• Release Party
    • Decided on May 9
    • Definite party at Panera Bread in Easton (the usual) with other locations still a possibility
  • BugJam

    • Hopefully sync'd with GlobalBugJam

    • Possible locations are OSU and Panera
      • OSU has restricted wireless, alternative might need to be found
    • Discuss more on mailing list
  • 5-a-day
  • Meeting Dates
    • Google Calendar will be made and published
    • Meeting dates are to be discussed before each meeting on forums/ml


19:00 <tnseditor> ok
19:00 <tnseditor> first up, any new people?
19:01 <dchosenb> me lol
19:01 <tnseditor> :p
19:01 <tnseditor> "welcome" :p
19:01 <tnseditor> anyone else?
19:01 <rick08> i'm new
19:01 <dchosenb> thank you thank you
19:01 <tnseditor> welcome to you too :D
19:01 <paulv> I'm both new and have no idea what's happening right now.
19:01 <tnseditor> welcome to you too :D
19:02 <tnseditor> haha
19:02 <tnseditor> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/Meetings/
19:02 <tnseditor> that is our meeting page with all the past meetings as well as a place to put upcoming meeting information
19:03 <tnseditor> eventually we will probably go back to the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 8:00
19:03 -!- notwen [i=newton@notwen.org] has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
19:03 <tnseditor> hi notwen
19:03 <tnseditor> you're new, right?
19:03 <notwen> lo
19:04 <notwen> ive been around, but not very active =]
19:04 <tnseditor> ok :)  Welcome :)
19:04 <tnseditor> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/Meetings/
19:04 <tnseditor> that page has meeting information on it (from past and future meetings)
19:05 <tnseditor> when jacob or vorian get here we will talk bug jams because I don't know that much about them
19:05 <tnseditor> ppk|laptop: are you around?
19:05 <dwick> I'm new: sort of
19:05 <tnseditor> any one have any questions about the team in general?
19:05 <notwen> k, i'll likely idle and toss in any input should i have any =]
19:05 <tnseditor> hi dwick
19:05 <tnseditor> ok :)
19:06 <tnseditor> One of the next big things we need to plan is a release party for 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope)
19:06 <notwen> you around columbus like most tns?
19:06 <tnseditor> nope
19:06 <tnseditor> Lima
19:06 <tnseditor> you?
19:06 <notwen> cinci
19:07 <tnseditor> oh :)
19:07 <morepowerr> marion <- no car :-(
19:07 <tnseditor> in the past they have had the release parties at Panera Bread in Easton Center (in the Columbus area)
19:08 <tnseditor> although I have tried to have 2 here
19:08 <rick08> i live in the columbus area
19:08 <tnseditor> ok
19:08 <dwick> It is a bit of a haul, but I can do Easton
19:08 -!- notwen [i=newton@notwen.org] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:08 <tnseditor> there's quite a few from columbus
19:08 <tnseditor> ok
19:08 <tnseditor> I've only gone to one of the Columbus ones, but I would like to come again
19:09 <tnseditor> Panera works well though.
19:09 <dwick> Is Jacob here?
19:09 <tnseditor> For people that aren't in the Columbus area we've had ustream setup
19:09 <tnseditor> I don't think he's going to be here until around 8:00
19:09 <dchosenb> i'm in Cleveland, but I have a car and would gladly travel to Columbus for a release party (even offering up a ride for others amongst us crazy enough to live next to this lake)
19:09 <dwick> He sent the following email recently: Just a reminder: meeting is tonight at 7, though I (and most likely others) will probably still be around at 8-9 so you late folks can still join in.
19:10 <tnseditor> ok :)
19:11 <tnseditor> Have you all used Ustream before?
19:11 <rick08> no
19:11 <rick08> ill check it out
19:11 <tnseditor> it's pretty easy to use
19:12 <tnseditor> live streaming for audio and video
19:12 -!- steakum [n=rob@host-47-187.ohcocom.clients.pavlovmedia.com] has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
19:12 <tnseditor> hi steakum
19:12 <steakum> hi, am I late?
19:12 <tnseditor> a little, but we haven't done anything exciting yet :p
19:12 <steakum> awww, okay
19:13 <steakum> how is everyone tonight?
19:13 <steakum> little cold outside
19:13 <tnseditor> we're kinda talking about ustream.
19:13 <tnseditor> I'm good.  I love the snow and would like more
19:13 <tnseditor> www.ustream.tv
19:13 <dwick> steakum: where you at?
