00:01 * skellat waits eagerly

00:01 Cheri703: Well, who all is here for the meeting?

00:02 * paultag can be here

00:03 Cheri703: Quite the turnout!

00:03 * drkokandy is here

00:03 Cheri703: ah, ok

00:03 skellat: And there was more than 48 hours notice this time!

00:03 Cheri703: Well, I'll start off with: we've recently been discussing trying to shift some focus from worrying about in-person events to having online events

00:04 Cheri703: Some discussion was had about video vs voice chat, and while I think mumble is a good idea, it would be hard to get photos of our "event" to send in

00:04 Cheri703: if it's a google hangout, we could at least do screenshots and such. With mumble, a screenshot of the signed in users isn't terribly impressive.

00:05 Cheri703: I think we'd still want to try to do ReLoCo stuff, but as far as trying to get people from larger geographical areas together, it's just not happening, so we'll go with online stuff.

00:05 Cheri703: Anyone have thoughts on that?

00:06 Cheri703: ...

00:06 Cheri703: aaaaanyone?

00:06 Cheri703: crickets

00:06 skellat: At this point I'm continuing to investigate video solutions and have not found anything satisfactory yet

00:06 drkokandy: I agree with trying to get ReLoCos together for some in-person events

00:06 Cheri703: if anyone wants to volunteer to develop an alternative to google hangouts, they're welcome to do that too Wink ;)

00:07 drkokandy: Because without doing some things in person we're wasting the geographic foundation of the LoCo

00:07 Cheri703: drkokandy: we need to schedule one once the temperatures are consistently above 20 degrees's too stinking cold to go anywhere right now

00:07 drkokandy: that is true

00:07 Cheri703: true drkokandy, but as spread out as we are, the geographic foundation is...tenuous

00:08 skellat: I've still got Lake Effect Snow Warning going until 10 AM tomorrow. Wind chills have been hazardous to human flesh for anything but minimal time lengths of exposure.

00:08 * skellat had to go shovel out family cars before tonight's meeting

00:09 Cheri703: Oh, actually: I'll be in Cleveland the evening of 02/15 because I have to spend the night at the airport, if any ubuntu clevelanders wanted to hang out or grab dinner, I'd be game Smile :)

00:09 Cheri703: I would like to do things in person, and had hopes of doing that at one time, but we seem to be getting sparser and sparser as far as people who actively participate.

00:09 Cheri703: I'd like to see some life in the mailing list/forums at some point.

00:10 skellat: We had fairly good IRC activity today

00:10 drkokandy: we've had a more active IRC than usual these past couple of weeks or so

00:10 Cheri703: yeah, but we have LOTS AND LOTS of people who are technically members of u-ohio and we have 21 signed in to chat right now

00:11 Cheri703: so...irc isn't exactly reaching the masses

00:11 skellat: No, it isn't

00:12 skellat: Then again, how many of the 400+ members actually have any connection or contact with the LoCo at large?

00:12 Cheri703: not many

00:13 Cheri703: Do we have a u-ohio g+ group? does anyone know?

00:13 drkokandy: not one that I'm a part of

00:13 skellat: I don't use G+

00:13 Cheri703: I think a lot of ubuntu folks are on g+, so probably could poke around there

00:13 skellat: We have an Identica group that paultag is the owner of

00:13 paultag: challah

00:13 paultag: Oh man

00:13 paultag: I can transfer

00:13 Cheri703: yeah...identica is....fairly dead afaik

00:13 Cheri703: ?

00:13 paultag: skellat: seeing as how you're an identica master, I'll chown to you

00:14 skellat: Identica is fairly alive Cheri703 and is still being developed

00:14 Cheri703: I've heard of a lot of people having issues with it

00:14 Cheri703: so I dunno

00:14 skellat: paultag: We'll talk about that separately as we may need Evan involved

00:14 paultag: ack

00:14 Cheri703: I think g+ is rapidly becoming a hub of ubuntu stuff

00:15 paultag: erm, hurm

00:15 paultag: skellat: ← I'm not an admin D:

00:15 skellat: Identica is getting set to archive about 80% of the accounts as they're inactive and the data is going to go to The active accounts remain active.

