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  • Feisty Party
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20:01:08 <Vorian>    Hello everyone!
20:01:09 <theidiotthatisme>    Hi lyceum! Craig564!
20:01:11 <DM|>    ??
20:01:15 <theidiotthatisme>    Hi Vorian!
20:01:15 <DM|>    Welcome everyone
20:01:15 <Craig564>    hello
20:01:18 <lyceum>    hi!
20:01:19 <jacobmp92>    hello everyone
20:01:21 <Netboy541>    hello vorian
20:01:30 <Craig564>    i'm new here....so forgive my ignorance beforehand please
20:01:32 <DM|>    jacobmp92 so what do u suggest then
20:01:43 <DM|>    Craig564 welcome to Ubuntu-Ohio
20:01:58 <Vorian>    welcome Craig564 :)
20:02:04 <Craig564>    thanks
20:02:17 <jacobmp92>    DM|: the only "good" option would be to pay a $35/yr fee for an actual ohio number... i dont use either, i gots a new cell phone :-p
20:02:23 *    jgedeon (n=joe@oh-67-77-123-4.sta.embarqhsd.net) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:02:37 <DM|>    i will do the free, just for Ubuntu ohio support
20:02:39 <meatballhat>    ahoy jgedeon !
20:02:46 <jgedeon>    Hello meatballhat
20:02:49 <DM|>    i cant afford all those minutes on my cellphone
20:02:59 <lyceum>    What's the fee for?
20:03:09 <DM|>    lyceum a VOIP service
20:03:10 <lyceum>    (sorry to butt in)
20:03:18 <jacobmp92>    lyceum: the gizmo project to call in to the client from a landline
20:03:19 <lyceum>    ah..cool!
20:03:33 <jacobmp92>    anywho... offtopic for right now.. what's going on in the meeting world
20:03:37 <lyceum>    jacobmp93: right
20:03:44 <lyceum>    *92
20:03:47 <DM|>    Vorian start it bro :)
20:04:00 <Vorian>    just getting past the intros :)
20:04:50 <Vorian>    who is here for the first time? (first meeting)
20:04:59 *    linuxcolumbus (n=linuxcol@cpe-65-24-125-200.columbus.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:05:12 <Atreus12>    Vorian: That would be me. But I'm just listening on this one
20:05:17 <MarcM_>    my first official meeting
20:05:18 <Craig564>    i am
20:05:24 <Vorian>    woah!
20:05:32 <jacobmp92>    3 new victims :-D
20:05:33 <Vorian>    and we have 27 people on the channel!
20:05:34 <linuxcolumbus>    oh la
20:05:41 <Vorian>    hey linuxcolumbus :)
20:05:43 <Netboy541>    I'm new
20:05:45 <DM|>    yo linuxcolumbus
20:05:51 <jacobmp92>    make that 4!
20:05:53 <theidiotthatisme>    Atreus12: No need to sit it out. Feel free to join in and discuss your opinions/ideas
20:05:57 <Vorian>    hehe
20:06:13 <DM|>    atreus12 nice to see u in here for the meeting :)
20:06:15 <linuxcolumbus>    I might pwill last night
20:06:26 <jacobmp92>    linuxcolumbus: ?
20:06:39 <linuxcolumbus>    yop
20:06:46 <Brady_M>    here be me
20:06:56 <Vorian>    so in a nutshell, what was discussed at the last meeting?
20:07:08 <jacobmp92>    uhhh....
20:07:10 <theidiotthatisme>    ...
20:07:15 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: I honestly dont remember
20:07:22 <Vorian>    :)
20:07:23 <Vorian>    ok then
20:07:24 <theidiotthatisme>    It's been a long week..
20:07:26 <jacobmp92>    education team stuff, i think that was it
20:07:31 <DM|>    aye
20:07:34 <jgedeon>    I think it was too.
20:07:37 <theidiotthatisme>    That's sad I dont remember that
20:07:41 <jacobmp92>    hehe
20:07:42 *    theidiotthatisme is in trouble!
20:07:44 <Vorian>    lol
20:07:52 <Vorian>    well on the donation front....
20:07:53 <Brady_M>    yea, we talked about knocking out the documentation for the cd insert
20:07:58 <jacobmp92>    yeah
20:08:00 <Vorian>    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/Donations
20:08:02 <theidiotthatisme>    Brady_M: Was jus about to say that!
20:08:04 <DM|>    Vorian i would donate... but im POOR lo
20:08:14 <Vorian>    we are at $160
20:08:24 <Vorian>    more than 10% of the way there
20:08:27 *    jacobmp92 will be donating in a few weeks once some $ comes in :)
20:08:33 <Netboy541>    i plan on giving some of my ohio income tax return once it arrives from columbus. :)
20:08:36 <Brady_M>    and 1.10 in the bucket at work :0
20:08:49 <Brady_M>    I mean a Buck Fifty
20:08:52 <lyceum>    I will be giving each time I get paid
20:09:08 <lyceum>    it will be small, but should add up
20:09:15 <theidiotthatisme>    Finally got employment, so I'll be donating a small amount each check after necessities :-)
20:09:18 <jgedeon>    I will have to check back with my commercial accounts that are using Ubuntu
20:09:31 <jgedeon>    congrats theidiotthatisme
20:09:50 <theidiotthatisme>    jgedeon: Thankie
20:10:07 <Vorian>    where at theidiotthatisme?