19:13 <tnseditor> we've used that to stream audio and video between multiple release parties
19:14 <steakum> columbus
19:14 -!- notwen [i=newton@notwen.org] has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
19:15 <tnseditor> wb notwen
19:15 <notwen> ty
19:15 <tnseditor> I'm working on getting my ustream going
19:15 <tnseditor> I have to use my old webcam (which is pretty crappy) because I haven't gotten my new one to work yet
19:17 <steakum> I used to have a beowolf cluster of old crappy webcams
19:17 <tnseditor> :)
19:18 <tnseditor> I'm going to use my laptop because the webcam is supported
19:21 <tnseditor> anyone have questions about the team?
19:21 <rick08> i don't
19:22 <notwen> none here
19:22 <tnseditor> ok
19:24 <steakum> tnseditor: does the team have a mascot?
19:24 <tnseditor> no
19:25 <tnseditor> just the Ubuntu logo
19:25 <dchosenb> do you guys get involved in planning ohio linuxfest?
19:25 <dwick> I've officially offered to volunteer for next year. But I haven't heard any response yet.
19:25 <tnseditor> yes, we have had a both for the last two years
19:25 <tnseditor> I haven't been to it, but everyone really likes it
19:25 <tnseditor> I have helped plan
19:26 <dchosenb> i've been an attendee 3 years running, i'd love to get involved and actually help out this time around
19:26 <notwen> i went to this past years
19:26 <notwen> good times
19:26 <dwick> me too notwen. It was a blast
19:26 <tnseditor> good :)
19:26 <tnseditor> http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ubuntu-ohio
19:26 <tnseditor> anyone get anything?
19:28 <rick08> no video
19:28 <tnseditor> heck
19:28 <dchosenb> yea, i see you
19:28 <dwick> yeah, i saw it for a few seconds (you staring at the top of the camera) then it crapped out
19:28 <dchosenb> video and all
19:29 <dchosenb> with the green christmas ornament behind your head?
19:29 <tnseditor> something is being dumb
19:29 <tnseditor> yes
19:29 <dwick> got it now tnseditor. you are a star
19:29 <tnseditor> can you hear me
19:29 <dchosenb> no audio on my end, just video
19:29 <tnseditor> let me try to fix it
19:30 <tnseditor> hang on a second...
19:30 <dwick> no audio
19:31 <tnseditor> anything now?
19:32 <rick08> no
19:32 <rick08> nothin
19:33 <dwick> i hear background noise but you arent speaking. Say somethin!
19:33 <tnseditor> I am
19:33 <tnseditor> can you hear me now?
19:34 <dwick> NOPE. saw you clap your hands and talk but no sound.
19:34 <tnseditor> let me try windows
19:34 <tnseditor> it has worked before :p
19:35 -!- joeyb1275 [n=joe@cpe-173-89-173-171.neo.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
19:36 <tnseditor> hi joeyb1275
19:38 <tnseditor> grr
19:38 <joeyb1275> hi I am new to ohio and new to ubuntu and I'm trying to learn as much as I can so I though I would check out what is talked about on the IRCs
19:38 <tnseditor> welcome :)
19:38 <tnseditor> I'm trying to use ustream right now, but I'm having problems
19:38 <tnseditor> when did you start Ubuntuing?
19:38 -!- bonbonthejo1 [n=jon@cpe-65-27-172-32.cinci.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
19:38 <tnseditor> hi bonbonthejo1
19:39 <bonbonthejo1> hi
19:39 <tnseditor> welcome
19:39 <bonbonthejo1> anyone remember how to login to freenode?
19:39 <bonbonthejo1> "/connect"?
19:39 <joeyb1275> well i started with 8.04 then I went back to WinXP  and now I've been using 8.10 since it arrived
19:40 <tnseditor> joeyb1275: good :)
19:40 <tnseditor> bonbonthejo1: it should give you something you can copy and past in
19:40 <tnseditor> at least that's what I do :p
19:40 <dwick> please! If you can help it, don't revert to Windows
19:40 <tnseditor> I can't remember what it actually is
19:41 <joeyb1275> haha so far so good
19:41 <bonbonthejo1> i'm used to using konversation, but i'm using gnome right now and i dont remember
19:41 <tnseditor> I use pidgin
19:42 <morepowerr> same pidgin
19:42 <tnseditor> more people will be joining around 8:00
19:43 <joeyb1275> pidgin here too
19:43 <joeyb1275> so what kind of topics are discussed here
19:43 <tnseditor> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/Meetings/
19:44 <tnseditor> that has our agenda for tonight and has old meetings
19:44 <tnseditor> we've planned release parties, Ubucon (although that is still a work in progress), Ohio Linux Fest
19:45 <tnseditor> team organization
19:45 <joeyb1275> cool looks like i picked the right day
19:46 <tnseditor> any day is a good day :)
19:47 <morepowerr> lol
19:48 -!- notwen [i=newton@notwen.org] has quit ["leaving"]
19:51 <joeyb1275> what is LinuxFest Ohio
19:51 <steakum> its  abig linux convention in columbus
19:52 <steakum> quite fun, and educational
19:52 <tnseditor> with a whole bunch of people
19:52 <tnseditor> with lots of distributions and presenters and stuff
19:52 <steakum> http://www.ohiolinux.org/
19:54 <joeyb1275> cool thanks!
