Discussion Points

  • Dell, System 76, and OLF
    • Dell adopts Ubuntu!
    • Partnership/sponsorship with Dell?
    • Fundraising
    • We're going "Silver" for OLF
  • Subteams
    • Projects and consolidation
    • Website details
    • Improve communication with Google Groups?
  • Meatballhat has posters!


<Vorian> welcome one and all!
<jimbo2150> Meeting is in session, the honorable meatballhat presiding.
<jimbo2150> Hi Vorian, didnt think anyone was gonna show :)
<meatballhat> :D hello hello .... /me presumes more than /me presides
<Vorian> lol
<Vorian> any one have anything before we start though the agenda?
<meatballhat> well this isn't terribly encouraging ... Vorian what's the "alert" command with chanserv.py
<meatballhat> ?
-Vorian/#ubuntu-ohio- hey!!!!!
<Vorian> like that?
<jacobmp92> whee
<meatballhat> very nice ;-)
<derspankster> what?
* seisen (n=seisen@cpe-65-189-219-165.neo.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
<meatballhat> ahoy everyone! Formal Meeting is in session!
<myr> formal?
<jimbo2150> Yep, first meeting of the month. No swearing.
<meatballhat> 1st meet of the month, so we aim to stick to the agenda : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/Meetings
<jacobmp92> myr: "official" meetings, once a month, more "get down to business" than the others
<Vorian> welcome aoirthoir Ax3 Ax4 Black5un boredandblogging Brady_M derspankster etank jacobmp92 jbsn jgedeon jimbo2150 meatballhat moe_fwacky myr PqSe_ PWill rrittenhouse ryan8403 Seekker seisen and Vorian!
<Ax4> omg
<Ax4> what
<jacobmp92> lol
<Vorian> :)
<PWill> howdy
<ohiobot> privet, PWill
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to jacobmp92
* jacobmp92 has changed the topic to: Welcome to Ubuntu Ohio! | Meeting time! | jenda & meatballhat HAVE POSTERS! BUY THEM! --> #ubuntu-marketing | #ubuntu-ohio-edu | 65 more members needed and $1200 by the LinuxFest! (so get recruiting and donating) | For info on PWill's ohiobot, go to http://www.smoothweb.net/ohiobot/ | http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org downtime sometime...?
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<PWill> i can only stay for 30 or 45 min :(
<meatballhat> First Topic: "Dell, System76, and the Ohio Linux Fest - It's money-where-mouth-is time"
<Ax4> meeting time?
<Ax4> oh jebus
<jacobmp92> :-D
<aoirthoir> howdy.
* Ax4 prepares snack food
<PWill> meatballhat: Dell rules
<meatballhat> Anybody *not* heard the news about Dell?
<Ax4> eventually im going to have to register with you guys.... lol
<jimbo2150> I posted a forum topic on it too :)
<Ax4> ?def Ax4
<Vorian> dell loves ubuntu
<Ax4> bah ohiobot is weak
<Vorian> and !automatix
<meatballhat> !offtopic
<ubotu> #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!
<Ax4> you guys know ubuntustudio is days away :D
* Ax4 gets excited
<jacobmp92> heh
<Vorian> so whats your idea meatballhat?
<meatballhat> for those who hadn't heard in past meetings, we have a pending deal with System76 for the Ohio Linux Fest
<meatballhat> Dell is currently not a listed sponsor of the Ohio Linux Fest (AFAIK)
<Brady_M> I'm here from an insane day of work (day 3)
<meatballhat> Nordstrom's is to Target as System76 is to Dell
<PWill> meatballhat: they are not
<Ax4> for anyone who's interested: http://img363.imageshack.us/img363/3126/screenshot3ws1.png
<meatballhat> so .... are we interested in a Dell deal for the Ohio Linux Fest?
<meatballhat> PWill: :D
<jacobmp92> i think so, i don't see any problems
<Vorian> meatballhat, he was clarifying for you that s76 is not a sponsor
<Vorian> :)
<jimbo2150> I say we get Dell on board!