20:10:07 <DM|>    Vorian i will put a collection plate at work, but doubtful i will get anything
20:10:18 <theidiotthatisme>    Ianazones :-D
20:10:22 <Vorian>    tis ok DM| :)
20:10:29 <theidiotthatisme>    My boss is a really nice lady from Japan
20:10:32 <DM|>    whats that theidiotthatisme
20:10:43 <Vorian>    I was for sure you would say Bed Bath and Beyond
20:10:49 <theidiotthatisme>    Once i get my license she's turning me into a sales person lol instead of in the kitchen. She says I'm too outgoing for the kitchen
20:10:51 <jgedeon>    LOL
20:10:56 <theidiotthatisme>    Ianazones is a pizza place
20:10:58 <Netboy541>    nice
20:11:00 <DM|>    ah
20:11:02 <Craig564>    lanazones...the doctor helped me with that once
20:11:04 <theidiotthatisme>    Bed Bath and Beyond? Too much smelly stuff
20:11:04 <Craig564>    oops...sorry
20:11:06 <lyceum>    What wold you sell?
20:11:10 <lyceum>    *would
20:11:24 <theidiotthatisme>    lyceum: Pretty much I'd go to events businesses put together
20:11:28 <DM|>    how lold are u theidiotthatisme
20:11:33 <lyceum>    cool
20:11:34 <theidiotthatisme>    18
20:11:52 <DM|>    ah k
20:11:59 <DM|>    u live near dublin ?
20:11:59 *    Vorian is applying for a really neeto job within my company :)
20:12:04 <theidiotthatisme>    lyceum: Whatever they need sold. All food related products, but also will be doing delivery. That's all once I get my license though, til then, it's in the kitchen
20:12:13 <theidiotthatisme>    DM|: Boardman
20:12:19 <theidiotthatisme>    Anyways, went WAY off topic
20:12:22 *    DM| is applying for senior associate at his company, a bit of a raise
20:12:23 <theidiotthatisme>    Time to get back to Ubuntu :-)
20:13:08 <lyceum>    theidiotthatisme's resumee had been added to the agenda :)
20:13:10 <DM|>    I hate working at the same company as my girlfriend
20:13:12 <meatballhat>    Feisty Party???
20:13:14 <meatballhat>    :D
20:13:15 <DM|>    woot
20:13:16 <DM|>    !
20:13:20 <DM|>    FEISTY !
20:13:23 <theidiotthatisme>    lyceum: Hehe O:-)
20:13:32 <DM|>    !! lots of !!
20:13:32 <ubot3>    Factoid lots of !! not found
20:13:37 <jacobmp92>    lol
20:13:40 <meatballhat>    HA!!
20:14:01 <meatballhat>    the poll dictates we're meeting in the greater Columbus area
20:14:06 <DM|>    Easton
20:14:07 <DM|>    !
20:14:11 <jacobmp92>    set date yet?
20:14:16 <DM|>    19th right
20:14:17 <lyceum>    Good place, but parking is bad
20:14:19 <Vorian>    we need a way to get a head count
20:14:25 <Netboy541>    please make it navigable via GPS
20:14:26 <Netboy541>    :P
20:14:30 <DM|>    lol slacker
20:14:31 <meatballhat>    Saturday???  Friday??  ... .which were it?
20:14:41 <DM|>    saturday night preferred
20:14:46 <DM|>    i work fri/sat
20:14:46 <lyceum>    I vote for Saturday
20:14:48 <Brady_M>    Ditto
20:14:53 <meatballhat>    +1 for Sat
20:14:54 <Vorian>    I say Saturday at BW3
20:14:54 <Brady_M>    +! SAT
20:14:58 <jacobmp92>    +1 on Sat
20:14:58 <jgedeon>    Saturday vote here too.
20:15:02 <Netboy541>    i'm out then
20:15:13 <Netboy541>    work fri,sat,sun,mon.
20:15:15 <Netboy541>    :(
20:15:23 <DM|>    ooh Bw3 is nice
20:15:27 <jgedeon>    Netboy541: you are feeling ill, very ill.
20:15:29 <lyceum>    sorry Netboy541, I am think of travel time
20:15:30 <jacobmp92>    yum... bw3
20:15:47 <DM|>    I want to start the night off with tequila shots
20:15:50 <Brady_M>    drop adress etc pls in the thread or whereever
20:15:58 <lyceum>    there is a nice Irish pub there
20:16:01 <meatballhat>    Netboy541, all others unable to make it ....   we'll be discussing the Ohio Linux Fest, too  ;-)
20:16:03 <Netboy541>    ohh lord...  dm you're trying to kill me
20:16:14 *    linuxcolumbus has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:16:19 <DM|>    Irish Clauddah pub is a nice place
20:16:20 <Netboy541>    i'm planning on taking time off work for the linuxfest
20:16:31 <DM|>    Clauddagh **
20:16:34 <lyceum>    DM, that's the one a Polaris
20:16:43 <DM|>    netboy541 me too
20:16:45 <lyceum>    and yes, it is very nice :)
20:16:46 <Vorian>    who has an idea on getting a headcount
20:16:48 <Vorian>    ?
20:16:53 <DM|>    lyceum or downtown
20:16:56 <jacobmp92>    +1's?
20:17:01 <lyceum>    +1
20:17:02 <DM|>    +1
20:17:04 <Brady_M>    +1
20:17:07 <Vorian>    that would indicate where we should meet
20:17:12 *    _MarcM_ (n=marc@cpe-71-79-16-131.cinci.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:17:13 <jgedeon>    +1 possible 2
20:17:13 <lyceum>    sorry, I am +2
20:17:16 <meatballhat>    Vorian: headcount on Wiki
20:17:17 <meatballhat>    ??
