• OLF 2009 preparations near complete
    • CDs shipped, conference materials shipped
    • Copy of The Official Ubuntu Book and The Official Ubuntu Server Book from Pearson arrived, to be displayed at booth
    • Promote Ohio LoCo more this year?

    • Don't forget to register!

    • Schedule: http://www.ohiolinux.org/schedule.html

  • 35% off offer from Pearson if we register as a usergroup
  • Northeast Ohio Group - paultag
    • +1's all around
  • Team contact change from group back to jpeddicord - organizational issue


<jacob> well, we'll go ahead and start with the informational stuff
<jacob> OLF prep is pretty much complete
<jacob> CDs were shipped today I'm told, and the rest of the materials have almost arrived
<jacob> thanks a bunch to zerhacke for helping out here
<zerhacke> Not a problem!
<steakum> whoo OLF
<jacob> \o/
<jacob> I just got two books in the post from Pearson this morning
<jacob> The Official Ubuntu Book, and The Official Ubuntu Server book
<jacob> both I'll bring to OLF (they are free press copies) to have on display
<jacob> don't think we'll have the banner/display sitting behind the booth this time, unfortunately, but on the plus side we'll have more space for... stuff
<jacob> Derath-Srvr has gotten System76 to send us some demo laptops, which will be an awesome part of the booth
<steakum> and ya'll have free electricity too, so that works out well
<jacob> I'm going to suggest we try to promote the LoCo a little more this year. flyers, biz cards, whatever last-minute stuff we can come up with
<jacob> steakum: ah yes that will be nice
<jacob> (though those s76 batteries lasted quite a long time!)
<jacob> obligatory link: https://www.ohiolinux.org/register
<jacob> do it, it's free to get in, or pay $65 for goodies
<steakum> you know you want to
<jacob> that includes *you*, person reading these logs posted on the forms and wiki
<jacob> (at least I hope I remember to :P)
<jacob> forums, that is
<jacob> there is also this shiny link to make things a little more enticing: http://www.ohiolinux.org/schedule.html
<jacob> som Python stuff, BSD stuff, GNOME 3 stuff, a lot for everybody
<jacob> that's all I can think of at the moment. anything else on that subject?
<jacob> next up: pearson discounts
<jacob> I haven't looked into this much, but if we register as a usergroup everyone can get 35% off the whole pearson catalog
<jacob> hello reportingsjr & paultag
<paultag> Hey all
<paultag> sorry I am late
<jacob> np paultag, just went over OLF infos
<paultag> Cheers, continue, sorry for the interrupt
<jacob> anywho, as soon as we register for the program we'll get a group code, use it to get cheap books. who doesn't love cheap books?
<reportingsjr> hi jacob
<jacob> that includes the latest versions of the official ubuntu books
<jacob> will look into it later on
<jacob> oh wait
<jacob> pearson has some special barnes & noble editions of those books
<jacob> let me dig up the email
<paultag> o/ jacob
<paultag> jacob, does this apply for all books, or just nerd-type books?
<jacob> ye paultag
<paultag> jacob, all books?
<jacob> paultag: as far as I'm told, all
<paultag> Outstanding.
<jacob> Please know that Pearson has an established user group program to support groups on an ongoing basis, including sample mailings of relevant new books soon after they publish, an ongoing 35% member discount direct from the publisher, and a monthly newsletter which announces all new books and additional promotions as they occur.
<paultag> Righto
<jacob> uploading a flyer right now on the barnes & noble thing
<jacob> file:///home/jacob/Desktop/UbuntuBooks_Barnes&Noble_Aug09LoCos.pdf
<jacob> ...no
<jacob> bad dropbox
<paultag> lol
<jacob> http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/118272/UbuntuBooks_Barnes%26Noble_Aug09LoCos.pdf
<jacob> that.
<jacob> the fact that the user group program header is on that makes me think the 35% discount would apply
<jacob> but these are also only at barnes & noble, so maybe not
<jacob> i'll print out a couple of these to stick on the OLF booth, since they _did_ send us free books. :P
<dvz-> welcome paultag i missed ya
<paultag> dvz-, thanks for the heads up buddy :)
<dvz-> paultag: netime
<paultag> Looks good jacob
<reportingsjr> quick sort of off topic question, are there more localised ubuntu groups?
<jacob> reportingsjr: well that's part of the next topic, actually
<jacob> the NEO/northeast group
<paultag> o/
<jacob> since I'm not a NEO person, this is up to you, paultag
<paultag> jacob, shall I steal the floor?
<jacob> go right ahead
<paultag> OK: So, first off, intros. I think a few of you know me, but I am Paul Tagliamonte, UBT member, and @ Uni at John Carroll
<paultag> Being from NEO ( North East Ohio ) I am trying to get together a more "Local" LoCo, as Ohio is just plain huge.
<paultag> So far, it's been dvz-, mathay and me
<paultag> We were poking about the team to figure out who else is interested in a subbranch of the LoCo, or who would do well from this
<paultag> I am open to Objections, Suggestions or Insults :)
<dvz-> I have recruitment prospects from Baldwin-Wallace, paultag and mathay from John Carroll..
<dvz-> paultag: i believe someone else had reign in CSU?
<jacob> seemed to have pretty good audience according to the mailing list
<paultag> jacob, +1
<paultag> dvz-, Outstanding. I think we can hit Unis pretty well, we have a lot of College kids. I live with 6 other Ubuntu users in my House
<paultag> dvz-, and I know a few other Carroll kids who use Ubuntu. I think we can get a good start to the Branch
<paultag> Is there anyone out there with concerns, or objections to either me heading up the branch, or the idea of the branch in of it's self?
<jacob> haven't heard of any yet
<paultag> so, jacob, do we have the blessing of the Ohio LoCo to create a NEO Branch?
<jacob> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-ohio-ne would be a handy link
<dvz-> i know paultag to be one of the most committed sob's out there, so I fully support him as head
<paultag> jacob, it would indeed :)
<paultag> dvz-, lol, thanks bud
<jacob> paultag: you know it - I did approve that on Launchpad, didn't I? ;)
<paultag> jacob, :)
<paultag> jacob, I figure it's meeting time, so just check the details :)
* jacob nods
<paultag> Righto.
<reportingsjr> I'm in Cincinnati so I would be more than happy if there were a south western branch :P
<paultag> jacob, I have some food siting out, I'll BRB. I'll read logs
<jacob> np paultag, thanks for coming
<jacob> reportingsjr: well, i've no objections to one, see what interest there would be
<reportingsjr> ok, I don't really know anyone else into ubuntu around here, so would be nice to meet some people and get connections
<jacob> last item on the list I'd rather wait until tnseditor / theidiotthatisme are here
<jacob> actually might just ping them over email
<jacob> basically, though, if you see something on the mailing list from launchpad about an ownership change, it's nothing big. just something to satisfy the LoCo Directory they're building.
<jacob> that's pretty much it. i'll grab logs of the meeting in a little bit and post. anyone have any other concerns?
<jacob> end of meeting then. thank you all for coming; small audience but it makes for a quicker meeting :)
<jacob> though I do wonder if a different meeting time would be more attractive

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