In the December 2012 meeting for the Ohio LoCo held on December 13th, a progress report was given. The election for the third seat on the triumvirate has been deemed deferred to January due to holiday time pressures. A call was made to further evangelize across the state. It was also noted that a November 2012 report was made and members are encouraged to update the team's in-progress December 2012 report as the month goes by.

Work items assigned:

  • Cheri Francis: To contact the LoCo Council and reach out for assistance with the large-area/far-flung numbers issue

  • Michael Gilbert: Prepare to conduct election in January
  • Stephen Michael Kellat: Work with Cheri Francis to plan at least one topical IRC meeting for the LoCo on an educational topic to be determined and announced

All times are expressed in Coordinated Universal Time in the log below.

01:01 skellat Cheri703: So, it has come to this...

01:01 gilbert howdy

01:02 Cheri703 hey

01:02 gilbert sorry i'm late guys

01:02 Cheri703 totally honest: lost track of time, but I'm here Smile :)

01:02 gilbert yeah, me too

01:02 Cheri703 who all is here for the meeting?

01:02 drkokandy is here

01:02 gilbert waves

01:02 skellat is here

01:03 gilbert so, small attendance apparently

01:03 Cheri703 shrug it happens

01:03 skellat gilbert: Perhaps some people need pinging?

01:03 gilbert eh, its december, people are busy

01:03 Cheri703 ++gilbert

01:03 gilbert let's get started

01:03 skellat Cheri703: It isn't like this wasn't announced on the mailing list and forum over 48 hours ago

01:03 bamoore I am here. New to Ubuntu Oh and not familiar with IRC

01:03 ohio-mlot for meeting short time

01:04 Cheri703 ah welcome Smile :)

01:04 Cheri703 bamoore: pretty much just type and press enter Smile :)

01:04 skellat Welcome bamoore and ohio-mlot

01:04 gilbert bamoore ohio-mlot welcome!

01:04 drkokandy welcome bamoore ohio-mlot

01:04 bamoore Thanks!

01:04 Cheri703 if you want someone's name auto-completed, type the first few letters and then press tab

01:04 bamoore Ah, ok

01:04 Cheri703 there's a particular person floating around the ubuntu-sphere who is often referred to as "cztab" Big Grin :)

01:05 gilbert ok, so i was thinking this would be informal, so anyone with news or topics of interest, go ahead and bring em up

01:05 Cheri703 because spelling it is complicated Wink ;)

01:05 drkokandy lol

01:05 bamoore lol

01:05 Cheri703 uhm, Mansfield was going to have an ubuntu hour but it kinda got eaten. Not sure what's going on there. Unit193, if you have input, let us know Smile :)

01:05 drkokandy still okay for next week anyday Cheri703 Unit193

01:06 drkokandy well, except friday

01:06 gilbert so, a couple things happened since the last meeting: arizon loco was disconnected, and the not-happening ubu hours in some cities were taken out of the calendar

01:06 Cheri703 cool. Monday and tuesday I've got stuff going on, but beyond that I'm good.

01:06 Cheri703 Yeah, I got those taken care of

01:06 skellat We actually made a monthly report for November 2012

01:07 gilbert that too Smile :)

01:07 drkokandy congrats council

01:07 Cheri703 I have attempted a few venues of reaching out to the loco teams/council/whatnot, but no specific responses. going to try a few others

01:07 gilbert anything else from that report worth bringing up again?

01:08 gilbert i guess the big thing is the election for the third council seat (which totally fell off due to busyness)

01:08 skellat Nah. All the November report said was that we held an IRC meeting in November. We need December activities like IRC meetings and Ubuntu hours to include for the December 2012 report that has to be up by the 1st Sunday in January 2013.

01:08 gilbert well my own busyness

01:08 Cheri703 yeah, we need to get that going.

01:08 Cheri703 One thing I'll suggest before we do the election:

01:09 Cheri703 we should probably try to reach out to the other columbus group, just to get a feel for what they're up to. Not saying we'll give a seat to someone from the group, but just "adding more to ranks before election perhaps not a bad thing?"