20:17:22 <jacobmp92>    meatballhat: good idea
20:17:26 <Vorian>    good idea :)
20:17:32 *    linuxcolumbus (n=linuxcol@cpe-65-24-125-200.columbus.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:17:35 <Brady_M>    yea, for those who don't show up to the meetings want to pop up
20:17:44 <Vorian>    It needs to be short
20:17:45 <linuxcolumbus>    ยบ/msg NickServ IDENTIFY YC156
20:17:54 <DM|>    lo
20:17:59 <_MarcM_>    sorry, modem died, back now
20:18:00 *    DM| hacks your account
20:18:04 <Vorian>    An
20:18:04 <Vorian>    RSVP
20:18:06 <Vorian>    linuxcolumbus, time to change your password
20:18:10 <linuxcolumbus>    stupid thing
20:18:24 <Vorian>    I've done that twice
20:18:32 <linuxcolumbus>    I testing a macbook and it killed my wireless connection.   have fun with my account.
20:18:41 <meatballhat>    Vorian: Head Count section already exists here:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/FeistyParty
20:18:42 <DM|>    lol im JK
20:18:52 <meatballhat>    everyone go lock the page!
20:18:56 <linuxcolumbus>    now I have to dig out my irc documentation
20:19:06 <Netboy541>    and what's bad is it's logged too
20:19:10 <Netboy541>    lol
20:19:30 <Vorian>    is anyone editing now?
20:19:46 <jacobmp92>    not here
20:19:59 <Vorian>    if so get rid of the forum link.
20:20:15 <Craig564>    i am lost
20:20:34 <theidiotthatisme>    Craig564: They're talking about a Fiesty release party next month ;)
20:20:57 <Vorian>    Craig564, thats not on till 10pm now :)
20:21:04 <jacobmp92>    lol
20:21:10 <meatballhat>    har har
20:21:12 <Vorian>    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/FeistyParty
20:21:13 <DM|>    So what are we planning on doing at the party
20:21:15 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: .... *sigh*
20:21:15 <Vorian>    been updated
20:21:17 <DM|>    just BSing ?
20:21:34 <jgedeon>    If we get an approimate head count we might be able to get some deals on rooms in the area.
20:21:37 <jacobmp92>    DM|: food, laptops, more food, goofing off... yeah
20:21:51 <meatballhat>    jacobmp92: don't forget the food
20:21:55 <jacobmp92>    food?!?
20:21:58 <Vorian>    wings!!!!
20:22:01 <Netboy541>    wireless!
20:22:07 <jacobmp92>    yay
20:22:10 <meatballhat>    wait ... we're forgetting tho food!
20:22:13 *    meatballhat runs
20:22:14 <Vorian>    is there a bw3 at Polaris?
20:22:27 <DM|>    i think s
20:22:28 <DM|>    so
20:22:34 <Vorian>    meatballhat reminds me of jenda just now, for some reason :)
20:22:35 <jacobmp92>    there are too many bw3's here in Delaware
20:22:52 <Vorian>    there is not one at Easton
20:23:00 <Vorian>    weird ~~~
20:23:01 <jacobmp92>    there isn't? i thought there was
20:23:01 <DM|>    there is one in dublin
20:23:02 <Craig564>    i just went to bw3
20:23:09 <jacobmp92>    google maps! yay
20:23:13 <DM|>    lol
20:23:26 <Vorian>    how bout taco bell?
20:23:35 <jacobmp92>    lol
20:23:36 <jacobmp92>    yum
20:23:41 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: The 1AM Drunk food store ;)
20:23:43 <DM|>    lol ... would be cheap on the pocket book, but no alcohol
20:23:46 <Netboy541>    if i eat any more taco bell, i will kill myself
20:23:47 <Netboy541>    :P
20:24:08 <jgedeon>    Better have plenty of bathrooms available.
20:24:16 <Vorian>    DM|, there will be a lot of minors at this party
20:24:17 <jgedeon>    with wireless.  LOL
20:24:20 <Netboy541>    nice
20:24:20 <linuxcolumbus>    there is a steak and shake
20:24:25 <DM|>    Spicy chicken crunch wrap supreme
20:24:32 <DM|>    linuxcolumbus seating would be horrible
20:24:48 <Netboy541>    ohh
20:24:51 <Netboy541>    i got an idea
20:24:56 <Netboy541>    PANERA!
20:24:58 <linuxcolumbus>    there is a taco hell at easton, across morse road near best buy
20:24:58 *    Brady_M is drooling STOP!
20:25:04 <DM|>    woot panera !
20:25:05 <jacobmp92>    yum
20:25:10 <theidiotthatisme>    Yeah, guys, I haven't eaten all day here lol
20:25:11 <lyceum>    Maybe we should get a list of places with rooms or okay with groups?
20:25:12 <jacobmp92>    DM|: panera is dry :-p
20:25:12 <DM|>    Panera DOES have a meeting room
20:25:18 <Vorian>    panara = wifi :)
20:25:23 <DM|>    + meeting room vorian
20:25:25 <jacobmp92>    bw3 has wifi too :-D
20:25:26 <linuxcolumbus>    how about game works?
20:25:31 <Vorian>    +1 for panera
20:25:33 <jacobmp92>    GW does have wifi
20:25:45 <Netboy541>    but jacobmp92, bbq sauce and my laptop's keyboard aren't sounding like a good combo
20:25:52 <DM|>    +1 for Panera or GW
20:25:53 *    MarcM_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:25:54 <jacobmp92>    Netboy541: true, :-D
20:26:02 <Netboy541>    I vote for panera
20:26:09 <jacobmp92>    wait.. GW has meeting room thats what i meant
20:26:09 <_MarcM_>    panera or GW for me too
20:26:10 <Netboy541>    we have manager meetings there frequently
20:26:12 <Netboy541>    i like it.
20:26:12 <jacobmp92>    wifi not sure
20:26:25 <DM|>    everyone for Panera +1 everyone for GW +2
20:26:31 <Netboy541>    whats GW?
20:26:34 <jacobmp92>    game works
20:26:37 <DM|>    game works
20:26:39 <theidiotthatisme>    +1
20:26:41 <Netboy541>    oh.
