Discussion Points

  • Feisty Party
    • Definite date
    • One party or three?
    • Should we wait until we get CDs?
  • Ohio Linux Fest

    • Sponsorship
    • We need to raise $1250
    • Jono is coming!
    • 200+ members beforehand???
  • Status of subteams
    • Brady_M elected leader of the New User Team


02:00:26  <Vorian> Lets get this party started
02:00:26  <meatballhat_> ack
02:00:43  *** meatballhat_ is now known as meatballhat
02:00:52  <Vorian> Welcome to our 3rd Official meeting of the year!
02:01:06  * meatballhat applauds
02:01:13  * theidiotthatisme cheers
02:01:14  <Vorian> We have a fairly large agenda, so let get to it
02:01:19  <hackle577> hey all, sorry i'm late
02:01:27  <Vorian> anyone have anything before we start?
02:01:30  <hackle577> sadly, i did not bring a friend
02:01:35  <theidiotthatisme> Hi hackle577
02:02:20  <Vorian> lol,
02:02:29  <Seekker> don't everybody talk at once ;)
02:02:34  <meatballhat> heehee
02:02:39  <meatballhat> Vorian: agenda!!
02:02:39  <Vorian>  /cs m Seekker
02:02:49  <Vorian> first up
02:02:50  <Vorian> Feisty Release Party Planning - Locations, times, etc.
02:03:25  <Vorian> p will made a wiki page for us
02:03:37  <Vorian> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/FeistyParty
02:03:49  <hackle577> nice job pwill!
02:04:11  <Vorian> p will is sick, so try not to ping him :)
02:04:12  <Brady_M> 19th?
02:04:20  <hackle577> aww
02:04:21  <meatballhat> awesome!
02:04:27  <hackle577> get well soon pwill!
02:04:31  <Vorian> 19th is a thursday
02:04:36  <meatballhat> PWill_sick: get ye well!
02:04:38  <Brady_M> right
02:04:46  <Vorian> I was thinking 20th or 21st
02:04:48  <theidiotthatisme> 19th. If I'm working I wont be able to make it
02:05:05  <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: you workin' the 20th, too?
02:05:06  <Vorian> Word of caution!
02:05:14  <cpradio> i most likely can't make the 19th, its close to our implementation date, meaning I have to be at work at 4:30 AM
02:05:21  <Vorian> Does anyone Remember the release of Dapper Drake?
02:05:33  <jacobmp92> May somethin-th
02:05:43  * Brady_M shakes head
02:05:44  <meatballhat> Vorian: delay?
02:05:45  <Vorian> was it released on time :)
02:05:46  <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat: Dont know, still trying to get hired :-(
02:06:24  <jacobmp92> Vorian: i highly doubt that Feisty will get delayed, not until Dapper nears EOL and a new LTS will be needed
02:06:35  <Vorian> jacobmp92, i agree, but
02:06:41  <jacobmp92> Feisty +1: maybe, low chance; Feisty +2: most likely
02:06:49  <Vorian> There is another factor at play
02:06:57  <jacobmp92> xorg 7.2?
02:07:12  <Vorian> We are guaranteed a ton of CD's
02:07:23  <jacobmp92> ah
02:07:29  <Vorian> They should arrive 2 weeks after the release
02:07:29  * Brady_M screams YES!
02:07:37  <Seekker> lol
02:07:41  <jacobmp92> hmm
02:07:56  <meatballhat> DwyII: hallooo!!!!
02:08:06  * DwyII waves.
02:08:13  <Vorian> hi DwyII :)
02:08:23  <DwyII> Hi there, Vorian. :)
02:08:45  <Vorian> so the questin is
02:08:51  <Vorian> question*
02:09:01  <Vorian> should we wait?
02:09:13  * Brady_M ponder
02:09:14  <hackle577> hmm
02:09:21  <Vorian> 5th of May :)
02:09:22  <meatballhat> until somethin' like a week later?
02:09:29  <Brady_M> Vorian: need blanks. I'll bring blanks
02:09:32  <theidiotthatisme> Vorian: Bad, bad day
02:09:34  <theidiotthatisme> lol
02:09:52  <Seekker> well, why don't you wait till you get the CD's; wouldn't they be easier to distribute then?
02:10:06  <jacobmp92> +1 with Sekker
02:10:10  <Brady_M> Vorian: I got a new 2GB flash drive so I'll predownload it and we can goto town
02:10:19  <Vorian> Brady_M, :)
02:10:25  <Vorian> ok ok
02:10:28  <Seekker> that would work too
02:11:02  <Vorian> This is not an install party really
02:11:13  <Vorian> And a lot of us already run feisty
02:11:29  <meatballhat> meh....   the symbolism of having a party on the day of (or day after) the official release is pretty compelling ...
02:11:38  <Seekker> lol
02:11:40  <hackle577> +1 with meatballhat
02:11:40  <meatballhat> +1 for 'not really an installfest'
02:11:55  <jacobmp92> +1
02:12:04  <Vorian> yep, /me +1 too :P
02:12:12  <meatballhat> well... we can all weigh in on the wiki page, eh?
02:12:15  <tshawn_> sorry, +1 ?
02:12:19  <hackle577> true
02:12:23  <meatballhat> for all those not in attendance, too  ;-)
02:12:29  <hackle577> or a forum vote mayhap?
02:12:29  <Brady_M> We just need to bring newbies with their laptops and get them installed eh?
02:12:45  <Vorian> Brady_M, it will be a great time to help out the n00bs
02:12:47  <Brady_M> If in COlumbus +!
02:12:50  <Brady_M> +1
02:12:52  <jacobmp92> tshawn_: +1 = "i agree"
02:13:00  <tshawn_> sorry, thanks
02:13:30  <meatballhat> so .... 'not really an installfest' but 'help available if wanted'  +  food/drink = fun  (?)
