August 6, 2008


  • Ohio Linux Fest 2008
    • - We will have a booth at Ohio Linux Fest - OLF demos were discussed - A rep. from System 76 was present (wm76) - Sponsors
      • - Canonical has been contacted for CDs. - System 76 is providing support.

Meeting Log

(09:01:34 PM) The topic for #ubuntu-us-oh is: Welcome to Ubuntu Ohio! || OLF has a channel on Freenode now ~ #ohiolinux || Lets focus on getting a Bug Jam planned! Ping Vorian or Jacob about prepwork etc... || Meeting tonight, 9:00pm
(09:01:39 PM) tnseditor: hi everyone
(09:01:39 PM) Derath: Hi tns
(09:01:41 PM) jacob: hallo tnseditor
(09:01:49 PM) tnseditor: how's everyone tonight?
(09:01:57 PM) meoblast001: hi
(09:01:58 PM) meoblast001: meeting
(09:02:03 PM) meoblast001: should i x out fl studio?
(09:02:11 PM) jacob: tnseditor: good good, i was just suggesting we talk about this on the forums, since we only have 3-4 people here atm
(09:02:14 PM) tnseditor: fl studio?
(09:02:20 PM) jacob: after a basic briefing anyway
(09:02:24 PM) tnseditor: oh
(09:02:26 PM) tnseditor: ok
(09:02:43 PM) Derath: and our special guest?
(09:02:44 PM) meoblast001: ctrl + alt + backspace
(09:02:45 PM) tnseditor: well
(09:02:48 PM) wm76 [n=carl@c-67-176-31-81.hsd1.co.comcast.net] entered the room.
(09:02:55 PM) tnseditor: now he's here :-)
(09:02:56 PM) jacob: ^.^
(09:02:57 PM) tnseditor: hi Carl
(09:02:59 PM) meoblast001: =)
(09:03:01 PM) Derath: :)
(09:03:02 PM) meoblast001: hi mr sys76
(09:03:06 PM) jacob: hello wm76 :)
(09:03:08 PM) wm76: hey all
(09:03:24 PM) tnseditor: how are you tonight?
(09:03:29 PM) meoblast001: so this meeting is about LinuxFest Ohio right?
(09:03:32 PM) jacob: bit of a small audience tonight, but i suppose we can get some things done :)
(09:03:37 PM) wm76: good, tornado warnings are sounding outside
(09:03:41 PM) tnseditor: Ohio Linux Fest, yes
(09:03:42 PM) tnseditor: ooo
(09:03:44 PM) wm76: may have to move to the basement soon
(09:03:44 PM) jacob: wm76: nasty
(09:03:44 PM) tnseditor: wow
(09:03:50 PM) Derath: Yikes
(09:03:50 PM) tnseditor: stay safe
(09:04:05 PM) wm76: alright, so Linux Fest
(09:04:18 PM) tnseditor: right
(09:04:22 PM) meoblast001: right
(09:04:26 PM) jacob: right: basic overview of booth status
(09:04:36 PM) meoblast001: we ahve a booth?
(09:04:42 PM) jacob: already registered for a NPO booth in the non-profit section
(09:04:45 PM) tnseditor: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/OLF
(09:04:47 PM) PPKbot: Title: OhioTeam/OLF - Ubuntu Wiki (at wiki.ubuntu.com)
(09:05:03 PM) jacob: currently awaiting a reply from Canonical regarding a possible booth sponsorship
(09:05:12 PM) tnseditor: CDs have been ordered
(09:05:24 PM) meoblast001: so the CD's go in the booth?
(09:05:28 PM) jacob: if the sponsorship pulls through, wm76, would you be okay having systems at a canonical-sponsored booth?
(09:05:44 PM) jacob: (assuming that happens and I am able to get an ACK from canonical as well)
(09:05:56 PM) wm76: we have laptops, powered by ubuntu stickers, brochures
(09:06:04 PM) wm76: coupons for attendies
(09:06:10 PM) tnseditor: :-D
(09:06:15 PM) jacob: cool cool
(09:06:15 PM) meoblast001: powered by ubuntu stickers
(09:06:17 PM) meoblast001: i want one lol
(09:06:18 PM) tnseditor: I saw the new systems the other day :-)
(09:06:29 PM) Derath: need to be careful, I might start drooling... lol
(09:06:35 PM) wm76: we're excited about them
(09:06:53 PM) jacob: they look nice
(09:06:55 PM) meoblast001: as a matter of fact..... there is something in ubuntu brainstorm regarding including Powered by Ubuntu stickers in all Ubuntu CS's
(09:06:59 PM) meoblast001: CD*
(09:07:19 PM) wm76: that makes sense, we're trying to keep up world wide
(09:07:27 PM) wm76: 22 countries so far
(09:07:30 PM) jacob: cool
(09:07:31 PM) tnseditor: wowzers
(09:07:34 PM) meoblast001: 22 countries of what?
(09:07:38 PM) meoblast001: the stickers?
(09:07:39 PM) tnseditor: cheese :-p
(09:07:41 PM) wm76: distributing stickers
(09:07:52 PM) meoblast001: i want a sticker lol
(09:07:57 PM) Derath: WOW!
(09:08:10 PM) tnseditor: just send System 76 a self addressed envelope :-)
(09:08:13 PM) meoblast001: one to go next to my half eaten Windows sticker (shows that Ubuntu and Intel eat Windows
(09:08:15 PM) tnseditor: I did about a year ago
(09:08:15 PM) wm76: so we have the new lineup
(09:08:22 PM) wm76: ha!
(09:08:28 PM) wm76: we ran out and they're taking orwever
(09:08:44 PM) wm76: but we have a new Serval and 17" on the way
(09:08:48 PM) tnseditor: :-D
(09:08:52 PM) jacob: wm76: ooh, nice
(09:08:56 PM) jacob: they look really shiny
(09:09:06 PM) wm76: what do you guys want to display at the show
(09:09:33 PM) meoblast001: is wm76 like the president of Sys76?
(09:09:34 PM) meoblast001: O_o
(09:09:45 PM) wm76: yes
(09:09:47 PM) meoblast001: omg
(09:09:48 PM) tnseditor: we would like to be able to demonstrate different flavors (Ubuntu, Edubuntu, Kubuntu, etc.)
