The Ohio Local Community Team held its first meeting since June 2011 on November 1, 2012. Leading the meeting were Michael Gilbert and Cheri Francis of the Ohio LoCo's High Council. It was announced at the meeting that the final member of the triumvirate, Jon Buckley, is standing down due to other commitments which will thereby spark an election.

During the meeting the LoCo was officially informed that it was not re-approved by the LoCo Council and was invited to seek approval again in six months. The main reason for the lack of approval was the lack of active and especially the lack of documentation of any activity within the Wiki infrastructure as would be expected. The team received abstentions rather than negative votes.

Clean up of the team structure was discussed. Ohio is a large state and the membership is rather dispersed throughout the state. So far we have had a lack of response from various sub-state groups such as in Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, and Cleveland while we have heard from Columbus and Mansfield. Action is to be taken to inquire why the Arizona LoCo has indirect membership within the Ohio LoCo and to potentially remove them. Discussion also ensued about Unity has caused disharmony in Ohio and how we need to move past that. Also discussed was the "gamer trophy" behavior in which people have joined the LoCo but express extreme consternation whenever they receive communications via the team mailing list or via the effectively moribund forum.

Action items heading forward include:

  • Remove local Ubuntu hours from the calendar that are not currently occuring on a regular basis
  • Reach out to the LoCo Council for help with the "large land area + small participant numbers" scenario

  • Remove the Arizona LoCo from indirect membership of the Ohio LoCo

  • Find a local lead for the Akron area
  • Conduct an election to replace Jon Buckley as the third member of the High Council
  • For all members: To post topics of interest and goings on across the Buckeye State to the mailing list
  • Work at generating discussions either on the mailing list or the forum and keep them going

  • Make contact with all sub-state groups to see what is going on

The next meeting is set for December 2012 on a time and date to be announced.

Meeting text:

[00:02] Cheri703: So...welcome to the meeting!

[00:02] dniMretsaM: it's 20:02:05 according to my clock

[00:02] gilbert: ok, i think we should go ahead, and get this started for reelz

[00:03] gilbert: so, i've got some items to discuss, but in case people need to go early or anything, i think we should go ahead and open the floor up to anyone with topics of interest

[00:03] skellat: gilbert: What's our agenda?

[00:03] Cheri703: Well, I think first order of business should be LoCo Team Status

[00:04] canthus13: i'm here and watching. got a babeh in my lap, though.

[00:04] Cheri703: So...the result of our renewal application: we were not renewed.

[00:04] skellat: Cheri703: What was the vote?

[00:04] Cheri703: We have been really inactive, and that's the reason.

[00:04] Cheri703: Basically all +0

[00:05] Cheri703: we've been invited to reapply in 6 months

[00:05] gilbert: we got all +0, basically due to lack of documentation of events

[00:05] dniMretsaM: well, that's not good

[00:05] gilbert: its better than all -1

[00:05] dniMretsaM: eh, true

[00:05] gilbert: ultimately we have lots going on, its just that they've overly focused on the boring documentation stuff

[00:05] Cheri703: direct quote from a LoCo council member about what it means to be "unapproved"

[00:05] skellat: Have we actually had events? I haven't heard anything from the folks down the shoreline in Cleveland as of late

[00:05] Cheri703: Basically it means that you can't receive the stuff that you would

[00:05] Cheri703: normally be able to request once approved. The team will not be able to

[00:05] Cheri703: order CD's, and will not receive any of the upcoming books that have

[00:05] Cheri703: been distributed through the Team Contacts. If you go to conferences,

[00:05] Cheri703: the team will not be elgible to apply for the approved teams' conference

[00:05] Cheri703: pack, you can still apply for the smaller conference pack.

[00:05] Cheri703: It's important to note, that Ubuntu Ohio will not lose any of the

[00:05] Cheri703: resources that have been provided by Canonical, any hosting that has

[00:06] Cheri703: already been granted to the team, Forums, Mailing lists, everything will

[00:06] gilbert: which i don't like to do, and i don't think Cheri703 likes to do

[00:06] Cheri703: still remain intact.

[00:06] Cheri703: I just never even think of it

[00:06] Cheri703: :/

[00:06] Cheri703: we could elect/appoint a team documentarian...