19:55 <steakum> joeyb1275: where are you located?
19:57 -!- meoblast001 [n=meoblast@dynamic-acs-24-239-93-241.zoominternet.net] has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
19:57 <tnseditor> hi meoblast001
19:57 <meoblast001> hi tnseditor
19:57 <meoblast001> wuts up
19:58 <tnseditor> not a whole lot
19:58 <tnseditor> we have a lot of new people here tonight :D
19:58 <meoblast001> i made a song
19:58 <meoblast001> wanna hear it?
19:58 <tnseditor> and my wireless router is not wirelessing very well
19:58 <tnseditor> not right this second
19:58 <tnseditor> brb
19:58 <tnseditor> I need to have a short conversation with nature :p
19:59 <meoblast001> "oh hot d@m*... this is my RAM... keep me partitioning to the AM.... yall dont understand... let me get me hands on this error.. er error.. error.. er error
19:59 <meoblast001> lol
19:59 <meoblast001> remake of the original song
19:59 <rick08> wow lol
20:00 -!- theidiotthatisme [n=anthony@dynamic-acs-24-154-161-225.zoominternet.net] has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
20:00 <meoblast001> hi rick08
20:00 <rick08> hello
20:00 <tnseditor> back
20:00 <tnseditor> hi theidiotthatisme
20:01 <theidiotthatisme> Howdy hey
20:01 <tnseditor> what's new?
20:02 -!- md08 [n=md@cpe-75-187-195-221.neo.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
20:02 <tnseditor> hi md08
20:02 <md08> hi
20:02 <theidiotthatisme> hi hi hi hi hey howdy wow hey hi
20:02 <tnseditor> lots of new people :D
20:03 <morepowerr> theidiotthatisme <- to much suger
20:03 <theidiotthatisme> lol
20:03 <theidiotthatisme> actualy I switched to no sugar/no caffeine drinks now
20:03 <theidiotthatisme> But I just woke up from a nap so I have a lot of energy now
20:04 <morepowerr> <- working on q3 mod no time for sleep
20:05 <meoblast001> tnseditor ȸ new tab completion suffix :D
20:05 <ppk|laptop> hey guys, am I late?
20:05 -!- ppk|laptop is now known as picard_pwns_kirk
20:05 <tnseditor> sorta, but not really :p
20:06 <tnseditor> how are you picard_pwns_kirk?
20:06 <picard_pwns_kirk> srry, n00bs don't pwn themselves :P
20:06 <picard_pwns_kirk> I'm fine
20:06 <picard_pwns_kirk> how about you all?
20:06 <tnseditor> pretty good
20:06 <tnseditor> I'm having problems with Ustream... it's actually my computer's fault
20:06 <picard_pwns_kirk> who's all here?
20:07 <theidiotthatisme> tnseditor: You're moving into a land of both shadows of substance and ideas
20:07 <theidiotthatisme> You just crossed over into, The Twilight Zone
20:07 <tnseditor> ?
20:07 <meoblast001> ubuntu decided it was gonna add a bunch of files to a random archieve
20:07 <tnseditor> :p
20:07 <meoblast001> and not let the cancle button do anything
20:07 <picard_pwns_kirk> are we gonna have a release party for Jaunty?
20:07 <tnseditor> I think so
20:08 <tnseditor> I would like jacob and vorian to be here
20:08 <md08> where it will be?
20:08 <picard_pwns_kirk> panera bread @ easton, prolly
20:08 <tnseditor> probably Panera Bread at Easton
20:08 <tnseditor> what he said :p
20:09 -!- Phoenix301 [n=tbowerma@cpe-98-31-4-76.woh.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
20:10 <tnseditor> hi Rachel
20:10 <Phoenix301> hi everybody
20:10 <theidiotthatisme> Howdy Phoenix301
20:10 <vorian> tnseditor: what day?
20:10 <Phoenix301> ello..long time no see
20:10 <tnseditor> I don't know
20:10  * vorian waves and say hi
20:10 <tnseditor> we haven't really done much
20:10 <Phoenix301> so what are we talking about
20:10 <tnseditor> hi vorian
20:10  * picard_pwns_kirk waves back
20:10 <tnseditor> Release party for Jaunty
20:11 <Phoenix301> *waves to everyone like a movie star*
20:11 <Phoenix301> okay
20:11 <picard_pwns_kirk> when's the release date?
