July 9, 2008


  • Ohio Linux Fest 2008
    • - CDs from Canonical - Wiimote - System 76 - Shirts? - Donations
  • Ubucon
    • - Ubucon has been postponed until 2009.
  • As usual, various other topics Smile :-)

Meeting Log

(07:24:00 PM) tnseditor: "This meeting is now called to order"
(07:24:01 PM) tnseditor: :-D
(07:24:05 PM) tnseditor: well
(07:24:06 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: about time
(07:24:20 PM) Derath: Aside from sorwing off a couple systems, at least one with compiz?
(07:24:22 PM) tnseditor: we're only 1 hour and 24 minutes late :-p
(07:24:27 PM) tnseditor: yes :-D
(07:24:40 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: do we have machines?
(07:24:54 PM) tnseditor: I had contacted System 76 and they said they would provide us with some to show off
(07:24:57 PM) theidiotthatisme: So far, just what we personally own
(07:25:03 PM) theidiotthatisme: and what tnseditor just said
(07:25:04 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(07:25:11 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: awesomecakes
(07:25:43 PM) tnseditor: and I think theidiotthatisme had something with that game company (:-p), but that was for ubucon... they would probably do OLF too
(07:25:45 PM) mm405416: is this concerning linuxfest '08
(07:25:50 PM) Derath: Hmmm... wonder if s76 would be willing to do some form of discounts for OLF goers or for loco members...
(07:26:00 PM) tnseditor: I don't know
(07:26:03 PM) tnseditor: maybe
(07:26:04 PM) mm405416: oh hey! it is
(07:26:08 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: mm405416: yeah
(07:26:09 PM) mm405416: sorry, slow tonight
(07:26:10 PM) Derath: coupon code or something...
(07:26:18 PM) tnseditor: that would be really nice of them
(07:26:19 PM) Derath: that'd push both...
(07:26:22 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: I know of some good Linux games we could show off
(07:26:28 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: Unfortunately I lost that contact, although I might be able to restablish it, I'm not sure for OLF since they are not ubuntu specific and there will already be gaming booths thre
(07:26:33 PM) theidiotthatisme: *there
(07:26:40 PM) tnseditor: oh
(07:26:43 PM) mm405416: what did you have in mind picard?
(07:26:47 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: urban terror?
(07:26:55 PM) Derath: I could show off Eternal Lands a bit... lol if my laptop will boot and there's internet access...
(07:27:04 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: oh, forgot
(07:27:06 PM) tnseditor: and I could show "I have no tomatoes" :-p
(07:27:09 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: Derath: no internet
(07:27:13 PM) ***tnseditor is a pro :-p
(07:27:21 PM) theidiotthatisme: Well if I remember correctly dont forget that they only have I believe one or power strips for a booth
(07:27:43 PM) Derath: I should be able to bring a strip if needed
(07:27:46 PM) tnseditor: we could bring some others to plug in :-p
(07:27:50 PM) ***picard_pwns_kirk uses 2 power strips for his desk alone
(07:27:51 PM) dm left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(07:27:52 PM) theidiotthatisme: But since there will be many linux distributions represented, as well linux companies, maybe we should focus on showing Ubuntu specifics?
(07:28:01 PM) tnseditor: probably
(07:28:10 PM) tnseditor: We could show wubi too
(07:28:12 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: restricted drivers manager + add/remove thing
(07:28:24 PM) theidiotthatisme: I was thinking about handouts on LoCos with contacts for different LoCo's, copies of that ubuntu magazine, and maybe CD's with ubuntu podcasts on it?
(07:28:31 PM) Derath: maybe if we have 4 (or 5) systems, ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu, (and I know I'm missing one or two)...
(07:28:38 PM) tnseditor: edubuntu
(07:28:41 PM) tnseditor: and server
(07:28:49 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: we could virtualize
(07:28:49 PM) tnseditor: gobuntu if you wanted also
(07:29:09 PM) tnseditor: with all that we would have to virtualize :-p
(07:29:22 PM) Derath: titim: not a bad idea... contact info for questions/information
(07:29:56 PM) theidiotthatisme: Derath: Exactly
(07:29:59 PM) Derath: tns: no problem, anything new will be beefy enough to do "normal" stuff in a openbox...
(07:30:23 PM) theidiotthatisme: I believe that part of really seperates us is the community and I think showing that strength would be a great help there
(07:30:26 PM) Derath: Only thing that would be bad would be games or cpu-intensive apps
(07:30:37 PM) Derath: in vms that is
(07:30:51 PM) Derath: err, virtualbox, not openbox... sorry
(07:31:13 PM) tnseditor: we could make CDs with tutorials (screencasts), links to UF, Ohio loco, etc.
(07:31:18 PM) tnseditor: and maybe even some LUGs
(07:32:52 PM) mm405416: obviously we're looking to show alot of the practicality behind the system
(07:32:59 PM) tnseditor: yes
(07:33:06 PM) mm405416: anyone considered just going all out for just one system
(07:33:23 PM) tnseditor: we should have 2 and maybe a laptop also
(07:33:26 PM) mm405416: maybe include a goofy little tweak, like say using a wiimote with one
(07:33:31 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: ooo
(07:33:36 PM) tnseditor: that way we could demo a few at a time
(07:33:41 PM) tnseditor: wiimote would be really cool
(07:33:47 PM) tnseditor: is it hard to set up?
(07:33:54 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: there are tutorials online
(07:33:57 PM) tnseditor: ok
(07:33:57 PM) mm405416: not from what I've gathered
(07:33:59 PM) theidiotthatisme: Anyone have a wiimote? lol
(07:34:01 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: who here has a wii
(07:34:03 PM) tnseditor: I don't :-(
(07:34:07 PM) theidiotthatisme: I dont
(07:34:20 PM) mm405416: there's alot of tutorials out there already, and last I checked, the software is improving and making things even easier
(07:34:45 PM) Derath: I have a wii... actually I won the one that Zenoss was giving away last year
(07:34:55 PM) mm405416: lucky dog
(07:34:55 PM) tnseditor: lucky
(07:34:59 PM) mm405416: I was hoping for that
(07:35:05 PM) Derath: lol Hey, I was the 4th pick!
