March 12, 2008


  • Meeting originally planned for March 5, 2008 (rescheduled).
  • Ubucon sponsors
  • Hardy Heron release parties

Meeting Log

(08:03:52 PM) JPitman: so ne gnome eh?
(08:03:57 PM) JPitman: *new
(08:04:13 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: not sure
(08:04:24 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: when's the meeting start?
(08:04:26 PM) JPitman: it was on osnews today
(08:04:30 PM) tnseditor: well
(08:04:35 PM) JPitman: 8 it was supposed to
(08:04:40 PM) tnseditor: if we get some more people in here it would be dnice
(08:04:41 PM) tnseditor: *nice
(08:04:43 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: vorian, boredandblogging, ccbt, LumBuntu, wake up
(08:05:37 PM) JPitman: who's the meeting leader..or is there one?
(08:05:43 PM) tnseditor: picard_pwns_kirk: your site looks nice
(08:05:47 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: th
(08:05:47 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: x
(08:05:50 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: it uses drupal
(08:05:57 PM) tnseditor: there really isn't one too much
(08:06:02 PM) tnseditor: it's pretty laid back
(08:06:12 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: what is?
(08:06:20 PM) tnseditor: the meetings
(08:06:23 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: ah
(08:07:30 PM) JPitman: so is it just us three?
(08:07:36 PM) tnseditor: for now I guess
(08:07:50 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: us three and the bots
(08:07:54 PM) JPitman: lol
(08:07:58 PM) tnseditor: !botsnack
(08:07:59 PM) ubotu: Yum! Err, I mean, APT!
(08:08:01 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(08:08:02 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: @lart JPitman
(08:08:03 PM) ***TOLbot dresses JPitman up in a penguin suit and sends to Redmond, WA
(08:08:15 PM) JPitman: thanks
(08:08:30 PM) tnseditor: is JPitman our new marketing person :-p
(08:08:34 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: ballmer could hit you with a chair from here
(08:08:53 PM) tnseditor: with the penguin suit though he will be protected from flying objects :-p
(08:08:55 PM) JPitman: how do those work?
(08:09:09 PM) JPitman: this is actually my first irc
(08:09:11 PM) tnseditor: those what?
(08:09:12 PM) tnseditor: oh
(08:09:15 PM) JPitman: i love pidgin
(08:09:20 PM) tnseditor: I use pidgin
(08:09:22 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: xchat > pidgin
(08:09:25 PM) tnseditor: (right now :-))
(08:09:43 PM) JPitman: i use pidgin on all my computers
(08:09:44 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: pidgin is good for IM
(08:09:48 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: not so much IRC
(08:09:55 PM) tnseditor: it's not bad for irc though
(08:10:15 PM) JPitman: i'm using it now..but i have nothing to compair too
(08:10:21 PM) JPitman: so
(08:10:31 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: vorian is our leader
(08:10:32 PM) JPitman: what was this meeting supposed to be about
(08:10:56 PM) tnseditor: Ubucon and the release parties
(08:11:05 PM) JPitman: is there a date yet?
(08:11:08 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: yeah
(08:11:11 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: wiki page
(08:11:14 PM) JPitman: for ubucom
(08:11:16 PM) JPitman: cool
(08:11:22 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: type /topic
(08:11:28 PM) tnseditor: I don't think it's been set in stone yet though
(08:11:34 PM) current topic is: Welcome to Ubuntu Ohio! The March 5 meeting has been moved to March 12.  || Ubucon! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/OhioUbucon08 || Quad-Loco Meeting March 16 9pm EST (8 CST) @ #ubuntu-us-in  | OLF has a channel on Freenode now ~ #ohiolinux
(08:11:47 PM) SanchoPanza [n=prash@cpe-75-187-54-241.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(08:11:54 PM) SanchoPanza left the room.
(08:11:58 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: I still have to visit the hilliard branch to get info on the conference rooms
(08:12:00 PM) tnseditor: ok then :-p
(08:12:01 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: ...
(08:12:01 PM) tnseditor: ok
(08:12:04 PM) JPitman: i was going to point out that i run a mass cd/dvd duplication and inkjetting machine where i work
(08:12:16 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: sweet
(08:12:26 PM) JPitman: and i could probably make some discs
(08:12:43 PM) JPitman: i knew that was a previous problem..don't know if it still is
(08:13:08 PM) tnseditor: we may need additional ones (I think Canonical will send some)
(08:13:38 PM) JPitman: i could make custom "ohio" ones
(08:13:44 PM) tnseditor: that would be cool
(08:14:36 PM) JPitman: are the ubuntu studio guys coming
(08:15:05 PM) tnseditor: I don't think anyone has contacted them yet
(08:15:51 PM) JPitman: we probably need to get the date set so we can contact people asap so they can plan for it
(08:16:13 PM) tnseditor: right... but we need to check with the library
(08:16:31 PM) JPitman: yeah
(08:16:44 PM) JPitman: google accepted?  cool
(08:17:10 PM) tnseditor: any one know what google is doing?