[00:06] skellat: Cheri703: Documentation was supposed to be part of what the Burning Circle was about

[00:06] Cheri703: well, they want pictures, blog posts, etc

[00:06] skellat: Cheri703: I just stopped asking for a while after I heard nothing week after week

[00:07] paultag: hereish

[00:07] gilbert: skellat: do you know anything about the status of cleveland reLoCo? if not much is going on, you could take the lead up there

[00:07] gilbert: heya paultag!

[00:07] Cheri703: they want photos to go to the LoCo photostream and such.

[00:07] paultag: heyya gilbert! Meeting time! Smile :)

[00:07] Cheri703: o/ paultag

[00:07] paultag: heyya Cheri703

[00:07] gilbert: we included links to the burning circle. it was not enough

[00:07] skellat: gilbert: Ashtabula is way too far away from Cleveland for me to lead anything. 60+ miles

[00:08] gilbert: so, do we have any reLoCo leads here right now?

[00:08] skellat: Cleveland ReLoCo as far as I can tell has just disappeared...I haven't heard anything out of them...Granted I only seem to hear anything when I issue ultimatums but still...

[00:08] dniMretsaM: I'm about 45 minutes to an hour away from Cleveland

[00:08] gilbert: skellat: start an ashtabula reLoCo!

[00:08] paultag: when I left, I don't think anyone took charge

[00:08] Cheri703: So, basically, no major impact to day to day operation of the group as a result of the un-approval. just for the record.

[00:08] Cheri703: I'm Mansfield ReLoCo lead

[00:08] paultag: dvz-: is still there, iirc, btw.

[00:09] Cheri703: we had our first Ubuntu Hour in over a year last week!

[00:09] paultag: as is jrgifford, right?

[00:09] Cheri703: (I think it was last week?)

[00:09] drkokandy: hooray Mansfield Ubuntu Hour

[00:09] Cheri703: forgot to get a picture...we're going to take some next time Smile :)

[00:09] gilbert: Cheri703: awesome Smile :)

[00:09] drkokandy: it was 10/23 Cheri703

[00:10] skellat: paultag: It isn't even winter yet and I'm hearing crickets from Cleveland's general direction. I don't even have the excuse of snowed-out roads this round...

[00:10] Cheri703: yes, thanks drkokandy! I lose track of days :_:

[00:11] gilbert: ok, well i was hoping for some reLoCo leads to be here to actually talk about what they have going on (and to encourage them to put a small write-up on the wiki after their events)

[00:11] Cheri703: The calendar has had Columbus, Cincinnati, and Akron Ubuntu hours on it for well...forever, but they haven't been happening

[00:11] Cheri703: so we need to remove them until something is actually happening

[00:11] gilbert: that's the kind of documentation the LoCo council needs from us

[00:11] Cheri703: Do we have a u-ohio blog?

[00:12] gilbert: ok, action item to remove hours that aren't regularly occuring now

[00:12] skellat: Cheri703: Do we need to do another map pinning to see who is actually around? I think we also need to kick the Arizona LoCo out of the Ohio LoCo's membership just to true those numbers a bit.

[00:12] gilbert: is that wrong about columbus, cincinnatti, or akron at this point?

[00:12] Cheri703: I'm seeing all 3 on the calendar at the moment, looking right now

[00:12] Cheri703: skellat: we are just so spread out

[00:12] Cheri703: that's actually one thing I was going to mention:

[00:13] Cheri703: gilbert and I were discussing, I'm going to reach out to the LoCo Council, as well as to some of the other LoCo team leads to see if we can get some brainstorming or help with how to handle our "large area + small numbers" situation

[00:13] Cheri703: That's an action item right there

[00:14] Cheri703: some groups do so well because of sheer population numbers, or they're a city-specific LoCo, for us being statewide, it is harder to wrangle.

[00:14] skellat: That's a big action item. A more immediate one is to figure out why or how the whole Arizona LoCo has membership in the Ohio LoCo according to Launchpad.

[00:14] Cheri703: well, reaching out and having the conversation is the action item "fixing everything" is not the action item Wink ;)

[00:14] gilbert: skellat: i'll take a look at that. not sure when or why that happened. anyone remember the past?

[00:15] Cheri703: what is the date of membership? maybe check the mailing list around that time

[00:15] skellat: Trying to pull it up

[00:15] Cheri703: so since I can do it right now, taking a poll: columbus ubuntu hours actually happening every two weeks?

[00:16] gilbert: not since i moved to Dayton 4 months ago Sad :(

[00:16] Cheri703: akron happening every 2 weeks?

[00:16] Cheri703: Cincinnati happening every 2 weeks?