20:26:44 <jacobmp92>    goes GW have wifi though?
20:26:45 <DM|>    +1
20:26:46 <linuxcolumbus>    +2
20:26:47 <Vorian>    hold it 1 second!
20:26:48 <Craig564>    what's gw
20:26:56 <jacobmp92>    gw = game works
20:26:56 <DM|>    game works
20:26:58 <Netboy541>    IF gw has wifi, i'm for it.
20:26:59 <Vorian>    we need to include all team members
20:27:06 <jacobmp92>    ^^ right
20:27:08 <DM|>    true vorian, my bad
20:27:16 <theidiotthatisme>    Poll on forum?
20:27:19 <Vorian>    poll on launchpad
20:27:21 <Craig564>    is this group based in columbus?
20:27:23 <DM|>    aye and post it on wiki
20:27:26 <Brady_M>    forum
20:27:34 <Vorian>    Craig564, i'm not :)
20:27:39 <jacobmp92>    Craig564: all across ohio, although a bunch of us are near central ogio
20:27:44 <jacobmp92>    s/ogio/ohio
20:27:46 <Vorian>    its split 3 ways really
20:27:58 <Netboy541>    i'm down near cincinnati
20:27:59 <jacobmp92>    north/central/south
20:28:00 <jgedeon>    Craig564: I'm not either.  I'm all the way up here between Akron and Youngstown.
20:28:02 <linuxcolumbus>    which day are we talking about
20:28:08 <Craig564>    i'm just outside of akron
20:28:13 <Craig564>    cuyahoga falls
20:28:13 <DM|>    april 19th iinm
20:28:22 <DM|>    iinm = if im not mistaken
20:28:29 <theidiotthatisme>    Craig564: JB plays there a lot
20:28:29 <_MarcM_>    near cinci
20:28:30 <Brady_M>    IWe can hook upvia conference call on any voip setup
20:28:40 <Craig564>    who's jb
20:28:43 <jacobmp92>    should we pick a saturday though? 19th is thurs
20:28:45 <theidiotthatisme>    Jimmy Buffett
20:28:49 <theidiotthatisme>    O:-)
20:28:50 <Craig564>    at blossom
20:28:54 <DM|>    jacobmp92 aye
20:29:10 <Craig564>    they have a new restaurant in canton called "cheeseburger in paradise"
20:29:22 <Netboy541>    i've ate at the one down here
20:29:24 <DM|>    thats a pretty good place, we have one in columbus
20:29:25 <Netboy541>    freakin' awesome
20:29:28 <jacobmp92>    Craig564: there is one of those in polaris too, it is cool
20:29:34 <DM|>    live music
20:29:39 <Craig564>    i've been by polaris tons of times
20:29:39 <lyceum>    I love cheeseburgers
20:29:39 <linuxcolumbus>    I like the place outside of kent with the star wars fighter outside
20:29:50 <jgedeon>    Mikes place
20:30:21 <linuxcolumbus>    one meal is big enough for 4
20:30:40 <jgedeon>    And place mats that you have to read.
20:31:12 <DM|>    i dont thinki i need more food
20:31:13 <theidiotthatisme>    brb potty break
20:31:17 <DM|>    im trying to slim down
20:31:17 <jacobmp92>    :-p
20:31:29 <Vorian>    ok, lets do it on the forum
20:31:40 <Vorian>    I'm to tired to figure it out on launchpad
20:31:51 <jacobmp92>    LP polls are kinda weird..
20:31:58 <DM|>    got a new GF, and i want to impress her with my Muscles, that are underneath all this beauty, :)
20:32:05 <jacobmp92>    lol
20:32:13 <Brady_M>    lol
20:32:26 <linuxcolumbus>    he's in luv give him a break
20:32:26 <DM|>    lol
20:32:27 <DM|>    :)
20:32:36 <DM|>    hell yes, i think this is the one
20:32:51 <DM|>    she's smarter than me, which is awesome
20:32:57 <jacobmp92>    nice
20:32:59 <jgedeon>    Oh no he's going to let her use his keyboard.
20:33:02 <DM|>    most girls i feel like im talking to a brick wall
20:33:08 <meatballhat>    DM|: they're  ALL smarter than us  ;-)
20:33:11 <DM|>    aye.. jged, gotta clean it forst
20:33:15 <linuxcolumbus>    haha
20:33:16 <jgedeon>    LOL
20:33:18 <theidiotthatisme>    back
20:33:25 *    meatballhat prods Seekker
20:33:32 <jacobmp92>    wb theidiotthatisme, you missed DM's gf
20:33:33 <DM|>    meatballhat aye.. sadly. but most have the personality of a brick
20:33:38 *    jgedeon agrees with meatballhat for reasons that can't be said in here.
20:33:46 *    arustyspork (n=rustyspo@oh-205-240-39-176.sta.embarqhsd.net) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:33:56 <theidiotthatisme>    :-(
20:33:58 <meatballhat>    :)
20:34:02 <jacobmp92>    :-|
20:34:04 <theidiotthatisme>    I hate missing gf's
20:34:18 <DM|>    She's in the masters program for library sciences, so when she is finished, and working in a library, i can put my evil plan into action to spread Linux through libraries.
20:34:27 <Netboy541>    nice DM
20:34:34 <jacobmp92>    woot
20:34:41 <Netboy541>    excellent way to spread your evil ways
20:34:43 <lyceum>    Does she use Ubuntu?
20:35:03 <jgedeon>    Now it seems to have gotten quiet in there.