(07:35:11 PM) mm405416: nice
(07:35:18 PM) mm405416: that truly is lucky
(07:35:36 PM) Derath: A little reminder to all: If you're going for a freebie, MAKE SURE TO PUT THE RIGHT EMAIL ADDY!!! lol and make sure it's one you check often
(07:36:16 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: lol
(07:36:45 PM) mm405416: it seems to me that ubuntu has a strong reputation going as far as stability is concerned, and it's obviously very important to showcase that
(07:36:46 PM) Derath: Anyways, back to topic... do we need a wii controller there?
(07:36:52 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: Derath: yeah
(07:36:55 PM) tnseditor: I think so :-D
(07:36:56 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(07:36:58 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: do you have a laptop?
(07:37:02 PM) mm405416: but I would also love to show that you really can do very exciting things with it
(07:37:06 PM) Derath: mm: But how do you "show" stability?
(07:37:16 PM) mm405416: haha
(07:37:17 PM) tnseditor: I do if I can be there, but I think System 76 would send some
(07:37:20 PM) mm405416: valid point derath
(07:37:28 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: if so, figure out how to configure it as a mouse
(07:37:29 PM) Derath: ppk: Yes, but I wouldn't call it reliable... in the middle of hardware failure I think...
(07:37:58 PM) mm405416: I have a couple laptops floating around
(07:38:04 PM) mm405416: two dells and a toshiba
(07:38:09 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: well, we need one for Derath
(07:38:18 PM) theidiotthatisme: I have one I'm bringing for trying software being handed out there O:-)
(07:38:20 PM) jacob_ [n=jacob@ubuntu/member/jacob] entered the room.
jacob jacob_ 
(07:38:23 PM) tnseditor: hi jacob
(07:38:25 PM) theidiotthatisme: hi jacob
(07:38:25 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: because as far as we know, he's the only one with a wii
(07:38:29 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: jacob: do you have a wii
(07:38:32 PM) jacob_: wow. i'm a complete moron
(07:38:38 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(07:38:39 PM) jacob_: i totally missed that meeting
(07:38:42 PM) tnseditor: we were almost all late :-p
(07:38:45 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: it just started
(07:38:46 PM) theidiotthatisme: No you didn't, it's going on right now
(07:38:46 PM) jacob_: sorry about that guys :(
(07:38:49 PM) jacob_: oh?
(07:38:50 PM) theidiotthatisme: I didn't show up til aftr 7
(07:38:55 PM) jacob_: heh heh
(07:38:56 PM) tnseditor: so we began meeting a few minutes ago (7:24)
(07:38:57 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: join the party
(07:38:57 PM) theidiotthatisme: I was playing The Movies and forgot the time :-(
(07:39:06 PM) jacob_: picard_pwns_kirk: yes
(07:39:07 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: we're talking about OLF
(07:39:15 PM) ***tnseditor got here at 6:38 and was afraid I was late
(07:39:19 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: jacob_: do you have a laptop?
(07:39:21 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(07:39:23 PM) ***jacob_ is trying to make do with IRC in pidgin while hardy dual-installs
(07:39:26 PM) jacob_: picard_pwns_kirk: yes
jacob jacob_ 
(07:39:34 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: and can you pair said laptop with a wiimote, and configure it as a mouse?
(07:39:50 PM) jacob_: picard_pwns_kirk: yes, apt-get install wminput; sudo wminput
(07:40:05 PM) tnseditor: that is stinkin' cool :-D
(07:40:08 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: can you bring said setup to OLF and do a demo at our booth?
(07:40:17 PM) ***tnseditor is going to have to get a wiimote just for that :-p
(07:40:22 PM) jacob_: picard_pwns_kirk: i uh spose :D
(07:40:28 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: awesomecakes
(07:40:29 PM) theidiotthatisme: jacob, I'm using the IRC in opera so dont feel bad lol
(07:40:33 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: mm405416: there you go
(07:40:46 PM) jacob_: hehe theidiotthatisme
(07:40:49 PM) mm405416: if all else fails a super cheap usb bluetooth will work
(07:41:05 PM) theidiotthatisme: Okay so for sure we are going to demo the wiimote?
(07:41:09 PM) mm405416: ...missing a few words there...
(07:41:19 PM) jacob_: if i remember to bring it, heh :P
(07:41:44 PM) tnseditor: oh, my loving family decided to go to Columbus today without me (I had to go to class and work)
(07:41:49 PM) tnseditor: they went to Easton
(07:41:51 PM) tnseditor: grr
(07:41:53 PM) jacob_: hehe
(07:41:54 PM) Derath: I'll bring my wiimote, and I'll bring my laptop, as far as demo'ing... unsure...
(07:42:13 PM) ***jacob_ has Neverball working w/ wiimote
(07:42:20 PM) theidiotthatisme: Are you worried about it getting stolen or not sure about doing the demo with it?
(07:42:21 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: lol, sweet
(07:42:33 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'm only wondering so I can add it to the OLF list to update the Wiki and Website tomorrow :-)
(07:42:39 PM) Derath: titim: Not sure the laptop will be alive... lol
(07:42:43 PM) tnseditor: Booth at OLF $75
(07:42:43 PM) tnseditor: Laptop for OLF $1,000
(07:42:43 PM) tnseditor: Flinging a Wiimote through someone else's LCD- Priceless
(07:42:45 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(07:42:46 PM) jacob_: yeah, we'll have to make sure those wiimotes are tethered
(07:42:52 PM) jacob_: lol tnseditor
(07:43:06 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: hahaha
(07:43:08 PM) Derath: I'll bring it, but it has a nasty habit lately of not wanting to boot... video problems, may have burnt out the vid card...