(09:09:58 PM) jacob: wm76: we're looking at some basic single-app demos, and probably a kiosk system for visitors to play on
(09:10:05 PM) wm76: i'm on kubuntu intrepid now
(09:10:09 PM) wm76: we're thinking about it
(09:10:34 PM) meoblast001: wm76: i must say i like the pholosphy..... i loved it actually.... i just had trouble building a PC on your site that's cheaper than one i could build myself =/
(09:10:43 PM) meoblast001: wm76: if you ever need help selecting hardware, i can help
(09:10:53 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: hey guys
(09:10:57 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: sorry I'm late
(09:10:58 PM) tnseditor: meoblast001: they also want to make a profit
(09:10:59 PM) tnseditor: hi picard_pwns_kirk
(09:11:10 PM) jacob: i've requested a powered booth at OLF (that is, if we keep the NPO booth, an expo booth would be powered) so we should be fine on that front
(09:11:12 PM) Derath: welcome back ppk
(09:11:46 PM) jacob: hello picard_pwns_kirk
(09:11:51 PM) Derath: I'll look around in my closet for a power strip, I believe I have a spare one...
(09:11:59 PM) meoblast001: thseditor: i actually did a little calulation of (if i wanted to sell one) how much it would cost to get some nice profit and actually have extra money to pay for any waranty
(09:12:23 PM) meoblast001: tnseditor: and it was 50 bucks cheaper with .4 GHz extra
(09:12:34 PM) meoblast001: but then again
(09:12:36 PM) meoblast001: im not a pro
(09:12:39 PM) jacob: tnseditor: were you at OLF last year? (i wasn't)
(09:12:39 PM) tnseditor: but you gotta figure a lot of other stuff too
(09:12:41 PM) tnseditor: no
(09:12:44 PM) wm76: it's an interesting business
(09:12:44 PM) jacob: okay
(09:12:58 PM) Derath: I was there, but didn't work the booth...
(09:13:00 PM) wm76: we have "upstream" just like a distro
(09:13:07 PM) jacob: i was going to ask what we displayed last year, but no one is here who was there
(09:13:17 PM) ***picard_pwns_kirk was there
(09:13:22 PM) jacob: oh right, duh.
(09:13:24 PM) tnseditor: plus overhead costs, website development and related things, and more
(09:13:27 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: but as an attendee
(09:13:34 PM) jacob: picard_pwns_kirk: what was at our booth, if you remember
(09:13:35 PM) tnseditor: vorian: are you here?
(09:13:42 PM) jacob: tnseditor: he's /away
(09:13:46 PM) tnseditor: oh
(09:13:47 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: jacob: CDs, and a few laptops, I think
(09:13:47 PM) tnseditor: oops :-p
(09:13:51 PM) Derath: I believe there were 2 laptops at the booth, but not sure what they had... along with flyers and cds...
(09:13:54 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: also, you guys had brochures
(09:13:57 PM) wm76: i think we had a serval and dater there
(09:14:02 PM) wm76: darter
(09:14:13 PM) jacob: ok
(09:14:27 PM) meoblast001: i dont understand these words
(09:14:37 PM) jacob: meoblast001: they are system76 systems
(09:14:38 PM) tnseditor: www.system76.com
(09:14:39 PM) Derath: meo: Laptop models...
(09:14:39 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: there sys76 models
(09:14:43 PM) tnseditor: it's their model names
(09:14:45 PM) dm [n=dm@cpe-75-180-28-178.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(09:14:46 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: they're**
(09:14:47 PM) meoblast001: oh i only looked at the desktops
(09:14:49 PM) tnseditor: hi dm
(09:14:52 PM) dm: Hey guys, long time no see
(09:14:55 PM) tnseditor: hi
(09:15:01 PM) jacob: aye dm, good to see you
(09:15:05 PM) dm: Same
(09:15:13 PM) tnseditor: we're meeting tonight with Carl ( wm76 ) from System 76
(09:15:16 PM) dm: I just put Hardy on my main PC
(09:15:22 PM) jacob: we're talking about LinuxFest
(09:15:24 PM) dm: oh, did i interupt?
(09:15:28 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: stupid english language
(09:15:29 PM) tnseditor: no
(09:15:29 PM) meoblast001: jacob: so what exactly do we (well.. i wont be there) plan to do with these systems?
(09:15:39 PM) jacob: no dm, you're just a part of the party now ;)
(09:15:40 PM) wm76: make ubuntu look stellar
(09:15:48 PM) jacob: meoblast001: what wm76 said :)
(09:15:51 PM) Derath: EXactly!
(09:16:05 PM) meoblast001: jacob: he said a lot of stuff =P
(09:16:12 PM) wm76: couple things to consider
(09:16:15 PM) jacob: meoblast001: then look a line above mine
(09:16:16 PM) wm76: apps make ubuntu shine
(09:16:28 PM) tnseditor: right
(09:16:31 PM) wm76: and attract folks to the booth
(09:16:43 PM) Derath: Hmmm... Compiz enabled at the show? or maybe use compiz-switch?
(09:16:45 PM) meoblast001: oh
(09:16:46 PM) jacob: wm76: they do, and this is a cheesy way to get some attention: compiz demo script runs as a screensaver
(09:16:57 PM) meoblast001: so it's going to be used as a display?
(09:17:05 PM) wm76: we have a good response from celestia
(09:17:17 PM) Derath: Good point! Celestia is very nice
(09:17:18 PM) jacob: when people don't use it, it simply could go into some cube/wobbly windows effect demo
(09:17:19 PM) wm76: and stelarium
(09:17:29 PM) jacob: :)
(09:17:31 PM) tnseditor: yes :-D
(09:18:12 PM) meoblast001: good news..... a freind of mine just got someone to go Linux
(09:18:19 PM) tnseditor: good
(09:18:21 PM) meoblast001: checking to see if its Ubuntu
(09:18:25 PM) meoblast001: just throwing that out there
(09:18:27 PM) Derath: meo: cool!
(09:18:44 PM) jacob: wm76: this is unrelated, but did you guys find a manufacturer to replace that darn Windows key on the keyboards?
(09:19:00 PM) meoblast001: so will compiz-fusion be on?
(09:19:02 PM) wm76: yes that was a critical bug
(09:19:19 PM) jacob: i can't remember who it was, but someone was selling custom keyboards with the Ubuntu logo already on the key
(09:19:25 PM) tnseditor: meoblast001: of course :-)
(09:19:29 PM) jacob: meoblast001: most likely, unless some critical bug crops up
(09:19:32 PM) meoblast001: ok
(09:19:47 PM) meoblast001: jacob: did you read my Ubuntu configuration guide the other day?
(09:20:02 PM) meoblast001: i mean
(09:20:04 PM) meoblast001: compiz-fusion
(09:20:10 PM) jacob: meoblast001: the compiz one? i skimmed it, heh
(09:20:24 PM) meoblast001: imho it makes ubuntu look REALLY nice
(09:20:43 PM) morepowerr [n=morepowe@cpe-76-181-0-144.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(09:20:46 PM) jacob: for the expo, we should try to keep the systems as default-looking as possible though ;)
(09:20:48 PM) meoblast001: it even gets window transparency going to where it looks cool but you can still read the words on the screen perfect without straining the eyes one bit
(09:20:50 PM) dm: So... im getting this weird BLUR when i change focus in compiz
(09:20:51 PM) tnseditor: hi morepowerr
(09:20:56 PM) meoblast001: jacob: true
(09:21:03 PM) morepowerr: hay
(09:21:04 PM) Derath: I contacted Jeremiah Gray (www.hackettandbankwell.com), I have to double-check with him, I did tell him I was only representing the LoCo and not OLF, so I have to see if he's still interested in sending copies of his comic...
