July 9, 2008


  • Ohio Linux Fest 2008
    • - We have enough donations for a booth at OLF. Jacob has requested a booth. - Sponsors
      • - Canonical has been contacted for CDs. - System 76 is providing support.

        - ZaReason has been contacted by Derath. - Linux Game Publishing has been contacted by Anthony (theidiotthatisme

Meeting Log

(06:18:15 PM) tnseditor: hi everyone
(06:18:18 PM) steved: lo
(06:18:32 PM) tnseditor: what's been going on with the meeting?
(06:18:46 PM) tnseditor: hi steved
(06:18:58 PM) steved: we pretty much just started
(06:19:00 PM) Derath: Hey tns
(06:19:04 PM) tnseditor: hi Derath
(06:19:05 PM) tnseditor: ok
(06:19:07 PM) tnseditor: good :-)
(06:19:25 PM) morepowerr: hope to make it down there but will see
(06:19:36 PM) steved: i go pretty much every year
(06:19:37 PM) tnseditor: to OLF?
(06:19:38 PM) Derath: ANy word from ZA yet?
(06:19:43 PM) steved: first year ive been on the Loco team tho
(06:19:48 PM) steved: yup
(06:19:52 PM) tnseditor: ok
(06:19:58 PM) theidiotthatisme: yay tnseditor hi
(06:20:07 PM) tnseditor: hi theidiotthatisme
(06:20:27 PM) tnseditor: I would really like to go this year.... I have already told my mom and dad about it
(06:20:31 PM) theidiotthatisme: Well I'm thinking we should put a signup sheet for running the booth on the wiki?
(06:20:35 PM) tnseditor: my dad has something in Columbus around then
(06:20:38 PM) tnseditor: ok
(06:20:39 PM) steved: get much traffic in here ... figure i may want to change my nick
(06:20:56 PM) Derath: titim: I'll be at OLF regardless hehe... I'll attend this year, and I could help at the booth when not in a presentation
(06:20:58 PM) tnseditor: we don't get a whole lot, but hopefully it will pick up
(06:21:24 PM) Derath: tns: Any word from ZA yet on demos?
(06:21:28 PM) steved: presentations: y im anxious to find out what they will be
(06:21:36 PM) tnseditor: za? zareason?
(06:21:40 PM) Derath: yep
(06:21:51 PM) tnseditor: I haven't actually asked yet...
(06:22:00 PM) Derath: Ah, okay :)
(06:22:15 PM) steved: demos of what exactly?
(06:22:25 PM) tnseditor: I think System 76 plus whatever we bring will be plenty.  It depends on how many outlets available and the space provided
(06:23:10 PM) tnseditor: System 76 will provide some demo desktops or laptops plus some other goods... and maybe a discount brochure for OLF attendants :-D
(06:23:22 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: I agree, and I'm not sure until Jacob gets details on power outlets
(06:23:23 PM) steved: ah .. cool
(06:23:36 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: I'm hoping for the discount brochure
(06:23:48 PM) tnseditor: I'm fairly certain they will
(06:23:53 PM) Derath: I still think the more the merrier... not to mention any other benefits zareason my give at the same time... :)
(06:24:26 PM) tnseditor: vorian had said that it's kinda a lot of work working with the vendors though
(06:24:51 PM) ***Derath shrugs
(06:24:59 PM) Derath: No experience myself in anything like that
(06:25:03 PM) tnseditor: I don't have any either
(06:25:12 PM) theidiotthatisme: well, we can split up the working with Vendors
(06:25:25 PM) tnseditor: but I know that System 76 has been easy to work with so far... very easy and quick responses :-)
(06:25:28 PM) theidiotthatisme: Derath, would you like to try and contact ZaReason? Maybe we can showcase their Ubuntu keyboards if they still have them
(06:25:37 PM) tnseditor: that would be nifty
(06:25:39 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: Better than LGP then ;)
(06:25:41 PM) Derath: I can try
(06:25:50 PM) tnseditor: theidiotthatisme: :-p
(06:25:59 PM) tnseditor: thanks Derath
(06:26:11 PM) Derath: I did notice that zareason made it into FreedomFest in Cali with Helios...