(07:43:08 PM) theidiotthatisme: Derath: That's okay, we'll make sure we have a working computer to demo it on, even if I give up my laptop for the day :-P
(07:43:17 PM) tnseditor: too bad there won't be a MS display there :-p
(07:43:32 PM) ***tnseditor is terrible
(07:43:41 PM) theidiotthatisme: As long as you make sure to bring it :-)
(07:43:50 PM) jacob_: tnseditor: i was about to say "how do you know" but remembered this is OLF, not etech
(07:44:21 PM) tnseditor: As far as I know, MS doesn't make Windows Linux Live Home Edition :-p
(07:44:34 PM) theidiotthatisme: Sure they do, Novell Suse :-P
(07:44:38 PM) tnseditor: hahaha
(07:44:39 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(07:44:44 PM) jacob_: ba-dum *chink*
(07:44:48 PM) tnseditor: :-D
(07:44:49 PM) theidiotthatisme: Sorry cheap shot
(07:44:58 PM) Derath: Speaking of MS, I have an off-topic question for after the meeting...
(07:45:04 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol okay
(07:45:08 PM) tnseditor: just ask now :-p
(07:45:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: So vote for wiimote?
(07:45:14 PM) tnseditor: go for it
(07:45:16 PM) jacob_: +1
(07:45:20 PM) tnseditor: +2
(07:45:21 PM) mm405416: +1
(07:45:21 PM) Derath: aye
(07:45:27 PM) thebinaryblob: +1
(07:45:29 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: wiimote++
(07:45:42 PM) theidiotthatisme: Okay, added to the list of... 1 including the wiimote
(07:46:03 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: Will you let me know as soon as System76 sends details of what they are lending?
(07:46:09 PM) tnseditor: ok
(07:46:10 PM) jacob_: quick potentially dumb question because i'm too lazy to look this up
(07:46:15 PM) jacob_: is OLF a 2-day event or ond
(07:46:16 PM) tnseditor: I'll have to contact them again
(07:46:17 PM) jacob_: one*
(07:46:23 PM) tnseditor: I think it is two
(07:46:24 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: while ($idea = "awesome") { print "aye"; }
(07:46:30 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: one day
(07:46:35 PM) tnseditor: (I think it was Friday/Saturday last year)
(07:46:36 PM) tnseditor: oh
(07:46:42 PM) theidiotthatisme: It's listed as only October 11th so idk
(07:46:45 PM) tnseditor: oh
(07:46:46 PM) tnseditor: ok
(07:46:47 PM) tnseditor: sorry
(07:46:48 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: friday was for seminars
(07:46:48 PM) jacob_: i know it was two last year... maybe they went back
(07:46:55 PM) jacob_: ah kk
(07:46:57 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: it was OLFU
(07:47:04 PM) jacob_: >.<
(07:47:08 PM) Derath: And sunday is tests only, afaik
(07:47:08 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: :|
(07:47:22 PM) jacob_: ah that's right, they give discounted LPI exams at OLF
(07:47:40 PM) Derath: Maybe, no affirmative yet for this year...
(07:47:50 PM) theidiotthatisme: yeah
(07:47:56 PM) tnseditor: dang.... wiimotes are $40 at newegg
(07:47:58 PM) Derath: was planning on taking the exam myself... but life has gotten in the way again
(07:48:03 PM) jacob_: if hotel_price < driving_gas_price:
(07:48:04 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: I added demoing system76 systems to the list..... now we have 2
(07:48:04 PM) jacob_:     stay_at_hotel()
(07:48:08 PM) tnseditor: ok
(07:48:16 PM) tnseditor: hotel=more expensive
(07:48:16 PM) jacob_: tnseditor: yesh wiimotes aren't cheap
(07:48:28 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: hotel_price = driving_gas_price + hotel
(07:48:30 PM) tnseditor: they are out of stock too
(07:48:35 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'm going to hitchhike there :-D
(07:48:38 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(07:48:42 PM) jacob_: the same, probably
(07:48:54 PM) tnseditor: maybe I can drag my family along....
(07:49:01 PM) jacob_: i'm trying to convince our tech school to go there instead of eTech next year
(07:49:05 PM) tnseditor: they can drop me off there and then go to the malls :-p
(07:49:07 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: wonder if attendance will be down because of gas prices
(07:49:18 PM) theidiotthatisme: picard_pwns_kirk: Linux fans? I doubt it
(07:49:22 PM) theidiotthatisme: :-)
(07:49:26 PM) jacob_: :D
(07:49:43 PM) mm405416: it's my goal to convince the rest of the computer electronics people at my college to go with
(07:49:52 PM) jacob_: also... traffic around the CCC is absymal... plan ahead!
(07:49:53 PM) mm405416: I might be driving alone this year though
(07:50:06 PM) mm405416: got a friend to go last year, but he wasn't into it so I had to bail early
(07:50:08 PM) theidiotthatisme: mm405416: What part of Ohio are you in?
(07:50:09 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: the food around there is expensive too
(07:50:16 PM) mm405416: south eastern
(07:50:23 PM) mm405416: currently a student of Hocking College
(07:50:28 PM) theidiotthatisme: oh okay
(07:50:30 PM) tnseditor: wow :-D
(07:50:32 PM) theidiotthatisme: I need to find someone NE lol
(07:50:34 PM) mm405416: I originally hail from the far east side of columbus
(07:50:43 PM) jacob_: SE Ohio: the Verizon roaming area :P
(07:50:52 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(07:50:54 PM) tnseditor: we go down there every year for Old Man's Cave (and other parks) and the Wilds
(07:50:58 PM) mm405416: very true jacob_
(07:51:05 PM) jacob_: tnseditor: old man's cave is epic
(07:51:09 PM) tnseditor: yes it is :-D
(07:51:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: Well, what do we say about handing out contact lists for LoCo's?
(07:51:21 PM) tnseditor: ok :-)
(07:51:34 PM) theidiotthatisme: Promote to get involved with Ubuntu locally :-P
(07:51:36 PM) mm405416: there was a LUG here a while back, but it's defunct as of right now
(07:51:46 PM) mm405416: theidiotthatisme: sounds good
(07:51:54 PM) tnseditor: Lima LUG is meeting regularly again and is working on a new website :-D
(07:52:22 PM) Derath: titim: definte contact list a little more: personal contacts, or websites, irc channels, mailing list email addy?