02:13:46  <jacobmp92> +1 to that :)
02:13:51  <Vorian> ^ yep
02:13:58  <tshawn_> i agree
02:14:04  <Vorian> its a party!
02:14:10  <meatballhat> locations?
02:14:11  <Seekker> parties are good ;)
02:14:27  <theidiotthatisme> lol
02:14:28  <Vorian> Singular or Plural?
02:14:44  <tshawn_> +1 for singular
02:14:45  <meatballhat> shall we post locations, 1 party v. 3 parties, etc. on the wiki?
02:14:51  <hackle577> i would like to all get together in 1 place, but that might not be easy for some
02:15:06  <jacobmp92> Vorian: i was talking about earlier that many central ohioans wanted one, while others wanted more than one for travel reasons
02:15:41  <Vorian> and the solution is.....
02:15:46  <Vorian> :)
02:15:47  <Brady_M> I got one
02:15:51  <jacobmp92> i'd personally prefer one, but if there are travel issues there could be more (imho)
02:15:55  <tshawn_> during weekday, travel to central ohio would be difficult for me
02:16:15  <cpradio> same here
02:16:17  <Brady_M> If we can't be in one place maybe 1 person per location setup a teamspeak conference :)
02:16:26  <hackle577> ooo
02:16:30  <Brady_M> or video conference
02:16:31  <Seekker> there ya go
02:16:42  <jgedeon> I think if it was during the weekend that alot of car pooling could be done.
02:16:49  <Seekker> yes
02:16:51  <tshawn_> yes
02:16:52  <hackle577> true
02:17:17  <meatballhat> shall we duke it out on the wiki ... maybe a poll on the forum?  :D
02:17:19  <tshawn_> we need a gmap mashup!
02:17:25  *** hackle577 is now known as TheFabulotron
02:17:30  <Vorian> poll on the forums it is
02:17:35  <TheFabulotron> ok
02:17:36  * Vorian sets it up
02:17:43  <Brady_M> If we do teamspeak, I can host one at my store
02:17:50  <jacobmp92> sidenote @ Vorian: http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/9979/ubuntudonateiv8.png ?
02:17:53  <Brady_M> for people to join
02:18:22  <Vorian> ah!
02:18:27  <Vorian> ty jacobmp92 :)
02:18:34  <jacobmp92> np
02:19:54  <Brady_M> I can donate blanks maybe 2 100 spindals
02:20:06  <meatballhat> that 'bout cover the Feisty Party for now?  :D
02:20:22  <meatballhat> with an emphasis on 'for now'
02:21:12  <theidiotthatisme> Guess so
02:21:33  <meatballhat> notskippy!  you there??
02:22:16  <PWill_sick> couldn't sleep: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=378860
02:22:34  <meatballhat> next on the agenda?  We want to tackle the Linux Fest a bit more?   :D
02:22:43  <PWill_sick> jacobmp92: looks good, can you send me the xcf?
02:23:09  <Vorian> meatballhat, onward
02:23:17  <tshawn_> i'd like to, i wanted to go last year but had no contacts
02:23:20  <Vorian> OLF
02:23:20  <jacobmp92> PWill_sick: http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/files/ubuntu-donate.xcf (already up btw)
02:23:21  <PWill_sick> meatballhat: I submitted a form to the LinuxFest sponsor thing
02:23:33  <PWill_sick> thanks jacobmp92
02:23:56  <Vorian> Ohio Linux Fest Plans - Brainstorm on what we'd like to present, and how to raise the money
02:24:03  <meatballhat> PWill_sick: awesome!    .... (/me wishes skippy were *actually* skippy...)
02:24:28  <meatballhat> anyone have the pricing for the sponsorship tiers??
02:24:48  <PWill_sick> Vorian: I read this page today: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoComputerFairHowto
02:24:53  <PWill_sick> very useful
02:25:01  <Vorian> :)
02:25:24  <Vorian> The Ohio LinuxFest is the largest conference and expo for Free and Open Source software professionals and enthusiasts in the midwest. Join us for the fifth annual Ohio LinuxFest on September 29, 2007 in Columbus, Ohio. Everyone interested in Linux, Open Source and Free Software are welcome!
02:25:33  <PWill_sick> We basically should have a table with 2 or 3 computers running Ubuntu (Feisty on 1 or 2, and Feisty+1 on another)
02:25:55  <jacobmp92> and one with beryl/compiz ;)
02:25:58  <PWill_sick> yeah
02:26:00  <Vorian> beryl
02:26:03  <theidiotthatisme> Vorian: Are more representing Ubuntu, or the LoCo?
02:26:07  <Vorian> *cough
02:26:07  <theidiotthatisme> *Are we more
02:26:08  <meatballhat> PWill_sick: we'll probably have trouble having that *few* machines running  ;-)
02:26:08  <PWill_sick> I can bring in my box for bery
02:26:21  <Vorian> everyone sit down
02:26:27  * PWill_sick sits
02:26:27  <Vorian> I have something to say
02:26:30  * meatballhat sits :)
02:26:39  * theidiotthatisme sits booboo sit
02:26:44  <Vorian> I was chatting w * the other day
02:27:00  <Vorian> and he is planning on coming to the OLF!
02:27:07  <PWill_sick> woooooOO!!!!
02:27:07  <PWill_sick> 1
02:27:08  <PWill_sick> !
02:27:08  <PWill_sick> fxvldfsgklj
02:27:12  <PWill_sick> +1 +1
02:27:13  <jacobmp92> WOOOOOT
02:27:18  <Brady_M> sweet
02:27:18  <Vorian> who is * ?
02:27:25  <jacobmp92> sabdfl i assume?
02:27:29  <PWill_sick> sabdfl,i assume
02:27:42  <PWill_sick> jynx you owe me a soda
02:27:44  <meatballhat> ha!!