<PWill> meatballhat: however, i am trying to get Damin to email them about sponsoring OLF
<meatballhat> not a sponsor _yet_ :)
<meatballhat> PWill: excellent
<Brady_M> *hands up, uhm if we agree, then they might put limits. Uhum, they may tell us that my PC (which I just paid for) and system 76, or even the other company who is planning to bring systems for us to *NOT8 bring them
<jacobmp92> sponsors ftw
<jacobmp92> Brady_M: that's true.. we /could/ resticker the laptops :)
<meatballhat> meh ... Dell isn't exactly at risk of being dethroned by s76 ...
<Brady_M> Yea, but they would demand it.
<meatballhat> as for the "money where mouth is" part ...
<seisen> At least see what Dell terms would be
<meatballhat> (this agenda point is multi-faceted)
<meatballhat> for all of us who spammed the IdeaStorm site... ;-)
<Vorian> seisen, they would say "we hope you have fun"
<Brady_M> Ok, *just cauousus, I'll explain my reasoning here in a sec..
<meatballhat> is anyone actually in a position to make a purchase of or influence the purchase of a Dell machine loaded with Ubuntu?
<myr> i plan to buy one
* matthewdhandley (n=matthewd@pc174056.cedarville.edu) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
<jacobmp92> meatballhat: considering i just got one (d'oh!) not here for quite some time
<meatballhat> jacobmp92: you're the exception ;-)
<jgedeon> we didn't get to BB Sunday so we will be looking at them here.
<Brady_M> Nope we are not, but since it's OLF, and this is BIG time to plug their systems, they might want to "help out" but with restrictins... or they may just show up and have their own booth *Shrug*
<meatballhat> very cool ... well, I suppose I just wanted to bring it up in the context of a Team focus ... so that we can at least have a position on the subject
<meatballhat> more talky 'bout it later, yes?
<Ax4> if there's an option to have the hdd blank, i'll do that, i'd rather do the installation myself
<Ax4> do that = buy from dell
<seisen> I doubt they would let anybody do that
<meatballhat> okay, so anybody else have strong feelings on Dell + OLF stuff?
<PWill> nope
<jacobmp92> all clear
<meatballhat> Next Point: "Subteams as parts of whole - Team-wide projects, broken up by subteams"
<PWill> pff
<meatballhat> What I wanted this to mean was simply: We have Subteams ...
<Ax4> only thing im curious about is dell support of problems with wireless... bah i can't type that fast haha
<meatballhat> and we've agreed to reduce the number of Subteams over time ...
<Brady_M> Sorry, I sacrificed a a CC payment, and almost had my LLC insurance to get my system ready for OLF, just would hate to see it goto waist. :)
<meatballhat> ...and we have a few projects that could really use some attention...
* officer (n=darren@cpe-24-210-62-246.columbus.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
<officer> hey buddy
<meatballhat> Among these projects are the following:
<meatballhat> "Library-focused CD distribution - Where are your Ubuntu CDs?"
<meatballhat> "Improving Communication across our Team landscape - Where and how are people talking?"
<meatballhat> "Our Website - How to turn this into a model LoCo Team portal see --> [WWW] http://chi.ubuntu-us.org/"
<meatballhat> "Fundraising for the Ohio Linux Fest - Again with the putting of the money where mouth is..."
<meatballhat> I can speak in detail about at least one of these .... but I'm hoping others can chime in
<jacobmp92> should we just take them one by one?
<jimbo2150> Good idea, less confusing :)
<meatballhat> indeed :)
<meatballhat> jacobmp92: the website is timely. care to dive in?
<PWill> i guess we can start with website
<jacobmp92> ok :)
<meatballhat> hehe
<PWill> we are moving to new servers :)
<jacobmp92> correct
<jacobmp92> ...and
<PWill> we have SSH, more storage, and more bandwidth
<jacobmp92> i got an email yesterday to confirm the fact, i'm just waiting for a second response
<jacobmp92> not to mention mysql5 and hp5 PWill :)
<PWill> woo
<jacobmp92> php5#
<jacobmp92> *
* jacobmp92 cannot type today
<meatballhat> jacobmp92: Python? :D
<Vorian> w00t1
<jacobmp92> meatballhat: yep
<PWill> meatballhat: yep
<PWill> bah
<ohiobot> humbug.
<Vorian> 7ha7 !5 7h3 fr3ak!ng b0mb!
<jacobmp92> lol..
<jacobmp92> anyway
<PWill> lol
<meatballhat> jacobmp92: is it mod_python, or can we use frameworks of our choosing?