(06:26:25 PM) theidiotthatisme: :-) You've been elected as our official contact to ZaReason, Derath lol
(06:26:34 PM) Derath: lol
(06:26:41 PM) steved: so what does working w/ a vendor entail?
(06:26:46 PM) tnseditor: you should feel proud :-p
(06:26:57 PM) theidiotthatisme: steved: Begging
(06:27:02 PM) tnseditor: I just told System 76 our plans for OLF and asked if they would help
(06:27:08 PM) steved: ah gotcha
(06:27:12 PM) tnseditor: they said they did last year and would be happy to again
(06:27:17 PM) steved: cool
(06:27:18 PM) Derath: steved: being completely responsible to keep them updated, and financially (*gulp*) responsible for anything they send you...
(06:27:23 PM) theidiotthatisme: Yep, Vorian worked with them last year
(06:27:45 PM) theidiotthatisme: Derath: That is true, only let those you absolutely trust handle anything sent
(06:28:14 PM) Derath: lol And to be honest, there's only one loco person I have personally talked to... lol and I can't remember his name
(06:28:30 PM) theidiotthatisme: one loco person?
(06:28:37 PM) morepowerr: lol
(06:28:50 PM) Derath: Yep... met and talked to him last year at olf...
(06:28:57 PM) Derath: computer store owner...
(06:28:59 PM) tnseditor: oh
(06:29:03 PM) Derath: somewhere near you I believe tns
(06:29:19 PM) tnseditor: crap... I can't think
(06:29:31 PM) tnseditor: was it brady?
(06:29:36 PM) tnseditor: I think that's his name
(06:29:39 PM) Derath: Might have been
(06:29:46 PM) tnseditor: aka "Splitpaw"
(06:29:56 PM) steved: so do we need booth help as well?
(06:30:06 PM) tnseditor: we'll need people to be at the booth
(06:30:13 PM) theidiotthatisme: steved: Yep, we're going to need booth volunteers
(06:30:23 PM) morepowerr: not from marion can guess i know all the shops here and no one will touch linux
(06:30:29 PM) theidiotthatisme: And man it in shifts, so everyone gets a chance to explore OLF
(06:31:02 PM) tnseditor: morepowerr: that's sad.... there's a place really close here (on Elida Rd.) that has Ubuntu on computers... in fact, they had it on display at the fair last year
(06:31:06 PM) steved: me and a friend manned a NetBSD booth a couple years ago (i know UNIX .. why?) ;o)
(06:31:20 PM) steved: heh
(06:31:30 PM) tnseditor: I was like "holy cow!"
(06:31:44 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(06:32:02 PM) tnseditor: I was expecting to "wow(less) Vista"
(06:32:07 PM) Derath: what was the old site before lp? it had his picture on it...
(06:32:09 PM) steved: my friend was a NetBSD developer so I helped out
(06:32:25 PM) tnseditor: but instead found the very lovely Feisty Fawn on it
(06:32:38 PM) tnseditor: was it his wiki page?
(06:33:14 PM) Derath: Nah, the team site before it was migrated to launchpad...
(06:33:33 PM) tnseditor: oh
(06:34:13 PM) Derath: nm found it
(06:34:18 PM) tnseditor: ok
(06:34:41 PM) Derath: Yeah, was brady... (found in group photo on lp)
(06:35:01 PM) steved: is Ubuntu planning on doing any presentations this year?
(06:35:31 PM) theidiotthatisme: steved: I do not believe there are any Ubuntu presentations planned for now
(06:36:37 PM) theidiotthatisme: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/OLF
(06:36:43 PM) theidiotthatisme: Added a volunteer sign up near the bottom
(06:36:54 PM) tnseditor: thanks
(06:38:31 PM) steved: any particular expertise required to man the booth?