20:11 <vorian> picard_pwns_kirk: isn't this for the GBJ?
20:11 <vorian> Global Bug Jam?
20:11 <vorian> <plug>
20:11 <vorian> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day
20:11 <vorian> everyone should sign up
20:11 <picard_pwns_kirk> I think it's just a meeting in general
20:11 <vorian> ah, ok
20:12 <picard_pwns_kirk> but I could be mistaken
20:12  * picard_pwns_kirk checks
20:12 <picard_pwns_kirk> carry on...
20:12 <tnseditor> Carry on my wayward son...
20:12 <tnseditor> :p
20:13 <Phoenix301> sooo....
20:14 <picard_pwns_kirk> *cough*
20:14 <picard_pwns_kirk> release party?
20:14 <tnseditor> sure
20:14 <picard_pwns_kirk> release is april 23rd
20:14 <picard_pwns_kirk> the closest saturday is the 25th
20:14 <tnseditor> How about May 9?
20:15 <tnseditor> for the release party
20:15 <picard_pwns_kirk> or that
20:15 <tnseditor> the 25th is probably too soon.  Hopefully we could get the CDs by the ninth
20:16 <picard_pwns_kirk> maybe we should do something more to promote this one
20:16 <tnseditor> yes
20:16 <picard_pwns_kirk> maybe digg?
20:16 <tnseditor> I would really like to go
20:16 <theidiotthatisme> picard_pwns_kirk: Anything specific in mind to promote it?
20:16 <tnseditor> that's an idea :)
20:17 <picard_pwns_kirk> posts on ohio LUG mailing lists?
20:17 <tnseditor> yep :D
20:17 <tnseditor> UF too
20:18 <jacob> bah, sorry, i'm an idiot.
20:18 <dwick> carry on my wayward son. there'll be peace when you are done. lay your weary head to rest. don't you cry no more.
20:18  * jacob catches up on scrollback
20:18  * picard_pwns_kirk slaps jacob for being an idiot
20:18 <tnseditor> ba da dee da daa de da dum ba be dum be dee bum dum bum dum
20:19 <joeyb1275> that release party sounds really cool
20:19 <tnseditor> the one that I made it to was really good :)
20:19 <joeyb1275> do a lot of people usually show up
20:19 <tnseditor> (in Columbus)
20:20 <joeyb1275> yeah
20:20 <tnseditor> quite a few people usually attend
20:20 <md08> why not use the public libraries to promote the new release?
20:20 <jacob> okay, so just to catch this slow person up: discussed a date for release party so far, nothing on bug jams or otherwise, am i right?
20:21 <tnseditor> we need wifi and stuff
20:21 <tnseditor> plus eating is good :D
20:21 <tnseditor> right
20:21 <jacob> food is delicious
20:21 <picard_pwns_kirk> bug jams were mentioned
20:21 <jacob> well, anything more than a mention or any planning?
20:21 <tnseditor> just a mention :p
20:22 <jacob> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GlobalBugJam for the readz
20:22 -!- Irssi: #ubuntu-us-oh: Total of 22 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 21 normal]
20:23 <dwick> i had a release party for intrepid at Ashland U. and 12 people showed (5 of them my family!) I would love to try and produce a better showing for release day, and am also VERY interested in Jono Bacon's recent article about recycling and the connection with freegeek (which I've had some contact with)
20:23 <tnseditor> dwick: sounds great :D
20:23 <jacob> dwick: hah, 12 is still more than we had for the Hardy party last april
20:23 <jacob> parties*
20:24 <jacob> but yes, i agree, lots of people would be awesome
20:24 <dwick> OK: 5 from my family: 4 students that were coerced into being there, and the rest just hangers-on
20:24 <tnseditor> :p
20:25 <jacob> hey, still not bad
20:26 <jacob> on the topic of dates, though, we've got apr 25, may 2, and may 9 being obvious
20:26 <tnseditor> I'm thinking May 9 would be good so we can get CDs
20:26 <jacob> if we want CDs for this, they *might* come by the 2nd, but definitely by the 9th
20:27 <joeyb1275> I like may 9th and I'll be there
20:27 <dwick> alright. the kids are screaming and i must be outta here. please keep any updates coming on the mailing list. I will do what i can to CONTRIBUTE
20:27 <tnseditor> talk to you later dwick
20:27 <jacob> dwick: nice to see you (and sorry i wasn't here earlier!) we'll keep you posted. :)
20:28 <Phoenix301> if i had more time to dedicate i have some skills regarding advertisements etc.. i made the banner/flyer for our (unfortunately not so epic) lima hardy release party ..but like i said i cant say for sure..i mean even if there was a little graphic that drew someone's attention it might help
20:28 <tnseditor> Phoenix301 made great stuff for our (not so epic) party
20:28 <Phoenix301> posting on wikis etc is fine and all but it can be passed by
20:29 <Phoenix301> it wasnt un epic because of my flyers its because our college has no brains
20:29 <jacob> wasn't there an Ubuntu group at OSU? i might be able to poke some people there to spread the message
20:29 <tnseditor> our college has no brains at all
20:29 <tnseditor> OSU columbus I think
20:30 <tnseditor> there's people at Rhodes that would be interested too... now if we can get the college interested it would be nice
20:30 <tnseditor> but that was a mess
20:30 <jacob> did you all talk about possible locations already?
