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<meatballhat> ============ START MEETING ============
<vorian_> so its the last "informal" meeting of the month
<DM|> noice
<vorian_> last week's meet was largely unproductive, but that it's still okay
<rhys> order of business?
<hackle578> i am eating some teddy grahams, and it appears that I just devoured a pair of conjoined twins
<PWill> agenda:
<PWill> *
<PWill> Ohio Linux Fest planning update - corporate partnerships gained, etc.
<PWill> *
<PWill> CD Distribution project update - printing in 1- and 2-color == biggest bang for buck
<PWill> *
<meatballhat> tonight's proposed agenda is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/Meetings
<PWill> F2F: Face To Face Support - Progress report
<PWill> *
<PWill> Feisty Release Party - Location & time
<PWill> beat ya meatballhat
<meatballhat> hehe ... as we all jump at once :P
<vorian_> I know that dan and anthony have a few things to cover as well
* meatballhat looks around for Anthony ... hmmmmm...
<DM|> My name is dan too, so ....
* PWill doesn't know who anthony is
<meatballhat> DM|: ahoy fellow Dan
<meatballhat> Anthony Hall == theidiotthatisme
<DM|> meatballhat Dan's rule the universe, secretly
<PWill> oh
<DM|> plus we cant spell !
<PWill> i've noticed...
<PWill> :-P
<meatballhat> heehee ... yes, so there just a bit of "reporting" to be done
<meatballhat> theidiotthatisme has some things to report about the OLF
<meatballhat> OLF == Ohio Linux Fest
<DM|> i'm listening *hand on chin*
<meatballhat> jacobmp92 also has some stuff to say 'bout the Face to Face (F2F) callback system
<PWill> well
<meatballhat> we should revisit the Feisty Party
<PWill> on to the feisty party
<PWill> ok
<meatballhat> PWill: let's go
<PWill> OK
<vorian_> so the party is in Easton
<vorian_> Panera's
<PWill> so it has been decided that the party will be at Panera bread in Easton
<hackle578> woot for panera bread
<vorian_> anyone have a strong feeling against that?
<meatballhat> what their hours looking like?
<rhys> ooo Im up for that
<DM|> WOOT im up for it, i love panera
<meatballhat> bread is my jom
<PWill> Well, the party will probably be on a saturday, am I right, vorian_
<vorian_> werd PWill thats right!
<vorian_> whoa sabdf1!
<vorian_> oh,
<meatballhat> sabdf1: who are you, reeeeally?
<PWill> lol
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o vorian_
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o vorian_
<vorian_> grrr
<meatballhat> heehee
<PWill> what?
<rhys> ?
<hackle578> i think the last character in his name was a 1 (one) not L
<PWill> yeah
<DM|> who?
<vorian_> !gateway
<ubot3> Factoid gateway not found
<DM|> me?
<meatballhat> okay, so we've got a location ... we got a time?
<hackle578> DM| no
<PWill> well
<PWill> no
<vorian_> !gateway-#ubuntu
<ubot3> Factoid gateway-#ubuntu not found
<vorian_> !proxy
<ubot3> The #ubuntu channel and related channels ban users joining from anonymous gateways like tor/silenceisdefeat/cgi:irc because the abuse:useful ratio is close to infinity:nothing -- project cloaks will let you join, otherwise you should simply not use an anonymizer.
<ubot3> Attention tor users. You may think you are anonymous, but you are not. Please visit http://tor.unixgu.ru/ and see for yourself. Please evaluate your need to use tor here on irc. If you wish anonymity, Freenode offers cloaks of many different types. http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks
<vorian_> thats it
<meatballhat> PWill: you got the FeistyParty page locked?
<meatballhat> :D
<PWill> don't think so...
<meatballhat> there we go ;-)
<vorian_> !tor > PWill
<vorian_> ok folks
<PWill> we don't have a time yet for the party
<rhys> so wait. your banning Tor users on principle alone?
<meatballhat> anybody happen to know Panera's hours?
<vorian_> did everyone sign up for the party?
<rhys> where do we sign up?
<vorian_> -9 or 10pm
<PWill> rhys: not banning
<rhys> and is this the saturday after the 19th ?
<vorian_> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/FeistyParty
<DM|_> oy , stupid network
<vorian_> right rhys the 20th
<meatballhat> wait!! the 21st!!