(09:21:05 PM) meoblast001: jacob: but at least do desktop cube
(09:21:12 PM) meoblast001: jacob: and switch from "cover" to "flip
(09:21:17 PM) morepowerr: sorry i late
(09:21:18 PM) dm: nm it was bicubic filtering.
(09:21:21 PM) tnseditor: that's fine
(09:21:26 PM) jacob: cool Derath
(09:21:34 PM) wm76: are other system builders helping out?
(09:21:39 PM) Derath: and no additional word from ZAR...
(09:21:46 PM) jacob: another experiment: Intrepid-backed display? I know there are some who want to see that shiny new theme..
(09:21:52 PM) meoblast001: jacob: if ppl see "flip" they will immediately attatch it to "Vista effects at a cheper price and its faster"
(09:22:06 PM) meoblast001: jacob: the good old "Vista WOW"..... lol Vista.... wow.... ironic
(09:22:06 PM) jacob: wm76: not at the moment, but i'm not entirely sure
(09:22:11 PM) tnseditor: wm76: as far as I know no other companies are helping now
(09:22:17 PM) tnseditor: what jacob said :-p
(09:22:19 PM) jacob: wm76: someone did contact another vendor, but there was no response at all
(09:22:41 PM) tnseditor: I have really liked Carl's quick responses :-)
(09:22:47 PM) jacob: +1
(09:23:01 PM) wm76: moving slowly...
(09:23:06 PM) dm: meoblas001 ignorance is a wonderful thing isnt it.
(09:23:13 PM) tnseditor: Vista... WOW... look at the hardware requirements, the nagging cancel/allows, etc. :-p
(09:23:18 PM) jacob: I don't know (again, if Canonical sponsorships) if there will be systems from Canonical there, but it's possible
(09:23:30 PM) dm: tnseditor not to mention the poor VM support
(09:23:39 PM) tnseditor: yes
(09:23:46 PM) tnseditor: among many other things
(09:23:56 PM) dm: tnseditor the same server that runs 6 instances of Xp runs only 1-2 vista
(09:23:59 PM) dm: and its slow
(09:24:00 PM) Derath: I should have my personal lappy with me, assuming it's still functional
(09:24:02 PM) jacob: (not to be a party pooper, but you can shut off those UAC cancel/allows ;))
(09:24:05 PM) tnseditor: "Ask not what Vista can do for you, but what you can buy for vista!"
(09:24:14 PM) tnseditor: I know
(09:24:24 PM) tnseditor: but that kills the "enhanced Vista security"
(09:24:25 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(09:24:37 PM) dm: with DCS technology
(09:24:41 PM) tnseditor: yes :-p
(09:24:45 PM) jacob: we'll need to figure out who is bringing what closer to the show and depending on the final booth size
(09:24:50 PM) tnseditor: right
(09:24:55 PM) dm: so what music app do you hooligans use now a days.
(09:25:05 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: amarok
(09:25:07 PM) jacob: dm: I'm a Banshee fan
(09:25:08 PM) tnseditor: I still use Rhythmbox :-)
(09:25:10 PM) dm: not a KDE person
(09:25:15 PM) dm: Banshee finally working properly?
(09:25:16 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: neither am I
(09:25:21 PM) wm76: amarok... but i miss Rhythmbox
(09:25:22 PM) jacob: dm: aye, with the 1.2 release
(09:25:34 PM) dm: last time i used it, it was buggy as hell
(09:25:37 PM) meoblast001: sorry i was away for a second
(09:25:47 PM) meoblast001: my sister made me listen to her song she wrote on the guitar
(09:25:48 PM) jacob: dm: agreed, but the 1.0 - 1.2 series is really nice
(09:25:50 PM) tnseditor: someone was trying to make a coverflow like thing for Rhythmbox at one point in time
(09:26:22 PM) meoblast001: tnseditor: if we can show the only good thing about Vista in Ubuntu + speed + security - system requirements then we're doing good
(09:26:32 PM) jacob: anywho, OT: do we have any more OLF business to cover
(09:26:36 PM) morepowerr: audacious /me miss xmms :?(
(09:26:59 PM) tnseditor: what would system 76 be willing to provide system wise?
(09:27:13 PM) wm76: you guys have first pick
(09:27:16 PM) tnseditor: we would also need a contact person (for delivery of the stuff)
(09:27:18 PM) wm76: press reviews are coming up
(09:27:26 PM) wm76: current Darter and Pangolin
(09:27:35 PM) meoblast001: jacob: about how long will each user have on the system....... if its a nice medium amount of time.... including wine could be good
(09:27:54 PM) tnseditor: I would leave wine off
(09:27:59 PM) jacob: meoblast001: i don't think we really need to limit users, it's an expo with hundreds of booths
(09:28:02 PM) ***Derath agrees with tns
(09:28:05 PM) jacob: +1 on leaving wine out
(09:28:09 PM) tnseditor: because that's just another thing that could go horribly wrong
(09:28:12 PM) jacob: imo, these should be vanilla Ubuntu boxes
(09:28:13 PM) tnseditor: well...
(09:28:17 PM) tnseditor: not horribly, but still
(09:28:21 PM) jacob: ^.^
(09:28:22 PM) dm: jacob im murdering you if it's not good
(09:28:33 PM) meoblast001: vanila?
(09:28:34 PM) jacob: wm76: we'll take whatever you're willing to provide :)
(09:28:40 PM) Derath: jacob: Not completely vanilla... some add-on apps... celestia, stellarium, etc...
(09:28:42 PM) morepowerr: set up WoW or Other mmorpg on wine would be nice
(09:28:44 PM) Derath: amarok
(09:28:46 PM) jacob: meoblast001: vanilla as in unchanged for the most part
(09:28:48 PM) dm: I play wow on mine
(09:29:06 PM) dm: my mouse doesnt work properly. but other than that, works great.
(09:29:07 PM) wm76: screens moving at the booth help
(09:29:07 PM) meoblast001: jacob: well then there would be nothing to talk about here lol..... i think a few minor modifications would be good
(09:29:07 PM) jacob: you guys are nuts about games :P
(09:29:15 PM) meoblast001: jacob: maybe wine is a little too much
(09:29:22 PM) Derath: more: No network connections at OLF... so mmorpg is pointless...