(07:52:38 PM) jacob_: COLUG is definitely active from what i heard from the Fedora guy at the 8.04 release party
(07:52:52 PM) tnseditor: good
(07:53:15 PM) theidiotthatisme: Derath: I would say personal contacts (probably team lead), website, and mailing list
(07:53:34 PM) theidiotthatisme: And do a grid of them on paper for handouts
(07:53:55 PM) jacob_: [OT] also, nobody let me forget to order our LoCo share of 300 CDs ;)
(07:53:58 PM) Derath: hehe well, personally I'd rather leave my email off, as long as that can happen, I'm game for it...
(07:53:59 PM) theidiotthatisme: Does anyone know if anyone attends OLF internationally or no?
(07:54:06 PM) tnseditor: I thought we could just put them on a CD with some screencasts
(07:54:08 PM) theidiotthatisme: jacob: Dont forget to order the CD's
(07:54:47 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: Dont forget then you have to buy and burn the CD's, and people will snatch them up cause they're CD's even if they dont use them
(07:54:53 PM) jacob_: theidiotthatisme: i *think* Canonical was there... once
(07:55:04 PM) Derath: #gm btw, my lappy (if working) also has a dvd burner, so if someone wants to provide the iso or cd at olf, I'll be more than happen to burn cds as needed
(07:55:06 PM) tnseditor: theidiotthatisme: true
(07:55:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: jacob: I was wondring so to include international LoCo's or not
(07:55:27 PM) theidiotthatisme: Derath: No problem
(07:55:32 PM) tnseditor: I don't think you really need to
(07:55:33 PM) Derath: if someone can provide blanks
(07:55:33 PM) jacob_: also, OT again, but on subject of hotels: http://www.ohiolinux.org/node/245
(07:55:34 PM) PPKbot: Title: Drury Inn Group Rate is Available | Ohio LinuxFest 2008 (at www.ohiolinux.org)
(07:55:36 PM) theidiotthatisme: My e button keeps messing up
(07:55:51 PM) tnseditor: Drury is nice
(07:56:04 PM) tnseditor: we stay at the one in Frankenmuth (MI) when we go to Bronner's
(07:56:19 PM) jacob_: they have very nice breakfasts, and they're right on top of the convention center. not too expensive either
(07:56:26 PM) jacob_: and free wifi :D
(07:56:30 PM) tnseditor: yes
(07:56:31 PM) mm405416: incidentally, I neglected to mention I'll be staying at my parents house that weekend, so if help is needed as far as set up, let me know and I can show up early
(07:56:54 PM) thebinaryblob left the room.
(07:56:57 PM) jacob_: compared to the Hyatt also on top of the CC, which was double expensive, expensive food, and no free wifi. (but school paid for that trip, so i won't complain. :D)
(07:57:24 PM) Derath: I'm in Dayton, and afaik I will be getting there a little early as well (around 30 min early)
(07:57:36 PM) tnseditor: two queen beds is $109
(07:57:36 PM) thebinaryblob [n=aaron@cblmdm72-241-121-90.buckeyecom.net] entered the room.
(07:57:41 PM) tnseditor: wb thebinaryblob
(07:58:00 PM) thebinaryblob: accidentaly closed xchat XD
(07:58:05 PM) jacob_: :D
(07:58:06 PM) ***picard_pwns_kirk lives in dublin, will be able to come early
(07:58:27 PM) ***thebinaryblob lives all the way out in Toledo
(07:58:49 PM) theidiotthatisme: Okay, so we have 3 items, any other ideas? Recap: Demoing System76 systems, Demoing wiimote, and LoCo handouts
(07:58:54 PM) tnseditor: we just went through there on Thursday and Sunday (to and from MI... we also stopped at the zoo on sunday)
(07:59:11 PM) tnseditor: we also need to talk about the cost
(07:59:15 PM) tnseditor: for the booth
(07:59:23 PM) jacob_: ah, right
(07:59:23 PM) Phoenix301 [n=tbowerma@cpe-98-31-4-76.woh.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(07:59:25 PM) theidiotthatisme: Fundraising!
(07:59:25 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: lemonade stand ftw
(07:59:27 PM) Derath: will there be stickers again?
(07:59:29 PM) jacob_: $75 for a NPO
(07:59:31 PM) theidiotthatisme: Anyone have any rich relatives to mug? :-D
(07:59:33 PM) tnseditor: oh my gosh... Rachel made it :-o
(07:59:42 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: hai Phoenix301
(07:59:43 PM) Phoenix301: :p
(07:59:46 PM) jacob_: Derath: i don't think the MI team is still printing those, but "we'll see"
(07:59:47 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: give us 75 bucks
(07:59:48 PM) tnseditor: Lemonade and snowcone stand :-p
(07:59:50 PM) theidiotthatisme: Hi Phoenix301
(08:00:01 PM) Phoenix301: hello people.
(08:00:03 PM) ***Derath is thinking...
(08:00:04 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: I liked the stickers
(08:00:06 PM) mm405416: hey phoenix301
(08:00:07 PM) jacob_: hullo Phoenix301
(08:00:19 PM) Phoenix301: ..hai :p
(08:00:20 PM) tnseditor: Rachel is amazed with the hellos L0o
(08:00:23 PM) tnseditor: oops :-p
(08:00:24 PM) Derath: Hi Phoenix
(08:00:45 PM) Phoenix301: wow, john it looks like your position as official greeter has been take :p
(08:00:50 PM) tnseditor: nah...
(08:00:57 PM) Phoenix301: taken*...
(08:00:57 PM) tnseditor: I've greeted everyone else but you :-p
(08:01:05 PM) Phoenix301: hahahhaha
(08:01:10 PM) ***picard_pwns_kirk can donate
(08:01:13 PM) tnseditor: because I greeted you over in MSN :-p
(08:01:21 PM) tnseditor: we need a paypal donate button
(08:01:22 PM) ***jacob_ can chip in a bit too
(08:01:24 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: omg msn
(08:01:29 PM) ***picard_pwns_kirk shuns tnseditor 
(08:01:36 PM) ***tnseditor is transitioning over to gmail and google talk
(08:02:18 PM) ***Derath is having a hard time letting go of a 10+ year old hotmail account...