<PWill> 21
<meatballhat> :D
<vorian_> darn it meatballhat!
<Brady_M> rhys: I already included you as coming :) plan on carpool
<vorian_> I keep doing that!
<DM|_> Brady_M come pick me up, im lazy
<PWill> Panera: Hours: Friday - Saturday
<PWill> 7:30 AM - 10 PM
<rhys> 19th is thursday. Brady_M ye ol' bastarde'. is this the reason you were closed.
<DM|_> Brady_M u were closed?
<Brady_M> i got a 1,300.00 website page to complete by tonight or no 1,300.. anywho.. on the meeting schtuff.
<meatballhat> sheesh ... there are dozens of Panera's ... which address it be?
<DM|_> Brady_M man i want to get that kinda contract
<rhys> ah. much more sense for denying me' poor yokel your nimble internet.
<DM|_> Brady_M i gotta learn how to do that stuff.....
<PWill> so i figure if we meet for like dinner at 6 at panera, we can chill there for 2 or 3 hours, and then walk around easton for another few
<rhys> DM|_, dont or you will dispise IE.
<DM|_> I already do
<DM|_> but it would make me money
<rhys> PWill, when would the install party happen then?
* Brady_M Focus..
<PWill> ask vorian
<rhys> if it closes at ~10
<PWill> that might be another time
<PWill> install party is his think
<PWill> thing
<PWill> vorian_: boo!
<rhys> then for what is this time for? if not to install Feisty?
<DM|_> for BSing
<PWill> hang out with ubuntuohio frineds
<DM|_> and face to face meeting
<meatballhat> rhys: time is just for meeting
<PWill> friends*
<hackle578> celebration!
<meatballhat> yup
<vorian_> no install party
<rhys> oh.... then the install party isnt what were discussing...at all.
<vorian_> just a release party (with an option to install)
<vorian_> right
* vorian_ is trying to find a closing time
<rhys> vorian_, general rule of thumb, "when they kick us out" works well.
<PWill> lol
<DM|_> aye 10 on sat. IINM
<DM|_> and even then they usually hang out till 10:20
<PWill> vorian_: closing time for what
<DM|_> ( i go to panera alot)
<vorian_> panera's
<vorian_> and then to Platinum we go....
<rhys> normally extra cash + a round for the staff ( though paneras is non alcoholic i think) works pretty well to keep it the "when they kick us out" time pushed pass 12.
<rhys> remove it*
<DM|_> all the staff at panera are usually under 18
<DM|_> cept the manager
<DM|_> which is usually some old hag,
<rhys> this is just in general.
<vorian_> !ohmy | DM|_
<ubot3> DM|_: Please watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.
<vorian_> and respectful
<DM|_> :X
<rhys> DM|_, we like to refer to them as ye ol' wenches where im from. :)
<meatballhat> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/FeistyParty updated
<linuxcolumbus> I prefer just people...
<DM|_> i get !ohmy 'd alot
<hackle578> lol
<vorian_> lets everyone be respectful, ok?
<meatballhat> okay peeps
<meatballhat> let's move on
* skippy disrespects vorian
<vorian_> meatballhat, what on your mind?
<vorian_> :(
<meatballhat> I've got some stuff to report about the CDs - to - libraries project
*** vorian_ is now known as Vorian
<meatballhat> about getting the stuff printed
<Vorian> yay
<Vorian> lets hear it then!
<meatballhat> I'm leaning toward going with 1- or 2- color to get the most bang for the buck
<Vorian> like black/white?
<Vorian> :)
<meatballhat> cover will be red + black ink on white ... insert black on white
<Vorian> meatballhat, red and blue
<meatballhat> or that'll work
<meatballhat> what do y'all think?
<Brady_M> +1
<DM|_> Do you all have a preemptive design?
<meatballhat> DM|_: think "institutional"
<meatballhat> ;-)
<Vorian> red/blue on white :))
<meatballhat> I'll slap together a proof given everyone's feedback ...
<meatballhat> I was thinking *mostly* red with the white 'ubuntu' strap -- text in black
<meatballhat> ...or blue, per Vorian's suggestion
<meatballhat> very simple, very bold
<Vorian> kewl
<meatballhat> booklet == CONTENT
<meatballhat> Brady_M: eh?
<meatballhat> alright, so .... 1- and 2-color printing is okay? :D
<Brady_M> meatballhat: has anyone else piched in on a section?