02:27:46  <jacobmp92> d'oh
02:28:02  <Vorian> well, you know what they say about assuming
02:28:12  <jacobmp92> hehe
02:28:14  <Vorian> Jono is planning a trip
02:28:17  <meatballhat> ha!
02:28:22  <jacobmp92> hah
02:28:24  <Vorian> He will most likely be here for that event
02:28:33  <theidiotthatisme> ooo I like reading Jono's blog :-)
02:28:34  <jacobmp92> still "woot" :)
02:28:37  <TheFabulotron> sweet!
02:28:46  <Vorian> very unofficial though
02:28:48  <theidiotthatisme> Definite "woot" for Jono!
02:29:04  <Brady_M> Funny guy
02:29:20  <Vorian> I know skippy sent sabdlf an email invitation
02:29:28  <Vorian> so we'll see how that goes
02:29:28  <TheFabulotron> score
02:29:32  <theidiotthatisme> sabdlf said September is a bad month for him
02:29:33  <tshawn_> just for the record, i'm lost
02:29:40  <theidiotthatisme> (from the last CC meeting)
02:29:43  <Seekker> you're not alone, tshawn
02:29:43  <PWill_sick> yeah, skippy really wants sabdfl to come
02:29:50  <PWill_sick> as do all of us
02:29:57  <theidiotthatisme> lol you guys want to fill in for tshawn_ and Seekker?
02:29:58  <Vorian> meatballhat, we are going for gold sponsorship, which is $1250
02:30:06  <Vorian> right PWill_sick?
02:30:11  <meatballhat> we can do that easy  ;-)
02:30:17  <PWill_sick> Vorian: yeah
02:30:24  <jacobmp92> tshawn_ & Seekker: sabdfl is mark shuttleworth :)
02:30:29  <tshawn_> ok, caught up ty
02:30:38  <tshawn_> had to google it
02:30:38  <theidiotthatisme> Dont forget about Jono! :-)
02:30:46  <Vorian> jacobmp92, who's mark shuttleworth?
02:30:46  <Seekker> lol, tks
02:30:53  <TheFabulotron> sabdfl = Self-Appointed Benevolent Dictator for Life (ie, Mark Shuttleworth, the God of Ubuntu)
02:30:56  <Brady_M> I'd put a donation bucket on the register for that.
02:30:58  <jacobmp92> ^
02:31:10  <Vorian> what! really!
02:31:31  <PWill_sick> lol
02:31:34  <Vorian> so seriously
02:31:39  <Vorian> we need some funds
02:31:44  <Brady_M> Yea.
02:31:50  <Seekker> how do we raise the money?
02:31:54  <Vorian> how can we raise $1250?
02:32:01  <tshawn_> how many members are we?
02:32:05  <jacobmp92> car washes ftw!
02:32:06  <xaphan_> bake sell?
02:32:06  <theidiotthatisme> 92 I think
02:32:11  <PWill_sick> I pledge $100
02:33:03  <Vorian> PWill_sick, please see the black button on http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/
02:33:05  <meatballhat> 1250/92 = 13.59/ea  :D
02:33:20  <Brady_M> Uhm, hmmm... How's this... if my affiliate program goes through (still waiting for a responc, I'd put a % of each complete with Ubuntu on it twords the fund
02:33:25  <TheFabulotron> how many of the 92 are gonna pay up though?
02:33:27  <Seekker> oh, I can handle that ... even with taxes and insurance coming due
02:33:31  <Vorian> I'll match PWill_sick's pledge
02:33:36  <PWill_sick> Vorian: i saw, i'm fixing it up, too (no offense, jacobmp92 )
02:33:42  <jacobmp92> lol
02:33:56  <jacobmp92> again, a few 100 lines up: "*attempt*"
02:34:17  <theidiotthatisme> :-P
02:34:24  <Vorian> ok, so it looks like we just keep asking for donations
02:34:37  <meatballhat> assuming 80/20 law ... up to $69/ea    :D
02:34:40  <meatballhat> yup
02:34:42  <Vorian> Any volunteers to seek out sponsors?
02:34:54  <meatballhat> what's the happs with System76?
02:34:59  <jacobmp92> caaaannnooonnniiiiccaaaalll........?
02:35:01  * Vorian hears Dell was compelled by the ideaworks feedback
02:35:12  <PWill_sick> jacobmp92: i agree, canonical will give us some money
02:35:18  <PWill_sick> since we are an official loco now
02:35:26  <PWill_sick> Vorian: you want to file a request?
02:35:40  <jacobmp92> PWill_sick: eh.... i dont think it will be that easy
02:35:46  <tshawn_> i can kick in, not sure how much
02:35:47  <meatballhat> well ... pshaw... it would behoove them, would it not?      :D
02:35:48  <Vorian> PWill_sick, I'll find the proper channel to do so.
02:36:08  <TheFabulotron> i heard sabdfl was loaded, let's ask him :-P
02:36:12  <jacobmp92> lol
02:36:14  <Seekker> in any event, it would be worth at least trying
02:36:28  <jacobmp92> true
02:36:34  <Brady_M> Vorian: Who's tresurer of the $$?
02:36:38  <tshawn_> everyone hold 2 e-bay auctions and donate the profit
02:36:47  <Vorian> Brady_M, right now I am
02:37:38  <Vorian> and silence
02:37:42  <PWill_sick> tshawn_: or craigslist
02:37:42  <Brady_M> Vorian: OK. where do we mail the checks?
02:37:43  <tshawn_> seriously, a e-bay account for our team....i have all kinds of goodies i need to get rid of but just can't throw out
02:37:44  <DwyII> If you guys really wanted...I could start taking art commissions and put the proceeds toward this.
02:37:50  <DwyII> I can get $25 for each thing I make.
02:38:01  <meatballhat> DwyII: awesome!!!
02:38:04  <Seekker> cool
02:38:06  <TheFabulotron> schweet!