01:09 drkokandy they seem to be somewhat active

01:09 gilbert yes, i've been meaning to interact more with Aaron, and i have his email somewheres

01:10 Cheri703 Another thing to consider: not having an "approved" loco for ohio and letting them do their thing and we do our thing without competition. Not sure about that one, been sort of mulling it around. There are some REALLY REALLY active groups that aren't "official"

01:10 drkokandy here's the link to the group in case anyone needs it:

01:10 gilbert Cheri703: what are you saying?

01:11 Cheri703 no, like keeping the group

01:11 Cheri703 not getting rid of this group

01:11 Cheri703 (just realized how that might come across)

01:11 Cheri703 so we were the "approved" loco for the state of ohio, right?

01:11 Cheri703 and now our "approval" has expired

01:11 skellat Just the psychological distance of being not directly associated with Canonical's hierachy?

01:11 gilbert we really need to discuss getting that approval back

01:11 Cheri703 when there is an "approved" group, other groups are somewhat discouraged and are encouraged to assimilate.

01:12 Cheri703 we have a thriving "unofficial" group in the state. I don't think we should do anything to alienate them, considering they are pretty separated from "the community" at large afaik

01:12 Cheri703 and yeah gilbert, this may be a discussion for another time. just something I've been pondering a bit

01:12 skellat Do we have enough of a critical mass to be able to support an approved team at the moment, though?

01:13 Cheri703 I don't really know

01:13 gilbert ok, well working with other groups in the state is a very good thing in my opinion

01:13 Cheri703 that's why I want to discuss with community/loco/whoever council

01:13 gilbert Cheri703: ok, let's discuss that now

01:13 gilbert Cheri703: what are your thoughts?

01:13 skellat Cheri703: As to that, I couldn't bring up the large-area/small-numbers issue during the Jono Bacon Band meeting earlier this week when you had to leave it

01:14 Cheri703 skellat: that seemed like a server team meeting, not a community meeting, so I dunno if times/rooms got messed up

01:15 Cheri703 gilbert: there is a new push for loco collaboration (at least a visible one), and I think that teams like u-CO (someone there mentioned having similar issues) and teams like ours, and teams that are making it work can work together to talk about best practices and such. Hoping stuff like that will come of this new push.

01:15 skellat Oh, server team was in the meeting place. The Community Team was off in #ubuntu-community-meeting and I contributed a little but didn't get to raise the large-area/separated numbers issue.

01:15 Cheri703 gotcha skellat Smile :)

01:16 gilbert is there a wiki regarding that "push"?

01:16 Cheri703 I'm going to write up an email for the loco council, will probably post it to the list for input before sending it.

01:16 Cheri703 uhm, I dunno, some of jono's blog posts

01:16 Cheri703 hang on, let me see what I can find

01:16 gilbert Cheri703: sounds good

01:17 skellat gilbert: Most of the push from the meeting was on beefing up The Advocacy Development Kit and trying to reach people where they're at rather than seeking to have them come to us. At a couple points Jono raised the notion of pushing towards more use of AskUbuntu and Reddit in lieu of forums/lists.

01:17 Cheri703

01:17 Cheri703

01:17 gilbert so, something i've been concerned about is the lack of activity from reloco leads. i wonder if we need to rethink that, or have some reloco lead pinging process?

01:18 skellat We're going to need regular check-ins

01:18 gilbert well, i don't want to be too formal, that just makes things unfun Sad :(

01:18 Cheri703 yeah, when you have 2 people in your area (or one in some) it's easy to put down "hey, reloco!" but....nothing actually happens there

01:18 skellat Of course, I saw in the logs jandrusk and paultag asking about Ashtabula being pinned on the map still and acknowledging that, yes, I am in fact still here...

01:19 paultag Smile :)

01:19 gilbert skellat: but you're the only one in your area, right? have you done any events?

01:19 skellat I'm it locally in Ashtabula. The only other known users live with me.

01:20 skellat Nobody else has self-identified out here.