(09:29:23 PM) snap-l left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
(09:29:23 PM) meoblast001: im not nuts about games
(09:29:23 PM) wm76: like the blender moving playing in the background
(09:29:36 PM) jacob: wm76: stuff like that is nice
(09:29:48 PM) dm: Derath you can pay for one if im not mistaken
(09:29:48 PM) meoblast001: include an AT&T broadband cards
(09:29:50 PM) meoblast001: card*
(09:29:50 PM) jacob: i mean we should keep the systems not completely littered with apps
(09:29:51 PM) meoblast001: lol
(09:29:59 PM) dm: Derath if its hosted at the Ohio convention center
(09:30:10 PM) Derath: wm: That's not a bad idea... have a system in the back playing elephant dreams or the newest blender pic...
(09:30:11 PM) meoblast001: 'if anyone has a broadband card sitting around
(09:30:16 PM) meoblast001: that could come in good use
(09:30:18 PM) jacob: meoblast001: there is wifi at the CCC
(09:30:21 PM) meoblast001: oh
(09:30:24 PM) meoblast001: CCC?
(09:30:28 PM) morepowerr: Wish i could get some one to help build nice mmorpg for linux something better then plane shift any way
(09:30:31 PM) jacob: meoblast001: Columbus Convention Center
(09:30:33 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: columbus convention center
(09:30:35 PM) meoblast001: oh
(09:30:36 PM) dm: jacob so far so good
(09:30:44 PM) meoblast001: jacob: i want to go
(09:30:48 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: well, I have starcraft in wine, if anyone wants to demo that
(09:31:04 PM) meoblast001: demo Nexuiz lol
(09:31:09 PM) jacob: meoblast001: you're free to, register at http://ohiolinux.org for your pass (free)
(09:31:10 PM) PPKbot: Title: Ohio LinuxFest 2008 | Free and Open Source Software Conference and Expo | Columbus, Ohio | October 11, 2008 (at ohiolinux.org)
(09:31:10 PM) meoblast001: with everything maxed
(09:31:12 PM) dm: Jacob so far im impressed
(09:31:19 PM) meoblast001: jacob: do they come pick me up too?
(09:31:22 PM) snap-l [n=snap-l@adsl-69-209-149-241.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] entered the room.
(09:31:22 PM) morepowerr: Have Wow and DAoC in wine here
(09:31:24 PM) jacob: meoblast001: no
(09:31:35 PM) meoblast001: jacob: do they at least convince my mom to take me?
(09:31:35 PM) jacob: meoblast001: it's an event, not a shuttle service ;)
(09:31:36 PM) wm76: OLF is largely Linux users and press?
(09:31:44 PM) Derath: more: Might have to bring your system as a demo... :)
(09:32:01 PM) jacob: wm76: yes, though i've heard of a lot of general tech folks visiting
(09:33:02 PM) jacob: wm76: general attendance is around 1,000 - 1,500 (anyone have a more concrete number from last year?)
(09:33:05 PM) wm76: we may be able to come up with a scripted demo
(09:33:16 PM) jacob: cool :)
(09:33:18 PM) tnseditor: ooo :-)
(09:33:20 PM) meoblast001: wm76: later you need to tell me how you did it..... like... set up a computer selling company... i would love to know
(09:33:27 PM) meoblast001: computer manufacturing rather
(09:33:29 PM) Derath: I believe it was over 1500 last year... hard to tell with the walk-ins that came around...
(09:33:33 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: he's probably just an employee
(09:33:37 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: he just works there :D
(09:33:49 PM) ***Derath smirks
(09:33:50 PM) meoblast001: picard_pwns_kirk: he told me hes presidnent... i think
(09:34:01 PM) wm76: i'm happy too share
(09:34:04 PM) meoblast001: picard_pwns_kirk: maybe my eyes got lost in IRC
(09:35:23 PM) jacob: got quiet...
(09:35:33 PM) jacob: any more LinuxFest related infos/questions?
(09:35:47 PM) meoblast001: i has a question... probably
(09:35:49 PM) Derath: Oh yeah... I forgot, LoCo had case badges/stickers last year...
(09:35:52 PM) tnseditor: not at the moment
(09:35:55 PM) Derath: that's when I got mine :)
(09:35:57 PM) morepowerr: 3 things I like to start working on. As I lean more about programing on linux. Need to write media converter,mmorpg and make female aneroid.
(09:36:17 PM) dm: anyone know how to change the color of tooltips ?
(09:36:21 PM) meoblast001: jacob: so what will ppl be doing on these systems? just using them and doing whatever?
(09:36:42 PM) jacob: meoblast001: yes, it's a conference show, probably having a 1-minute look at them, asking a few questions, then moving on
(09:36:54 PM) meoblast001: oh
(09:37:00 PM) meoblast001: Hardy?
(09:37:04 PM) meoblast001: or Intrepid Alpha?
(09:37:10 PM) meoblast001: i'd guess Hardy
(09:37:13 PM) meoblast001: as Intrepid has bugs
(09:37:19 PM) jacob: meoblast001: most likely Hardy, Intrepid will be in the RC phase so that is certainly possible
(09:37:29 PM) meoblast001: oh yeah
(09:37:31 PM) meoblast001: i forgot
(09:37:31 PM) Derath: Intrepid will be close to release by OLF...
(09:37:39 PM) meoblast001: OLF isn't for a while
(09:37:42 PM) Derath: lol beat me to it
(09:37:43 PM) jacob: probably only about 2 weeks after if i remember right
(09:37:43 PM) tnseditor: Oct. 11
(09:37:57 PM) tnseditor: Intrepid Release on October 31 I think
(09:38:02 PM) tnseditor: (Happy Halloween) :-p
(09:38:08 PM) jacob: ^.^
(09:38:15 PM) meoblast001: X_O
(09:38:23 PM) meoblast001: arg im a pirate
(09:38:40 PM) jacob: okay, sounds like we're about done with OLF, bug jam discussion time?
(09:38:46 PM) jacob: wm76: do you have any more questions for us?
(09:39:01 PM) Derath: Actually...
(09:39:02 PM) meoblast001: bugs are attracted to jam
(09:39:05 PM) Derath: one last question...
(09:39:17 PM) wm76: how about lining up a podcast interview for the ubuntu booth at OLF
(09:39:20 PM) tnseditor: meoblast001: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-KvtAuLezY
(09:39:21 PM) PPKbot: Title: YouTube - Our Friendly Pirate Ship is rocking on the sea (at www.youtube.com)
(09:39:28 PM) Derath: What will be needed of the "Contact Person" aside from carrying the demo units to olf?
(09:39:32 PM) wm76: linux action show or some others
(09:39:33 PM) tnseditor: that would be cool wm76
(09:39:41 PM) Derath: and the question is for both LoCo and wm76...
(09:39:42 PM) morepowerr: ya ? is bug jam - new to this takeing to othe rpoeplr thing!