<jacobmp92> we're just waiting for a namserver switch
<jacobmp92> meatballhat: the default is mod_python, but you can install frameworks
<jimbo2150> I am pretty sure mod is what I have (same host)
<jacobmp92> there are some tutorials on the host's wiki
<PWill> meatballhat: we can just make cgi scripts starting with #!/usr/bin/env python
<jacobmp92> that too, we can shut off the apache handler
<PWill> or #!/usr/bin/python
<Brady_M> meatballhat: I've placed next to the CD's at the store a donation bin, so far almost another $50.00. Thinking of doing locally some free classes, in exchange people getting help will be asked if they like to pitch in a few more dollars after the class. I can staff 15 people into my store. (Giving a little, not expecting anything back, but assuming those who apreciate the free help, would drop a few more dollars... What do y
<Brady_M> ou think?
<meatballhat> :D either way, it's cool to have Python :D
<PWill> I think $50+ in donations sounds awesome
<jacobmp92> note: the webserver downtime today was NOT DNS. that was Canonical's bad there, the whole server went offlinee
<meatballhat> Brady_M: that's wonderful!
<Vorian> hehe...
<jimbo2150> I will be learning Python this summer if you need an extra code :)
<PWill> me too :)
<jacobmp92> python ftw
<meatballhat> Python for all!!!!
<jacobmp92> too bad drupal is php, i really like python
<jacobmp92> anyway
<jacobmp92> once we finally get these shiny new nameservers moved over to, we can start "serious business" on the site.
<PWill> internet
<meatballhat> jacobmp92: very excellent
<PWill> ohiobot: the internet is serious business
<ohiobot> OK, PWill.
<PWill> internet
<ohiobot> i heard internet was serious business
<jacobmp92> lol.
<Vorian> lal
<PWill> lul
<PWill> z
<jacobmp92> :-p
<meatballhat> Brady_M already chimed in about Fundraising ... anyone else?
<jimbo2150> What is the fundraising for? The group or to go to LinuxFest?
<Brady_M> jimbo2150: Linuxfest
<jimbo2150> Oh, I assumed we were all paying our own way. :)
<jgedeon> The groups booth at Linuxfest I though.
<officer> what about bake good they sell well
<meatballhat> jimbo2150: attendance is free :)
<rrittenhouse> its free technically....
<rrittenhouse> haha
<jacobmp92> jimbo2150: its free, but we are trying to get a massive booth
<rrittenhouse> nice
<rrittenhouse> how big is this booth.. i seem to have missed that meeting
<rrittenhouse> (if we have time to get off topic)
<jimbo2150> Ah, gotcha. Are we all getting maching uniforms? That would be cool
<jacobmp92> skippy would know.. but he's not in here :-P
<jacobmp92> jimbo2150: when the time comes we can set up a Cafepress site for shirts n such :-D
<meatballhat> Is anyone else able to throw some cash in the pot? don't answer here ... just feel some shame and then contribute later ;-)
<meatballhat> jacobmp92: the shirts <--- this will figure in heavily to the DIY marketing site, too
<Brady_M> See meatballhat *points* he's crying! You want to see a grown man cry?! Common'! :)
<jacobmp92> heh heh
<PWill> Folks.
<PWill> I have news from OLF.
<jimbo2150> lol
<meatballhat> :D /me is a big baby, yesh
<meatballhat> PWill: shoot!
<Vorian> PWill, !
<Vorian> :)
<officer> :(
<seisen> :@
<jacobmp92> :|
* Vorian has quit (Remote closed the connection)
<PWill> Gold sponsorship is now $2,250. Looks like we have to go silver.
<PWill> We still get a table though.
<jacobmp92> ouch
<seisen> damn
* Vorian (n=Steve@ubuntu/member/Vorian) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
<Brady_M> YIKES! Egads!
<jimbo2150> :-[ ]
<jacobmp92> Vorian: missed that important tidbit
<PWill> Vorian: <PWill> Gold sponsorship is now $2,250. Looks like we have to go silver.
<PWill> <PWill> We still get a table though.
<PWill> jimbo2150: nice smiley
<Vorian> :-/
<PWill> i am reading over the logs right now, hold on...