(08:02:28 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: Derath: get gmail
(08:02:32 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: makes letting go easy
(08:02:38 PM) theidiotthatisme: Who wants to do the MSN... I mean donate button on the website? :-P
(08:02:39 PM) Derath: I have gmail
(08:02:45 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: oh
(08:02:52 PM) theidiotthatisme: I have gmail, been using it since 2004 exclusively :-)
(08:02:55 PM) jacob_: anywho, anyone in particular want to hold the paypal fund for the donation pool?
(08:02:59 PM) mm405416: I've gotta bail for now, gotta pick my fiance up from work, I'll try and jump back on ASAP
(08:03:03 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: cya mm
(08:03:07 PM) jacob_: later mm405416
(08:03:08 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: mm405416**
(08:03:13 PM) theidiotthatisme: I nominate jacob for handling donate button and donations :-P
(08:03:18 PM) mm405416 left the room (quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client").
(08:03:19 PM) Derath: problem is that EVERYONE knows my hotmail, and all the lists/purchases/etc all have the hotmail addy and I have forgotten most... hehe
(08:03:20 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: seconded
(08:03:44 PM) tnseditor: that's most of my problem with switching over
(08:03:52 PM) jacob_: theidiotthatisme: i'd be fine with that, *BUT* OLF might want someone of age to handle registrations
(08:03:56 PM) jacob_: though i'm not sure tbh
(08:04:09 PM) jacob_: depends on how they accept payment...
(08:04:28 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: brown bag underneath the tall oak tree in town square
(08:04:40 PM) tnseditor: hahaha
(08:04:59 PM) theidiotthatisme: If I had a paypal account I would do it, but I dont have one and I dont have a banking or credit card
(08:05:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: Soo..... anyone volunteer?
(08:05:27 PM) jacob_: i suppose i can collect the donations, will have to just transfer them if needed
(08:05:33 PM) tnseditor: well, I would, but I don't know for sure if I can make it.
(08:05:50 PM) ***tnseditor has the curse of having to bring the family everywhere with him
jacob jacob_ 
(08:05:55 PM) jacob_: heh heh
(08:06:04 PM) tnseditor: jacob_ will be glad to accept donations :-p
(08:06:06 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: Better than bussing to events ;)
(08:06:07 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: just drive down yourself
(08:06:31 PM) tnseditor: I've never driven that far by myself and my family probably wouldn't let me either
(08:06:40 PM) tnseditor: it was a struggle last year for the release party
(08:06:56 PM) Phoenix301: i can second that
(08:07:07 PM) jacob_: :P
(08:07:23 PM) theidiotthatisme: jacob: When does the registration end?
(08:07:23 PM) tnseditor: I didn't know I was going until about 3 hours before we left here (about 5 hours before the party)
(08:07:27 PM) ***picard_pwns_kirk hands jacob_ a text editor and an SSH client
(08:07:41 PM) jacob_: theidiotthatisme: usually not until about september
(08:07:51 PM) Phoenix301: i got there and everyone was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.. because until a few hours before it it was a no-go
(08:07:56 PM) jacob_: though i'd like us to get registered ASAP if payments aren't due yet
(08:08:20 PM) tnseditor: Phoenix301: that's the way it looks before company come over too :-p
(08:08:23 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: oh schnap!
(08:08:27 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: -dmwaters- {global notice} Good day all, I have a fairly large rotation server that needs to be restarted, about 6000 users. This won't take long, but it will be a bit noisey. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for using freenode!
(08:08:28 PM) tnseditor: except for you :-p
(08:08:28 PM) theidiotthatisme: jacob_:  Well if you collect the money for now even if we have to transer it to make the payment I'll make sure we can
(08:08:39 PM) jacob_: that works
(08:08:45 PM) jacob_: but we'll have to put this meeting on hold
(08:08:51 PM) jacob_: re: dmwaters global notice
(08:08:52 PM) theidiotthatisme: jacob: I'm just waiting on 280 dollars from my ex-inlaws so I can open up a bank account lol or if I get this job at Infocision :-)
(08:09:03 PM) psyquark left the room (quit: brown.freenode.net irc.freenode.net).
(08:09:03 PM) Wires left the room (quit: brown.freenode.net irc.freenode.net).
(08:09:04 PM) jacob_: netsplits incoming
(08:09:10 PM) tnseditor: hooray :-p
(08:09:14 PM) theidiotthatisme: huh?
(08:09:16 PM) Wires [n=jwires@pool-72-69-136-190.chi01.dsl-w.verizon.net] entered the room.
(08:09:16 PM) psyquark [n=psyquark@NW-ESR1-72-49-98-227.fuse.net] entered the room.
(08:09:28 PM) jacob_: that's probably not the end of them
(08:09:39 PM) jacob_: 3min break, everyone :P
(08:09:39 PM) ***tnseditor has saved the convo so far
(08:09:45 PM) Phoenix301: whos next *camera pans around room*
(08:10:00 PM) ***picard_pwns_kirk spontaneously combusts
(08:10:03 PM) ***tnseditor cues up the jaws music
(08:10:19 PM) ***tnseditor also gets ready with twilight zone music
(08:10:33 PM) tnseditor: speaking of music...
(08:10:44 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: sooo...
(08:10:44 PM) tnseditor: we watched the fireworks up in Frankenmuth...
(08:10:48 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: next on the agenda
(08:10:49 PM) jacob_: seems to be all of the splits
(08:10:51 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(08:10:51 PM) tnseditor: they had some of the weirdest music
(08:10:52 PM) jacob_: all good
(08:10:59 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: ubucon?