<meatballhat> Brady_M: I think Seekker was gathering some stuff ...
<meatballhat> skippy: you too?
<skippy> mmm?
<DM|_> what font is "ubuntu" usually in
<meatballhat> skippy: 'bout education stuff
<meatballhat> DM|_: it's "ubuntu title"
<DM|_> aye
<skippy> meatballhat, I'm working on the outline of an introductory Ubuntu class for FreeGeek Columbus. I'm happy to collaborate / share. I don't have anything set in stone yet.
<meatballhat> skippy + Brady_M = success
<Brady_M> It only takes 30 min of anyone's time to just go to the referring sections, and pretty much make a cut n' paste of specific information you think someone would has as a initial question. it's a cake task.
<PWill> sudo apt-get install ttf-ubuntu-title for the ubuntu font
<rhys> cutting cake can be pretty hard at times. and brady, chances are I will be in columbus already, so if i do show up I will be driving myself. I may drag Raquel along as well.
<Brady_M> rhys: ok, np
<DM|_> Pwill thanks, im playing with making us a logo so to speak, maybe something we can put on the CDs or something
<meatballhat> DM|_ and anyone else who wants to help with Marketing efforts:
<meatballhat> please do not devote energy to $custom anything if you can help it
<PWill> DM|_: email me stuff as you go along. i'm a self-proclaimed gimp-master: paul@smoothweb.net
<meatballhat> everything we produce should be well within Ubuntu branding guidelines
<meatballhat> we should not allow ourselves to get wrapped up in navel-gazing ;-)
<PWill> we have a logo i made last year that can maybe be worked onto your CD logo
<Brady_M> meatballhat: Think Netboy mentioned wanting to do some stuff as well
<PWill> DM|_: http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/files/ulogo.png
<meatballhat> let's all suppress our inner tweaker when it comes to the Marketing stuff. eh? stick with the main brand and only devote energy to producing material that can be used by the **entire** Ubuntu Community
<meatballhat> :D
<meatballhat> Everyone is still free to make their Desktop as tweaked and personalized as they please
<meatballhat> B-)
<PWill> well we can always make stuff like that and throw an ohio flag on it
<meatballhat> PWill: precisely
<PWill> and give the non-ohio one back to the community
<meatballhat> so long as the emphasis is on the base product ... and the Ohio-ization is more of an afterthought
<dlr_pe> That might be a reason to go with the red and black - so it doesn't look like the flag
<rhys> speaking of which, isnt it illegal to fly the Ohio state flag as high as thee american flag?
<PWill> yeah
<PWill> dumb flag code
<meatballhat> !offtopic | rhys
<ubot3> rhys: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!
<meatballhat> :P
<PWill> lol
<meatballhat> alright, now that I've pissed everyone off (again) ....
<linuxcolumbus> there is probably not a day that goes by were we all don't break on stupid law or another.
<rhys> i dispise that so much. :\
<rhys> those bots should be removed.
<meatballhat> no jacobmp92 and theidiotthatisme to be found ...
<Brady_M> OK so what's left in sections to cover as content right now that isn't being handled by another at this moment?
<PWill> so
* meatballhat checks
<PWill> nothing
<PWill> i guess netiquette
<meatballhat> PWill: just a sec ... :)
<meatballhat> for the CD booklet:
<meatballhat> What is Ubuntu? - pull from http://doc.ubuntu.com
<meatballhat> is anyone willing to pick out some choice bits?
<meatballhat> then ...
<rhys> ....why does it need to be ohioized?
<meatballhat> Why is Ubuntu important? - touch on FOSS philosophy, Linux background
<meatballhat> rhys: it don't ;-)
<DM|_> Pwill nice logo
<PWill> thanks DM|_
<meatballhat> can some of the Linux vets weigh in on this point??
* meatballhat is a n00b in that regard
<skippy> why is Ubuntu important, or why is Linux important?
<DM|_> Pwill Put that as my forum sig at Notebookreview.com
<meatballhat> skippy: both, but this is for an Ubuntu booklet, so .... :)
<rhys> wait. who is your target audience here? You look for a linux vet, no. you dont want that.