<jacobmp92> OLF must be getting popular
<Vorian> f'em
<PWill> lol
<PWill> pricing ranges from $5000 for platinum, to $1000 for silver.
<jacobmp92> i have a strange feeling canonical might make a surprise appearance
<meatballhat> perhaps Dell will be more of an asset than we first expected... ;-)
<jacobmp92> PWill: O.O
<Vorian> jacobmp92, I am on that as we speak
<jacobmp92> meatballhat: +1 +1 +1
<PWill> silver it is, folk
<ohiobot> 3
<PWill> s
<officer> /meatballhatn would bake sale help people like sweets and food
<Vorian> PWill, Can you get me very detailed information about sponsorship levels?
<meatballhat> bake sales, theft, pawning ... all fair game
<officer> lol
<PWill> Vorian: Damin is putting together a price list as we speak
<Brady_M> +1 yea: I'll make another plea online with youtube. The vids are getting attention quick
<Vorian> PWill, what channel/server?
<meatballhat> Brady_M: awesome :D
<meatballhat> alright .... anybody still fired up about getting CDs to Libraries??
<meatballhat> :P
<Brady_M> meatballhat: I am, but the responce has been bleek here. I've sent Cd's last week. I don't know if you got any calls from my district
<meatballhat> Brady_M: not yet, but no worries :)
<jimbo2150> You want me to see what I can do at the university library. The main branch is next door too :)
<officer> thats a good idea
<meatballhat> I was hoping to print up some of the DVD covers shown here http://meatballhat.com/ubuntu , but ended up forking cash over to Uncle Sam instead
<Brady_M> meatballhat: what's the costs for the prints?
<meatballhat> I got pricing of 500ct 2-color at something like $200
<meatballhat> not spectacular pricing, I'm sure
<Vorian> I also just ordered 1000 stickers from Jenda
<seisen> where did you get that price at
<meatballhat> seisen: local printer
<seisen> I might and I mean might be able to get some done cheaper
<seisen> let me check and get back with you it might take a couple days
<meatballhat> seisen: get some pricing, sure! :D
<meatballhat> seisen: can you post your findings to the mailing list?
<seisen> sure how do I do that
<Brady_M> meatballhat: There's a business here which does business. maybe I can barter some services in exchange of getting some prints done. I'll check.
<Brady_M> meatballhat: uhm does prints too LOl
<seisen> now were cooking
<meatballhat> okay, (I'm talking to seisen on PM) Brady_M: check into it, yeah!
<meatballhat> moving on? :D
<Brady_M> nod
<meatballhat> last point: Improving Communication across Team landscape
<meatballhat> it's been a while since I heard about a Forum to Mailing List bridge
<jacobmp92> bridges tend to break a lot :/
<officer> couldnt we use myspace
<meatballhat> jacobmp92: tell us more!
<jacobmp92> no, oh no myspace
<jimbo2150> officer: Ugh, no
<meatballhat> officer: let's stay away from that black hole :)
* Brady_M guilty, not been holding up my part on nu team. I've been bombarded for a month now, just popping in once in awhile.
<jacobmp92> meatballhat: maybe its just me, but i tried some strange bridge for a mail address and some outdated forum software.. the overall feel is too "hackish"
<jacobmp92> there is a substantial delay between updates
<meatballhat> jacobmp92: sounds about right
<jacobmp92> and so there would be desynchronization between forum/mail
<meatballhat> hrm ... that's not so hot
<jacobmp92> (and i don't know if u-g wants a script constantly pinging the forum checking for updates, either)
<meatballhat> anybody else here active in Google Groups? this is the sort of functionality I'd love to see
<meatballhat> jacobmp92: good point
<seisen> it sounds like a good idea
<meatballhat> jacobmp92: I know we aren't the only Team interested in keeping some continuity between the List and the Forum
<myr> i prefer telepathy
<jimbo2150> meatballhat: I dont think you can post though email though, can you? I think its sent as email but posted though the site.