(08:17:17 PM) JPitman: i dont
(08:17:26 PM) JPitman: but its still cool lol
(08:17:32 PM) tnseditor: I didn't know they were partners :-p
(08:17:51 PM) JPitman: Accepted Partners    Google  Linux Game Publishing
(08:17:56 PM) JPitman: from the wiki
(08:18:04 PM) tnseditor: I need to talk to System76 again
(08:18:13 PM) JPitman: if we had gOS there that would be google stuff
(08:18:23 PM) tnseditor: gOS isn't google though
(08:19:06 PM) JPitman: no
(08:19:23 PM) JPitman: what did system76 say when you talked to them last
(08:20:24 PM) tnseditor: they would let us use some hardware
(08:20:28 PM) JPitman: i would love one of there laptops
(08:20:43 PM) JPitman: i wonder if they would give discounts to..me
(08:20:48 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(08:20:49 PM) JPitman: if i advertise them
(08:20:53 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: ooo
(08:20:56 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: free laptop
(08:21:00 PM) JPitman: yes
(08:21:02 PM) JPitman: :)
(08:21:07 PM) tnseditor: Hi John,
(08:21:07 PM) tnseditor:  
(08:21:07 PM) tnseditor: Sorry for the very late reply.  We're happy to provide you hardware to show of Ubuntu in action.  We also provided hardware for Ohio Linuxfest '07 and would be happy to do so in '08.
(08:21:07 PM) tnseditor:  
(08:21:07 PM) tnseditor: Best Regards,
(08:21:07 PM) tnseditor:  
(08:21:07 PM) tnseditor: Carl Richell
(08:21:07 PM) tnseditor: System76
(08:21:10 PM) tnseditor: oooo
(08:21:15 PM) tnseditor: sorry it is so big :-p
(08:21:18 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: I'd shamelessly promote their product for a free laptop
(08:21:29 PM) JPitman: me too
(08:21:39 PM) tnseditor: their stuff seems decent and I've heard their support is really good
(08:21:46 PM) JPitman: yeah
(08:21:56 PM) JPitman: ive never heard anything bad from them
(08:22:03 PM) tnseditor: me neither
(08:23:10 PM) JPitman: is there anything you need me to do
(08:23:33 PM) JPitman: if so send me all the info i need to relay the info comascape@gmail.com
(08:23:34 PM) tnseditor: um...
(08:23:36 PM) tnseditor: ok
(08:24:27 PM) JPitman: i don't think anyone else is showing up
(08:24:35 PM) tnseditor: they might pop in sometime
(08:25:44 PM) tnseditor: does anyone have any experience with streaming video with Ubuntu?
(08:25:54 PM) tnseditor: like from a webcam?
(08:26:04 PM) tnseditor: or similar
(08:26:12 PM) tnseditor: (with voice)
(08:26:14 PM) JPitman: nope
(08:26:24 PM) JPitman: i dont own a webcam
(08:26:27 PM) tnseditor: I would like to do a video conference like thing for the Hardy release party
(08:26:32 PM) tnseditor: *parties
(08:27:06 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: jacob has a webcam
(08:27:10 PM) tnseditor: ok
(08:27:14 PM) tnseditor: he would probably know then
(08:27:22 PM) JPitman: whens and where are the release parties
(08:27:32 PM) JPitman: and what usually happens there?