<PWill> sweet
*** DM|_ is now known as Delvien
<rhys> average joe -does- -not- -care- about FOSS
<Delvien> The average joe will care thats its free of charge, and has no DRM
<PWill> average joe cares about F
<skippy> rhys, an average joe can very easily appreciate the benefits of FOSS though
<linuxcolumbus> the average joe has also had a bad experience with windows
<PWill> haha
*** Delvien is now known as DM|
<rhys> the normal philisophy is too much hippy communist mumbo.
<rhys> linuxcolumbus, thats what you want to key into
<skippy> hooray for stereotypes!
<DM|> rhys look at stallman, hes as hippy as they come lol
<meatballhat> this is what I was hoping for :D .... all y'all feisty FOSS-lovers go attack the Wiki!
<PWill> haha
<DM|> brilliant man, just a big hippy is all
<rhys> a group of people who found the corporate offerings to be lacking, so they made their own in the sense of community
<dlr_pe> but first they need a place to start
<skippy> Q. Why do we use GNU/Linux?
<skippy> A. Price, flexibility, security
<skippy> * Price: free!
<skippy> * Flexibility: very, very configurable. Works for you, not the other way
<skippy> * Security: extremely virus resistant; very little spyware
<DM|> i tell them : ubuntu.com :)
<dlr_pe> _then_ show them FOSS and how to get moe
<dlr_pe> *more
<rhys> DM|, stallman is EXACTLY what the average joe doesnt need to see
<linuxcolumbus> I'd skip esr too
<DM|> skippy its safe to say that spyware isnt an issue
<PWill> Average joe cares about having software that is either free or cheap, having software that "just works"
<DM|> rhys i agree :)
<Brady_M> OK, so let's put this info into a document and help out then.
<meatballhat> Brady_M: +1 yaaay!
<skippy> In order to understand the historical importance of FOSS within the larger commercial world, it helps to understand who Stallman is.
<rhys> PWill, 50% of averages users cant define the word "software"
<skippy> And, to be honest, without folks like Stallman pushing at the fringes, we'd have a much harder time here in the comfortable middle.
<rhys> or operating system for that matter.
<DM|> skippy the grand-dad of the free software movement ! ,
<meatballhat> hello dstanek !
<DM|> ?
<meatballhat> everyone! we have a guest!
<Brady_M> OK, common. debate later. meatballl is asking for help on this peeps. You think your up for it, hten take some time and write it up and post it on the wiki. All great ideas here.
<PWill> we have 2!
<meatballhat> goatdad13: hallo!
<goatdad13> evening
<goatdad13> sorry I'm late
<DM|> !hi | goatdad13
<ubot3> goatdad13: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu-ohio!
<rhys> damn bot.
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o vorian
*** vorian sets mode: +b %*!*@unaffiliated/nalioth/bot/ubot3
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o vorian
<dstanek> hello meatballhat
<meatballhat> goatdad13: no worries :) ... Brady_M is heading the charge to write content for the CD project
<meatballhat> dstanek: so you're from the Cleveland Area Python Interest group, right? ;-)
<DM|> Vorian ?
<PWill> !ohmy | rhys
<PWill> crap
<skippy> you do realize, rhys, that the bot is only responding to input from people? If folks wouldn't use "!hi | someone" the bot would be silent.
<rhys> skippy, of course. that the bot is there for people to use.
<meatballhat> vorian: you still around?
<vorian> skippy, or if someone mutes the bot.
<vorian> aye meatballhat
<skippy> hooray for /ignore, rhys
<dstanek> meatballhat: nice lead it :-)
<dstanek> s/it/in
<DM|> Vorian banned the bot :)
<meatballhat> there he be ... okay, so Brady_M ... got any more requests for the booklet?
<vorian> just sitting back and reading along meatballhat :)
<vorian> DM|, I muted the bot lik i am going to mute you :P
<meatballhat> dstanek: yes yes! Ubuntu and Python are buddy-buddy, after all ;-)
<vorian> like*
<dstanek> it's great that there is such a big ubuntu crowd nearby!
* DM| doesnt think thats funny
<DM|> welcome dstanek :)
<meatballhat> dstanek: a bunch of us are in NE Ohio, with many others in the Columbus and Cinci areas
<dstanek> DM|: thank you
<Brady_M> meatballhat: on the back of the book, a quick way to obtain support online from either this channel, or main documentation online?
<dstanek> your all welcome to attend our face-to-face meetings - although the next one has an M$ spin
<meatballhat> Brady_M: add it to the page! yes! ... main docs, channels first ... we can add Ohio-specific at the end
<meatballhat> dstanek: IronPython, right?