<jacobmp92> meatballhat: i suppose if enough teams are interested, a plugin could potentially be made for the forum to allow that
<meatballhat> jimbo2150: I think you're right.... but the threads are still grouped nicely
<meatballhat> jacobmp92: that's what I'm wondering ... if we can see if there is enough demand to warrant such a thing
<jacobmp92> +1 if it works well :)
<meatballhat> +1 here, too ...... regardless of the impossibility factor
<jimbo2150> Agrees
* meatballhat throws the word "Python" at all such problems :P
<Brady_M> +1 if I could rss feed the forums, then I could add it to my rss reader and get all the postings that are new
* jacobmp92 runs from the python now on his chair
<seisen> lol
<meatballhat> egad ... and now the meeting degenerates into nonsense :D
<jimbo2150> Any other topics?
<meatballhat> Ideas? Questions?
<Vorian> yep
<Vorian> We need professors
<meatballhat> oooooooooooh........
<Vorian> anyone interested in teaching linux classes?
<Vorian> http://ohio-edu.ubuntu-us.org
<rrittenhouse> oh yes :P
<jimbo2150> Once I get Ubuntu Certified :P
<meatballhat> :D do I get a lab coat
<meatballhat> ?
<rrittenhouse> rofl
* Vorian pouts
<jacobmp92> Vorian: out of curiosity, does moodle do live chats?
<meatballhat> yes, pretty much all of us should be Certified as Ubuntu Users
<seisen> Thats really not a bad idea
<Brady_M> just give me the test. :) *no no no...
<jimbo2150> +1 for certification
<meatballhat> It would certainly add a level of credibility to the F2F stuff
<Brady_M> +1 once I can pay for the class.
<jacobmp92> +1x^2
<meatballhat> but it ain't free
<Vorian> jacobmp92, there is that ability on moodle
<meatballhat> yesh
<Vorian> meatballhat, that will never happen
<meatballhat> :D
<jacobmp92> who knows, we thought Dell + Ubuntu would never happen B-)
<Brady_M> If it's costs as much as my RH 133 coarse... it was... $1,500.00 ... boy I hope not...*sigh*
<meatballhat> it shouldn't be free ... it's a valuable service that can't be losslessly copied
<meatballhat> ;-)
<jacobmp92> right
<jacobmp92> the price is something for the googles to find out
<jacobmp92> http://www.ubuntu.com/partners/training/certificationcourses/professiona...
* Brady_M would be a good investment for me.... hmmm *thinking about it.
<seisen> http://www.lpi.org/en/lpi/english/certification/ubuntu_mysql/ubuntu_cert...
<meatballhat> http://www.vue.com/ <--- not on the site last I checked, but these places are practically everywhere
<Vorian> This is meant to be a steet-smart moodle linux class
<Vorian> classes
<meatballhat> Vorian: yes, more about that!!!
<jacobmp92> mysql exams is $200
* Vorian got his feelings hurt
<jacobmp92> s/is/are
<seisen> you have to be a linux certified first :(
<jacobmp92> looks like canonical exam is $100..?
<rrittenhouse> Vorian, I would like to be involved in the educational portion. I used to work at a college and had to set up their blackboard server and manage it...
<meatballhat> Vorian: any chance you (or someone) can get a Spec written up about the "Ubuntu university" idea?
<Vorian> meatballhat, I want to figure out the nuances of the moodle and linux edu first.
<meatballhat> right on
<Vorian> but if everyone is wanting to be certified, then no one will be able to help
<jacobmp92> true
<Vorian> and we are just wasting Canonicals server space
<meatballhat> :) meh .... whatever
<Brady_M> All we need is Ubuntu Professional: Course 1 right now.
<jacobmp92> Brady_M: to get that you need all three LPI courses though
<meatballhat> Vorian: you were envisioning a street-smart approach, you said
<Vorian> ALL we need is how to install programs, get wifi to work, get multi media
<Vorian> ect...
<seisen> you only need the first one
<meatballhat> right
<jacobmp92> Vorian: +1
<ohiobot> 1
<seisen> -
<jacobmp92> ?
<Vorian> seisen, ?
* Brady_M sets his lappy on fire *aghh! 7 days! maan I wish I had that time..
<rrittenhouse> haha
<seisen> hit the keyboard
<rrittenhouse> no dont :P
<rrittenhouse> hit the desk
* Vorian throws water on Brady_M's keyboard
<Vorian> oops!
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to jacobmp92
* jacobmp92 sets ban on %*!*@unaffiliated/pwill/bot/ohiobot
* ChanServ removes channel operator status from jacobmp92
<Vorian> I mean CO2
<jacobmp92> *oops* :)

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