02:38:12  <PWill_sick> I turn 16 on Monday, so I can finally get a good job
02:38:19  <DwyII> I'm sure that if I said it was for this, tons of linux lovers would be willing.
02:38:23  <Seekker> oi, I feel ancient
02:38:29  <PWill_sick> Seekker: haha
02:38:30  <TheFabulotron> lol
02:38:32  <tshawn_> me too!
02:38:34  <Vorian> Brady_M, http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/ the donate button :)
02:38:35  <theidiotthatisme> PWill_sick: I can never find a good job. Right now I cant find any at all :-(
02:38:38  * DwyII 's bank account has $20 in it. :B Otherwise, that'd be up for grabs too.
02:38:49  * Brady_M raises hand 32 this week.. if that makes anyone feel better
02:38:51  <PWill_sick> theidiotthatisme: where are you living?
02:39:03  <Seekker> well, I think asking the members for $20 each is a good start, too
02:39:15  <Seekker> then whatever else anyone can contribute on top would help
02:39:15  <meatballhat> Seekker: +1   :)
02:39:24  <Vorian> theidiotthatisme, do you live near any Tractor Supply Stores?
02:39:32  <Brady_M> +1 $20.00 np.
02:39:33  <PWill_sick> haha
02:39:37  <theidiotthatisme> PWill_sick: Boardman (outside youngstown). Vorian: No idea, I'd have to check it out
02:39:39  <tshawn_> i'm assuming instructions for donating are online?
02:39:51  <tshawn_> there is one near me in Canton
02:39:51  <theidiotthatisme> tshawn_: Just click the button lol
02:40:03  <PWill_sick> tshawn_: go to http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org and click the donate button
02:40:06  <tshawn_> sorry, have had so much on my plate this week
02:41:00  <xaphan_> any other way to donate besides paypal?
02:41:10  <meatballhat> okay ... so given that we're over 6 mo. away from OLF and we're already this committed, are we confident we can raise the funds *without* any corporate sponsorship?
02:41:12  <tshawn_> ok, so no takers on an auction idea?
02:41:25  <theidiotthatisme> tshawn_: I have nothing to auction :-(
02:41:30  <Seekker> same here
02:41:33  <DwyII> Me too.
02:41:37  <Seekker> but I think the auction Idea is GREAT
02:41:39  <DwyII> ...Except art. :P
02:41:48  <tshawn_> ah, i'm such hardware pack rat
02:41:54  <Brady_M> tshawn_:  You know I got copies of Doom 3, and Need for speed most wanted brand new and collecting dust in my store
02:42:11  <tshawn_> right, same type of stuff here
02:42:11  <Seekker> tshawn, maybe a 'bulk' ebay sale?
02:42:15  <theidiotthatisme> Brady_M: I love NFS Most Wanted. Favorite NFS since Underground 1
02:42:42  <Vorian> ok
02:42:51  <Vorian> anything else on the linux fest?
02:42:54  <tshawn_> yes, need to work out the details...but when the auction ends, the funds go to the team paypal account
02:43:07  <meatballhat> Vorian: onward!!!
02:43:10  <Vorian> Subteams - Establishing goals, assigning leaders to empty posts, and recruitment
02:43:27  <Vorian> any team leaders here want to speak up before I do?
02:43:36  <TheFabulotron> oo me!
02:43:41  <Vorian> go!
02:44:14  <TheFabulotron> i just wanted to say, as the sole member of the wiki team, i am not the only one that is allowed to edit our wiki
02:44:25  <TheFabulotron> feel free to add your own stuff, as some have already done
02:44:35  <theidiotthatisme> :-)
02:44:41  <TheFabulotron> </minor announcement>
02:45:01  * jacobmp92 will brb for some food
02:45:12  <TheFabulotron> i like what's recently been added to the education section and party planning, etc.
02:45:25  <Vorian> w00t!
02:45:43  <TheFabulotron> but, with that said...
02:45:45  <meatballhat> <addition>  hacking a wiki is neither impressive nor funny  </addition>
02:45:50  <meatballhat> :D
02:46:00  <Seekker> lol
02:46:05  <TheFabulotron> lol
02:46:26  <tshawn_> i'm interested in the education section/team
02:46:39  <TheFabulotron> something i think we need to improve is the new user page
02:46:44  <tshawn_> i am trying to get my employer to donate out of lease equipment to me
02:46:46  <TheFabulotron> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/NewUser
02:46:53  <TheFabulotron> which is linked to from our main page
02:46:59  <Seekker> I'm looking into donated equipment as well
02:47:10  <TheFabulotron> it's blank, but needs the appropriate materials for new ubuntu users
02:47:28  <TheFabulotron> another page that's blank is the new members page
02:47:34  <TheFabulotron> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/NewMember
02:47:56  <TheFabulotron> i think we should get something up there, especially for the new users page
02:48:11  <theidiotthatisme> I didn't even notice those existed... >.<
02:48:21  <Seekker> at the least links to the Desktop Guide and forums?
02:48:24  <TheFabulotron> yeah, i just noticed yesterday
02:48:33  <TheFabulotron> seekker: yeah
02:49:02  <meatballhat> TheFabulotron: can we list all the SubPages at the very bottom of OhioTeam?   ... I know it's messy, but....
02:49:02  <TheFabulotron> and some content on linux basics perhaps or Ohio-related Ubuntu customizations (time zones, etc.)
02:49:22  <TheFabulotron> meatballhat: sure
02:49:45  <TheFabulotron> what is the macro? [[Include,children 0]] or something like that?
02:49:48  <Seekker> some of the info/tut pages that Vorian feeds ubot3 could be posted there too
02:49:51  <meatballhat> TheFabulotron: with the (children, 0) command thingy  ... .yup
02:49:59  <TheFabulotron> ok
02:50:16  <Vorian> Seekker, ubot3 is not mine :)
02:50:27  <Vorian> it the community bot.
