• The Road to OLF

    • System76 will be shipping out laptops shortly
    • OLF promotional event in #ohiolinux on irc.oftc.net
    • Signups to work the booth will be posted on wiki
    • Keysigning information (if you want to)
      • Bring at least one, preferably two forms of valid gov't ID (drivers, student/university, passport, anything with name & photo)

      • Bring your GPG key fingerpring (gpg --fingerprint)

      • Write down people's keys you will sign on paper (the convention center has no internet access

      • Check for OLF keysigning event
    • Meetup the Friday before (25th) from 8pm - midnight
      • Ad-hoc, maybe some bug fixing, packaging, etc
      • Possible video tutorials/skits?
  • UbuntuGlobalJam

    • Will discuss more on mailing list
  • Next meeting to be determined: mid-October


<jacob> anyway, might as well get started. not many here, but people usually show up later on
<BiosElement> Yep
<jacob> will send a log + overview to the mailing list for further discussion
<jacob> first topic: OLF (again! :D)
<jacob> Derath-Srvr confirmed that System76 will be shipping out demo laptops shortly
<jacob> the booth is all set to go.
<jacob> overview of stuff that will be on display:
<jacob> - s76 laptops (and maybe a netbook)
<jacob> - Ubuntu CDs
<jacob> - other Ubuntu swag (pens, pamphlets, etc)
<jacob> - two Ubuntu books: server and desktop
<zerhacke> Sorry I'm late.
<jacob> no worries zerhacke, just getting started
<BiosElement> Didn't miss much.
<zerhacke> Oh cool.
<jacob> just detailing out current situation
<jacob> i'll post logs as well
<zerhacke> Good deal.
<jacob> greets morepowerr
<morepowerr> hay
<jacob> (continuing from list above)
<jacob> stuff we'll probably need to bring:
<jacob> - power strip & cord
<zerhacke> got it.
<zerhacke> The power strip and cord I can bring.
<jacob> - scissors. (very useful ;))
<jacob> sounds good zerhacke
<jacob> and for those who want to: a copy of your GPG/PGP key fingerprint for a keysigning
<BiosElement> ^Totally >.>
<jacob> i've printed mine on some business cards ^_^
<jacob> on that note, there's an OLF promotion event/meeting in two hours (8pm) in #ohiolinux on irc.oftc.net
<thafreak> I'm new to key signing, we only need to print the fingerprints right?
<jacob> so if you're interested, head on over there later
<jacob> thafreak: yep
<jacob> `gpg --fingerprint` will give you that
<zerhacke> I'll try to get mine printed, I'm out of ink right now.
<jacob> example, mine is B153 FFE2 F153 5A24 97A5 DBB6 DDB8 4936 F43E 714A
<jacob> make sure, if you want someone to sign your keys, to bring two forms of valid IDs.
<jacob> drivers, passport, student ID, etc
<zerhacke> Do credit cards count?
<jacob> don't believe so, unless there's a picture of you on it
<jacob> just for validation
<jacob> usually one is fine if it's clear.
<jacob> two is just the "safe" number
<thafreak> Student/University ID's w/pictures are ok as a second id though?
<jacob> thafreak: yes
*** frodo_ is now known as Guest84465
<jacob> i'll ask if there's a keysigning event in the OLF meeting later tonight
<zerhacke> I think I'll attend the OLF meeting too.
<jacob> if not we can always just do an ad-hoc session during lunch, it only really takes a few minutes
<morepowerr> don't know if i will be going then don't like the idea of lenting any one have my finger prints.
<jacob> it's not a bad idea to bring a pen & paper to write down the keys you are going to sign when you're back home
<jacob> morepowerr: GPG key fingerprints, it's a different thing
<jacob> crypt thing
<jacob> B153 FFE2 F153 5A24 97A5 DBB6 DDB8 4936 F43E 714A < my fingerprint.
<BiosElement> jacob's right, the actual key is a heck of alot bigger >.>
<jacob> oh yes. :D
<morepowerr> all sorry i come in late was thinging they where doing thumb scane for the event
<jacob> anyway, that's obviously not required, bring your key id/print if you want it signed, don't if you don't
<jacob> morepowerr: hehe, nope. just GPG keys
<jacob> otherwise, everything should be all set for the event.
<morepowerr> ya I don't think i have one of thous I don't have any thing i lent out. I am bum
<jacob> morepowerr: you can actually create one using the `gpg` program, I can show you if you want after the meeting
<morepowerr> thanks but i have to go work on someone laptop in about 20 mins
<jacob> next topic: there's a small ubuntu meetup the *night before* OLF
<thafreak> Have we talked about a schedule of when people will be manning the booth?
<zerhacke> Where at, jacob
<jacob> morepowerr: ok, no problem. let me know if you want to know sometime.
<morepowerr> my ride here hope to see you all at show.
<jacob> zerhacke: I believe it's at the convention center, but I'll double check with jorge
<jacob> it's a small Ubuntu event that OLF will be hosting
<jacob> last year OLF hosted a hackathon for a software project
<jacob> this year it's an Ubuntu meetup :)
<zerhacke> I'll see if my wife wants to attend the meetup.
<zerhacke> If she does, we'll be there, otherwise we'll be at OLF around 7AM.