[00:16] gilbert: jon was supposed to take over there, but didn't really step up...

[00:16] Cheri703: ok, removing columbus from calendar

[00:16] dniMretsaM: as far as I know, Akron doesn't have one

[00:16] dniMretsaM: (that's the closest ReLoCo to me)

[00:16] Cheri703: I don't think I've EVER heard of cincy having one...

[00:16] Cheri703: ok, akron removed

[00:16] skellat: The Arizona LoCo has apparently been a member of OHLoCo since 2007-10-01?

[00:17] Cheri703: o_O

[00:17] Cheri703: anyone know anything about cincy?

[00:17] dzho: It's on the Ohio river

[00:17] Cheri703: thank you for the helpful insight dzho

[00:17] gilbert: dniMretsaM: would you be interested in becoming the reLoCo lead up there? you'd just need to send some emails, and have hours at whatever regularity you want

[00:17] dzho: I've got more . . .

[00:17] itsafork: several years ago ther was a "tri-LoCo" thing that people tried to get going... it never really did

[00:18] * thafreak is here...

[00:18] gilbert: heya itsafork!

[00:18] Cheri703: o/ itsafork

[00:18] gilbert: what up thefreak

[00:18] dniMretsaM: gilbert: I don't think that would work, as I'm off to college next year. and I have no car, so I can't go to meetings

[00:18] skellat: itsafork: Well, perhaps we can bid them farewell in 2012

[00:18] gilbert: ok, well action item to find an akron lead

[00:18] itsafork: oh yeah... ahoy guys!

[00:19] Cheri703: I'm going to go ahead and remove the cincinnati ubuntu hours as well, since there's apparently no word on that

[00:19] gilbert: itsafork: do you have something important you would like to announce?

[00:19] Cheri703: they can re-add if they're actually happening

[00:19] dniMretsaM: sorry. I'll probably remove myself as a member next august when I leave

[00:19] itsafork: skellat: sure why not

[00:19] drkokandy: if they are happening, I'm sure someone will wonder why they've disappeared

[00:19] skellat: itsafork: Now's the time to clean up the books, I guess

[00:19] drkokandy: so hopefully people will read the minuts

[00:19] Cheri703: they can check in then!

[00:19] itsafork: true.

[00:19] gilbert: ok, i have an action item to figure out removing arizona

[00:20] itsafork: also, other action item....

[00:20] gilbert: oh, btw, who wants to be responsible for recording and posting the meeting minutes for this meeting?

[00:20] itsafork: a replacement for myself.

[00:20] skellat: I will post minutes

[00:20] gilbert: itsafork: i'm not sure everyone knows about your decision yet

[00:21] gilbert: thanks skellat!

[00:21] Cheri703: bah, I have to step away for a bit, back asap

[00:21] itsafork: oh poo! i don't think i ever sent that email...

[00:21] skellat: Hmm. This should be interesting.

[00:21] gilbert: yeah :p

[00:21] gilbert: do you want to make a statement now?

[00:23] itsafork: ok, well, guys I need to step down from the LoCo. between work, family & all that other jazz I unfortunately don't have the time to continue on a LoCo lead.

[00:24] gilbert: i just wanted to thank Jon for all the work that hes done with the LoCo in the past. he's been a huge help

[00:24] paultag: +1, hear hear!

[00:25] gilbert: so with that, we actually need to have a new election to regain a third council member

[00:25] skellat: +1, hear hear!

[00:25] gilbert: i'll be sending an email with instructions prett soon

[00:25] itsafork: thanks goilbert, that means a lot! I do still plan to be active in the LoCo & helping where & when i can

[00:25] paultag: goilbert ← awesome

[00:25] itsafork: agreed! +1

[00:25] gilbert: and Jon you'll still be active within the LoCo, right? just not in a leadership role

[00:26] gilbert: oops you just said that Wink ;)

[00:26] gilbert: thats pretty awesome

[00:26] gilbert: so, the final item that i have is wiki updates

[00:27] gilbert: so, we have the ubuntu ohio wiki:

[00:27] itsafork: gilbert: correct!

[00:27] gilbert: anyone is free to update that. events, items of interest, anything that you may think relevant to ohio, please feel free to edit

[00:28] Cheri703: Back

[00:28] gilbert: part of our application issue was that we haven't been active wiki editors, so i want everyone that feels like something can be improved to go ahead and do so

[00:28] Cheri703: Thanks itsafork for your work with the LoCo!