(06:39:06 PM) tnseditor: probably just be able to show stuff and answer questions
(06:39:19 PM) tnseditor: hopefully there will be several people there to help at a time
(06:39:31 PM) morepowerr: I am out then - i have no answer's
(06:39:51 PM) tnseditor: theidiotthatisme: we have our goal met for fund raising if you didn't know yet :-D
(06:39:56 PM) tnseditor: you could still do demos
(06:40:03 PM) tnseditor: show compiz fusion or whatever
(06:40:51 PM) theidiotthatisme: I did, but I believe we should continue collecting donations
(06:40:58 PM) theidiotthatisme: To help with transportation for people to OLF
(06:41:03 PM) tnseditor: oh
(06:41:10 PM) Derath: or t-shirts... lol
(06:41:15 PM) tnseditor: talk to jacob about that then... he's the donation guy :-p
(06:41:18 PM) theidiotthatisme: Or yes, definitely T-shirts :-D
(06:41:33 PM) theidiotthatisme: We could custom Ubuntu Ohio t-shirts to wear lol
(06:41:35 PM) steved: where's everyone traveling from?
(06:41:35 PM) Derath: I want one of those black t-shirts, or maybe the black ball cap... hehe
(06:41:40 PM) Derath: Dayton
(06:41:44 PM) steved: Cinci here
(06:41:45 PM) tnseditor: Lima
(06:41:47 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'm also contacting LGP.... again.... after not having talked to them since March >.<
(06:41:49 PM) tnseditor: (if I can come)
(06:41:54 PM) tnseditor: good luck theidiotthatisme
(06:41:56 PM) theidiotthatisme: Youngstown
(06:42:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: I'm going to need it. I'll be lucky if they dont ignore me after the previous communication drop
(06:42:25 PM) tnseditor: I hadn't talked to system 76 for about that long
(06:42:29 PM) Derath: Wonder if my neighbor is going again this year... will have to talk to him about it...
(06:42:44 PM) tnseditor: and they were fine with it... I just told them what's been going on (not much) and what are plans are
(06:45:06 PM) Derath: btw, I think za gives option on which buntu is loaded, so if they are good to us, which buntu should we load (gnome, kde, or edubuntu?)
(06:45:32 PM) tnseditor: probably some kde or edu... I think sys76 will do gnome
(06:46:01 PM) Derath: that's what I was thinking... maybe if they offer two systems, I'll do a kde and edu...
(06:46:06 PM) tnseditor: ok
(06:46:33 PM) tnseditor: hopefully laptops because I don't know how we'd plug in (and have space for) all desktops or something
(06:47:26 PM) Derath: Well, if we can get just one outlet, I'll buy 3 power strips, and if at least 2 other people can bring at least one, we should have plenty...
(06:47:32 PM) theidiotthatisme: Sent an email off to LGP, asking for demo discs to distribute with Ubuntu CD's
(06:47:34 PM) Derath: so long as we get one power outlet
(06:47:41 PM) tnseditor: right
(06:48:00 PM) tnseditor: I can hear it now....   "oh crap... blew the circuit again"
(06:48:04 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(06:48:04 PM) theidiotthatisme: Derath: We will have to check with Jacob on specifics when they are given to him, they may not allow extra power strips due to worries of everyone bringing them and overloading circuits
(06:48:18 PM) steved: right
(06:48:19 PM) Derath: lol good point...
(06:48:24 PM) Derath: thinking...
(06:48:38 PM) steved: i put my name up for the booth
(06:48:43 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: Hopefully LGP will work with us, then we will have plenty of swag to give away lol
(06:49:01 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: Plus, the more relationships we forge, the more we can call on when we do Ubucon
(06:49:16 PM) tnseditor: if we only have one outlet I would suggest laptops and then have someone run places (probably the motel or something) so we could swap out when batteries get low :-p
(06:49:20 PM) tnseditor: theidiotthatisme: that is a good point
(06:49:29 PM) Derath: Okay, I'm thinking we'll have no more than 4-5 systems, maybe 2 towers and 2-4 lappys (assuming personals as well), so 4 plugs for towers, and 2-4 plugs for lappys...
(06:50:07 PM) theidiotthatisme: Derath: If it comes down to it, I would suggest borrowing laptops over desktops, as they're mostly just as functional as well as less power strip consuming
(06:50:09 PM) tnseditor: hopefully we'll have enough plugs
(06:50:20 PM) Derath: tns: not a bad idea, but someone will have to guard the recharging area as well...