20:30 <tnseditor> we came up with Panera Easton Center
20:30 <jacob> hehe, was going to suggest that. been a classic meet-up place
20:31 <jacob> single location i assume, or do we want to try the multiple-location parties again?
20:31 <tnseditor> I think if I can't come we can have the Lima one at Panera this year (since ours is open and shouldn't be terribly busy... last year for the Hardy party it had just opened)
20:31 -!- dwick [n=chatzill@dynamic-acs-24-144-180-247.zoominternet.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:31 <Phoenix301> wait.. was it even open yet??
20:31 <Phoenix301> (tnseditor)
20:31 <tnseditor> and if we try Panera lima it would be a quick and easy place instead of trying the college
20:31 <Phoenix301> yep
20:31 <tnseditor> it had been opened for like a week
20:31 <tnseditor> it was really busy
20:31 <Phoenix301> oh..
20:32 <Phoenix301> they have a fair amount of hookups but unless its just my lappy the wifi is okay but isnt reliable .. depending on who is connected it can crawl or it can really go .. that and the signal seemed to be pretty flakey
20:33 <Phoenix301> hookups as in plugs or whatever
20:33 <tnseditor> oh
20:33 <Phoenix301> it might of just been me
20:33 <tnseditor> McDonalds has wifi too :p
20:33 <picard_pwns_kirk> I think we should try to consolidate it to one party
20:33 -!- steakum [n=rob@host-47-187.ohcocom.clients.pavlovmedia.com] has left #ubuntu-us-oh []
20:33 <jacob> panera @ easton has access to the easton-wide wifi, which is much better than panera's imo
20:33 <jacob> picard_pwns_kirk: +1, personally
20:34 <picard_pwns_kirk> the webcam thing didn't really work well IMO
20:34 <tnseditor> I would like one party also, but it depends on my parents
20:34 <Phoenix301> what are we gonna do, take the booths and rip them off the floor shove em together at mcdonalds :p
20:34 <jacob> oh and get this: panera's wifi is restricted to 30 MINUTES per laptop per day. ‽
20:34 <picard_pwns_kirk> :O
20:34 <Phoenix301> what??
20:34 <jacob> new Panera enforcements
20:34 <tnseditor> jacob: that's dumb... I don't think our panera is that way
20:34 <picard_pwns_kirk> good thing there's easton wifi
20:34 <Phoenix301> i dont think so either
20:34 <jacob> tnseditor: really new, just was activated last month iirc
20:35 <tnseditor> hmm... maybe I'll go to Panera tomorrow
20:35  * Phoenix301 cant figure out when she last was there 
20:35 <Phoenix301> hmmmm
20:35 <jacob> it's easy to get around (use a fake MAC address) but it'd be much easier just to use Easton's wifi :P
20:35 <tnseditor> Phoenix301: McDonalds has movable tables I think
20:35 <picard_pwns_kirk> man, I can't remember how to do mac spoofing anymore
20:35 <tnseditor> or Arbys
20:35  * picard_pwns_kirk has been on windows for too long >_<
20:35 <jacob> picard_pwns_kirk: network-manager has it built-in to the interface if i remember right
20:36 <tnseditor> if we go to Pizza Hut we can get on McDonalds or Arbys connection (Eastgate that is)
20:36 <jacob> tnseditor: though do places like that have outlets
20:36 <jacob> ?
20:36 <vorian> paneras does
20:36 -!- md08 [n=md@cpe-75-187-195-221.neo.res.rr.com] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:36 <tnseditor> yes
20:36 <tnseditor> I'm pretty sure
20:36 <Phoenix301> tnseditor i was thinking they were attached to the ground
20:36 <tnseditor> maybe...
20:36 <tnseditor> not sure
20:37 <vorian> just sayin
20:37 <jacob> i most likely won't be bringin my laptop this time around for sure, battery is garbage
20:38 <jacob> something i was thinking of though, should we attempt to do a little bugjam-type-stuff at the release or not?