(08:27:37 PM) tnseditor: I think it would be cool since we are not having a central release party this time to have them all "connected"
(08:28:00 PM) tnseditor: the release parties will be probably towards the end of April (after Hardy is released)
(08:28:25 PM) tnseditor: before we have met at Panera Bread, but now we are just having more localized parties
(08:28:39 PM) tnseditor: instead of just one in Columbus, we are having them all over
(08:29:02 PM) tnseditor: http://www.thenewssource.org/id32.html
(08:29:58 PM) JPitman: cool
(08:33:14 PM) JPitman: definitly need to show off the pretty stuff in ubuntu
(08:33:22 PM) tnseditor: yes
(08:33:33 PM) JPitman: compiz fusion
(08:33:43 PM) tnseditor: I would like to either be able to have ours (in Lima) at the sanitation building or at the college
(08:33:51 PM) tnseditor: both have projectors
(08:33:52 PM) tnseditor: :-D
(08:33:57 PM) JPitman: ooo
(08:34:04 PM) JPitman: yeah that would be nice
(08:34:13 PM) tnseditor: and both have decent internet
(08:34:22 PM) JPitman: the new gnome has alot of built in effects now
(08:34:34 PM) JPitman: i wonder if hardy will implement them
(08:34:36 PM) tnseditor: it's really quite nice
(08:34:40 PM) JPitman: probably
(08:34:44 PM) tnseditor: it has a lot of new stuff
(08:34:46 PM) tnseditor: (hardy)
(08:34:56 PM) tnseditor: like when you click on something it does an effect now
(08:35:02 PM) JPitman: yeah
(08:35:04 PM) tnseditor: (is that one of the things you are talking about?)
(08:35:09 PM) JPitman: eye candy
(08:35:12 PM) JPitman: yeah
(08:35:18 PM) tnseditor: ok
(08:35:30 PM) JPitman: people will stop and say wow when they see that..promotes interest
(08:35:37 PM) tnseditor: yes
(08:35:50 PM) JPitman: alot of people still think linux is the old text based scariness
(08:35:53 PM) tnseditor: one of our local computer shops had a booth at the fair last year
(08:35:59 PM) tnseditor: right :-(
(08:36:23 PM) tnseditor: and I'm like "wow... I bet they'll have Windows Vista like it's so grand"
(08:36:31 PM) JPitman: lol
(08:36:33 PM) JPitman: oo vista
(08:36:40 PM) tnseditor: and low and behold they had a transparent computer running Gutsy beta (at the time)
(08:36:41 PM) JPitman: i hate vista
(08:36:46 PM) JPitman: cool
(08:37:08 PM) tnseditor: and so of course I had to play with it :-p
(08:37:23 PM) tnseditor: I had it raining, cubing, etc :-D
(08:37:23 PM) JPitman: i love ubuntu
(08:38:23 PM) JPitman: whens ohio linuxfest?
(08:38:25 PM) JPitman: 08
(08:38:32 PM) tnseditor: I'm not sure
(08:38:51 PM) JPitman: we should have an ubuntu booth there as well
(08:38:55 PM) tnseditor: October 11
(08:39:01 PM) tnseditor: http://www.ohiolinux.org/
(08:39:07 PM) tnseditor: (they got the new stuff up!)
(08:39:28 PM) tnseditor: we had a booth at the one in 2007
(08:40:02 PM) JPitman: system 76 said they would help out with both..we could use them at both
(08:40:13 PM) tnseditor: yes :-)
(08:40:24 PM) tnseditor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhAOViwJMe8
(08:40:53 PM) tnseditor: I didn't get to go though
(08:42:06 PM) JPitman: i'll watch it later this laptop doesnt like video]
(08:42:35 PM) tnseditor: oh
(08:42:46 PM) tnseditor: it's what we had at Linuxfest
(08:43:08 PM) JPitman: if we are there this year i will definatly be there
(08:43:21 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: what happened to the laptops that sys76 donated?
(08:43:27 PM) tnseditor: I'm not sure
(08:43:33 PM) tnseditor: they may have been sent back
(08:43:35 PM) JPitman: i dont have one lol
(08:43:53 PM) JPitman: i dont know..donated
(08:43:56 PM) tnseditor: I would think they would let us sell it though (as long as we paid them back)
(08:44:19 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: I'm trying to find myself in this
(08:44:23 PM) JPitman: i would like to buy one for them..i'm just por
(08:44:37 PM) JPitman: poor
(08:45:31 PM) JPitman: from them
(08:45:37 PM) JPitman: i cant type either
(08:45:39 PM) JPitman: lol
(08:45:56 PM) tnseditor: :-p
(08:49:37 PM) JPitman: well
(08:49:48 PM) JPitman: crazy
(08:50:56 PM) JPitman: so whats next on the agenda
(08:51:15 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: hardy release party
(08:53:24 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: #1; where is it?
(08:53:35 PM) JPitman: which one?