(06:50:35 PM) tnseditor: if possible we could just use a motel room :-p
(06:50:46 PM) tnseditor: Drury is attached to the center I think
(06:51:06 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(06:51:09 PM) Derath: It is... but I have no $$$ to get a room (assuming there are any available)...
(06:51:20 PM) theidiotthatisme: Okay, so I can update some info, Derath, are you definitely going to contact ZaReason?
(06:51:44 PM) theidiotthatisme: :-)
(06:51:45 PM) Derath: I'll contact them, no clue if they will play or not though...
(06:51:52 PM) Derath: They may just come up themselves....
(06:51:57 PM) theidiotthatisme: it's okay, LGP was the first people I ever contacted :-)
(06:52:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: Just have confidence ;)
(06:52:19 PM) morepowerr: well if you don't mind the gas you can always use a car and a Inverter
(06:52:23 PM) tnseditor: theidiotthatisme: you may want to reply to their last e-mail to you
(06:52:28 PM) theidiotthatisme: So big question, would anybody like to contact Dell? Should we contact Dell?
(06:52:36 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: That's exactly what I did
(06:52:38 PM) tnseditor: ok
(06:52:40 PM) tnseditor: good :-)
(06:53:13 PM) Derath: titim: debateable with them...
(06:54:18 PM) Derath: I know one thing, I don't think I'll be calling Dell...
(06:54:43 PM) Derath: Assuming a group as small as us can even reach a human being that would be interested in what we have to say in the first place...
(06:54:55 PM) theidiotthatisme: Derath: That I do know
(06:55:08 PM) tnseditor: I looked really quick a while back and I couldn't find any contact links suitable
(06:55:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: Derath: But hell, even Canonical is hard to get support from sometimes
(06:55:17 PM) tnseditor: I mean... there's support and sales, but still
(06:55:19 PM) theidiotthatisme: Derath: Although I love the free Linux CD's lol
(06:55:43 PM) theidiotthatisme: Shall we declare Dell a no? I think System76 and ZaReason are a little more dedicated to the idea.
(06:55:59 PM) tnseditor: yes
(06:56:01 PM) tnseditor: me too
(06:56:05 PM) Derath: Same here...
(06:56:10 PM) tnseditor: we'll probably have plenty anyways
(06:56:20 PM) Derath: it's so much easier to get a contact with a smaller vendor...
(06:56:45 PM) Derath: besides, wouldn't bringing dell in to hawk their wares be like Linux Expo all over again?
(06:57:19 PM) Derath: Or whatever the Boston show USED to be...
(06:57:23 PM) theidiotthatisme: Derath: Very true
(06:57:23 PM) theidiotthatisme: I removed them from the list of potentials
(06:57:49 PM) tnseditor: I honestly don't think dell has any interest in Ubuntu....
(06:57:49 PM) theidiotthatisme: Dont know anything about that show
(06:57:50 PM) tnseditor: I mean...
(06:58:12 PM) steved: even though they now seel the systems with Ubuntu?
(06:58:16 PM) steved: sell rather
(06:58:29 PM) tnseditor: heck... they try to talk people out of it on their page (www.dell.com/ubuntu) and then they put "dell recommends windows vista" on their ubuntu pages
(06:58:37 PM) steved: ugh
(06:58:39 PM) tnseditor: it's not very.... Ubuntu friendly
(06:58:53 PM) tnseditor: especially verses system 76 or Zareason
(06:58:55 PM) steved: didnt notice that
(06:58:59 PM) theidiotthatisme: I agree, I think they have been rather lackluster about it
(06:59:09 PM) theidiotthatisme: System76 has a strong reputation within the community
(06:59:15 PM) tnseditor: I haven't seen any ads with any hint of Ubuntu
(06:59:18 PM) theidiotthatisme: ZaReason is still a little newer I blieve
(06:59:20 PM) Derath: And the price difference is not that great...
(06:59:25 PM) steved: true
(06:59:30 PM) steved: im w/ you guys
(06:59:32 PM) Derath: and model selection SUCKS!
(06:59:45 PM) tnseditor: and we get Dell adverts and mailers all the time (how.. I'm not sure because we've never gotten anything from Dell)
(06:59:56 PM) tnseditor: the systems are underpowered for the price and stuff
(07:00:02 PM) tnseditor: I mean...
