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Tulsa LUG meeting this Saturday Aug.29th Hardesty Library on Memorial between 91st and 101st

I have added some new materials to the teams Google Docs account Insecure magazine Issue 18 - Proactive Defense - Privacy - Browser Security - Web Application Security - Software Armoring tutorialPython.pdf - An introduction to Pythons most noteworthy features. Python is easy to learn and yet very powerful. A great language for Ubuntu(Linux) users to learn. Linux Certification Bible - all kinds of good linux stuff in here.

OpenBeta3 is Oct 22nd in OKC. Registration will begin soon. Here's our new website with all the videos from previous events -


Ubuntu Developer Week! August 31st - September 4th, 2009
Thse Developer Weeks are VERY informative, I love them. They will be held in #ubuntu-classroom on

. Here is a sample of some of the sessions.

  • Getting Started with UbuntuDevelopment

  • Fixing small bugs in Ubuntu
  • Developing websites with Django
  • GTD for hackers
  • Packaging from scratch

Find out more at


FLOSS Weekly - Every Friday we talk about Free Libre and Open Source Software with the people who are writing it. Part of the podcast network.<<BR>>

Hacker Public Radio -<<BR>>

Bored and Blogging - Ubuntu Podcast #32: We discuss, Ubuntu One, don’t use SHA-1, Dell promoting Ubuntu on Mini 10, Phoronix compares Ubuntu 9.04 vs Mac OS X 10.5.6, and how to join LoCo teams.changing default irc channels in irc clients, Canonical Desktop Services, Xubuntu discussing what to do with new GDM, musician switched over to Ubuntu Studio from Macs, Microsoft mentions Canonical and Red Hat in its 10K SEC filings, first Launchpad community meetup, 100 Hundred papercuts round 3 and round 4, Debian is going to a fixed freeze schedule, SpreadUbuntu keeps moving along, Landscape System Management Tool Adds Dedicated Server, UbuCon @ Atlanta Linux Fest 2009.<<BR>>

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue 156 for the week August 16th - August 22nd, 2009. In this issue we cover: Ubuntu Developer Week, Karmic UNR packages now open for translation, Another reason to become an Official Ubuntu Member, Next Ubuntu Global Jam, Free Art of Community Book for Approved LoCo teams, Ubuntu Arizona Team Installfest, Launchpad screencasts, Ubuntu Forums Community Interview, Computers without internet are no fun, One Hundred Paper Cuts Round 7, Support the Ubuntu Global Jam, and much, much more!


I am going to leave you with a really cool how to from my blog.<<BR>>

We are going to make Firefox bookmarks that make accessing Ubuntu information easy. How would you like to find an Ubuntu man page by just entering “man apt” in your address bar. Pretty neat huh, read on.

  • Go to Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks

  • In the left column click on Bookmarks Menu
  • Go to Organize > New Bookmark

Name - Find Ubuntu Manpage
Location -<<BR>> Keyword - man

  • click Add

So now in your Address bar type “man apt” without the quotes and replace apt with whatever Man Page you would like to find. So man is the keyword you specified and whatever you type after that is replacing %s in the URL. You can use whatever keywords you want.
Here are a few more:
Name - Find Ubuntu Packages
Location -<<BR>> Keyword - pack
example - pack kubuntu-desktop

Name - Find Bug in Launchpad
Location -<<BR>> Keyword - bug
example – bug 5326

Name - Find Person/ in Launchpad
Location -<<BR>> Keyword - lp
example – lp duanedesign

Name - Report a bug in Launchpad
Location -<<BR>> Keyword - report
example - report avahi-daemon

Now that you have a good idea of how this works try and make some of these bookmarks for your favorite pages. If you come up with any good ones send them out over the mailing list

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