(08:11:05 PM) tnseditor: well
(08:11:13 PM) tnseditor: I think we may put it on hold until 2009
(08:11:17 PM) jacob_: +1
(08:11:20 PM) Phoenix301: yeah
(08:11:20 PM) theidiotthatisme: ubucon I think has kind of died into an eventually someday sometime
(08:11:22 PM) jacob_: needs moar time
(08:11:30 PM) tnseditor: because (I think) we should focus on OLF
(08:11:32 PM) theidiotthatisme: I say spring 2009
(08:11:35 PM) jacob_: theidiotthatisme: unfortunately, yesh :P
(08:11:56 PM) jacob_: *however* see /topic, bugjam incoming
(08:12:01 PM) jacob_: :o
(08:12:06 PM) theidiotthatisme: Spring 2009 if co plan it with OLF and continue through (it takes longer having to setup your own venue and stuff) or Fall 2009 if planning after OLF
(08:12:12 PM) tnseditor: I don't like bugs in my jam... I throw it out if that happens
(08:12:19 PM) jacob_: canonical/ubuntu wants us to do that live... but it doesn't *have* to be
(08:12:34 PM) tnseditor: the bug jam?
(08:12:45 PM) jacob_: i suggested video conferencing and they were okay with that, even endorsed it at the end
(08:12:45 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: what's a bug jam?
(08:12:50 PM) Phoenix301: i dont like jam on my bugs, i throw them out if that happens XD
(08:12:53 PM) ***tnseditor was about to ask that
(08:13:02 PM) tnseditor: Phoenix301: haha
(08:13:06 PM) jacob_: picard_pwns_kirk: big fest where everyone goes around reporting and helping with bugs
(08:13:13 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: ah
(08:13:15 PM) jacob_: they've been reportedly successful
(08:13:21 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: PULSEAUDIO PULSEAUDIO
(08:13:25 PM) jacob_: :D
(08:13:26 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: *cough*
(08:13:29 PM) Derath: lol
(08:13:29 PM) tnseditor: what can someone like me do? (no real skills):-p
(08:13:42 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: tnseditor: focus on the obvious
(08:13:50 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: ie: the theme's brown
(08:13:55 PM) jacob_: tnseditor: triaging bugs, "drinking from the firehose," marking duplicates, testing bugs, etc
(08:14:00 PM) Phoenix301: 1 cup beetles, 2 cups sugar 1 cup pectin.. bring sugar and pectin to a boil, add pulped bugs, let set into bugjam
(08:14:02 PM) tnseditor: oh
(08:14:24 PM) ***tnseditor can follow recipies 
(08:14:32 PM) jacob_: anyone here on bugsquad?
(08:14:37 PM) tnseditor: drinking from the firehose?
(08:14:38 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'm not
(08:14:50 PM) Phoenix301: nope
(08:14:50 PM) tnseditor: like testing?
(08:15:00 PM) ***picard_pwns_kirk isn't
(08:15:00 PM) theidiotthatisme: Do we want to hold the bug jam before OLF? And are we doing online or in person?
(08:15:05 PM) jacob_: i know vorian's on bugcontrol, being a motu an all (congrats again on that ;))
(08:15:14 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: he's afc
(08:15:41 PM) jacob_: ´╗┐theidiotthatisme: still needs to be planned. if things flow right, it could even be a session at olf
(08:15:57 PM) tnseditor: Motu sounds like an abbreviation for a bad word/phrase 
(08:16:10 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: MASTER OF TEH UNIVERSE!
(08:16:10 PM) jacob_: "master of the universe"? :P
(08:16:19 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: ba dum ba ba!
(08:16:20 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(08:16:28 PM) theidiotthatisme: jacob: I know, was just wondering if it was going to be online or in person? Dont know much about bug jams
(08:16:52 PM) jacob_: theidiotthatisme: traditionally, they are in-person events, but i've heard of a team that did one online
(08:17:03 PM) tnseditor: we could use ustream :-p
(08:17:03 PM) jacob_: theidiotthatisme: and with video sessions, things could be even easier
(08:17:05 PM) tnseditor: or skype :-p
(08:17:08 PM) jacob_: exactly
(08:17:36 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: remember how the last gathering with webcams went
(08:17:46 PM) jacob_: lolol
(08:17:48 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: :|
(08:17:51 PM) jacob_: let's not play that part
(08:17:53 PM) tnseditor: shut up :-p
(08:17:56 PM) ***thebinaryblob 's webcam doesnt work anyway, stupid microdia chip
(08:18:00 PM) jacob_: i mean if *not* an in-person meeting
(08:18:01 PM) ***tnseditor still cries about that
(08:18:18 PM) ***tnseditor can use his laptop's camera which is lots better
(08:18:27 PM) thebinaryblob: :(
(08:18:33 PM) theidiotthatisme: jacob: I could attend an online but is harder to travel on nonlarge events because I usually bus greyhound
(08:19:02 PM) jacob_: theidiotthatisme: i'm the same with travel issues, so it's definitely still on the board for online
(08:19:27 PM) jacob_: bugjam is for another meeting though (i mean technically we're 2 hours into this one lol)
(08:19:28 PM) ***tnseditor probably wouldn't be available for a live meeting unless it was in Lima :-p
(08:19:43 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol okay we'll set it for the next meeting
(08:19:46 PM) tnseditor: ok
(08:19:50 PM) theidiotthatisme: So back to OLF or near end of meeting?
(08:19:50 PM) jacob_: works for me
(08:20:01 PM) jacob_: either.. i've got nothing left to add
(08:20:06 PM) tnseditor: hmmmm....
(08:20:15 PM) mode (+o jacob_ ) by ChanServ
(08:20:22 PM) tnseditor: I'll start back up with system 76 to let them know we haven't died
(08:20:27 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: ahhh
(08:20:28 PM) jacob_: how the heck do i /topic in pidgin
(08:20:28 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: kicking time
(08:20:37 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: Please do ;)
(08:20:40 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: jacob_: edit it at the top
(08:20:47 PM) jacob_: picard_pwns_kirk: can't... :(
(08:20:52 PM) theidiotthatisme: Let us know what they say :-P
(08:20:54 PM) jacob_: oh wait
(08:20:57 PM) jacob_: wtf?! you can
(08:20:57 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: pidgin = n00b client
(08:21:05 PM) tnseditor: I use it all the time :-p
(08:21:11 PM) theidiotthatisme: So do I
(08:21:12 PM) tnseditor: I will
(08:21:14 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(08:21:17 PM) jacob_: picard_pwns_kirk: i know, i'm in a dual-boot hardy/intrepid setup... it's complicated
(08:21:23 PM) jacob_: normally i use xchat
(08:21:25 PM) Derath: Oh, and check on the discounts... maybe helpful for me if I have to replace my lappy
(08:21:28 PM) jacob_: hence the jacob which is still online
(08:21:33 PM) ***thebinaryblob uses gnome-xchat
(08:21:43 PM) jacob_ has changed the topic to: Welcome to Ubuntu Ohio! || Ubucon! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/OhioUbucon08 || OLF has a channel on Freenode now ~ #ohiolinux || Lets focus on getting a Bug Jam planned! Ping Vorian or Jacob about prepwork etc...