<DM|> dstanek where can i get more info ?
<meatballhat> DM|: where are you, geographically?
<Brady_M> k
<DM|> meatballhat Westerville, NE of columbus
<DM|> just off 270 east
<dstanek> meatballhat: yep - an local M$ guy is coming by
<meatballhat> DM|: .... that's gonna be quite a commute for you, then :(
<DM|> doh
<PWill> who is dstanek
<rhys> whoa.
<dstanek> DM|: clepy.org
<meatballhat> dstanek: is visiting :)
<rhys> m$ guy coming for what?
<dstanek> yeah that is a hike
<DM|> Hey, btw, whos the lead for New user team,
<meatballhat> ...and of course is welcome to join our LoCo Team ;-)
<dstanek> rhys: to talk about IronPython
<DM|> dstanek too far for me :( too bad,
<meatballhat> DM|: Brady_M is your guy
<Brady_M> DM|: Me
<rhys> dstanek, is this similar to wxWidgets ? as in cross platform coding?
<DM|> Brady_M couple questions for ya, joined the new user team a couple weeks ago, but im not sure what i should be doing, atm im just recruiting, and getting people hooked on linux (taking my laptop around and showing them things ) most people fall in love right after beagle, and beryl
<meatballhat> rhys: IronPython is Python for the .NET framework
<rhys> ew. but alright
<meatballhat> rhys: I'll second that ... but cross platform is better whenever possible, IMHO
<dstanek> most of our users (@ AG) are windows people - so if i ever write native apps Python would be a good choice
<vorian> meatballhat, do you know what Anthony wanted to cover?
<rhys> meatballhat, true. its the .NET part. Mono. blah. ew.
<DM|> Its all about free software / open source after all
<linuxcolumbus> wxPython...
<Brady_M> DM|: Right now, their is a team called the begginer team. They are devloping a complete reference databse of information, which right now is linked on the wiki. They are devising formation of this information primarly on troubleshooting, but in stages.
<meatballhat> vorian: Anthony had some updates for the OLF planning
<DM|> Brady_M so how can i help
<PWill> some of the best programs for linux are Mono, rhys :)
<rhys> PWill, i use banshee. i know.
<PWill> Beagle, F-Spot, Banshee
<Brady_M> DM|: Send ya a PM here in a bit to read more on it...
<DM|> k
<rhys> im still debating going back to zenwalk.
<DM|> rhys what is zenwalk btw
<rhys> ?>!#%!
<DM|> ; P
<PWill> i use rhythmbox
* meatballhat as theidiotthatisme: "We can add Linux Game Publishing to our list of supporters"
<DM|> me too Pwill
<vorian> yay meatballhat!
<vorian> thats cool!
<PWill> who
<vorian> wow!
<vorian> free demo disc's and all?
<meatballhat> PWill: precisely ;-) ... it's a small victory
<meatballhat> vorian: yup
<DM|> rhys link?
* vorian has the email
<rhys> this isnt the place to preach. but zenwalk is slackware. modified to xfce4.4 out of the box, bleeding edge with ~1 month release cycle.
<DM|> o
<vorian> dm and rhys, you guys can chat via pm. ok?
<linuxcolumbus> I started on slackware.
<rhys> ...vorian, i said i would keep it short.
<rhys> this is half the reason i get angry. #ontopic and #offtopic and preaching FOSS and Stallman to the average users when they just dont care. Ubuntu will not spread to even a 5% user base untill Dell/HP/IBM puts it on by default.
<PWill> :)
<skippy> getting angry won't change the situation.
<rhys> the first 2 are my own complaints, not the new users btw.
<meatballhat> alright ... anything else to cover before we commit to all-out disarray? :D
<DM|> rhys default install will probibly never happen, there are too many updates
<rhys> skippy, im not angry. im simply saying what is happening now just wont work.
<rhys> DM|, and Microsoft doesnt have updates ?
<DM|> They have online updates, not full distro updates where a new version of the OS is released ever 4-6 months
<skippy> is there an agenda item left to discuss?
<Brady_M> this is a meeting
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o vorian
*** vorian sets mode: -b %*!*@unaffiliated/nalioth/bot/ubot3
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o vorian
<vorian> skippy, nope
<meatballhat> ============ END MEETING SOMETHING LIKE 50 LINES AGO ==============

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