20:38 <tnseditor> we could
20:39 <jacob> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RunningBugJam has some info on what we could do
20:40 <jacob> a projector would be difficult at a place like Panera, but it isn't essential
20:41 <picard_pwns_kirk> we could have someone bring in a medium sized monitor
20:41 <jacob> would have to call in to get permission to run something much more than a laptop, but it's possible
20:42 <tnseditor> brb... Pidgin is acting funky
20:42 -!- tnseditor [n=john@unaffiliated/tnseditor] has quit ["Leaving."]
20:43 -!- tnseditor [n=john@unaffiliated/tnseditor] has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
20:43 <tnseditor> back
20:43 <jacob> wb
20:43 <tnseditor> thanks
20:44 <jacob> overall: are we all in agreement with May 9, or find another date?
20:45 <tnseditor> May 9 is good
20:45 <vorian> works for me
20:45 <tnseditor> Nathan's birthday is the 16th, but that should be fine... the party should be the next week
20:46 <jacob> and it seems we'll have to figure out multi-location stuff later or on the ML/forums, but are we set on having a party at Panera/Easton?
20:46 <picard_pwns_kirk> I'm good w/ that
20:46 <vorian> werd
20:46 <tnseditor> good :)  hopefully I can come
20:47 <tnseditor> I will know closer to the date
20:47 <tnseditor> if not, I'll be here :D
20:47 <picard_pwns_kirk> btw, new star trek movie comes out day before :D
20:47 <jacob> ✓
20:47 <jacob> picard_pwns_kirk: lol
20:47 <vorian> i bet it'll be kirk_pwns_picard after that
20:47 <picard_pwns_kirk> ehhh, maybe
20:47 <tnseditor> :p
20:48 -!- theidiotthatisme [n=anthony@dynamic-acs-24-154-161-225.zoominternet.net] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
20:48 <vorian> janeway_pwns_7of9
20:48 <jacob> :P
20:48 <morepowerr> and time before may 15  and I try make it.
20:49 <vorian> we should try and get with skippy/osu types for a larger venue
20:49 <vorian> --
20:49 <vorian> for a global bug jam thingy
20:49 <jacob> vorian: doesn't he work at osu?
20:49 <vorian> yep
20:49 <rick08> maybe put up some posters around campus?
20:50 <vorian> If we have a big venue, we'll get pleny of people to come
20:50 <vorian> big as in, basketball court size
20:50 <jacob> rick08: though the only people at this event would probably be people who already know about ubuntu
20:50 <jacob> vorian: ambitious
20:50 <vorian> har
20:50 <vorian> i didn't include the bleachers
20:51 <tnseditor> :p
20:51 <jacob> \o/
20:51 <rick08> people who know about ubuntu may not know about the event
20:51 <vorian> rick08: oh, they will
20:51 <vorian> :D
20:51 <vorian> I have ways
20:51 <vorian> so does jacob
20:51 <picard_pwns_kirk> vorian will make sure of it
20:51 <jacob> rick08: yeah, but there are ubuntu usergroups at osu/online and stuffs
20:51 <vorian> colug
20:51 <jacob> right
20:52 <vorian> the other computer recycling place
20:52 <picard_pwns_kirk> freegeek?
20:52 <jacob> we'll probably have the Fedora guy show up again :P
20:52 <vorian> yep!
20:52 <tnseditor> :D
20:52  * picard_pwns_kirk remembers the fedora guy
20:52 <vorian> i hope they bring the booth back >:-(
20:52 <jacob> vorian: :-S
20:54 <jacob> do we want to try to sync with the GlobalBugJam® dates (feb 20-22)?
20:54 <vorian> I would think so
20:55 <morepowerr> got to spit guy - please keep sending info throw mailing group
20:55 <jacob> morepowerr: will do, thanks for coming
20:55 -!- morepowerr [n=Administ@cpe-76-181-23-100.columbus.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu-us-oh []
20:56 <rick08> i'm gonna have to go
20:56 <jacob> any specific location suggestions? should we try contacting skippy (and would osu be able to open their wireless? :/)
20:56 <rick08> i'll keep posted
20:56 <jacob> later rick08 
20:56 <tnseditor> see you later rick08
20:56 -!- rick08 [i=41189833@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-8cda1321d8e0721f] has left #ubuntu-us-oh []
20:57 <picard_pwns_kirk> we could bring in our own wireless equipment, if OSU allows it
20:57 <jacob> osu has open wireless, i just can't remember if there is a web sign in or not
20:58 <jacob> i have an id to get in, but it would only work for one laptop
20:58 <Phoenix301> its like that at osu lima.. open wifi but it requires a web sign in
20:58 <tnseditor> right
20:59 <jacob> actually, 8help@osu has a form that you can add MAC addys in to skip the login
20:59 <jacob> so that's possible
21:00 <jacob> (though it would link all of the access to my personal sign-in, and i'm not sure that's the best idea :P)
21:00 <tnseditor> :p
21:00 <jacob> anyway, skippy would probably have that information.