(08:21:51 PM) mode (-o jacob ) by jacob_
(08:21:52 PM) Derath: And may really generate sales for s76 at the same time...
(08:21:55 PM) jacob_: >.<
(08:22:00 PM) mode (-o jacob_ ) by jacob_
(08:22:01 PM) tnseditor: how about just getting rid of the Ubucon thing
(08:22:06 PM) Derath: mention something about there being 2500+ people attending last year... hehe
(08:22:13 PM) tnseditor: :-D
(08:22:13 PM) jacob_: tnseditor: ah, oops.
(08:22:20 PM) mode (+o jacob_ ) by ChanServ
(08:22:24 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: it is shameful
(08:22:24 PM) tnseditor: let me start a wiki for OLF 08
(08:22:29 PM) jacob_ has changed the topic to: Welcome to Ubuntu Ohio! || OLF has a channel on Freenode now ~ #ohiolinux || Lets focus on getting a Bug Jam planned! Ping Vorian or Jacob about prepwork etc...
(08:22:33 PM) mode (-o jacob ) by jacob_
(08:22:36 PM) theidiotthatisme: Would '09 if we do one for next year ;)
(08:22:38 PM) mode (-o jacob_ ) by jacob_
(08:22:41 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: we do not want to be reminded of it's shame
(08:22:42 PM) jacob_: aye
(08:22:44 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(08:22:54 PM) jacob_: picard_pwns_kirk: it never existed! sshhhhh..... ;)
(08:22:59 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(08:23:15 PM) theidiotthatisme: It happens sometimes, some members had rocky roads :-P
(08:23:24 PM) theidiotthatisme: and planning kind of died...
(08:23:25 PM) tnseditor: dang
(08:23:29 PM) jacob_: yeah
(08:23:33 PM) tnseditor: where's the wiki from last year?
(08:23:33 PM) theidiotthatisme: BUT, we will try again anothr time :-P
(08:23:37 PM) tnseditor: did I kill it?
(08:23:42 PM) theidiotthatisme: There's a link to it from the main page
(08:23:44 PM) jacob_: tnseditor: the one i just edited out of the topic..
(08:23:48 PM) tnseditor: just got it
(08:23:54 PM) tnseditor: found it
(08:24:01 PM) tnseditor: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/OLF
(08:24:03 PM) PPKbot: Title: OhioTeam/OLF - Ubuntu Wiki (at wiki.ubuntu.com)
(08:24:05 PM) ***tnseditor is going to update it
(08:24:07 PM) tnseditor: :-)
(08:24:15 PM) tnseditor: no need to make a new one :-D
(08:24:19 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(08:25:05 PM) tnseditor: same exact day as last year :-)o
(08:25:59 PM) theidiotthatisme: Alrighty
(08:26:10 PM) tnseditor: theidiotthatisme: can you contact LGP again?
(08:26:31 PM) theidiotthatisme: for Ubucon? 09?
(08:26:41 PM) tnseditor: maybe for OLF
(08:26:42 PM) Derath: Oh... OLF related question: Will there be Ubuntu t-shirts for LoCo members, or general purchase?
(08:26:58 PM) theidiotthatisme: Derath: not unless canonical wants to send us something :-P
(08:27:07 PM) jacob_: Derath: we'll have to contact Canonical about a group rate on that... so it's possible
(08:27:11 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: you guys had nice t-shirts last year
(08:27:18 PM) ***tnseditor would love one
(08:27:27 PM) Derath: hehe I tried to buy one last year...
(08:27:34 PM) jacob_: they just need ordered in advance and delivered somewheres
(08:27:40 PM) tnseditor: I'll take an extra large :-D
(08:27:58 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: how much are they?
(08:28:06 PM) jacob_: not sure
(08:28:15 PM) tnseditor: next meeting is July 16?
(08:28:17 PM) vorian: did i miss anything?
(08:28:21 PM) tnseditor: hi vorian
(08:28:22 PM) jacob_: and i refuse to use firefox on here... it hasn't updated from beta5 yet
(08:28:26 PM) jacob_: hey vorian
(08:28:28 PM) tnseditor: you missed a bunch :-D
(08:28:35 PM) vorian: oh
(08:28:37 PM) vorian: sorry
(08:28:44 PM) tnseditor: here as in Hardy?
(08:28:44 PM) jacob_: np
(08:28:49 PM) jacob_: tnseditor: yes
(08:28:54 PM) tnseditor: vorian: I'll post a log
(08:28:56 PM) tnseditor: soon
jacob jacob_ 
(08:29:04 PM) tnseditor: jacob_ it's at the final release
(08:29:06 PM) tnseditor: on here
(08:29:07 PM) jacob_: vorian: basically figured out stuff to bring (wiimote demo, laptops, CDs, etc)
(08:29:13 PM) tnseditor: here= my laptop running hardy
(08:29:17 PM) jacob_: tnseditor: i'm updating :P
(08:29:21 PM) tnseditor: ok :-p
(08:29:24 PM) tnseditor: good job :-p
(08:29:34 PM) jacob_: vorian: also a wee bit of bugjam discussion
(08:29:49 PM) tnseditor: next meeting next week?
(08:29:54 PM) tnseditor: maybe a status update?
(08:29:59 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: woah, 20 bucks for an ubuntu shirt
(08:30:26 PM) jacob_: per'aps
(08:30:34 PM) tnseditor: I'll put it on the wiki
(08:30:50 PM) vorian: jacob_: any takers?