[00:28] Cheri703: ++ on the wiki

[00:28] skellat: gilbert: We're not very active with the forums either

[00:28] Cheri703: We're just inactive in general

[00:28] gilbert: yeah, maybe that's another item: what can we do to be more active?

[00:29] paultag: o/

[00:29] gilbert: for one, i think this meeting (and future irc meetings) itself is really important

[00:29] paultag: global jams

[00:29] paultag: (even Debian hax during the jams)

[00:29] Cheri703: I am going to be frank here: A lot of that is (in my opinion) at least partially due to the rather vocal anti-Unity many times the conversations here are "ugh unity, ugh canonical, ugh ubuntu, I use alternative:" and new folks or lurkers might feel put off when they're of the "uhm...I don't think it's too bad? I use vanilla ubuntu"

[00:29] Cheri703: persuasion

[00:30] Cheri703: not to say people can't have opinions

[00:30] Cheri703: TOTALLY FINE to hate unity

[00:30] Cheri703: just...

[00:30] skellat: Cheri703: I love Xubuntu and my parents use Lubuntu without parent. Yes, Unity can cause disharmony but there is more to life than it.

[00:30] skellat: Wait, that shoulda said "...without problems."

[00:30] Cheri703: For sure. Not saying Unity is the one true way and all others are heretics

[00:30] gilbert: Cheri70: just curious where do you see that at? irc

[00:31] Cheri703: irc around release times. though it has petered out a bit, it used to be more prominent

[00:31] gilbert: well, unity has also gotten better

[00:31] dniMretsaM: I think Unity hate in general used to be more prominent

[00:31] skellat: UDS-R just empowered the flavors big time to try new things and decouple from Ubuntu decisions even down to release timings. Change is coming.

[00:31] Cheri703: I'm just saying, we need to be conscious that some of the folks that join the group and then NEVER interact might want something to ease them into it

[00:32] Cheri703: I don't know if I'm conveying my point.

[00:32] Cheri703: we need to be welcoming and inclusive, not divisive

[00:32] gilbert: i'd be really reserved about anything that restricts anyones freedom of expression. discontent is in my opinion healthy since it helps people make things better

[00:32] Cheri703: discontent fine, ranting not fine (in my opinion)

[00:33] Cheri703: we get people joining the launchpad group at a reasonable rate (like 1-2/month) and...NOTHING. no contact with them at all

[00:33] skellat: Gilbert, I'm just thinking about The Music Man with the pick-a-little/talk-a-little ladies...we're just having that happen too much. Heck, I've even alluded to that in the Burning Circle at least once.

[00:33] dniMretsaM: true. Personally, I haven't seen any ranting in the IRC. I was away for a while, though

[00:33] Cheri703: if we had a blog or something to generate topics for conversation that could be carried to the mailing list, or even a "hey, mailing list, look! we posted to the blog!"

[00:33] Cheri703: also integrating ML, Forums, IRC.

[00:33] canthus13: there are those of us who mention on occasion that we really, really don't like Unity. *shrug

[00:34] gilbert: Cheri703: do we have that kind of complaining on the mailing list?

[00:34] Cheri703: used to

[00:34] * skellat glares

[00:34] Cheri703: oh...round about the time things slowed down a ton :s

[00:34] * skellat doesn't remember what vicinity he's glaring in, though

[00:34] canthus13: Actually using the ML tends to piss people off for some reason... :/

[00:34] dniMretsaM: brb. Dog needs out...

[00:35] skellat: canthus13: Yeah, don't want to be part of a mailing list or forum...that's not membership but collecting a gamer trophy that you're part of a geographic body...

[00:35] gilbert: canthus13: that's something i'm really worried about. we have very few posts to the ml due to past complaints from people about too much activity on the ml

[00:35] gilbert: we need discussion there. its healthy, and we let some people stamp that out

[00:35] * canthus13 nods.

[00:36] skellat: But this is Ohio, we don't like to discuss things!

[00:36] skellat: Smile :-)

[00:36] Cheri703: gilbert: yeah...perhaps a monthly "If you'd like help setting up email filters, please let us know, we can have a tutorial session"

[00:36] Cheri703: message

[00:36] gilbert: action item to everybody: please feel free to post topics of interest and goings on in the state to the ml

[00:36] drkokandy: should the mailing list be for discussion, or should that be the forum? I didn't even know we had a forum until someone mentioned the wiki and I noticed it there (but then I'm new)

[00:36] skellat: The more I hear about things going on around the state, the less I have to come up with novel original content for the podcast

[00:36] gilbert: both are meant for discussion

[00:37] gilbert: different personalities like forums vs mls

[00:37] thafreak: sorry to butt in...but didn't we have flyer pdf's made up at some point?