02:50:28  <Seekker> oh, you just feed it, eh ? :)
02:50:36  <Vorian> !botsnack
02:50:36  <ubot3> Yum!
02:50:39  <Seekker> lol
02:50:39  <Vorian> yep
02:50:49  <TheFabulotron> ha!
02:51:05  <meatballhat> !botsnack | self
02:51:05  <ubot3> self: please see above
02:51:17  <PWill_sick> !pizza
02:51:17  <ubot3> Factoid pizza not found
02:51:18  <tshawn_> i have to excuse myself, have to be up at 3:00 am, night all
02:51:20  <PWill_sick> dang
02:51:24  <meatballhat> mmmmm ...  er ... not so good  :P
02:51:27  <jacobmp92> see ya tshawn_
02:51:27  <PWill_sick> night tshawn_
02:51:29  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Vorian
02:51:29  <meatballhat> sorry ...
02:51:29  *** Vorian sets mode: +b %*!*@unaffiliated/nalioth/bot/ubot3
02:51:29  *** ChanServ sets mode: -o Vorian
02:51:30  <Seekker> night tshawn, nice meeting yiou
02:51:35  <Seekker> you*
02:51:38  <theidiotthatisme> Goodnight tshawn_
02:51:42  <Vorian> night tshawn_
02:51:44  <meatballhat> back to Agenda!
02:51:48  <meatballhat> 'night tshawn_
02:51:48  <DwyII> G'night tshawn_
02:51:49  <meatballhat> !
02:51:55  <tshawn_> thanks and same to all, count me in!
02:51:56  <jacobmp92> Vorian: you better hope the bot autojoins after that :-p
02:52:05  <Vorian> i just muted it
02:52:14  <jacobmp92> !hi
02:52:18  <jacobmp92> heh
02:52:23  <Vorian> :)
02:52:43  <Vorian> ok
02:52:49  <Vorian> any other team leaders?
02:53:09  <Vorian> my turn
02:53:11  <theidiotthatisme> Vorian: Did you have something about it you wanted to talk about?
02:53:11  <Vorian> I want to see us reach 200+ members by the Linux Fest!
02:53:19  <meatballhat> what Teams are lacking leadershipL
02:53:21  <meatballhat> ?
02:53:31  <theidiotthatisme> Let's check
02:53:35  <Vorian> meatballhat, none, all bases are covered
02:53:48  <theidiotthatisme> Who's the leader for the New User team?
02:53:52  <meatballhat> schweet
02:54:00  <Seekker> shouldn't be too difficult to double our membership in six months
02:54:13  <Vorian> Seekker, that's the spirit!
02:54:18  <Seekker> lol
02:54:18  <jacobmp92> +1
02:54:24  <meatballhat> can-do all the way!!!
02:54:48  <theidiotthatisme> Vorian: I think the Wiki for the New User team is incorrect, who's the leader of the NU Team?
02:55:23  <TheFabulotron> yeah i havent been keeping watch, sorry
02:55:26  <jacobmp92> theidiotthatisme: looks like you are :)
02:55:29  <jacobmp92> https://launchpad.net/~oh-new
02:55:40  <Vorian> ah!
02:55:48  <Vorian> do we need a Leader?
02:55:55  <theidiotthatisme> jacobmp92: That's why I was asking. I'm head of the Education Team
02:56:20  <Brady_M> Uhm.. hmm..Well. uh. I'm interested.
02:56:29  * Seekker votes for Brady_M
02:56:29  <theidiotthatisme> jacobmp92: I'm afraid it would be hard and impractical to be leader of two teams lol Though I am part of the NU, Marketing, Communication, and Education team
02:56:31  <Brady_M> What's expected
02:56:32  <Vorian> Brady_M,
02:56:34  <PWill_sick> +1 Brady_M
02:56:44  <jacobmp92> +1 Brady_M
02:56:54  <Vorian> Brady_M, helping new users transitioning
02:56:54  <jacobmp92> +1 for theidiotthatisme's reason
02:56:55  <meatballhat> +1  !!! Brady_M   yaaaayyy!
02:57:01  <PWill_sick> lol
02:57:12  <Brady_M> I can no problem :) done and done
02:57:19  <theidiotthatisme> +1 Brady_M
02:57:20  <Vorian> ok
02:57:25  <Seekker> that was easy
02:57:26  <theidiotthatisme> Who's working on the F2F?
02:57:29  <Vorian> +1 from me too
02:57:35  <jacobmp92> theidiotthatisme: ahoy
02:57:42  <Vorian> theidiotthatisme, simma down
02:57:47  <theidiotthatisme> O:-)
02:58:06  <Vorian> Brady_M, #ubuntuforums-beginners
02:58:17  <Vorian> ok, theidiotthatisme go ahead
02:59:14  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Vorian
02:59:15  *** Vorian sets mode: -b %*!*@unaffiliated/nalioth/bot/ubot3
02:59:15  *** ChanServ sets mode: -o Vorian
02:59:17  <TheFabulotron> all OhioTeam subpages are now visible on the wiki main page
02:59:18  <Brady_M> Vorian: thanks
02:59:23  <Vorian> :)
02:59:27  <theidiotthatisme> Vorian: I was just wondering the progress is all lol
02:59:29  <meatballhat> TheFabulotron: awesome!  :)
02:59:49  <Vorian> Brady_M, thanks for helping out :)
03:00:05  <Vorian> jacobmp92, how goes it then?
03:00:09  <Brady_M> Vorian: My pleasure
03:00:21  <jacobmp92> i guess i should probably say this in the main channel: it might be developed off-site initially but might be transfered
03:00:41  <jacobmp92> phpmyadmin nor mysql plays well on the server :-p
03:01:23  <Vorian> pimpmyadmin?