(09:39:43 PM) jacob: indeed
(09:39:59 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: LAS is on the other side of the continent, I think
(09:40:01 PM) jacob: morepowerr: in a moment
(09:40:16 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: the source show might be able to do something, if they're still producing
(09:40:17 PM) meoblast001: so who's doing a podcast with what?
(09:40:26 PM) jacob: picard_pwns_kirk: OLF is still a pretty big expo, LAS could still be a good cast
(09:40:38 PM) meoblast001: OMG
(09:40:40 PM) Derath: tllts will be recording... not a live show, but recording all the same...
(09:40:47 PM) meoblast001: anyone have a video camera?
(09:40:50 PM) meoblast001: that's going toOLF?
(09:40:58 PM) ***picard_pwns_kirk no can haz video camera
(09:41:04 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: someone did a video last year
(09:41:09 PM) jacob: meoblast001: someone had a camera last year, we'll work something out
(09:41:09 PM) tnseditor: brady did
(09:41:19 PM) tnseditor: (splitpaw)
(09:41:19 PM) meoblast001: you could ask ppl "so what did you think of Ubuntu"
(09:41:22 PM) meoblast001: and they can answer
(09:41:24 PM) meoblast001: and we can publish it
(09:41:28 PM) meoblast001: all over the YouTue
(09:41:29 PM) Derath: wm: What would be needed of the "contact person"?
(09:41:34 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: well, most people there have used ubuntu
(09:41:39 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: some are Linux professionals
(09:41:43 PM) wm76: blood samples
(09:41:47 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(09:41:51 PM) jacob: ^.^
(09:41:52 PM) meoblast001: well then why are we setting up a booth? =P
(09:41:58 PM) Derath: lol and I'm afraid of needles... I'm out! j/k
(09:41:59 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: do they have to pee in a cup too?
(09:42:08 PM) morepowerr: to meet people
(09:42:08 PM) wm76: probably
(09:42:09 PM) tnseditor: meoblast001: we are collecting blood for the red cross
(09:42:25 PM) meoblast001: im confused
(09:42:29 PM) meoblast001: thats the enterence fee?
(09:42:31 PM) meoblast001: blood?
(09:42:38 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: yeah
(09:42:47 PM) jacob: meoblast001: *sarcasm.*
(09:42:49 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: they suck 8 ounces of blood out
(09:42:58 PM) meoblast001: i dont like losing blood
(09:43:00 PM) wm76: we'll setup shipment and everything of line
(09:43:02 PM) meoblast001: X_X
(09:43:03 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: and then beat you with the bags
(09:43:16 PM) Derath: I am planning on going to OLF, and I have some family members that would be at home for a UPS/Fedex....
(09:43:35 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: eh, doubt you could trust me with the computers
(09:43:41 PM) jacob: tnseditor: what's your going-to-the-expo status, and would you be willing to be the contact for s76 business
(09:43:42 PM) meoblast001: so are we really collecting blood?
(09:43:45 PM) jacob: meoblast001: no
(09:43:48 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: meoblast001: no
(09:43:49 PM) meoblast001: oh
(09:43:50 PM) meoblast001: lol
(09:44:01 PM) meoblast001: so whats the point of the booth if everyone already used Ubuntu?
(09:44:02 PM) tnseditor: I still don't know whether I'm going or not
(09:44:12 PM) jacob: meoblast001: it's LINUXfest, not ubuntufest
(09:44:12 PM) meoblast001: i cant this year
(09:44:14 PM) ***picard_pwns_kirk nominates jacob to receive the shipment
(09:44:17 PM) meoblast001: jacob: i know
(09:44:27 PM) meoblast001: jacob: someone said most ppl already used Ubunt
(09:44:27 PM) meoblast001: u
(09:44:39 PM) morepowerr: why not i am use to it clean 0+
(09:44:43 PM) jacob: i can handle shipment & such
(09:44:43 PM) tnseditor: I would like to keep in contact with System 76, but I'm not sure if I'm going or not.... hopefully I would know sometime around the first part of September
(09:45:01 PM) Derath: jacob: We can leave contact open for a short time until someone is capable...
(09:45:04 PM) jacob: tnseditor: okay, that's fine
(09:45:10 PM) jacob: Derath: sounds good
(09:45:35 PM) jacob: wm76: what's the latest date someone should contact you if the expo is the 11th?
(09:45:56 PM) tnseditor: wm76: I'm looking at the Pangolin customization page... what's the difference between a 6 cell smart Li-ION battery and a regular one?
(09:45:59 PM) wm76: i'll reserve the systems... oct. 1 to receive in good time
(09:46:11 PM) jacob: wm76: sound good, thanks
(09:46:11 PM) tnseditor: I should definitely know by then
(09:46:36 PM) wm76: tnseditor: nothing
(09:46:38 PM) tnseditor: oh
(09:46:40 PM) tnseditor: ok :-)
(09:46:42 PM) tnseditor: thanks
(09:46:45 PM) meoblast001: so who pays for them?
(09:46:52 PM) meoblast001: Canonical?
(09:47:06 PM) jacob: meoblast001: they are demo/media units, they are returned once used
(09:47:06 PM) wm76: pays for?
(09:47:26 PM) meoblast001: so what if someone throws up on a system...... is Sys76 going to resell it?
(09:47:30 PM) tnseditor: could we sell them at OLF if someone wanted one?
(09:47:32 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: meoblast001: they're on loan
(09:47:42 PM) Derath: tns: Good question there...
(09:47:48 PM) meoblast001: that is a good question
(09:47:49 PM) jacob: meoblast001: then we'll probably have to bite the bullet on that
(09:47:51 PM) wm76: tns: no
(09:47:55 PM) tnseditor: ok
(09:48:06 PM) jacob: meoblast001: so let's try to not decapitate anything
(09:48:10 PM) morepowerr: I prob come up and watch both with you all will. But dont blame me if every one run away in fear.
(09:48:17 PM) meoblast001: jacob: or if someone lost too much blood and passed out and dented the system =P
(09:48:36 PM) jacob: meoblast001: uhm... never mind.
(09:48:41 PM) tnseditor: meoblast001: don't scare wm76
(09:48:41 PM) meoblast001: lol
(09:48:55 PM) meoblast001: ok
(09:49:05 PM) ***picard_pwns_kirk will stand by the systems with a tazer
(09:49:06 PM) dm left the room (quit: "Ex-Chat").
(09:49:11 PM) tnseditor: meoblast001: will not touch the demos
(09:49:21 PM) tnseditor: picard_pwns_kirk: good idea :-p
(09:49:25 PM) Derath: Does CCC have a rule against Concealled Carry?
(09:49:29 PM) wm76: no worries, it was great seeing last years show
(09:49:31 PM) jacob: i've got lock cables to snap the systems down to prevent the rare case someone wants to snag-n-run
(09:49:48 PM) tnseditor: jacob: also a good idea (in all seriousness)
(09:49:54 PM) jacob: Derath: yes, if i remember correctly
(09:50:05 PM) Derath: Well, so much for that idea ;)
(09:50:15 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: NOES! YOU TOOK THE LAPTOP!