(08:30:52 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: oh, white one 15 bucks
(08:31:16 PM) ***tnseditor removes the link to Ubucon 2008 on the wiki and replaces it with OLF 2008 link
(08:31:20 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: I'll update the website
(08:31:24 PM) tnseditor: ok
(08:31:28 PM) jacob_: vorian: for bugjam? there seems to be interest ;)
(08:31:29 PM) tnseditor: I'm working on the wiki
(08:31:30 PM) theidiotthatisme: So you replaced it with itself? :-P
(08:31:43 PM) tnseditor: no...
(08:31:43 PM) theidiotthatisme: *looking up*
(08:31:51 PM) vorian: excellent
(08:32:01 PM) theidiotthatisme: tnseditor: Look up on the IRC lol
(08:32:06 PM) theidiotthatisme: oh sorry
(08:32:07 PM) tnseditor: OLF in place of Ubucon
(08:32:08 PM) theidiotthatisme: Wow I'm tired
(08:32:11 PM) tnseditor: haha
(08:32:13 PM) theidiotthatisme: Just ignore me
(08:32:20 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'm going to sit in my corner now lol
(08:32:21 PM) ***tnseditor ignores theidiotthatisme
(08:32:29 PM) jacob_: vorian: about doing a *physical* bugjam still needs discussion (vs video-started) but we're gettin somewhere
(08:32:35 PM) tnseditor: are you going to cry too or wear a dunce hat?
(08:32:46 PM) vorian: excellent-o
(08:32:51 PM) theidiotthatisme: dunce hat
(08:32:56 PM) theidiotthatisme: So I can throw it at people :-P
(08:33:07 PM) jacob_: theidiotthatisme: you'll need pies
(08:33:20 PM) vorian: jacob_: did you guys talk about 5-a-day and beating michigan?
(08:33:25 PM) tnseditor: I have a lemon crunch one here
(08:33:27 PM) Derath: BRB
(08:33:27 PM) jacob_: oh ho ho, we didn't
(08:33:30 PM) vorian: that could generate some interest
(08:33:32 PM) tnseditor: beating MI is always good :-D
(08:33:32 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(08:33:37 PM) theidiotthatisme: vorian: Bout what?
(08:33:55 PM) jacob_: we'll have to explain all that at the next meetin
(08:33:59 PM) mm405416 [i=4bb421d9@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-7d8e50562b2da8fd] entered the room.
(08:34:00 PM) vorian: but the lp admin would have to sign the team up for 5-a-day
(08:34:03 PM) tnseditor: wb mm405416
(08:34:03 PM) theidiotthatisme: I think we need lessons about bugs :-P Cause I dont know anything about them
(08:34:06 PM) jacob_: basically 5-a-day is "do 5 bugs per day"
(08:34:08 PM) mm405416: thanks
(08:34:18 PM) jacob_: and MI is winning on participation :P
(08:34:36 PM) jacob_: we can get all that started at our meeting/bugjam
(08:34:46 PM) theidiotthatisme: Okee dokee
(08:35:07 PM) mm405416: I'd have to agree with theidiotthatisme , I wouldn't know where to start
(08:35:19 PM) jacob_: no probs, that's what bugjams are for
(08:35:28 PM) vorian: werd
(08:35:36 PM) vorian: it can be as easy as
(08:35:42 PM) vorian: triaging bugs
(08:35:50 PM) vorian: marking duplicates
(08:36:05 PM) vorian: finding patches from upstream
(08:36:12 PM) vorian: making your own patch
(08:36:20 PM) theidiotthatisme: vorian: so you gonna teach us then next meeting?
(08:36:49 PM) jacob_: (and figuring out what to do when a patch you make breaks something else!)
(08:36:54 PM) ***jacob_ is guilty
(08:36:58 PM) vorian: haha
jacob jacob_ 
(08:37:20 PM) tnseditor: jacob_ are you the one that killed the vesa stuff in Intrepid?
(08:37:20 PM) vorian: diff -Nurp old new > jacob_bork.patch
(08:37:23 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(08:37:36 PM) jacob_: tnseditor: thankfully not :D i broke apturl dialogs
(08:37:39 PM) mm405416: you'll have to forgive me here for having missed part of the meeting, but is bugjam/meeting going to be in person?
(08:37:41 PM) jacob_: and they are still broken right now
(08:37:43 PM) tnseditor: good going :-p
(08:37:48 PM) tnseditor: you should be proud
(08:37:50 PM) tnseditor: :-D
(08:37:53 PM) jacob_: mm405416: right now, we're not sure
(08:38:03 PM) mm405416: ok, thank you jacob_
(08:38:05 PM) theidiotthatisme: mm405416: Not sure
(08:38:06 PM) jacob_: when i get time i'll repatch it hehe
(08:38:33 PM) vorian: there are alot of different ways to help with bugs
(08:38:40 PM) vorian: a_lot
(08:38:48 PM) jacob_: +1
(08:39:12 PM) theidiotthatisme: vorian: Is there a link to read until then? Maybe get some practice in on reporting / triaging / marking duplicates or whatever I can do :-)
(08:39:21 PM) theidiotthatisme: I have a lot of time until my interview lol
(08:39:28 PM) tnseditor: where are you interviewing for?
(08:39:55 PM) theidiotthatisme: Infocision
(08:40:16 PM) vorian: theidiotthatisme: https://wiki.kubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage
(08:40:21 PM) PPKbot: Title: Bugs/HowToTriage - Ubuntu Wiki (at wiki.kubuntu.com)
(08:40:29 PM) vorian: wtf
(08:40:52 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(08:41:00 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: wiki.kubuntu.org
(08:41:12 PM) Derath: BACK
(08:41:15 PM) tnseditor: wb
(08:41:20 PM) theidiotthatisme: Hi again!
(08:41:39 PM) Derath: ty
(08:42:11 PM) vorian: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs
(08:42:14 PM) PPKbot: Title: Bugs - Ubuntu Wiki (at wiki.ubuntu.com)
(08:42:26 PM) theidiotthatisme: thanks

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