03:01:28  <jacobmp92> in fact, it might not even be a drupal module, but rather a small support system w/o the need for drupal to back it
03:01:29  <PWill_sick> jacobmp92: did you file a request for phpmyadmin?
03:01:43  <PWill_sick> i forgot to ask how the installation wenr
03:01:52  <PWill_sick> went
03:02:02  <jacobmp92> PWill_sick: i suppose I could, but judging by their serve setup it would be complicated to get running right
03:02:22  <jacobmp92> it should be working... but PHP is restricting some things dealing w/ files
03:02:32  <PWill_sick> jacobmp92: http://www.smoothweb.net/file/ubuntu-donate.png
03:02:47  <PWill_sick> whoops, 40
03:02:48  <PWill_sick> 4
03:02:58  <PWill_sick> jacobmp92: http://www.smoothweb.net/files/ubuntu-donate.png
03:03:03  <meatballhat> ugh ... just pour water on eth0 and pray... 'Appalachian Hacking'
03:03:03  <jacobmp92> lol, nice 404 message pwill
03:03:28  <PWill_sick> heh
03:03:49  <PWill_sick> jacobmp92: the bling was good on yours, but it doesn't play well with out current theme
03:03:56  <jacobmp92> PWill_sick: looks nice, although the donate text looks a bit squished
03:04:07  <PWill_sick> yeah, i;ll fix it
03:04:14  <Vorian> PWill_sick, how about "donate" from edge to edge over the logo's
03:04:36  <meatballhat> where we at on the Agenda?  F2F progress handled?  :)
03:04:48  <jacobmp92> seems to be
03:04:58  <PWill_sick> Vorian: will do
03:04:59  <Vorian> done
03:05:04  <Vorian> ty PWill_sick
03:05:09  <Brady_M> Vorian: Hmm.. T-shirts.. Doesn't Cafe Press offer special discounts to non profit organizations on their site?
03:05:10  <Vorian> ok moving on
03:05:15  <meatballhat> libraries!  CD distribution!  where my peeps at?
03:05:18  <Vorian> Library Partnerships - Where are your Ubuntu CDs?
03:05:33  * Vorian raises his hand
03:06:05  <theidiotthatisme> well we recieved an email from the director of Oplin earlier today on the mailing list :-)
03:06:17  <Seekker> and ?
03:06:20  <meatballhat> Stephen Hedges, yes  ...
03:06:28  <Seekker> ohhhh, I read that
03:06:30  <Seekker> nm
03:06:31  <Seekker> sowwy
03:06:34  <theidiotthatisme> lol
03:06:48  <theidiotthatisme> We still need to finish the booklet content for the DVD cases
03:07:13  <Seekker> you have a link?
03:07:24  <theidiotthatisme> and design the booklet under Scribus, and then we're ready to send an email to the Oplin mailing list
03:07:25  <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: :D .... lets convene via IRC to get back on track - tomorrow maybe?
03:07:28  <DwyII> I need to head off and finish my calc homework. Good meeting tonight, everyone!
03:07:36  <meatballhat> DwyII: nighty night!
03:07:37  * DwyII highfives all around.
03:07:37  <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat: IRC or Jabber is good
03:07:57  <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: excellent
03:08:02  <Vorian> A good number -- maybe 20+ -- public libraries have "hacker
03:08:02  <Vorian> librarians" on staff these days. Not as many as the academic libraries
03:08:02  <Vorian> have, but still quite a few. My suggestion would be to announce the
03:08:02  <Vorian> availability of the free CDs on a couple of public librarian mailing
03:08:02  <Vorian> lists, something like, "Here's a free CD, load it on a spare machine,
03:08:03  <Vorian> see how you like it." (I can make that announcement when you're
03:08:05  <Vorian> ready.) And I'll bet you get about 20 takers. But that's a toe in the
03:08:07  <Vorian> door, and librarians really like to talk to each other at conferences
03:08:09  <Vorian> and stuff, so the word will eventually get around about how easy and
03:08:11  <Vorian> not-scary Ubuntu is. My suggestion anyway. (Sorry I won't be at the
03:08:13  <Vorian> meeting tonight.)
03:08:28  <theidiotthatisme> Seekker: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/CDdistribution/Workbench under booklet content
03:08:33  <Seekker> yes, Vorian, I did read that earlier, sowwy
03:08:36  <Seekker> thanks TheFabulotron
03:08:38  <Seekker> oops
03:08:40  <Seekker> theidiotthatisme:
03:08:53  <Vorian> i was posting it for everyone else?
03:08:55  <meatballhat> very awesome   ..... B-)
03:09:00  <Vorian> else :)*
03:09:06  <meatballhat> Vorian: thanks for the review, yes  :D
03:09:08  <Seekker> okies ;)
03:09:16  <theidiotthatisme> :-)
03:09:20  <Vorian> np
03:10:17  <Brady_M> Vorian: So, I going to need the guidance bud on this new position.
03:10:25  <Vorian> Brady_M, in a bit
03:10:30  <meatballhat> so ... Marketing and Education Teams .... theidiotthatisme and I will chit-chat tomorrow and then we'll get this project back in gear --- continue discussion on mailing list
03:10:46  <meatballhat> sound good?  :)
03:10:51  <theidiotthatisme> Sounds great :-)
03:10:53  <Seekker> works for me
03:10:54  <Vorian> yippee
03:11:08  <Vorian> next
03:11:09  <Vorian> Code of Conduct - Netiquette and Ubuntero mentoring
03:11:15  <meatballhat> all non-Ubunteros raise your hands
03:11:22  * TheFabulotron raises hand
03:11:24  * theidiotthatisme raises hand
03:11:26  <Seekker> I just signed the CoC
03:11:39  <theidiotthatisme> I've got the key now, just need to sign it
03:11:43  <Vorian> if you don't know what an ubuntero is, you need to raise your hand
03:11:51  <meatballhat> I think we're doing much better with Netiquitte these days, btw  ;-)
03:11:51  <Vorian> :P
03:12:02  <meatballhat> Vorian: true dat  ;-)
03:13:09  <TheFabulotron> sorry guys, gotta run
03:13:14  <TheFabulotron> the lady's calling :-P
03:13:19  <Seekker> see ya!