[00:37] gilbert: i really wish we had some kind of cross-posting so both groups were the same

[00:37] Cheri703: hang on, let me find it

[00:37] thafreak: all this talk of mailling lists got me to thinking about the KSU ACM chapter...

[00:37] Cheri703: gilbert: can we put a link to the mailing list archives somewhere on the main forum page? like as a sticky?

[00:38] thafreak: I don't think anyone pays attention to their mailling list, they only go by signs hanging up in the lobby

[00:38] gilbert: Cheri703: possibly, i'll look into it

[00:38] Cheri703: I've seen some places that just post a message in the sticky that says "new thread on mailing list: subject line" and then folks can go check the archive or participate

[00:38] skellat: Cheri703: We've already got that in the right sidebar on the LoCo homepage

[00:38] Cheri703: but on the forum itse

[00:38] Cheri703: lf

[00:39] * Cheri703 is quick on the enter key tonight :_

[00:39] skellat: Cheri703: I thought the Forum was integrated in that too

[00:39] dniMretsaM: on the topic of generating discussions. could we maybe do something like a community blog were all the members could write posts if they so desired?

[00:39] dniMretsaM: it could also be the place for announcements, etc.

[00:39] Cheri703: yeah dniMretsaM, I mentioned a blog, I think it'd be good, but...would need some sort of monitoring, at least to a degree

[00:39] skellat: dniMretsaM: For that we've got the forum, though

[00:39] Cheri703: it could go on ubuntu-planet

[00:39] gilbert: we have an aggregator already:

[00:39] itsafork: so, just to clarify what i'm hearing: people/members are interested in all of the different DE's... so for global jam's why not the LoCo focus on backend desktop (not gui) services, and ubuntu server??

[00:40] dniMretsaM: skellat: then we need to promote the forum, more. since almost nobody uses it

[00:40] itsafork: sorry that was a touch behind..

[00:40] gilbert: dniMretsaM: do you have a blog you would like to add to our planet?

[00:40] skellat: itsafork: It is okay. It has been a long day.

[00:40] dniMretsaM: gilbert: not currently I've considered starting one a few times, though

[00:41] Cheri703: thafreak: there was a flyer, it had the columbus reLoCo info on it.

[00:41] skellat: What would we like a general-purpose Ohio LoCo flyer to say/convey?

[00:41] Cheri703: is a good resource if folks want to print stuff up

[00:41] Cheri703: good place to start at least

[00:41] Cheri703: lots of modifiable things

[00:41] gilbert: Cheri703: can you post the pdf to the wike somewhere so others can access it?

[00:42] Cheri703: it's a .xcf

[00:42] gilbert: s/pdf/file

[00:43] gilbert: ok guys, i think thats everything i wanted to cover from this meeting. any other topics of interest?

[00:43] skellat: gilbert: Silly question on my part, how many folks do we have in the LoCo who are "Ubuntu Member" at this point?

[00:44] Cheri703: uploading now. Definitely browse if folks are looking for materials. there's some awesome stuff there

[00:44] Cheri703: I'm an ubuntu Member

[00:44] gilbert: not sure. Jacob is the only one i'm aware of

[00:44] thafreak: does member mean address?

[00:44] skellat: I'm an Ubuntu Member

[00:44] gilbert: we also have a canonical developer, Chase Douglas, in ohio

[00:44] Cheri703: thafreak: yeah

[00:44] Cheri703: gilbert: he moved

[00:45] Cheri703: like...:1 year ago

[00:45] Cheri703: afail

[00:45] Cheri703: k

[00:45] Cheri703: bah

[00:45] Cheri703: I fail

[00:45] gilbert: ok, my bad

[00:45] Cheri703: I only know this because I talked to him for ~10 seconds on the way back from UDS last year and he said he was moving Smile :)

[00:45] gilbert: ah

[00:46] skellat: Would there be a way to get a head count or something from the LoCo Council of that?

[00:46] gilbert: skellat: just curious why you're concerned about our ubuntu member numbers?

[00:47] Unit193: Doesn't really matter, but I am as well.