(09:50:17 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: *BANG*
(09:50:31 PM) meoblast001: bang?
(09:50:34 PM) meoblast001: we got guns?
(09:50:39 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: totally
(09:50:39 PM) Derath: No better theft deterrent... lol
(09:51:07 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: I'm gonna carry a machine gun in my jacket when i go to OLF and protect the laptops >_<
(09:51:19 PM) jacob: :P
(09:51:48 PM) Derath: Okay, moving off the frightening aspects...
(09:51:55 PM) jacob: +1
(09:51:56 PM) wm76: any other questions... OLF ideas
(09:52:02 PM) meoblast001: jacob: if for any rare reason i go to LinuxFest this year.... or if i go next year (i think i willl), then can i hang out at the Ubuntu booth and help out lol
(09:52:02 PM) morepowerr: I would bring my laptop but people always look at me funny when they see me background. :-/
(09:52:14 PM) tnseditor: I don't have any more at the current time... I'll e-mail if I have any :-)
(09:52:16 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: I'll definitely bring mine
(09:52:28 PM) jacob: meoblast001: next year, yes, proving you stay for it
(09:52:31 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: and if you need any backup, I'm the asian kid
(09:52:34 PM) tnseditor: morepowerr: what's your background?
(09:52:46 PM) meoblast001: jacob: proving i stay for it?
(09:52:58 PM) jacob: s/proving/providing
(09:53:05 PM) jacob: bah that sentence was worded wrong
(09:53:28 PM) jacob: meoblast001: if you're still around by next year and have shown to be trustworthy for it :)
(09:53:42 PM) meoblast001: oh
(09:53:51 PM) meoblast001: =)
(09:53:55 PM) meoblast001: STICKERS
(09:53:56 PM) meoblast001: System76, Inc. (Free Sticker)
(09:53:56 PM) meoblast001: 1582 S. Parker Rd. Ste. 310
(09:53:56 PM) meoblast001: Denver, Colorado 80231
(09:54:03 PM) wm76: that's the ticket
(09:54:12 PM) jacob: :P
(09:54:21 PM) wm76: we'll plan on stickers and two demo's
(09:54:28 PM) tnseditor: wm76: about how many systems do you sell in a year, if you don't mind me asking
(09:54:34 PM) jacob: wm76: sounds good
(09:55:09 PM) wm76: tns: thousands, working towards millions (eventually)
(09:55:24 PM) tnseditor: wow
(09:55:27 PM) tnseditor: that's great!
(09:55:33 PM) wm76: and we're still tiny
(09:55:45 PM) wm76: in comparison
(09:55:58 PM) wm76: let me know if we can help in any other way
(09:56:04 PM) tnseditor: we will :-)
(09:56:10 PM) wm76: cheers
(09:56:10 PM) tnseditor: thanks for your help!
(09:56:12 PM) jacob: wm76: sounds good, thanks for coming tonight :)
(09:56:14 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: cya wm76
(09:56:23 PM) wm76 left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(09:56:44 PM) jacob: allrighty, so we're set up with s76 for olf, yay
(09:56:48 PM) tnseditor: :-D
(09:56:57 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: awesomecakes
(09:56:59 PM) jacob: anyone want to hear about the Global Bug Jam this weekend?
(09:57:09 PM) ***picard_pwns_kirk has heard too much
(09:57:13 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: >_<
(09:57:24 PM) jacob: picard_pwns_kirk: bwahaha, but you haven't heard it from Ohio
(09:57:32 PM) tnseditor: brb my glasses need washed
(09:57:43 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: well, for the sake of the people who haven't heard
(09:57:50 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: go ahead
(09:57:53 PM) jacob: we're not registered as a part of GBJ, but I still think we should get something going this weekend, be it over IRC or whatever
(09:58:05 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: I can help on saturday
(09:58:05 PM) meoblast001: my mom just came in and started reading random snippets of our conversation at random points =/ ("what does that mean? sending what?")
(09:58:14 PM) jacob: hi meoblast001's mom
(09:58:17 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: have to leave for band camp on sunday
(09:58:21 PM) meoblast001: shes not here anymore
(09:58:36 PM) jacob: basically: Bug Jams are usually in-person events, but since this is last minute, we'll cook something up over IRC
(09:58:38 PM) meoblast001: i have Cross Country camp on........ Wednesday
(09:58:41 PM) meoblast001: next Wednesday
(09:58:48 PM) morepowerr: <-- old pervert hement
(09:58:54 PM) jacob: you learn about the bug triage system of Ubuntu
(09:59:17 PM) jacob: and get involved in the process of helping others out with bugs, filing bugs, and even patching bugs
(09:59:28 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: eh, I'd probably do something wrong and cost canonical $20mil
(09:59:37 PM) jacob: the main goal is to get interested in bug triage
(09:59:51 PM) jacob: if we only triage 1 bug but still have a good time, that's okay
(10:00:01 PM) meoblast001: i'd accidently invoke a 5 minute wait loop in the startup process
(10:00:10 PM) jacob: :P
(10:00:37 PM) tnseditor: "Now more like Windows than ever!"
(10:00:40 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(10:00:45 PM) meoblast001: lol
(10:00:50 PM) jacob: vorian will probably be around (ha, i volunteered you) for more advanced questions
(10:00:59 PM) jacob: since he's on MOTU and whatnot
(10:01:01 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: our resident MOTU
(10:01:05 PM) morepowerr: Always willing to lean something new if it is free :-$
(10:01:10 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: jacob: beat me >_<
(10:01:11 PM) meoblast001: mine took 10 minutes from "dun dun dun dun dun dun" to being usable back when i had XP
(10:01:15 PM) jacob: morepowerr: more free than ever ;)
(10:01:38 PM) jacob: i trust you all have Launchpad accounts, if not, what are you waiting for?! https://launchpad.net ;)
(10:01:40 PM) PPKbot: Title: Launchpad (at launchpad.net)
(10:01:45 PM) Derath: brb
(10:01:53 PM) meoblast001: i has a launchpad account
(10:01:57 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: I have to generate a new GPG key sometime
(10:02:05 PM) ***picard_pwns_kirk always forgets to make backups
(10:02:20 PM) jacob: all you need for bug triage is a Launchpad account, GPG signature preferred, but not required
(10:02:36 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: isn't there a cash prize or something?
(10:02:47 PM) jacob: picard_pwns_kirk: not that i know of
(10:02:54 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: hmm...
(10:02:55 PM) jacob: but get this: we're up against the Michigan team :D
(10:03:06 PM) meoblast001: Michigan is comming?