20:35:06 <jgedeon>    LOL
20:35:09 <DM|>    no , has to use windows for all her classes, she said wait to convert her till she graduates
20:35:22 <jacobmp92>    hmm
20:35:22 <DM|>    and it WILL happen
20:35:24 <lyceum>    sigh... that's what the ALL say ;)
20:35:32 <lyceum>    WINE
20:35:40 <Netboy541>    if i had a dollar for that saying
20:35:50 <Netboy541>    we'd be well over our goal for linux-fest
20:35:52 *    bordy (n=chris@153-161.127-70.tampabay.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:36:44 <jacobmp92>    where we goin in terms of a day? 21st? other sat.?
20:36:53 <DM|>    21st is good for me
20:36:56 <theidiotthatisme>    I think 21st is good
20:36:58 <lyceum>    21st works
20:37:02 <Netboy541>    21st of what?
20:37:04 <Netboy541>    i missed that part
20:37:05 <theidiotthatisme>    Cant promise I can make it but Saturdays are good
20:37:06 <theidiotthatisme>    April
20:37:06 <DM|>    april
20:37:16 <Netboy541>    bah, i'm feeling sick
20:37:19 <Netboy541>    yup.  i am.
20:37:21 <linuxcolumbus>    should be good.
20:37:32 <DM|>    theidiotthatisme i sent you an invite to last fm, and u WILL be there
20:37:45 <theidiotthatisme>    DM|: Up to bossy, not me ;)
20:37:46 <meatballhat>    April 21, 2007, at $location at $time  ??
20:38:00 <DM|>    theidiotthatisme, what is her email address... ill get u off work
20:38:08 <DM|>    id say 7pm ish
20:38:11 <jgedeon>    Time I think is going to be an issue.
20:38:14 <DM|>    location is TBD
20:38:15 <Brady_M>    DM|: You got allergies... you do now. :)
20:38:16 <jacobmp92>    +1 7pm or 6pm
20:38:30 <DM|>    Brady_M  lol
20:38:33 <lyceum>    7 or 6 sounds good
20:38:35 <Netboy541>    oooh
20:38:38 <Netboy541>    then i can make it
20:38:42 <Netboy541>    i get off work at 8
20:38:43 <jgedeon>    If you have minors that aren't coming with parents and aren't from the Columbus area you have to give them time to get back don't you?
20:38:43 <jacobmp92>    :)
20:38:44 <DM|>    Brady_M my work is cool with it, i dont work that night nor sun/mon after
20:38:45 <Netboy541>    i can split early
20:38:46 <Brady_M>    +1 ^PM sooner the better trip back
20:39:05 <DM|>    whoa, well i work till 3:30pm sat
20:39:45 <bordy>    You guys should have the meeting in Florida, so I can come.
20:39:50 <DM|>    lol
20:39:51 <jacobmp92>    lol
20:39:51 <Vorian>    hey everyone!
20:39:54 <Vorian>    guess what?
20:39:56 <jacobmp92>    ?
20:39:59 <DM|>    buy us tickeys bordy.. and im there
20:40:01 <Vorian>    http://vorian.org/wp-content/uploads/2007/03/100_0250.JPG
20:40:04 <bordy>    florida > Ohio?
20:40:05 <DM|>    Vorian chickenbutt?
20:40:20 <DM|>    bordy judging by that last game, aye...
20:40:28 <jacobmp92>    !
20:40:29 <linuxcolumbus>    cool
20:40:31 <Netboy541>    HOLY COW
20:40:36 <bordy>    hey I was pullin for the buckeyes for the first time in my life, DMJ. (I am from Michigan)
20:40:38 <lyceum>    !!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:40:44 <jgedeon>    No edubuntu's?
20:40:49 <DM|>    omg vorian !
20:40:53 <bordy>    Vorian: How long did those take? I ordered prolly 10 of each flavor, which is the most I saw I could order at once
20:40:57 <jacobmp92>    massive CD loads
20:41:00 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: May I have a box? O:-)
20:41:07 <Vorian>    jgedeon, yes, i have edubuntu cd's
20:41:16 <jgedeon>    Ok KEWL!
20:41:19 <DM|>    jgedeon there are edus in tehre
20:41:27 <Netboy541>    dang
20:41:35 <jacobmp92>    those from LoCo shipit?
20:41:39 <DM|>    dang vorian howd u get them to send u that many
20:41:42 <Netboy541>    be passing those around like coasters!
20:41:53 <jgedeon>    I just seen that they labeled the Kubuntu's differently.
20:41:59 <DM|>    Vorian u need to bring those with you at the party
20:47:46 <DM|>    Panera is closing soon ack
20:47:46 <Vorian>    lets hammer this CD business out on the mailing list.
20:47:53 <DM|>    kk will do vorian
20:47:56 <meatballhat>    linuxcolumbus: but you got the smoke, right? ....
20:47:57 <Craig564>    i plugged a wc fields radio shack battery tester right into the wall when i was a kid
20:47:58 <Vorian>    and translate to the wiki
20:48:00 <Craig564>    don't ever do that
20:48:07 <meatballhat>    Vorian: w00t for Mailing List  :D
20:48:11 <Vorian>    :)
20:48:16 <Vorian>    I'll kick it off
20:48:22 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: Sounds great
20:48:24 <bordy>    vorian: before I forget, I got Crane started last night with wiki and launchpad
20:48:25 <Netboy541>    voiran --  is this regarding the cd case thing?
20:48:31 <Vorian>    Netboy541, yep
20:48:44 <theidiotthatisme>    Netboy541: I think he means the CD's from ShipIt
20:48:44 <Netboy541>    oh, then i prolly should get on the message list eh?
20:48:51 <Craig564>    can i help someone with the documentation brochure thing
20:49:02 <Vorian>    I want to be fair, make sure people get what they *need* and that we have some for our library project.