(07:00:03 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(07:00:21 PM) tnseditor: a Core 2 Duo would be nice, but most of them are locked to a Pentium DC
(07:00:25 PM) Derath: They have 10-20 base models for windows, all can get VERY powerfull, and they only have 4 (?!?!?!?) models for Linux, and they all pretty much suck
(07:00:25 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: Will you contact System76 and ask for permission to use their logo on our website for a list of sponsors for our booth?
(07:00:36 PM) tnseditor: ok
(07:00:54 PM) tnseditor: "If you’re here by mistake and you are looking for a Dell PC with Windows, please use the following link."
(07:01:08 PM) tnseditor: from Dell
(07:01:10 PM) Derath: lol
(07:01:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: Thanks
(07:01:15 PM) steved: heh
(07:01:28 PM) tnseditor: you're welcome theidiotthatisme
(07:01:51 PM) theidiotthatisme: Does anyone have any pros/cons for contacting Fresh Ubuntu about distributing Fresh Ubuntu podcast CD's?
(07:02:31 PM) tnseditor: sent
(07:02:42 PM) tnseditor: fresh ubuntu?
(07:02:45 PM) Derath: Not at all... if they would like to provide the cd's, or isos (if my lappy is working, I can burn them)
(07:03:00 PM) theidiotthatisme: Fresh Ubuntu is an Ubuntu podcast
(07:03:05 PM) tnseditor: ok
(07:03:10 PM) tnseditor: I'd say "go for it"
(07:03:11 PM) tnseditor: :-D
(07:03:16 PM) theidiotthatisme: Derath: I dont know if they would provide audio CD's or not, I'm not sure they have much money lol
(07:03:20 PM) ***steved Fresh out
(07:03:22 PM) theidiotthatisme: But it's up to you guys
(07:03:25 PM) Derath: Any cds that we burn, I'll need blanks for though...
(07:03:30 PM) ***steved checking FreshUbuntu out :)
(07:03:35 PM) Derath: Not audio cds... mp3 cds
(07:03:49 PM) theidiotthatisme: well, ogg CD's ;)
(07:03:55 PM) Derath: lol Yeah, that too
(07:05:03 PM) ***tnseditor is listening to the Scooby Doo theme :-p
(07:05:17 PM) morepowerr: has any one tried getting a hold of some of the game vendor that make games that run on linux  ?
(07:05:20 PM) theidiotthatisme: oh boy >.<
(07:05:38 PM) tnseditor: theidiotthatisme is going to try Linux Game Publishing
(07:05:50 PM) theidiotthatisme: morepowerr: That's LGP, I just sent them an email, I was in contact with them before for Ohio Ubucon '08 and hopefully they'll still be willing
(07:05:59 PM) steved: what we did for NetBSD, instead of CDs, was hand out fliers pointing to the ftp site.
(07:07:11 PM) theidiotthatisme: steved: I want to work on fliers that have LoCo contacts, maybe I'll add some community project infos on another flier
(07:08:04 PM) Derath: Hmmm... download links included on the fliers as well? for ubuntu, go/k/x/ed/ubuntu?
(07:08:22 PM) tnseditor: we should be getting some CDs from Canonical
(07:08:52 PM) theidiotthatisme: what he said
(07:08:52 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(07:09:01 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(07:09:26 PM) Derath: wouldn't hurt to include the addys :)
(07:09:50 PM) ***Derath shrugs
(07:10:23 PM) steved: :)
(07:10:34 PM) steved: btw, will this meeting be posted somewhere?
(07:10:40 PM) tnseditor: yes
(07:10:43 PM) steved: i'm gonna have to leave in like 20min
(07:10:47 PM) tnseditor: ok
(07:12:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol I dont think we have much more
(07:12:43 PM) tnseditor: I wish jacob was around
(07:12:52 PM) tnseditor: oh well
(07:13:00 PM) steved: who did the presentation @ OLF last year?