21:02 <jacob> ah yes: http://buckeyesecure.osu.edu/SafeComputing/Wireless (bottom of page)
21:02 <jacob> login required
21:04 <jacob> if osu doesn't work out - any other locations in mind?
21:04 <vorian> panera's :P
21:04 <jacob> that's what i figured ;)
21:05 <vorian> im sure they'd be happy to see us in the wintertime
21:05 <jacob> hehe, we *do* pay for food, so they can't complain
21:06 <jacob> anyway, since it's dying down in here, should we continue this on the mailing list?
21:06 <tnseditor> sure
21:06 <Delvien> Evening
21:06 <tnseditor> hi Delvien
21:06 <jacob> hey Delvien 
21:07 <Delvien> What are you crazy cats buzzing about
21:07 <tnseditor> the next release party
21:07 <Delvien> ah
21:07 <Phoenix301> bzzzzzzzzz
21:07 <tnseditor> :p
21:07 <jacob> Delvien: so far: release party may 9 (panera-easton and maybe others), possible bugjam locations
21:08 <jacob> what else was on that meeting agenda..
21:08 <tnseditor> welcoming of new people
21:08 <tnseditor> which I did
21:08 <tnseditor> :p
21:08 <jacob> hehe, cool
21:08 <jacob> meeting dates?
21:08 <tnseditor> and a possible other day to meet
21:09 <tnseditor> someone brought up people might have a conflict with Wednesday night for church activities....
21:09 <jacob> which brings me to say that we should just schedule these meetings as we go
21:09 <tnseditor> ok
21:10 <Delvien> people still go to church? :p
21:10 <tnseditor> I do, although not on Wednesday
21:10 <tnseditor> and I'm actually on our church board this year and next :D
21:10 <Delvien> yay?
21:10 <jacob> i'd be in favor of 8pm though, since a few on the ML said that would be a better time (would also open up tues-thurs for me)
21:10 <tnseditor> yay :)
21:10 <Delvien> yay
21:10 <jacob> :P
21:10 <tnseditor> that's fine
21:10 <tnseditor> I wanted to be on it
21:11 <jacob> i think we should schedule the next meeting on the mailing list though so more people can give input
21:12 <tnseditor> ok
21:12 <tnseditor> it worked out well this time :)
21:12 <jacob> i'm building a google calendar to throw events & meetings on as we speak (for the purpose of reminders :P)
21:12 <tnseditor> I saw that :D
21:12 <jacob> will link it on wiki & whatnot
21:12 <jacob> tnseditor: you are quick
21:12 <tnseditor> :D
21:13 <jacob> that pretty much it for this meeting? anything else worth discussing?
21:14 <tnseditor> I don't think so
21:14 <vorian> yes!
21:14 <vorian> 5
21:14 <tnseditor> ??
21:14 <vorian> a
21:14 <vorian> day
21:14 <vorian> !!!
21:14 <jacob> oh right
21:14 <vorian> 5-a-day!
21:14 <tnseditor> fruits and vegetables?
21:14 <tnseditor> :p
21:14 -!- Irssi: #ubuntu-us-oh: Total of 16 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 15 normal]
21:14 <jacob> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day
21:14  * Delvien withholds his inappropriate comment
21:15 <jacob> did i post about 5ad on the mailing list?
21:15 <vorian> yea, please check out that link
21:15 <vorian> no
21:15 <vorian> make sure you do a --add-team ubuntu-us-ohio
21:15 <jacob> hmm, thought i did - though we can get a thread going on that
21:15 <vorian> then, we could be #1 on http://hall-of-fame.ubuntu.com
21:15 <jacob> hehe
21:16 <vorian> ohmy
21:16 <vorian> look at that!
21:16 <tnseditor> :D
21:16 <vorian> I am the busiest sponsor!!!!
21:16 <jacob> vorian: nice
21:16  * vorian dances
21:16 <vorian> as you can see
21:17 <vorian> we are #2
21:17 <Delvien> sponsor of what?
21:17 <jacob> vorian: that's because crimsun is nuts
21:17 <vorian> right jacob!
21:17 <vorian> so, it will take a team effort to beat him
21:17 <vorian> we may suck at football
21:17 <vorian> and basketball
21:17 <vorian> and baseball
21:17 <vorian> but!