20:49:02 <Netboy541>    i said i'd help print off stuff
20:49:15 <Netboy541>    but i am not 100% clear on what it is
20:49:28 <theidiotthatisme>    Everyone should be on the mailing list
20:49:37 <theidiotthatisme>    We hold a lot of discussions on there, especially relating to sub-teams ;)
20:49:43 <jacobmp92>    keyword, /should/
20:49:50 <Netboy541>    mkay
20:49:54 <theidiotthatisme>    Craig564: We'd be glad to have your help on the brochure
20:50:00 <meatballhat>    Craig564: about the brochure!  yes!!
20:50:10 <theidiotthatisme>    Talk to meatballhat about it, ;)
20:50:12 <Craig564>    just let me know what you need me to do
20:50:25 <Brady_M>    shoot linkies
20:50:34 <Netboy541>    so which one is the one with the dvd cases?
20:50:41 <Netboy541>    the library gig?
20:50:52 *    DM| is offtopic - TURIN BRAKES IS AN AWESOME BAND
20:51:04 <meatballhat>    Netboy541: correct, sir  :D
20:51:09 <DM|>    that would be cool
20:51:10 <Netboy541>    cause to make the carboard ones, that's gonna cost an arm and a leg unless it's a big production
20:51:13 <Netboy541>    ok.
20:51:14 <Netboy541>    so,
20:51:21 <Netboy541>    order bizillions of cds from AOL
20:51:25 <meatballhat>    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/CDdistribution
20:51:26 <Netboy541>    we take their cases
20:51:26 <DM|>    Netboy541 lol
20:51:30 <Netboy541>    and recycle them. :P
20:51:34 <meatballhat>    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/CDdistribution/Workbench
20:51:44 <meatballhat>    http://ohionet.org/
20:51:46 <jgedeon>    "What AOL should have sent you!"
20:51:47 <DM|>    theidiotthatisme OLF?
20:51:52 <meatballhat>    http://oplin.org/
20:52:03 *    meatballhat runs out of linkies
20:52:08 <Netboy541>    DVD cases are like 20 bucks for 100 off ebay
20:52:18 <Netboy541>    i'm sure i can find them cheaper, but i didn't look all that hard
20:52:34 <theidiotthatisme>    DM|: Ohio Linux Fest
20:52:54 <meatballhat>    Netboy541: anyone who wants to get DVD cases, go for it --- I'll be getting a run of between 250-500 covers and booklets printed
20:52:55 <DM|>    theidiotthatisme ah, i offered to bring music, not guarnteed that they will let us play it
20:53:11 <meatballhat>    ...and I only have 30 red cases for starters
20:53:37 <theidiotthatisme>    meatballhat: I'll keep an eye out
20:53:45 <meatballhat>    theidiotthatisme: schweet
20:53:49 <Netboy541>    i'll see what i can find too
20:54:32 <Craig564>    brb
20:54:45 <Netboy541>    meatballhat, are these paper inserts you're having printed?
20:54:57 <DM|>    i found 100 for 23 bucks
20:54:59 <meatballhat>    paper, yup
20:55:07 <DM|>    http://www.shop4tech.com/item1853.html DVD cases
20:55:16 <meatballhat>    the cases must have a plastic outer sleeve
20:55:21 <Netboy541>    yeah
20:55:27 <Netboy541>    like your regular DVD cases
20:55:34 <meatballhat>    precisely
20:55:34 <Netboy541>    with the clear overlay?
20:55:35 <meatballhat>    :D
20:55:37 <meatballhat>    yup
20:55:45 <Netboy541>    gotcha... same thing i was thinking
20:55:52 <DM|>    ah
20:56:05 *    bordy (n=chris@153-161.127-70.tampabay.res.rr.com) has left #ubuntu-ohio ("Konversation terminated!")
20:56:21 *    meatballhat and theidiotthatisme also have lightscribe drives ... for Xubuntu, PPC builds, etc
20:56:25 <DM|>    with clear plastic sleaves http://www.discmakers.com/shop/ItemDetails.aspx?ItemID=DVD020-00001
20:56:31 <DM|>    sleeves
20:56:34 <theidiotthatisme>    Correct
20:56:41 <theidiotthatisme>    I have an external lightscribe drive in fact lol
20:56:57 <Netboy541>    dang
20:57:03 <Netboy541>    i don't make enough a year for that
20:57:05 <Netboy541>    lol
20:57:13 <theidiotthatisme>    Netboy541: It was 120
20:57:29 <DM|>    eek
20:57:41 <DM|>    i have... nothing :P
20:57:44 <Netboy541>    dang
20:57:47 <Netboy541>    you stole that
20:57:50 <theidiotthatisme>    I got it back when still in college and working though lol
20:57:55 <jgedeon>    The Shop4Tech prices are nice.
20:58:03 <DM|>    thought u were 18 theiditothatisme
20:58:08 <Brady_M>    Uhm I can get lightscribes now for 39 bucks prices on stuffs keepss dropping not allot of computers sold this year. marketsoverloaded. companies are trying to dump it off
20:58:33 <theidiotthatisme>    DM|: I am 18
20:58:38 <Netboy541>    well jeeze
20:58:42 <theidiotthatisme>    That was end of last semester
20:58:45 <Netboy541>    maybe i should get in on the bandwagon
20:58:47 <DM|>    theidiotthatisme college at 18 ? man i wish i coulda dont that
20:59:00 <lyceum>    Brady_M: yeah, i got mine for $30 and it burns dual layer DVDs
20:59:25 <theidiotthatisme>    DM|: I went to college right after HS, but left at the end of the first semester. Going to a different one in Fall, I'll be 19
20:59:29 <Craig564>    back
20:59:48 <theidiotthatisme>    WB Craig564
20:59:56 <Craig564>    thanks
20:59:57 <lyceum>    nice chatting with all of you, gotta run
21:00:00 *    lyceum (n=david@adsl-68-77-176-43.dsl.wotnoh.ameritech.net) has left #ubuntu-ohio
21:00:44 <linuxcolumbus>    same here, have fun   (gosh ya'll are young I'm 40).