03:13:20  <Vorian> night TheFabulotron
03:13:25  <TheFabulotron> night all!
03:13:46  <Vorian> !hi | TheFabulotron
03:13:47  <ubot3> TheFabulotron: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu-ohio!
03:13:59  <PWill_sick> Vorian, jacobmp92: http://www.smoothweb.net/files/ubuntu-donate.png
03:14:21  <PWill_sick> I remembered that we can't cover up the Ubuntu logo
03:14:34  <PWill_sick> since canonical got the new marketing lady
03:14:44  <PWill_sick> so i just covered up the flag a bit
03:14:44  <Vorian> hehe
03:15:14  <jacobmp92> :-p
03:15:33  <theidiotthatisme> Is there anything left on the agenda?
03:15:49  <PWill_sick> should i upload that new donate icon?
03:16:09  <jacobmp92> sure
03:16:12  <PWill_sick> k
03:16:14  <PWill_sick> hold on
03:16:16  <jacobmp92> just overwrite the other one
03:16:18  <Vorian> PWill_sick, drop the ohio flag
03:16:22  <meatballhat> ugh ...
03:16:26  <PWill_sick> k
03:16:33  <Seekker> wb
03:16:36  <Vorian> :)
03:16:40  <Vorian> !hi | meatballhat
03:16:41  <ubot3> meatballhat: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu-ohio!
03:16:50  <meatballhat> yay ... I be back!
03:17:52  * Seekker concurs that either 'donate' needs to be inside, or drop the flag
03:18:08  <PWill_sick> Vorian: http://www.smoothweb.net/files/ubuntu-donate.png
03:18:11  <PWill_sick> will upload in a sec
03:18:28  <Vorian> PWill_sick, kewl!
03:18:29  <Seekker> much betta
03:19:03  <jacobmp92> sweetage
03:19:57  <PWill_sick> live here: http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/
03:20:19  <meatballhat> yo!  I just got a ping from beuno in #ubuntu-marketing ... he wants a piece written up about our LoCo Team getting Approved for UWN #31
03:20:21  <Vorian> d00t!
03:20:29  <PWill_sick> uwn?
03:20:29  <Seekker> there ya go, PWill_sick ...
03:20:39  <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat: How long before UWN #31 is out?
03:20:49  <meatballhat> tomorrow, I think  :)
03:20:52  <theidiotthatisme> I was reading up on UWN a while back ago
03:20:54  * PWill_sick is confused...
03:20:57  <Vorian> what ever happened to UWN #30?
03:20:58  <meatballhat> Ubuntu Weekly News
03:21:00  <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat: That's kind of short notice.. lol
03:21:00  <Vorian> lol
03:21:01  <PWill_sick> oh
03:21:08  * PWill_sick can't think when he's sick
03:21:10  <Vorian> what ever happened to UWN #30? <-----meatballhat
03:21:22  <meatballhat> #30 is old news ... gonna get released as an afterthought methinks
03:21:36  <Vorian> its been like 3 weeks!
03:21:40  <jacobmp92> what ever happened to the new ubuntu.com for that matter?
03:21:42  <meatballhat> the lead "editor" position has been in flux for past several months
03:21:46  <Seekker> is there a signup link for UWN?
03:21:46  <Vorian> should be UKWN!
03:21:58  <Vorian> ubuntu kindof weekly, news
03:22:02  <theidiotthatisme> lol
03:22:03  <jacobmp92> lol
03:22:14  <Seekker> aw, and here I thought the K was for KDE ;)
03:22:20  <PWill_sick> jacobmp92: it should come out around the same time as Duke Nukem Forever
03:22:25  <jacobmp92> lol
03:22:25  <Vorian> kde is the devil
03:22:27  <theidiotthatisme> Monthly might be better ;) but yeah
03:22:28  <Seekker> not!
03:22:29  <meatballhat> the UWN is always available on the Wiki and is pushed out in the ubuntu-announce mailer
03:22:32  <PWill_sick> Vorian: +1
03:22:36  <Vorian> :P
03:22:41  <jacobmp92> lol
03:22:43  <goatdad13> I can try to put something together but I don't know any of the details
03:22:43  <meatballhat> si ... monthly or quarterly  :P
03:22:45  <Seekker> ok, tks meatballhat
03:23:35  <theidiotthatisme> It's just... with Planet and Fridge, UWN seems it'd be better for compiling more news in a bi-weekly or monthly
03:23:39  <meatballhat> Seekker:  :)  ... the Marketing Team ends up doing a lot of oddball stuff ... the UWN should really be called the Ubuntu Developers Progress Log + 1 or 2 special interest pieces
03:23:59  <Seekker> hrm
03:24:01  <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: you got it
03:24:16  <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat: I joined the Marketing Team, but haven't participated much into it. I really want to focus on the LoCo first and foremost
03:24:28  <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat: Mostly just signed up for the mailing list
03:25:03  <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: right on ... I was on the Marketing Team prior to formation of the Ohio LoCo ... now my time is 80% Ohio LoCo, 20% MT  :)
03:25:43  <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat: I'm just too much into the LoCo's marketing and education team ;)
03:26:43  <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat: I'm hoping I can really help grow the Education Team. it's been some crazy weeks so it's been a little hard creating resources by myself (especially after I had the Mozilla Thunderbird more than half way done only to lose it. Hence the inspiration for the resource snapshots lol)
03:26:59  <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat: And I'm loving the collaboration of the ET and MT ;)
03:27:18  <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: right on  :)   ... all the experience we gain as a LoCo Team can and should be passed "upstream" to everyone else in the Ubuntu community ... if we can do it right in Ohio, then others should be able to do it elsewhere (right?)  :D
03:27:28  <Brady_M> meatballhat: Anyone here give you a buzz from the meeting I had hear in town yet?