<jacob> it's from 8pm - midnight on friday (yeah, crazy time :P)
<jacob> i'm still trying to figure out the bus schedules to try to get there
<jacob> i'm not sure of how many people will be there, or if it will just be a small group
<thafreak> Hmm...I recently decided to not get a hotel room. Maybe I will now to be there fri night.
<zerhacke> I'd like to be there but the wife is the boss.
<jacob> in collaboration with the MI team, we've come up with some ideas: bug triage, packaging tutorials, and video/loco tutorials were some
<zerhacke> She's on the phone so I'll find out in the next ten minutes or so.
<thafreak> I'd be interested in packaging...that's high on my todo list to learn/get better at
<jacob> anyway, sorry for the vague details on that. it's an ad-hoc meetup, so come if you're interested. :) i'll post more on it to the mailing list as I find out more
<jacob> this *next* topic is similar, but we'll have *much
<jacob> much* more planning time.
* jacob yells at enter key for pressing too early
<jacob> anyone heard of the Ubuntu Global Jam?
<thafreak> heard, not sure what it i tho
<jacob> "The Ubuntu Global Jam is an incredible opportunity for the Ubuntu community to unite together around the weekend of 2nd - 4th Oct 2009 to work together to improve Ubuntu. Everyone is able to contribute to the Jam, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to get involved. Curious about how to make a real difference to Ubuntu? This is a great chance to make that difference."
<jacob> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam
<jacob> here's the twist: this is the weekend after OLF.
<jacob> the Ohio LoCo currently does *not* have an event planned, but we certainly can do so.
<jacob> though I'm going to have to say I probably will not be able to attend if we pull something together
<jacob> paultag: would the cleveland group be interested in doing an Ubuntu Global Jam event?
<thafreak> I could probably attend "virtually"
<jacob> thafreak: yeah, same here probably
<jacob> i think I'll send the global jam stuff to the mailing list, see if anyone is up for helping to organize an event
<jacob> if we can't get one together, I'll see about setting up an IRC session or something.
<jacob> that said, if any OSU student is reading this and wants to do something for this, I'm in Nosker house on North campus. :P
<jacob> peddicord.17 at osu.edu.
<zerhacke> Hmm.. you know, I have tons of space in my house and a fantastic net connection, I could see if my wife would let me do a Jam here.
<zerhacke> Plus wireless.
<jacob> always a plus. :) i'll post info on the mailing list later, we'll be able to figure out some location(s).
<zerhacke> Rock on.
<jacob> oh oh oh - one more thing
<jacob> if you have friends or coworkers that are going to OLF, be sure to get them to REGISTER! registration closes on the 18th. If you don't register, you can't get in to the conference! Don't be left out.
<jacob> http://ohiolinux.org/register. it's free.
<zerhacke> We're registered.
<zerhacke> The wife and I.
<jacob> good good :)
<thafreak> Quick question..
<jacob> that's all I have to talk/ramble about for this meeting, anything else?
<thafreak> About the booth...
<jacob> thafreak: shoot
<thafreak> Any kind of schedule, or just people going to be hanging around it whenever they're not in a talk?
<jacob> oh right, sorry. you asked that earilier. :P
<zerhacke> I plan to man the booth except for bathroom breaks and to eat. My wife is going to hang around the boot a lot too.
<jacob> we can set up a wiki page to figure out times, though most of the time we figure things out as the day progresses.
<jacob> at least one person needs to be at the booth, better to have two. makes the booth more sociable. :)
<thafreak> Just curious if you needed people to sign up ahead of time, or if we could just wander in/out
<zerhacke> Ok the wife is off the phone, time to see if we can make the meetup. BRB
<jacob> thafreak: yeah I think we'll set up a wiki page for it
<jacob> zerhacke: no worries if you can't :)
<thafreak> Sounds good
<jacob> any other things to discuss?
<jacob> sidenote: I'm liking this date a little more than Wednesday, though maybe for the next meeting we could try later in the evening. thoughs?
<BiosElement> Sounds good. Maybe 7-8?
<jacob> 7 would probably be good
<jacob> next meeting will probably be in mid-october
<jacob> as always, the date/time will be posted to the mailing list & forums
<thafreak> usually any time on sunday works for me...but realisticly, any day after about 8pm works (when the kids are in bed)
<zerhacke> Looks like we won't make the meetup.
<zerhacke> Oh well.
<jacob> thank you all for coming, I'm going to write up a summary on this
<zerhacke> She doesn't want to get a hotel room.
<jacob> zerhacke: no problem :)
<zerhacke> You're welcome, jacob
<thafreak> alright, looking forward to meeting you guys in person. see you all here
<thafreak> oops, there, not here :)
<jacob> hehe
<jacob> +1

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