[00:47] gilbert: ok

[00:47] thafreak: i'm an ubuntero if that counts Wink ;)

[00:47] skellat: gilbert: New members are always announced in UWN and it is a growth metric that may or may not be worthwhile to be able to show to the LoCo Council in terms of commitment levels.

[00:47] thafreak: i.e. signed the code of conduct

[00:48] skellat: Partly it is a way just to get a handle on who exactly make up Ubuntu Ohio and where we can build from there

[00:48] Cheri703: added flyer to

[00:48] gilbert: thanks Cheri703!

[00:48] Cheri703: also a link to spread ubuntu

[00:49] gilbert: ok, any other items to discuss?

[00:49] skellat: I'm good

[00:49] Cheri703: One thing I think might be good to add on the wiki (if it isn't already there?)

[00:49] Cheri703: Somewhere to list teams that our members are ACTIVE on. (not just peripherally related to).

[00:50] Cheri703: that way new members can see what we're up to as individuals, as well as reaching out for possible mentoring

[00:50] gilbert: Cheri703: seems like a good idea

[00:50] skellat: Cheri703: That's also a good way to spur more applications to the membership boards Smile :-)

[00:50] Cheri703: yep

[00:50] dniMretsaM: Cheri703: do we want a PNG of the poster embedded and a download link to the XCF?

[00:50] Cheri703: sure

[00:50] * Cheri703 just slapped it up there

[00:51] thafreak: What do we mean be being "on" a team? Cause I think technically I'm on server team, but I just watch the mailling list and occasionally wander into the IRC meetings

[00:51] Cheri703: yeah, I mean like active participation

[00:51] gilbert: ok guys, i think that wraps up the meeting (unless there is anything else?)

[00:51] Cheri703: if someone came to you and said "thafreak, how do I get involved in the server team? what should I start working on?" could you answer?

[00:51] Cheri703: that's my metric personally...

[00:52] Cheri703: yeah, that's all I've got. we've got some things to work on Smile :)

[00:52] gilbert: ok, so skellat is going to send meeting minutes to the ml, and i'll have more details on the election soon

[00:52] thafreak: sort of

[00:52] skellat: Minutes will be posted TOMORROW to the forum as a new thread and I will make a post to my Ubuntu-related blog ( ) which will show up on Planet Ubuntu

[00:52] thafreak: I could tell them what the server team people tell everyone who asks

[00:52] Cheri703: thafreak: I think if you could point them in the right direction, then that'd be fine

[00:52] thafreak: find a mentor

[00:53] gilbert: skellat: can you also add the notes to the wiki?

[00:53] skellat: gilbert: If that is okay, of course

[00:53] thafreak: I still haven't found a mentor yet :-P

[00:53] gilbert: skellat: that's great

[00:53] skellat: gilbert: Will add to the wiki tomorrow after I take my cat to the vet in the morning

[00:53] Cheri703: well, the idea here would be that folks could come to the ohio page, see "oh, hey, gilbert is on a team I'm interested in, perhaps (since he's put some sort of indicator we'd choose) he can help me get my footing on that team"

[00:53] Cheri703: skellat: can you link on the mailing list as well?

[00:54] skellat: Cheri703: Yes

[00:54] Cheri703: thanks

[00:54] Cheri703: thafreak: thought being - "I already have a tiny thing in common with person x since we're both in ubuntu-ohio, that is less intimidating than going into the -team list and saying "ANYONE WANT TO HELP THE NEWBIE?!""

[00:54] gilbert: ok, great! thanks everyone for attending. let's plan to have a next irc meeting in early december, dates/details to be decided later in the month

[00:55] Cheri703: perhaps it isn't such an issue with some folks

[00:55] Cheri703: sounds good gilbert.

[00:55] Cheri703: OH, quick poll!

[00:55] Cheri703: how was doodle for everyone?

[00:55] skellat: Doodle was fine, Cheri703

[00:55] Cheri703: like was that ok? that helped a lot in being able to figure out a time, even though it's evil evil javascript Wink ;)

[00:55] thafreak: Yeah, I'd be comfortable helping like that

[00:55] drkokandy: easy Cheri703

[00:55] Cheri703: hehe, /me was looking at gilbert when mentioning javascript Wink ;)

[00:56] gilbert: i'm not fond of javascript, but i'll suck it up and deal with it, so i think sticking with doodle is fine

[00:56] * thafreak thought the doodle thing was fine

[00:56] Cheri703: ok, sounds good Smile :)

[00:56] gilbert: ADJOURNED

[00:57] * skellat wanders off

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