03:28:03  <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat: That's part of what I was talking about with Vorian earlier for the LinuxFest (not only showing off Ubuntu, but the LoCo and the projects we work on and how to help grow projects for other Linux groups)
03:28:20  <meatballhat> Brady_M: not yet ...    :-/
03:28:32  <Brady_M> meatballhat: i'LL MAKE A FOLLOWUP WITH THE DIRECTOR
03:28:45  * Brady_M Bah caps!
03:28:48  <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: if that's what our message is for the OLF, so be it  :)
03:29:28  <theidiotthatisme> meatballhat: We shall see what all we can cover there :-)
03:29:33  <PWill_sick> at OLF we need a way to attract people though
03:29:39  <PWill_sick> because all of the booths look the same
03:29:57  <PWill_sick> a computer or two, a sign, and some people sitting in chairs
03:29:59  <theidiotthatisme> PWill_sick: Should we create a Wiki page for OLF ideas?
03:29:59  <meatballhat> PWill_sick: you thinking what I'm thinking ??
03:30:05  <theidiotthatisme> NO PIES
03:30:07  <theidiotthatisme> lol
03:30:08  <meatballhat> silly string!
03:30:12  <PWill_sick> hahaha
03:30:23  * PWill_sick throws pie at OLF goer
03:30:26  <Seekker> how 'bout an Ohio Flag, too?
03:30:31  <PWill_sick> yeah
03:30:33  <PWill_sick> oh man
03:30:38  <theidiotthatisme> I was thinking about an Ohio LoCo banner for the booth too
03:30:50  <PWill_sick> i can think of a cool idea. i could make a poster with our logo
03:30:53  <theidiotthatisme> I can ask my brother about the costs and design of them. He's made some for his business before
03:30:54  <meatballhat> +1 for a big ol' banner
03:30:54  <PWill_sick> that i already made
03:31:07  <PWill_sick> i have SVGs of the Ubuntu Logo, and of the Ohio flag
03:31:08  <theidiotthatisme> Shall we make a wiki page for OLF? :-D
03:31:17  <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme: do it!  :)
03:31:20  <PWill_sick> theidiotthatisme: want me to?
03:31:24  <PWill_sick> or you can
03:31:24  <meatballhat> wiki wiki wiki
03:31:27  <PWill_sick> whatever
03:31:45  <theidiotthatisme> PWill_sick: Either, it doesn't matter lol. I'm not very good at Wikiing, so it's up to you
03:31:47  <Seekker> have a contest for best ohio ubuntu banner
03:31:55  <Brady_M> PWill_sick: If you need a banner. I have some local here we been talking about exchanging services for him to do somthing for me. He does vynl stickers etc. I can followup with him tomorrow and see what's going on.
03:31:58  <PWill_sick> actually, my best friend's dad is a graphic designer for OSU, and he has one of those sweet printers
03:32:09  <PWill_sick> oh, that would work, too, Black5un
03:32:15  <PWill_sick> oh, that would work, too, Brady_M
03:32:19  <PWill_sick> sorry, Black5un
03:32:27  <PWill_sick> lol
03:32:59  <meatballhat> any time left for talk of Install Fests?  leave it for next week?
03:33:02  <PWill_sick> Seekker: this one here http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/themes/ubuntu/images/headerlogo.png :-P
03:33:31  <Seekker> oh yeah, I love that
03:33:54  <Brady_M> PWill_sick: Hey if you need the banner, I need it in full scale size. so it comes out sharp
03:34:01  * Seekker warns ya'll now ... if I can make it ... I'm brining my Kubuntu!
03:34:12  <theidiotthatisme> Seekker: That's fine, I'm bring Xubuntu ;)
03:34:13  <Brady_M> lol
03:34:19  * Seekker chuckles
03:34:25  <PWill_sick> Brady_M: I have SVGs of the logo, and the flag, so I can make it an infinite size
03:34:34  * meatballhat brings IceBuntu   :P
03:34:54  <PWill_sick> PWill_sick: brings Ubuntu server edition, command line only
03:35:08  <Seekker> lol, sounds like we'll have all the bases covered
03:35:11  <PWill_sick> heh
03:35:28  <Brady_M> PWill_sick: and put on the alsa mp3 terminal up and the ansi picture viewer lol
03:35:36  <PWill_sick> haha
03:35:42  * meatballhat brings 4MB stick of memory and a battery...
03:35:47  <theidiotthatisme> PWill_sick: Should I go ahead with OLF wiki page?
03:35:58  <PWill_sick> ~:$ aplay coolsong.wav
03:36:01  <PWill_sick> theidiotthatisme: yeah
03:36:25  <theidiotthatisme> okee dokee
03:36:38  <PWill_sick> where'd Vorian go?
03:36:43  <meatballhat> Vorian: !!
03:36:46  <Seekker> I was just wondering that too
03:36:59  <PWill_sick> I had to tell him something, but he disappeared
03:36:59  <meatballhat> you gonna send us packing or what?  :D
03:37:39  <Vorian> theidiotthatisme, do it
03:38:13  <PWill_sick> Vorian: check PM
03:38:13  <Vorian> what!
03:39:04  <Vorian> PWill_sick, nothing in pm!
03:39:16  <meatballhat> Vorian: you're supposed to tell us to wrap ... it ... up ....  ;-)
03:39:17  <Vorian> !vorian
03:39:18  <ubot3> Factoid vorian not found
03:39:25  <Vorian> oops!
03:39:32  <Vorian> ok thats all folks!

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