(08:53:47 PM) tnseditor: we are having several
(08:53:54 PM) tnseditor: in various cities and stuff
(08:57:45 PM) linuxcolumbus [n=pat@cpe-65-24-125-200.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(08:57:53 PM) picard_pwns_kirk: @ping
(08:57:54 PM) TOLbot: pong
(08:57:57 PM) tnseditor: hi linuxcolumbus
(08:57:59 PM) linuxcolumbus: hi
(08:58:05 PM) tnseditor: we are sorta meeting now
(08:59:03 PM) linuxcolumbus:  'm late
(08:59:07 PM) tnseditor: that's fine
(08:59:42 PM) tnseditor: we are planning to have different release parties
(08:59:51 PM) tnseditor: instead of one central one
(09:00:34 PM) JPitman: when is the exact release date
(09:00:40 PM) tnseditor: I think April 20
(09:01:42 PM) tnseditor: brb
(09:01:50 PM) JPitman: kk
(09:01:51 PM) tnseditor: I need to have a quick conversation with Nature
(09:06:21 PM) Vladuntu [n=VladUntu@cpe-65-27-183-53.cinci.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(09:06:31 PM) tnseditor: back
(09:06:33 PM) tnseditor: hi Vladuntu
(09:07:20 PM) Vladuntu: hi tnseditor
(09:07:24 PM) tnseditor: how are you?
(09:08:00 PM) tnseditor: we're kinda in the middle of a meeting
(09:08:17 PM) tnseditor: we're talking about the release parties
(09:09:08 PM) Vladuntu: sure I don't want to interrupt just came to watch
(09:09:19 PM) snap-l [n=snap-l@adsl-69-209-128-109.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] entered the room.
(09:09:25 PM) tnseditor: you're more than welcome to interrupt :-p
(09:09:26 PM) tnseditor: hi snap-l
(09:09:34 PM) JPitman: lol
(09:09:42 PM) snap-l: Evening
(09:09:52 PM) tnseditor: we need to be a bit more lively tonight :-p
(09:10:01 PM) tnseditor: we are talking about release parties snap-l
(09:10:53 PM) tnseditor: any idea how to do video and audio streaming with Ubuntu snap-l?
(09:11:15 PM) snap-l: Not sure
(09:11:19 PM) tnseditor: ok
(09:11:36 PM) snap-l: Might want to ask  Marcel Gagne
(09:11:41 PM) tnseditor: who is that?
(09:11:53 PM) snap-l: Cooking with Linux columnist in Linux Journal
(09:12:02 PM) tnseditor: ok
(09:12:11 PM) snap-l: Marcelgagne.com
(09:13:06 PM) snap-l: He's also on irc on his own server.
(09:13:22 PM) tnseditor: cool
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(09:14:41 PM) JPitman: i'm going to have to get off here
(09:14:49 PM) tnseditor: oh
(09:14:51 PM) JPitman: is the next meeting next wednesday?
(09:14:53 PM) tnseditor: yes
(09:14:54 PM) picard_pwns_kirk left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(09:14:56 PM) tnseditor: it should be :-p
(09:15:13 PM) tnseditor: hopefully we can talk about more then
(09:15:19 PM) tnseditor: and hopefully more people will be online
(09:15:25 PM) picard_pwns_kirk [n=ppk@unaffiliated/ppklaptop/x-00001] entered the room.
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(09:16:29 PM) JPitman: yeah ill be here talk to you guys then
(09:16:34 PM) tnseditor: ok
(09:16:37 PM) JPitman: bye'
(09:16:38 PM) linuxcolumbus: I just hope to remember...
(09:16:38 PM) tnseditor: stop by anytime though
(09:16:39 PM) tnseditor: bye
(09:16:41 PM) tnseditor: :-)
(09:16:46 PM) JPitman left the room.
(09:16:46 PM) tnseditor: are you on the mailing list?
(09:16:52 PM) linuxcolumbus: Yep
(09:16:54 PM) tnseditor: ok
(09:17:02 PM) tnseditor: I'll probably send out a reminder then
(09:18:20 PM) picard_pwns_kirk [n=ppk@unaffiliated/ppklaptop/x-00001] entered the room.
(09:18:24 PM) tnseditor: wb picard_pwns_kirk
(09:19:55 PM) linuxcolumbus: has anybody reserved a space for Ubucon?
(09:20:12 PM) tnseditor: picard_pwns_kirk was going to when he could
(09:20:41 PM) linuxcolumbus: there is a place on south OSU campus called "the event place" that looks interesting, probably not free though.
(09:20:52 PM) tnseditor: we kinda need free :-p
(09:22:48 PM) linuxcolumbus: If you  can't find any place let me know and I'll see what I can do.
(09:22:52 PM) tnseditor: ok

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