21:17 <jacob> lol
21:18 -!- steved___ [n=steved@cpe-71-72-228-220.cinci.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
21:18 <steved___> lo
21:18 <vorian> we can be champions of BUGS!
21:18 <tnseditor> hi steved___
21:18 <jacob> hey steved___ 
21:18 <vorian> hi steved___
21:18 <jacob> vorian: indeed
21:18 <tnseditor> vorian: grand :p
21:18  * Delvien is confused
21:18 <vorian> Delvien: sponsoring uploads into ubuntu
21:18 -!- steved___ is now known as reload0
21:18 <reload0> little l8
21:18 <vorian> this is about bugs though
21:18 <reload0> had a block watch meeting to goto @ 7
21:19 <jacob> reload0: no problem, i was late too :P
21:19  * Delvien is just lost in general..
21:19  * vorian was toooo
21:19 <reload0> havent been round much since OLF
21:19 <Delvien> Finally quit WoW... i think it fried my brain though.
21:19 <vorian> Delvien: click the linky about five-a-day
21:19 <jacob> Delvien: did you see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day
21:19 <vorian> follow the directions
21:19 <jacob> Delvien: \o/
21:19 <vorian> and do 5 a day!
21:19 <vorian> you don't have to solve the bugs
21:19 <vorian> you only have to touch them
21:20 <vorian> add comments, confirm them, assign them to packages
21:20 <Delvien> how perverse.
21:20 <vorian> yus!
21:20 <jacob> http://instantrimshot.com
21:20 <Delvien> jacob I can do that on my phone :p, with touch drums
21:20 <tnseditor> jacob: that is great!!!!
21:20 <jacob> hehe
21:21 -!- Irssi: #ubuntu-us-oh: Total of 17 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 16 normal]
21:21 <Delvien> vorian so did u jump on the G1 band-wagon or stick with iphone?
21:22 <reload0> anyone have a blackberry storm here?
21:22 <Delvien> G1  here, sorry.
21:22 <reload0> i was thinking of getting one byt heard there are plenty of bugs
21:22 <jacob> nope, just my "archaic" vx8600
21:22 <reload0> :)
21:22 <Delvien> reload0: The storm is a crippled blackberry
21:22 <reload0> so are there plans for a bug jam?
21:23 <Delvien> no keyboard = bad
21:23 <vorian> Delvien: iphone
21:23 <Delvien> vorian nice, jailbroken?
21:23 <reload0> y, i read its pretty awkward the way the touhcscreen keyboard works
21:23 <vorian> nope
21:23 <jacob> reload0: yes, we're still looking for a specific place - osu or panera likely
21:23 <Delvien> vorian sad face.
21:23 <vorian> hehe
21:23 <vorian> it's great how it is
21:23 <jacob> reload0: and probably the weekend of the global bugjam - feb 20-22
21:24 <Delvien> I can get root on mine. but not really up to flashing.. does most the things I want now... and paid apps arent even here..
21:24 <reload0> hmm, osu or panera?
21:24 <Delvien> Panera imo
21:24 <reload0> thats quite a leap isnt it :)
21:24 <Delvien> soup bowls...
21:24 <Delvien> seriously.
21:24 <jacob> reload0: hehe, perhaps
21:24 <jacob> food would be enticing
21:24 <Delvien> OSU is just full of failkids
21:24 <Delvien> oh i mean students
21:25  * jacob throws fail at Delvien 
21:25  * Delvien catches and hugs the fail
21:25 <reload0> oh jacob how did the booth go at OLF?
21:25 <jacob> classes started yesterday and i have the weirdest prof. for macroeconomics. we talked about food the whole class.
21:25 <reload0> i think i  ran into you once in the morning while trying to find where my booth was
21:26 <Delvien> jacob never teach on an empty stomach
21:26 <jacob> reload0: great i should think, though the booth background was stolen at the end :-X
21:26 <jacob> reload0: hmm, what booth were you at again?
21:26 <reload0> FSF
21:26 <reload0> upstiars
21:26 <reload0> upstairs rather
21:26 <jacob> ah ok. if i saw you i would probably remember more :P
21:28 <reload0> y, there was 3 of us manning it, i had the early shift
21:28 <reload0> and the joy of setting it up :)
21:28 <Delvien> jacob i never liked the backdrop anyway, was way too big
21:28 <jacob> reload0: heh heh
21:28 <jacob> Delvien: but magnetic! and in a trash-can shaped container! :|
21:29 <Delvien> jacob things that have a trash can shaped container are usually... well.. trash
21:29 <jacob> "one man's trash is another geek's treasure"
21:32 <reload0> welp bedtime, talk l8r
21:32 <jacob> reload0: night
21:32 <tnseditor> good night reload0

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