Ubuntu Ohio is a LoCo community which is focused on growing the use of Ubuntu in the state of Ohio. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Ubuntu who commits to abide by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. Ubuntu Ohio is delighted to present its application for verification at this time.

Key Details

  • Ubuntu Date - 9th November 2013

    Ubuntu Team Contact - Stephen Michael Kellat <skellat@fastmail.net>

    Ubuntu Membership - 88 direct, 99 total as of 11th October 2013

    Ubuntu Mailing List - ubuntu-us-ohio on lists.launchpad.net. 54 out of the 99 total members are actually subscribed to the mailing list as of 11th October 2013.

    Ubuntu IRC - #ubuntu-us-oh on freenode

    Ubuntu Other Social Media Links G+, Twitter, and the Ubuntu forums

    Ubuntu Known Active Ubuntu Members - skellat jamesgifford unit193

    Ubuntu Currently Unreached Ubuntu Members - digitalvectorz mrsangeld


  • Ubuntu Rebooting sub-state groups - Discussion has taken place on the mailing list about restarting sub-state groups. It was acknowledged in IRC on September 15th that references in the wiki were removed and this was officially mentioned in the podcast Burning Circle. Currently work revolves around locating where exactly in the state members are located in population clumps by way of the member map.

    • membermap.png

    Ubuntu Increasing the number of Ubuntu Members - In episode 128 of Burning Circle it was noted that the leader would be speaking at Ohio Linux Fest 2013 in September about the process of becoming an Ubuntu Member during this particular UbuCon and encouraging attendees to go through the steps. During episode 115 of Burning Circle the leader started in June pitching the notion to the membership of the social community. Currently there have been no takers which results in this being an on-going project.

    Ubuntu Migration away from Ubuntu Forums to Discourse - The leader responded to a call by Jorge Castro to try moving team presences toward the Discourse test platform.

Experience: 2013 So Far

  • Ubuntu Ubu Con at Ohio Linux Fest 2013 - This was the community's part to Ubuntu Global Jam S-Series as noted on the LoCo Portal.

    Ubuntu June 2013 Meeting - The meeting is logged on the LoCo Portal. This meeting report led to a bug being filed against the LoCo Portal to request flexibility be introduced. Other 2013 meetings were reported on the wiki as transcripts such as for January 23rd and January 28th.

    Ubuntu November 2013 Meeting - The meeting is logged on the LoCo Portal. The Leader made a formal statement, the Verification application was discussed, and plans were set in play to work out a mission statement and long-term plans after vUDS-1311 concludes.

    Ubuntu Long Term Planning - It must be remembered that there is no long term plan. From fall of the High Council in April only short-term goals were set out to be accomplished by September with Ohio Linux Fest as the climax. With the sudden changes that took place at the start of 2013 that shocked the leadership and members of the community, there was no long-term planning for where the community wished to go. A meeting is to be scheduled for settling long-term plans after vUDS-1311 concludes. The end to the High Council did not take place on the most positive of notes.

    Ubuntu Podcasting - A podcast looking at the interests of the Ohio community is produced weekly and is released via the community's Drupal site with archiving also taking place through the Internet Archive.

    Ubuntu Xubuntu XMir Testing - An Ubuntu Member in our community, unit193, created and ran the Xubuntu XMir testing discussed by Muktware, Web Upd8, and Phoronix



Jon Buckley speaking to the early morning audience at Ohio Linux Fest 2013 during UbuCon. More audience members showed up as the day went by.

Picture 024.jpg

Representatives from Project: Community Computing

Picture 025.jpg

Jorge Castro speaking during Ubucon about AskUbuntu

Picture 032.jpg

Some community members from across Ohio loitering around Ohio Linux Fest 2013


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