Brady_M: This has been really hard for me to compete with
(09:11:41 PM) Derspankster left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(09:12:08 PM) theidiotthatisme: Brady_M: I understand the dilemna. A lot of stores rely on local support, and that support may wain in search for the dollar
(09:12:10 PM) Brady_M: Well, now it looks with the new licence with Microsoft on this new operating system
(09:12:25 PM) Brady_M: that only computer users will be able to activate it 2 times.
(09:12:45 PM) Brady_M: This would draw people away in thinking about buying a upgradable PC.
(09:12:45 PM) hackle577: yeah i read about that
(09:12:58 PM) Brady_M: because the cost in that would be expensive
(09:13:09 PM) Brady_M: so. This also impacts not just me, the little guy
(09:13:27 PM) jgedeon: rrittenhouse: there are still alot of customers out there that can't run the newer software and the big cheap companies don't/won't offer other OS's so they have to get systems custom built.
(09:13:37 PM) Brady_M: but also now Distributors who sell generic equiptment from companies like PC chips, Elitegroup.. you name it
(09:13:53 PM) Brady_M: Companies right now that work with MS, and Dell.. HP yatta yatta
(09:13:59 PM) Brady_M: made motherboards for them also
(09:14:03 PM) rrittenhouse: jgedeon, true. And yes ive saw CBT Nuggest courses before
(09:14:08 PM) meatballhat left the room ("sadly I must leave .... will be reading logs later ...").
(09:14:50 PM) Brady_M: If I for say am removed from the equation, Microsoft, Dell, and HP.. you name it can sell more PC's and Copies of thier software
(09:15:06 PM) Brady_M: Also removing generics and distributors that work with me
(09:15:18 PM) Brady_M: it's Financially hurt allot of people
(09:15:33 PM) Brady_M: SO, I been building donation computers since june of last year
(09:15:38 PM) Brady_M: with Ubuntu
(09:15:48 PM) jgedeon: Brady_M: Your not the only one that has been in that boat. I left the partner ship after XP came out and then Steve Balmer sent out an email that Really pissed me off so all my systems are now *nix systems. But I still support M$ systems so that I can feed my family.
(09:15:49 PM) Brady_M: for people around here that are single familes etc
(09:15:54 PM) Brady_M: and children
(09:16:01 PM) Brady_M: from ccomputers donated
(09:16:07 PM) Brady_M: I also have been giving CD's out
(09:16:29 PM) Brady_M: Now I am also know other computer stores around me in Marion, and Marysville who also build PC's
(09:16:39 PM) Brady_M: We are not in competition, but share information
(09:16:49 PM) Brady_M: And all of us are feeling pushed out
(09:17:12 PM) Brady_M: I was wanting to push this year computers still in that oprice range, but with Ubuntu on it instead
(09:17:22 PM) Brady_M: givng thesoftware for free
(09:17:41 PM) Brady_M: I would assume my customers would still come to me for help
(09:17:58 PM) Brady_M: many customers, even when there is help availiblwe online, care abourt one thing...
(09:18:13 PM) jgedeon: Brady_M: I wouldn't call it help. I would call it more as guidance.
(09:18:29 PM) Brady_M: They want it to work, and work well... sounds like a Unix speak now doens;t uit/
(09:18:42 PM) goatdad13 left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(09:19:07 PM) Brady_M: well I would expect people to still bring it in for work, if the PSU dies, the modem dies etc
(09:19:21 PM) Brady_M: so I don't see Linux as a threat, more of a good thing
(09:19:26 PM) Brady_M: bfor me in many ways
(09:19:40 PM) jgedeon: Brady_M: That is true but you won't get the infected slow systems as much.
(09:19:43 PM) Brady_M: I think I could convience both the lcoal schools I work with and people here
(09:20:35 PM) Brady_M: I know customers will still also come for help just installing a new printer.. but anyway I think this can be plugged to small computer stores.
(09:21:06 PM) Brady_M: Manytimes I find someone put on a illegal copy of Windows.
(09:21:13 PM) jgedeon: Brady_M: I know that the shall guys have to. They have to adapt in one way or the other.
(09:21:25 PM) Brady_M: I suggest since they try ubuntu.
(09:21:36 PM) Brady_M: I install it if they give the ok, and give them a break down how it works
(09:22:10 PM) Brady_M: I have not had anyone come back and say I can't make this work.. maybe just general questions
(09:22:41 PM) jgedeon: Brady_M: I would also show the Edubuntu to parents.
(09:23:09 PM) Brady_M: Right. I usually ask if they have kids, and I'll install packages for them, based on their family
(09:23:40 PM) Brady_M: I think that if this as seen. If a system builder can stay working and offer these computers, this can help them
(09:23:46 PM) jgedeon: Everyone of my clients that have kids now somehow have an edubuntu system in thier house for thier kids and they love it.