21:00:54 <Vorian>    so anything else?
21:00:58 <meatballhat>    linuxcolumbus: we're all over the map  :)
21:01:09 <jgedeon>    linuxcolumbus: don't feel bad there are other in the same boat as you.  LOL
21:01:12 <Brady_M>    I'm 32 the 22nd
21:01:12 <Vorian>    <----- 63
21:01:18 <meatballhat>    Vorian: I like compoooters .... anyone else here like compoooters?
21:01:21 <Craig564>    40 here
21:01:21 <DM|>    Vorian u really are 63?
21:01:32 *    Crane (n=jason@24-196-4-216.dhcp.leds.al.charter.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
21:02:04 <Vorian>    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StephenStalcup
21:02:05 <Vorian>    no
21:02:05 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: We got more info from Shafetech
21:02:08 <jgedeon>    <-- old enough to know better and young enough to still try and get away with it
21:02:10 <Brady_M>    Vorian: was going to say, dude.. you age well LOL
21:02:38 *    linuxcolumbus has quit ("all")
21:03:05 <DM|>    <-- 21 years old
21:03:06 <Netboy541>    26
21:03:44 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: We're getting three computers for OLF
21:03:45 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: Lent by Shafetech
21:03:51 <Netboy541>    hey i'm coming to linuxfest
21:03:55 <Netboy541>    i am bringing my laptops
21:04:01 <Netboy541>    all running kubuntu
21:04:07 <Netboy541>    and i can provide a desktop for use
21:04:14 <Vorian>    kewl theidiotthatisme :)
21:04:18 <theidiotthatisme>    Netboy541: Add it to the Wiki
21:04:24 <meatballhat>    our booth is going to be overflowing with compooters  :P
21:04:32 <Netboy541>    <coughs>  i dunno how to do that meatballhat
21:04:33 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: One desktop and two laptops. One laptop is not yet released ;)
21:04:33 <Netboy541>    :)
21:04:34 <Vorian>    I'll see if carl will raise that :)
21:04:36 <Brady_M>    I could bring a system built wityh a bit of flare.. blue LED's Dualie Monitors.. tell me.
21:04:42 <jgedeon>    Fine I'll just bring my good looks then!
21:04:53 <theidiotthatisme>    Netboy541: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/OLF#preview
21:04:54 <DM|>    i will bring my laptop for personal use :)
21:04:57 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: Carl?
21:05:02 <Vorian>    s76
21:05:13 <theidiotthatisme>    Sweet! I tried contacting them with no success
21:05:13 <DM|>    gotta go guys, they are closing panerea
21:05:20 <Netboy541>    my toshiba is mine... no one touches it unless they are fixing something tho! :)
21:05:29 <Netboy541>    evo's i'm not so worried with
21:05:30 <theidiotthatisme>    Shafetech jumped at the chance
21:05:33 <DM|>    Later guys !
21:05:38 <Netboy541>    later dm
21:05:38 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: I will forward you the last email from Shafetech
21:05:43 <theidiotthatisme>    Bye DM|
21:05:44 <Vorian>    theidiotthatisme, I have a line :)
21:06:00 <Netboy541>    vorian, the company i own buys computers by the skid
21:06:08 <Netboy541>    coming up with PCs shouldn't be an issue. :)
21:06:10 *    meatballhat is still planning to bring a 4MB stick of memory and a watch battery
21:06:16 <jgedeon>    L8rs DM|
21:06:26 <Craig564>    gotta run...cya everyone
21:06:28 <Vorian>    Netboy541, are you hiring?
21:06:30 *    DM| has quit ("I LIKE TOAST *poof* *puff of smoke*")
21:06:34 <meatballhat>    goodnight, Craig564!
21:06:35 <Vorian>    :)
21:06:39 <Netboy541>    we are internet based. :)
21:06:47 <theidiotthatisme>    Goodnight Craig564!
21:06:50 *    Craig564 (n=craig@adsl-70-228-107-244.dsl.akrnoh.ameritech.net) has left #ubuntu-ohio
21:06:51 <Netboy541>    no store or anything just yet
21:07:01 <Vorian>    well!
21:07:05 <Netboy541>    but, that can change with enough help
21:07:09 <Vorian>    I'm your man for store operations!
21:07:14 <Netboy541>    sweeeeeeeeeet
21:07:29 <Netboy541>    we're working on raising more capitor
21:07:30 <Netboy541>    l
21:07:35 <meatballhat>    Vorian == Tractor King
21:07:36 <Netboy541>    and making room for storage
21:07:45 <Netboy541>    once we got those issues hammered out, it's on
21:07:48 <jgedeon>    LOL @ meatballhat
21:07:50 <Netboy541>    buy buy buy
21:07:51 <Vorian>    meatballhat, I have some pick you have to see
21:07:53 <Netboy541>    sell sell sell
21:08:05 <Vorian>    I have 150 Cub Cadets right now :)
21:08:05 <meatballhat>    Netboy541: I'm raising capitor in my clone bath
21:08:08 <Brady_M>    Just a small mom & pop shop in a little town :(
21:08:21 <meatballhat>    Brady_M's shop is the bee's knees!!!
21:08:54 <Netboy541>    i need help with getting money such as grants
21:08:54 <Vorian>    meatballhat, did jenda get with you on posters today?
21:09:15 <meatballhat>    Vorian: I received 10 from him by mail ...