(10:03:09 PM) ***picard_pwns_kirk puts on his scarlet and gray
(10:03:13 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: meoblast001: it's worldwide
(10:03:18 PM) jacob: meoblast001: they are hosting their own Bug Jam
(10:03:22 PM) meoblast001: Michigan sux
(10:03:35 PM) Derath: Anyone have th eOSU schedule for this fall?
(10:03:40 PM) meoblast001: ex) Michigan State Wolverenes
(10:03:50 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: Derath: football, I assume?
(10:03:56 PM) Derath: yeah
(10:04:02 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: my dad probably does
(10:04:03 PM) jacob: this weekend is the Bug Jam, come and go as you please
(10:04:26 PM) Derath: IS OSU home or away on Oct 11?
(10:04:32 PM) jacob: i might record some bug jam videos during the sessions to give visual demonstrations on bugging
(10:05:24 PM) jacob: if anyone wants to look up more information on GBJ before the weekend, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GlobalBugJam
(10:05:34 PM) PPKbot: Title: GlobalBugJam - Ubuntu Wiki (at wiki.ubuntu.com)
(10:06:01 PM) meoblast001: http://www.larsonsworld.com/images_blog/071001_fox_eats_ie.png
(10:06:03 PM) meoblast001: yummy
(10:06:22 PM) jacob: Derath: not sure.. can't find meh schedule
(10:07:10 PM) Derath: http://engineering.osu.edu/alumni/football/index.php Home game... Well, that'll make for an interesting night driving OUT of columbus...
(10:07:12 PM) PPKbot: Title: Football and Tailgate Schedule (at engineering.osu.edu)
(10:07:12 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: why do band uniforms have to be so heavy
(10:07:19 PM) tnseditor: I don't know
(10:07:20 PM) jacob: Derath: hehe
(10:07:29 PM) tnseditor: picard_pwns_kirk: do you have to wear a plume?
(10:07:33 PM) morepowerr: brb have to get new bleach torrent :)
(10:07:40 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: tnseditor: my hat didn't come with one
(10:07:43 PM) tnseditor: oh
(10:07:44 PM) tnseditor: ok
(10:07:44 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: I think we do though
(10:07:48 PM) tnseditor: oh
(10:07:53 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: there's a little slot in the top
(10:08:02 PM) tnseditor: that was one of the benefits of playing sousaphone... no plume....
(10:08:04 PM) Derath: ppk there's a slot in most...
(10:08:13 PM) tnseditor: although we didn't wear berets :-(
(10:08:20 PM) Derath: That way the mfgr only has to make one kind of hat
(10:08:21 PM) tnseditor: we just used regular hats
(10:08:26 PM) mode (+o jacob ) by ChanServ
(10:08:27 PM) jacob has changed the topic to: Welcome to Ubuntu Ohio! || OLF has a channel on Freenode now ~ #ohiolinux || Lets focus on getting a Bug Jam planned! Ping Vorian or Jacob about prepwork etc...
(10:08:29 PM) mode (-o jacob ) by ChanServ
(10:08:51 PM) jacob: i'm going to be working on xeiso (yay) so if anyone needs anything ping me
(10:09:04 PM) morepowerr: I keep my OS tans ty
(10:09:23 PM) meoblast001: is wm76 still here?
(10:09:28 PM) jacob: meoblast001: no
(10:09:39 PM) meoblast001: dang it
(10:09:45 PM) meoblast001: where did he go to?
(10:09:52 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: the jacket feels like a kevlar suit
(10:09:55 PM) jacob: meoblast001: he left probably 20 mins ago
(10:10:12 PM) jacob: * wm76 has quit (Remote closed the connection)
(10:10:17 PM) meoblast001: he was gonna explain stuff too me
(10:10:39 PM) Derath: ppk: Nah, too old to be kevlar... there's a good chance that jacket is 20+ years old... hehe
(10:11:55 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: I dunno
(10:12:01 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: my district is pretty rich :P
(10:12:56 PM) tnseditor: our uniforms were only a year old when I started HS band
(10:12:59 PM) morepowerr: frapen ff3 hates x-drive
(10:13:39 PM) Derath: isn't x-drive a windows-designed solution? lol
(10:14:38 PM) morepowerr: not sure worked ok in ff2
(10:15:51 PM) meoblast001: when will we be seeing wm76 again?
(10:16:16 PM) Derath: depends on how bad you scared him? hehe j/k
(10:18:39 PM) jacob: bleck: http://www.opengl.org/sdk/docs/man/
(10:18:40 PM) PPKbot: Title: OpenGL 2.1 Reference Pages (at www.opengl.org)
(10:18:41 PM) jacob: DO NOT WANT
(10:19:01 PM) tnseditor: ?
(10:19:06 PM) Derath: ?
(10:19:30 PM) Derath: What's wrong with OpenGL?
(10:19:38 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: :O
(10:19:39 PM) jacob: nothing is wrong with OpenGL
(10:19:46 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: it works better with ie7 than ff
(10:19:52 PM) morepowerr: nothing DX is the problem
(10:19:53 PM) jacob: i just don't like looking up the functions on their docs
(10:19:57 PM) tnseditor: we all know jacob wants directx :-p
(10:20:01 PM) Derath: lol
(10:20:06 PM) meoblast001: DX was sold
(10:20:10 PM) meoblast001: and im getting free stickers
(10:20:16 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: directx?
(10:20:18 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: what?
(10:20:32 PM) jacob: http://www.opengl.org/sdk/docs/man/xhtml/glPushMatrix.xml < takes a long time for that to make sense
(10:20:33 PM) PPKbot: Title: glPushMatrix (at www.opengl.org)
(10:20:43 PM) tnseditor: picard_pwns_kirk: it was a joke... sorry attempt at one, but a joke nonetheless
(10:20:52 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: >_<
(10:21:20 PM) morepowerr: ya if there was dx9-10 for linux like 90% of games would get ported
(10:21:40 PM) morepowerr: :'(
(10:21:41 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: windows likes it's market share
(10:21:54 PM) jacob: i *can* say i do like developing in OpenGL rather than DirectX
(10:22:05 PM) Derath: ya know, if M$ wasn't such a spoil-sport, DX would be open sourced and we'd have all the games... lol
(10:22:09 PM) jacob: OpenGL lets you write to textures with a 1-liner
(10:22:30 PM) jacob: DirectX makes you think you don't ever want to use textures again..
(10:22:42 PM) Derath: Besides, OGL has ALWAYS been better in my experience...
(10:22:52 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: is directx better than opengl?
(10:22:53 PM) jacob: Derath: if MS wasn't a spoil-sport, they'd have supported OpenGL
(10:23:03 PM) morepowerr: would love to learn more about writing games :) - but i may be to old to learn
(10:23:13 PM) jacob: picard_pwns_kirk: imo, no. OpenGL is so much easier to work with
(10:23:26 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: then why do developers use directx?