01:20 gilbert a singular person isn't really a leader

01:20 Cheri703 There is some guy I saw on g+ that is in ohio, but I know nothing other than that, something Wagner, he replied to someone's post and mentioned ohio and I went "WHAA?!" and then didn't message him _

01:20 Cheri703 perhaps a post to the new g+ community, see if we can shake anyone out of the woodwork

01:20 gilbert i'm sure there are ashtabula users out there, it's a question of evangilism and activity

01:20 gilbert ...i mean getting to know them

01:21 Cheri703 it's hard to be "that weird person talking about computers" re: evangelism, if you're on your own

01:21 Cheri703 I made a sign for my work computer with an ubuntu logo on it Smile :)

01:21 gilbert Cheri703: very true

01:21 Cheri703 so folks can ask me if they're curious

01:21 gilbert Cheri703: do you get many noticing that?

01:21 skellat Evangelism and Activity is on hold until we get past crap like this in the local news:

01:22 gilbert weird people are everywhere

01:22 skellat Yes, but on Maslow's Hierarchy we've got lower-level issues that are verily unaddressed.

01:23 gilbert doesn't mean we put our efforts on hold because there are weirdos out there

01:23 gilbert skellat: do you mean within the loco? if so, please expound

01:23 skellat gilbert: Nope. Just Ashtabula County.

01:24 Cheri703 can I interject a bit?

01:24 gilbert Cheri703: please Smile :)

01:24 skellat Cheri703: Yep

01:25 Cheri703 bamoore, ohio-mlot, any other new-ish folks (or just new to IRC) how did you find U-Ohio and what would you like to see? What parts of the state are you in?

01:25 ohio-mlot Dayton area myself

01:25 gilbert ohio-mlot: cool! i'm in dayton now too

01:26 ohio-mlot sorry if I respond slow

01:26 gilbert no problem

01:26 bamoore Hmm...I believe I saw some activity on the Fridge, if I remember correctly. I am in NW Ohio.

01:26 ohio-mlot first time using irc on android

01:26 Cheri703 bamoore: canthus13 isn't around, but he's in toledo Smile :)

01:27 Cheri703 I'm in Mansfield

01:27 bamoore I guess I am new to this so I am interested to see what all a LoCo does.

01:27 gilbert ohio-mlot: are you aware of the dayton linux users group?

01:27 Cheri703 hehe, at the moment? ........not a ton Wink ;) Goal is to have events and help each other and socialize and whatnot, as well as "spreading the word" about Ubuntu

01:27 Cheri703 support and socialization is most of what happens on IRC Smile :)

01:28 ohio-mlot gilbert: yes...just haven't gotten around there yet

01:28 gilbert i try to make it to their monthly meetings

01:28 gilbert

01:29 gilbert its a good way to get involved in this part of the state

01:29 bamoore Ah, ok :). I am part of a student chapter of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). I was thinking about trying to get more of them involved in Ubuntu...but I myself am still learning much about Ubuntu/Linux

01:29 gilbert its of course more than ubuntu

01:29 ohio-mlot gilbert: you guys meet at Wright State?

01:29 gilbert next meeting is next thursday. if you make it, i'll be there

01:29 gilbert yes

01:31 gilbert anyway, so any other topics of interest? i need to step out soon

01:31 Cheri703 I'll work toward contacting LoCo council, not likely we'll get a response before the new year

01:31 Cheri703 that'll be my work item Smile :)

01:31 gilbert btw election may not happen till january. i'll be way to busy unless Cheri703 wants to run it

01:32 skellat I'm normally not this ranty. It has been a weird day.

01:32 skellat Do either bamoore or ohio-mlot know we have a podcast?

01:32 ohio-mlot I guess I am looking to learn more about implementing Ubuntu at work...not tonight but eventually

01:32 gilbert skellat: link it Wink ;)

01:32 bamoore skellat: Yes, I have listened to some of them

01:32 skellat

01:33 Cheri703 there are a few people floating around who use ubuntu in a work environment, I think

01:33 gilbert ohio-mlot: do you mean increasing installations at your work?