00:15 skellat: paultag: Crap! I'll contact Evan separately so I can take control of that myself.

00:16 paultag: ack

00:17 skellat: Cheri703: I thought we had a Page on G+ back during one or the other of my abortive attempts to use the service. I wonder if we still do.

00:18 Cheri703: looks like bioselement made a page

00:18 Cheri703: I'll reach out to him

00:18 drkokandy: Oh, found one:

00:19 drkokandy: here's the community:

00:20 Cheri703: sent a message

00:20 Cheri703: hopefully we can get that going a bit

00:20 skellat: I've pinged Evan via Identica to see if I can take control of the group there

00:22 Cheri703: So: Goals for this next month: Try to get some online presence going, whether g+, identica, mailing list, forum, also try to get some sort of local events moving in some capacity somewhere. Mansfield will have one this coming month, if any other areas can get SOMETHING to happen, that'd be great. Even if it's a "I will be at x location at y time with my computer and able to give demos" and have like a sign on your table or something. I dunno

00:22 Cheri703: . SOMETHING that is contact with the outside world. Smile :)

00:22 Cheri703: I will probably post something to the mailing list tonight just to try to get some conversation going

00:23 Cheri703: well...will probably post within the next week or so. big work thing going on so my brain is a bit...wobbly

00:23 Cheri703: anyone have any other thoughts on that?

00:23 skellat: Nope.

00:24 skellat: I'll be running the educational session next Monday at 10 PM Eastern

00:24 Cheri703: Everyone can participate in getting things going on the mailing list btw Wink ;)

00:24 Cheri703: awesome!

00:24 skellat: I'll be posting the slide deck to SlideShare

00:26 skellat: What metric do we want to use to measure the success of the event?

00:26 Cheri703: I think for the level of participation we usually get to events, HAVING the event is a success. Smile :)

00:26 skellat: Okay

00:27 skellat: PING: Unit193 jrgifford canthus13 jacob

00:27 Cheri703: I'm serious! We haven't done something like that before, so I consider it a positive thing to be doing it at all Smile :)

00:27 skellat: Alrighty

00:28 skellat: Is there anything paultag can share with us about the state of Debian efforts relative to Wheezy?

00:29 paultag: current RC bug squash rates place release at about 3 months out

00:29 paultag: if you'd like to see it sooner, fix bugs Smile :)

00:29 paultag: BSP I'm helping run in Boston @ MIT this weekend

00:29 paultag: questions? Smile :)

00:29 skellat: So we're looking at April instead of February then

00:29 paultag: yeah, sadly

00:30 paultag: there were some RC bugs found late in freeze

00:30 paultag: and it's set us back a bit, I think.

00:30 paultag: help is welcome, and as always I'd be glad to help anyone get involved

00:30 skellat: And for the record I'll remind folks across the LoCo that efforts to aid Debian in squashing bugs do trickle down to help Ubuntu

00:31 Cheri703: Alright, any other topics for tonight?

00:32 skellat: Any recent contacts with the LoCo Council?

00:32 Cheri703: talked with cztab: unofficially a few weeks ago

00:33 Cheri703: result of that convo was the push toward ANY activity, then working out in-person activity later

00:34 skellat: Laura Czajkowski, you mean?

00:34 * paultag chuckles

00:34 Cheri703: yeah

00:34 skellat: Alrighty

00:35 skellat: Cheri703: Could you ask Laura Czajkowski in her Launchpad-related capacity about whether or not it is possible to change the LoCo team's settings so that e-mail cannot be turned off?

00:36 Cheri703: I think that with spam and opt-in/out regulations we can't force email on anyone

00:36 skellat: Darn

00:36 skellat: Okay

00:36 skellat: I've got nothing else

00:36 Cheri703: I know that if I'd opted out of email and suddenly started getting it again, I'd be SUPER mad

00:36 Cheri703: so...yeah

00:37 Cheri703: ok. I guess that wraps things up for the meeting. I'll (as always) be idling in here, so if anyone has thoughts , feel free to toss them out!

00:38 skellat: Then we stand adjourned, I guess? Our next meeting is our educational session on Monday at 10 PM.

00:38 Cheri703: Yep. Have a good night folks!

00:40 drkokandy: sounds great! Good night all!

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