(10:23:38 PM) jacob: OpenGL is an industry standard, the only ones who don't use it are Microsoft companies
(10:23:48 PM) Derath: ppk: less work... think of dx as headers in a c++...
(10:23:52 PM) morepowerr: Would like to kick Mythic/EA but for not haveing gl clients for there games
(10:23:57 PM) jacob: picard_pwns_kirk: many do it because OpenGL is not natively supported on Windows very well
(10:24:01 PM) Derath: the code's already written, they just have to call it...
(10:24:01 PM) ***picard_pwns_kirk is not a programmer
(10:24:09 PM) jacob: picard_pwns_kirk: graphics card drivers usually provide the support
(10:24:27 PM) meoblast001: FREE STICKERS >.<
(10:24:32 PM) jacob: Even the Wii, DS, PSP, and PS2/3 use OpenGL or a variant
(10:25:00 PM) meoblast001: so do i stick the one with "Braden Walters" in the middle inside the one with "System76 Inc. (Free Sticker)" in the middle?
(10:25:03 PM) jacob: once you know how to use it, opengl is all you'll ever need. but it's a pita to learn
(10:25:11 PM) meoblast001: yeah
(10:25:14 PM) meoblast001: seems logical
(10:25:17 PM) jacob: meoblast001: most likely, stamp the inside one though
(10:25:24 PM) meoblast001: yup
(10:25:27 PM) meoblast001: i did =)
(10:25:28 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: ooo, even supported on the TI-89 graphing calculator
(10:25:34 PM) jacob: picard_pwns_kirk: >.<
(10:25:41 PM) meoblast001: its 42 cents right?
(10:25:42 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opengl
(10:25:43 PM) PPKbot: Title: OpenGL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at en.wikipedia.org)
(10:25:48 PM) jacob: picard_pwns_kirk: wait - the TI89 titanium?
(10:25:50 PM) Derath: Hmmm... I may have to get one of those coupons for S76... depending on if the lappy is still working... sigh
(10:25:57 PM) meoblast001: 42 cents?
(10:25:59 PM) jacob: that's fancy
(10:26:02 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: jacob: I just read the wikipedia page
(10:26:03 PM) jacob: meoblast001: no idea
(10:26:17 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: I haven't sent a letter in a long time
(10:26:42 PM) meoblast001: STICKERS SSSSS
(10:26:42 PM) tnseditor: I don't know how much postage is
(10:26:44 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(10:27:03 PM) tnseditor: I only use the mail to send in rebates :-p
(10:27:14 PM) tnseditor: even then my mom puts the stamp on
(10:27:17 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(10:27:27 PM) morepowerr: :-X
(10:27:29 PM) Derath: hehe the wife pays the bills... so I wouldn't know either
(10:28:21 PM) morepowerr: think it is like 62 or something
(10:28:36 PM) meoblast001: does wm76 have AIM?
(10:28:38 PM) meoblast001: or MSN?
(10:28:38 PM) vorian: jacob: what am I doing?
(10:28:43 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: meoblast001: stalker :P
(10:28:48 PM) meoblast001: no
(10:28:53 PM) meoblast001: i was gonna ask him a question
(10:29:01 PM) tnseditor: it's not 62 cents :-p
(10:29:03 PM) jacob: vorian: thinking about doing a makeshift irc bug-jam over the weekend
(10:29:10 PM) vorian: ah, cool
(10:29:21 PM) jacob: vorian: or at least getting people into bugs
(10:29:26 PM) vorian: i can help sat evening, sunday afternoon
(10:29:38 PM) jacob: vorian: whenever works
(10:29:53 PM) jacob: i might set up a ustream to get video on bug triage tutorials and whatnot
(10:30:01 PM) Derath: I would join in the bug jams, if my weekends weren't already jammed packed... lol
(10:30:03 PM) vorian: cool
(10:30:31 PM) morepowerr: if you do please post in email thing
(10:30:54 PM) dm [n=dm@cpe-75-180-28-178.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(10:30:55 PM) morepowerr: vedio that is
(10:31:00 PM) jacob: will do morepowerr
(10:31:06 PM) tnseditor: welcome back dm
(10:31:08 PM) dm: woot. got my 7.1 surround sound working perfectly.
(10:31:13 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: awesome
(10:31:34 PM) dm: Yeah sounds good
(10:31:40 PM) tnseditor: every time I see dm I think of robitissun (sp?)
(10:31:53 PM) jacob: meoblast001: watch the caps man
(10:31:56 PM) Derath: Reminds me... is the Wii Controller thing still on for OLF?
(10:31:59 PM) tnseditor: ooo
(10:32:01 PM) dm: rub some tussin on it!
(10:32:10 PM) jacob: Derath: i can bring it if wanted
(10:32:13 PM) tnseditor: I forgot about that (the controller)
(10:32:25 PM) meoblast001: jacob: i was running around the house screaming stickers in a hight pitched voice
(10:32:30 PM) jacob: will need to get it running beforehand though
(10:32:33 PM) tnseditor: yes
(10:32:36 PM) Derath: I've got a controller as well... but didn't know if that was still in the works...
(10:32:46 PM) tnseditor: "this is supposed to be really cool... but it isn't working yet"
(10:32:49 PM) tnseditor: "oops"
(10:33:00 PM) jacob: it's pretty easy: install wmgui and wminput, enable bluetooth, run wminput
(10:33:03 PM) jacob: ba-dim
(10:33:19 PM) Derath: Needs bluetooth???
(10:33:27 PM) jacob: Derath: yeah... :P
(10:33:46 PM) Derath: dang, well, won't happen on my laptop then... no bluetooth on lappy
(10:33:46 PM) jacob: Derath: wiimotes communicate over bluetooth
(10:33:55 PM) jacob: the s76 systems have it, so does mine
(10:34:07 PM) meoblast001: bluetoooth
(10:34:36 PM) tnseditor: I also have blueteeth after I eat a sucker or popsicle
(10:34:40 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(10:34:41 PM) jacob: :P
(10:35:02 PM) jacob: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7390975520486574375&hl=en
(10:35:04 PM) PPKbot: Title: Wmgui Wii Remote Interface (at video.google.com)
(10:35:13 PM) jacob: that's me messing with wmgui, no audio though
(10:35:18 PM) meoblast001:
(10:35:18 PM) meoblast001: __ . . __
(10:35:18 PM) meoblast001: (o.\ \/ /.o)
(10:35:18 PM) meoblast001: \__\/\/__/
(10:35:18 PM) meoblast001: /O /==\ O\
(10:35:19 PM) meoblast001: (;O/ \/ \O;)
(10:35:24 PM) meoblast001: its a butterfly
(10:35:32 PM) dm: looks like a scratched DS
(10:35:33 PM) meoblast001: sorry.... i just had to
(10:36:08 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: lol dm
(10:36:11 PM) dm: jacob.... dude banshee rocks

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