(09:24:25 PM) hackle577: alright guys I gotta get out of here
(09:24:40 PM) Brady_M: I worked at AOL as a system administrator, and saw both Sun Microsystems and Dell lose 3 , 4 football field sized server rooms with in 6 months to HP, who was selling a system running Red Hat Linux.
(09:24:45 PM) Brady_M: That was HUGE!
(09:25:01 PM) nauseaboy: wow
(09:25:03 PM) nauseaboy: really?
(09:25:06 PM) Brady_M: yes
(09:25:09 PM) hackle577: was anyone logging BTW?
(09:25:13 PM) Brady_M: that was in 2002
(09:26:04 PM) Brady_M: So, anyways. I think I could help , roughly in my area. I got a small town. Less than 2,300 people here
(09:26:14 PM) Brady_M: I got roughly 40 of them using Ubuntu now
(09:26:30 PM) theidiotthatisme: Wow, that's pretty good
(09:26:41 PM) theidiotthatisme: I think I may push in the Niles area during summer, since I'll be there
(09:26:55 PM) jgedeon: theidiotthatisme: where are you?????
(09:27:07 PM) theidiotthatisme: Right now, Defiance, on the other side of the state
(09:27:33 PM) jgedeon: And your coming over here in the summer??
(09:27:36 PM) theidiotthatisme: Yep
(09:27:38 PM) nauseaboy: your in defiance? my ex-roomate is from there
(09:27:42 PM) Brady_M: But in Maion and Maryville, I just have to discuss it, and I think can convience those computer stores to offer it for free, as long as they can support it, but now They might need help understanding reading logs to troubleshoot hardware, but If they want to stay in the game, That is going to change their minds
(09:27:57 PM) theidiotthatisme: I think Niles schools could benefit greatly in cutting costs using Edubuntu and OpenOffice (or even Abiword on older systems)
(09:28:00 PM) jgedeon: Sorry but I76 will be closed at that time.
(09:28:17 PM) Brady_M: I'm done.
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(09:28:41 PM) theidiotthatisme: Brady_M It sounds great, and I will definitely be hoping for the best for your business!
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(09:29:23 PM) jgedeon: Brady_M: I don't mean to sound rude but there are those around that went through the same thing when XP first came out. And we all had to change things for a brief period untill things settled but some of us have stayed away.
(09:30:35 PM) rrittenhouse: i did internet tech support when XP came out. I was clueless until I went and obtained XP to learn it
(09:30:56 PM) rrittenhouse: they had me blindingly tell people how to get through the problems LOL
(09:31:13 PM) jgedeon: Yea just read off the screen. LOL
(09:31:27 PM) rrittenhouse: yeah right
(09:31:29 PM) rrittenhouse: i had to write it down
(09:31:30 PM) rrittenhouse: haha
(09:31:34 PM) jgedeon: LOL
(09:31:43 PM) Brady_M: jgedeon: Yes, but this time, with this setting in, this is changing.. I MEAN changing. not may motherboard manufactures are making windows Certified boards, ASSUMING that the small computer store or the computer enthusiast is going to be there. But if You can only install Vista, twice before the software becomes invalid.
(09:31:56 PM) Brady_M: That means that customers won't buy Vista, or
(09:31:59 PM) rrittenhouse: it was all by hand work... until i automated call logging for them
(09:32:38 PM) jgedeon: I don't think Vista is going to be very popular.... Too many requirements and other things.
(09:32:51 PM) Brady_M: Allot of companies rely on that. It;s "MACAFYING" the PC industry
(09:33:15 PM) Brady_M: Reducing competing computers and mainboards
(09:33:23 PM) jgedeon: You are already giving yourself the tools to protect yourself. A well informed public will keep you around.
(09:33:24 PM) nauseaboy: i hate that
(09:33:31 PM) nauseaboy: i want the most generic hardware possible
(09:33:38 PM) nauseaboy: so i can put whatever i want on it
(09:35:12 PM) Brady_M: Right, but I been working on allot of these new computers. They are doing allot of things. Such as removing AGP slots to not have to pay patents on that board, making them cheaper and also using Thier PSU's which arn't availible on the market, so you just have to throw it away. That's scary
(09:35:19 PM) theidiotthatisme: Same here, Vista just isn't on the top of my list.
(09:35:26 PM) jgedeon: On a personal note with my stuff.. I don't care what is in there it just better work and be reliable. I hate working on my own system.... And it better not bore me.
(09:36:04 PM) jgedeon: They are doing the same thing the TV market did years ago.