01:33 Cheri703 I use it full-time for my work, but...I work from home Smile :)

01:34 gilbert ohio-mlot: if you have any questions at any time, please feel free to ask here. we're always happy to lend a hand

01:34 ohio-mlot I mean to increase and eventually make it our primary os

01:34 gilbert ohio-mlot: virtualization like kvm/virtualbox helps for those stingy windows apps that someone always needs

01:35 ohio-mlot lol

01:35 ohio-mlot those stingy apps for sure

01:36 ohio-mlot we have begun moving most apps to the cloud in anticipation on moving more to ubuntu

01:36 gilbert interesting

01:36 skellat Excellent. Any use of juju, ohio-mlot?

01:37 ohio-mlot no, but interested in it

01:37 gilbert skellat: do you want to write-up the meeting again and send a mail to the ml?

01:37 skellat Yep. Write-up goes out tomorrow.

01:37 skellat Shall we meet in January?

01:38 gilbert skellat: cool

01:38 gilbert yep, we'll figure out a date later, but we should definately send a mail sooner than this one

01:39 drkokandy um, one last thought?

01:39 skellat Yes?

01:39 drkokandy since we are so spread out, do you think it would be worthwhile to try to do a focused chat on a topic of interest prior to/during the next meeting?

01:39 drkokandy I know a lot of people aren't in IRC all the time

01:39 skellat Smile :-)

01:40 gilbert drkokandy: which topic are you interested in?

01:40 drkokandy so having the chance to have a virtual discussion on an interesting topic might be more exciting than simply a business meeting - might draw some new people/people who weren't able to make today

01:40 drkokandy I didn't have a topic in mind, really - I'm flexible and still pretty new to things

01:41 drkokandy maybe something on Ubuntu for businesses like ohio-mlot was asking about?

01:41 gilbert drkokandy: seems like something worth trying. not sure what topic would be of strong interest. maybe a "newbie" help session or getting started or something

01:41 gilbert drkokandy: or that

01:42 skellat Well, I'm doing a shortwave broadcast on WBCQ on New Year's Eve. I can see if we can get Jorge Castro around to talk about Juju perhaps.

01:42 bamoore I am interested in learning more about developing applications for Ubuntu but I am not sure if anyone here has development backgrounds?

01:42 drkokandy and for convenience, my idea was the same night as the meeting - maybe before or so?

01:42 gilbert drkokandy: we'd need to get a volunteer interested in leading the discussion on whatever topic taht's decided

01:42 drkokandy oh, that's cool too

01:42 Cheri703 speaking of professionals speaking: My work is doing a webinar next week Smile :)

01:42 Cheri703 it's about Analyzing malware in memory

01:42 Cheri703 Smile :)

01:42 gilbert bamoore: check out quickly

01:43 bamoore gilbert: ok, will do. Thanks!

01:44 gilbert anyway, gotta run. good meeting!

01:44 gilbert and welcome to the new guys again!

01:45 ohio-mlot thank you

01:45 skellat Goodnight gilbert. Cheri703, shall I work with you to arrange a non-business topical meeting some time in January?

01:45 bamoore Thanks

01:45 drkokandy Cheri703: maybe we could use something like the poll you made to identify times to pick between these ideas for the chat?

01:45 Cheri703 sounds good skellat

01:45 ohio-mlot gonna head out myself...hobbit tomorrow Smile :-)

01:45 Cheri703 yeah, we can do something similar I think drkokandy

01:45 drkokandy enjoy ohio-mlot - thanks for joining us

01:45 skellat Okay, that's my work item until the next business meeting.

01:46 skellat And posting minutes to the Planet

01:47 skellat So, Cheri703, what topics would be interesting to have pop up at a topical?

01:48 Cheri703 I have no idea

01:49 Cheri703 sorry, my parents called and needed help picking something to watch on netflix -_-

01:49 Cheri703 but really, I have no idea what topic should be covered

01:49 skellat Okay

01:49 skellat Something to think about.

01:50 skellat I better run off and get ready for Person of Interest on CBS. Should be interesting tonight.

01:50 skellat Goodnight Cheri703.

01:50 Cheri703 night

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