21:09:25 <Vorian>    hehe
21:09:26 <meatballhat>    I'm meeting with a local printer tomorrow
21:09:27 <Brady_M>    Yea1 I'm still wanting to put a poster in the store window
21:09:29 <Netboy541>    we should get some of those powered by ubuntu stickers
21:09:37 <Netboy541>    and maybe get some kubuntu stickers made too
21:09:46 <Vorian>    meatballhat, Brady_M is needing a poster
21:09:46 <meatballhat>    we'll be getting more printed here in Bedford that I can distribute in Ohio
21:09:47 *    Crane is now known as Crane_
21:09:51 <Netboy541>    that way when you rip off the windoze stickers, they don't look so bad
21:09:58 <Vorian>    lol Netboy541
21:10:18 <meatballhat>    Netboy541: stickers, too, of course ... I want to make it worth the printer's while
21:10:20 <Netboy541>    whenever we get some kubuntu stickers run, i want to know about that! :)
21:10:28 <Vorian>    pfft!
21:10:30 <Brady_M>    People are coming in the store now saying they downloaded it and need help. ... seriously.. I have Ubunizing an entire town
21:10:49 <theidiotthatisme>    Brady_M: Good for business ;)
21:10:53 <Netboy541>    oh
21:10:55 *    Crane_ is now known as Crane
21:10:55 <Netboy541>    BTW --
21:10:57 <meatballhat>    Brady_M: go!  dominate!!
21:11:07 <Netboy541>    G4L is the greatest tool ever to have in your cd book
21:11:11 <Netboy541>    ghost for linux
21:11:20 <Netboy541>    if you don't have it, GET IT.  you'll thank me later
21:11:38 <Brady_M>    Yea, had a couple come in and they installed it and wanted me to help confirgure a few things. They heard about it from one of my donations
21:12:02 <Netboy541>    I wonder if
21:12:04 <meatballhat>    Brady_M: that is ****awesome****
21:12:15 <Netboy541>    I can spread the ubuntu-way here in butler county
21:12:16 <Netboy541>    hmmm
21:12:23 *    meatballhat prods Seekker via the logbot
21:12:56 <meatballhat>    FreeGeek Akron in 2008!!
21:13:31 <Brady_M>    Netboy541: You can signup for an affiliate program. You just need to have installed it enough times etc and eventually what will happen is you can plug their logos etc on your site etc
21:13:44 <Brady_M>    no cost for affilate program.
21:13:50 <meatballhat>    alright, y'alls ... I'm out .... /me need shower
21:13:55 <meatballhat>    Brady_M: noted ;-)
21:13:59 <meatballhat>    thank you :)
21:14:03 <Vorian>    later meatballhat
21:14:04 <jgedeon>    meatballhat: you stink!  LOL
21:14:08 <jgedeon>    L8rs meatballhat
21:14:13 <theidiotthatisme>    Bye meatballhat!
21:14:15 <Netboy541>    hm...
21:14:17 <theidiotthatisme>    I'll keep you updated
21:14:19 <theidiotthatisme>    On Shafetech
21:14:19 <meatballhat>    jgedeon: you don't know the half of it  :)
21:14:26 <meatballhat>    laters!!
21:14:31 *    meatballhat (n=dbuch@ubuntu/member/meatballhat) has left #ubuntu-ohio ("I'll be late for that")
21:15:00 <Brady_M>    Netboy541: http://www.ubuntu.com/partner
21:15:08 <Netboy541>    sweet
21:15:27 <Netboy541>    how about that
21:15:30 <Netboy541>    a 404!
21:15:34 <Brady_M>    uhg.
21:15:40 <Brady_M>    one sec
21:16:08 <Brady_M>    Netboy541: http://www.ubuntu.com/partners
21:17:00 <Brady_M>    affiliates free, just meet the criteria
21:17:33 <theidiotthatisme>    :-)
21:17:36 <theidiotthatisme>    Sweetness
21:17:41 <Netboy541>    oooh
21:18:04 <Netboy541>    well
21:18:06 <theidiotthatisme>    Alrighty
21:18:07 <Brady_M>    Still awaiting a responce though... been 30 days
21:18:12 <theidiotthatisme>    Just wanted to make one last note before heading off
21:18:18 <Netboy541>    sounds to me like i need to get goin on getting some captiol and stuff
21:18:53 <Vorian>    theidiotthatisme, what is it then?  :)
21:18:55 <Netboy541>    whats up  theidiotthatisme
21:19:52 <theidiotthatisme>    IF YOU'D LIKE TO attend OLF or bring some stuff (like computers, etc.) please add it to the Wiki
21:19:58 <theidiotthatisme>    oopsie sorry for the caps lol
21:20:15 <Netboy541>    i'm deaf
21:20:16 <Netboy541>    lol
21:20:23 <theidiotthatisme>    It will help for planning and provides a central place for knowing what we're bringing
21:20:32 <Netboy541>    ok, i have never ever modified a wiki
21:20:39 <Netboy541>    <now i feel dumb>
21:20:52 <Netboy541>    so, if one of you feels so inclined
21:20:58 <Netboy541>    i will bring my two laptops
21:21:04 <theidiotthatisme>    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/OLF Wiki page
21:21:09 <Brady_M>    Netboy541: took me roughly 20 min to figure it out. the details on commands are listed below once you hit edit
21:21:17 <theidiotthatisme>    Netboy541: Help on editing https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/OLF
21:21:19 <Netboy541>    ok
21:21:20 <theidiotthatisme>    oopsie
21:21:35 <theidiotthatisme>    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpOnFormatting
21:21:36 <theidiotthatisme>    There
21:21:37 <theidiotthatisme>    lol
21:21:58 <theidiotthatisme>    If you've ever used HTML it's similar... kinda... lol but more simple.
21:22:22 <Netboy541>    ok trying now
21:22:42 <theidiotthatisme>    Netboy541: It's actually very simple to learn and get used to. Dont worry about errors, we'll fix them ;) A lot of our work and planning is done via Wiki

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