(09:36:16 PM) Brady_M: right. That's what I am seeing
(09:36:28 PM) Brady_M: When is the last time you seena TV repair store?
(09:36:46 PM) jgedeon: Correct.
(09:37:12 PM) jgedeon: The PC is going into everything now a days...
(09:37:30 PM) jgedeon: But at the same time the PC it's self is being built as a throw away.
(09:37:50 PM) jgedeon: Most buisesses use a 3 yr roll over plan.
(09:37:59 PM) jgedeon: with thier workstations.
(09:38:16 PM) Brady_M: Right, which doesn't make scence, after Fedral laws on throwing electronics into the dump now is illegal. I have to have someone come recycle my old parts
(09:38:50 PM) jgedeon: Brady_M: Not in Ohio though.. I have tried to fight this but in Ohio it is still legal.
(09:39:31 PM) jgedeon: I tried to get the township to set up a special box for PC
(09:39:34 PM) Brady_M: Well, let me give you the link
(09:39:53 PM) jgedeon: s during our clean ups but they found the law and said that it wasn't illegal so they weren't going to.
(09:40:11 PM) Brady_M: http://www.epa.state.oh.us/ocapp/p2/recyc/comp-rc.html
(09:40:48 PM) Brady_M: http://www.epa.state.oh.us/ocapp/sb/index.html
(09:41:51 PM) jgedeon: That is only talking about recycling and not the law.
(09:42:16 PM) jgedeon: There is no federal law that says that everyone has to recycle. They are local laws that do that in some areas.
(09:43:20 PM) Brady_M: Well there is a new fed law stating that dump sites can no longer take electronics and dump them in waist sites. A new Eviromental law took effect Nov last year
(09:43:49 PM) Brady_M: I take computers here at my store, take the good stuff out, rebuild them, put Ubuntu on it and give it to a struggling family
(09:44:24 PM) Brady_M: Annd them have a friend of mine who owns a electronics recyling pick up the parts
(09:45:17 PM) Brady_M: He sells the chips and steel back to mostly the chip manufactures, for reburbing old mainboards etc
(09:45:35 PM) jgedeon: I will have a friend look into the new federal law about it.
(09:46:00 PM) Brady_M: I got it here. It's on that page and explains it.
(09:46:10 PM) Brady_M: It's a new EPA law
(09:46:58 PM) Brady_M: The garbage man, isn't supposed to pick up the monitrs and any computers anymore
(09:47:10 PM) Brady_M: any seen lectronics
(09:48:24 PM) jgedeon: Which page are you seeing this new epa law on? I'm reading both of them.
(09:48:31 PM) rrittenhouse: there are special places in ohio to take them i thought
(09:48:34 PM) Brady_M: let me google it,
(09:49:13 PM) Brady_M: http://www.epa.gov/ecycling/
(09:50:18 PM) Brady_M: here http://www.epa.gov/epaoswer/hazwaste/recycle/electron/crt.htm
(09:51:35 PM) jgedeon: There that last link says it.
(09:51:46 PM) jgedeon: It's not a law that you have to,.
(09:52:07 PM) jgedeon: The rule is intended to encourage recycling and reuse of used CRTs and CRT glass.
(09:54:07 PM) jgedeon: It goes along the same lines as recycling. They would love it if everyone did it. It would help make the world a better place. But not everyone can do it.
(09:54:13 PM) Brady_M: Well, crap. I'm doing the right thing here.
(09:54:35 PM) Brady_M: Saves me cash
(09:54:48 PM) jgedeon: Your local area may have put into place manditory recycling. Only you would know if you have those recycle tubs.
(09:54:51 PM) Brady_M: DOesn't cost me anything, and I help my friend make a buck
(09:54:52 PM) arustyspork [n=Rusty@dialup-] entered the room.
(09:56:03 PM) jgedeon: Brady_M: I agree that they should be. I love it when people bring me thier old stuff. Seems we have a popular gentleman in the Salem are that is miss diagonosing computers and people are going out buying new ones..
(09:56:11 PM) Brady_M: I seen comercials here in the columbus area with a hotline for free pickup from the Ohio EPA
(09:56:22 PM) jgedeon: And I am finding nothing wrong with the old ones and end up donating them to others.
(09:56:27 PM) Brady_M: informing that with no money for them, they will come by and pick it up
(09:56:50 PM) Brady_M: free service
(09:56:54 PM) jgedeon: There used to be decent money in scraping boards for the gold.
(09:57:18 PM) Brady_M: yea, but the chips also are real good money
(09:57:42 PM) Brady_M: my friend sells them back to Texas instraments, ROckwell, and others
(09:57:51 PM) Brady_M: They reuse them for refurbs
(09:57:55 PM) jgedeon: Kewl. 

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