(07:13:04 PM) theidiotthatisme: Alright, sofar we have given strike to Dell for OLF, established a contact for ZaReason and LGP, and contacted LGP
(07:13:11 PM) steved: i talked to him at the booth but cant rem name
(07:13:18 PM) theidiotthatisme: steved: Probably vorian
(07:13:42 PM) tnseditor: and system 76 for logo usage :-)
(07:14:04 PM) theidiotthatisme: And that :-P We'll have to ask ZaReason and LGP also if they agree to help
(07:14:12 PM) steved: and I signed up for the booth ;)
(07:14:14 PM) tnseditor: steved: vorian's name is Steve
(07:14:15 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(07:14:17 PM) tnseditor: ok
(07:14:19 PM) steved: uh oh
(07:14:21 PM) tnseditor: good :-)
(07:14:29 PM) tnseditor: uh oh ?
(07:14:38 PM) steved: oh y, i think they may have been him
(07:14:45 PM) tnseditor: ok
(07:14:51 PM) tnseditor: you couldn't remember his name :-p
(07:14:55 PM) theidiotthatisme: I signed up for the booth too lol
(07:14:58 PM) steved: just didnt want mass confusion :)
(07:15:03 PM) tnseditor: :-D
(07:15:14 PM) steved: i stepped into an irc the other day where someone frequented as steved
(07:15:21 PM) tnseditor: I really hope I can come (for the hundredth time)
(07:15:23 PM) theidiotthatisme: Guys: Even if you think you only *might* be able to make it and want to volunteer at the booth, please list your name
(07:15:26 PM) theidiotthatisme: on the wiki
(07:15:31 PM) steved: i was getting bombarded w/ all kind of questions
(07:15:34 PM) tnseditor: theidiotthatisme: ok
(07:15:36 PM) tnseditor: I"ll try :-p
(07:15:41 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(07:16:17 PM) Derath: what's the irc command to see when the last time someone was on?
(07:16:22 PM) tnseditor: steved: when I see your name (real name) I think of the guy on "will it blend" :-p
(07:16:25 PM) morepowerr: I see it i can camp in buddys back yard that weekend
(07:16:46 PM) tnseditor: Derath: I don't know... I am not that familiar with IRC... I just get on and type :-p
(07:17:14 PM) steved: tnseditor: will it blend?
(07:17:16 PM) Derath: was just wondering when the last time brady was in irc... hehe
(07:17:32 PM) tnseditor: theidiotthatisme: I am going to put a "tentatively helping" section :-p
(07:17:32 PM) theidiotthatisme: >.<
(07:17:34 PM) tnseditor: yes....
(07:17:44 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: lol okay sounds good
(07:18:03 PM) tnseditor: http://youtube.com/watch?v=DLxq90xmYUs
(07:18:18 PM) Derath: work safe?
(07:18:20 PM) tnseditor: hosted by Tom Dickson
(07:18:21 PM) tnseditor: yes :-)
(07:18:27 PM) tnseditor: I wouldn't sent something that wasn't
(07:18:34 PM) steved: ah
(07:18:42 PM) Derath: lol making sure...
(07:18:44 PM) Derath: :)
(07:19:01 PM) steved: i get the Bruce Dickinson thing all the time
(07:19:14 PM) morepowerr: wast of money
(07:19:15 PM) steved: taught him everything he knows :)
(07:19:32 PM) tnseditor: their sales have increased like 500% since they started the youtube vids
(07:20:30 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(07:20:42 PM) theidiotthatisme: alright guys, I have to head out, but I'm glad we made some progress about OLF
(07:20:46 PM) tnseditor: yes
(07:20:50 PM) tnseditor: see you later theidiotthatisme
(07:20:56 PM) steved: nice meeting all you guys
(07:21:02 PM) Derath: laters
(07:21:02 PM) steved: i have to bail too
(07:21:03 PM) theidiotthatisme: Derath: Keep us updated about ZaReason ;) please email the list or me at theidiotthatisme@gmail.com if you hear from them
(07:21:04 PM) tnseditor: ok
(07:21:16 PM) theidiotthatisme: Nice meeting everyone, and I hope you guys have a great night
(07:21:17 PM) ***morepowerr only use prepay phones
(07:21:19 PM) Derath: k
(07:21:46 PM) steved: cya

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