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Tulsa Coffee House MeetUp
I have missed the last couple of Tulsa Cherry Street Coffee House Meetups. There has been some expressed interest in these meetups continuing to happen. Anyone in Tulsa interested in participating in an informal get together in Tulsa on the first Wed of the month please email the mailing list expressing your interest.<<BR>>

Oklahoma LoCo Activism and Advocacy Project
I am really excited about this new project. I have created a Launchpad page to help us organize our efforts in spreading the word about Ubuntu. With this new project page we can make a roadmap for our work and document the work to be done with Blueprints and Feature Specifications. Use the Answers section to offer support and build a knowledge base. We can use Bug Reports to report and track changes/tasks in the projects. The goal is to have clearly defined goals and approaching these projects in a much more organized manner. I hope this will encourage more participation. We will still use the 'Projects and Ideas' page on the wiki, just in a slightly different manner. The 'Ideas and Brainstorming ' section will remain. Use this space to introduce new ideas and post ideas that need more work, or you want the team to give input, ect. Now instead of having the 'Active Projects' table we will write Blueprints and anything more than the simplest of projects will also get an accompanying Feature Specification page on the wiki. I have written a blueprint and will write a full feature spec in the coming days. Oklahoma LoCo Activism and Advocacy

You can get more info on the features of Launchpad here:

OKlahoma City Coworking Collaborative I heard rumors that there is an Ubuntu event in the works at OKC CoCo. This get together will coincide approximately with the release of the new Karmic Koala release. I will fill you in as I hear more.

OKlahoma City Users Group If you live in Oklahoma City I would check these guys out. Several LoCo members mention these guys on a regular basis so I thought it appropriate to give them a shout out.


Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala is coming
It's that time again, another six months has passed. There have been many changes but one, or should i say one hundred, change(s) is the 100-papercuts. The aim was to identify and resolve 100 minor bugs that negatively impact the Ubuntu user experience. They are small changes but together they really add up. What else can you look forward to in Karmic, well here is just a few things you can expect. * Ubuntu 9.10 includes the Ubuntu Software Center, replacing 'Add/Remove' in the Applications menu. * Ubuntu 9.10 includes the latest GNOME 2.28 desktop environment * Empathy has replaced Pidgin as the default instant messaging client, introducing the Telepathy framework. * The gdm 2.28 login manager is a complete rewrite compared to the version in earlier Ubuntu releases, permitting a more integrated login experience. * Kubuntu 9.10 includes the first Kubuntu Netbook release * Ubuntu 9.10 includes images for common use on Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) and Amazon's EC2. You can try out the latest Ubuntu 9.10 server image instantly on EC2 using a preconfigured AMI, or download an image and put it into your own Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. For information on using UEC images on Amazon EC2, see the EC2 Starter's Guide.

* Ubuntu 9.10 ships the Ubuntu One file sharing service by default. * Ubuntu 9.10 includes the 2.6.31-11.36 kernel based on The kernel ships with Kernel Mode Setting enabled for Intel graphics (see below). linux-restricted-modules is deprecated in favour of DKMS packages. * Ubuntu 9.10 underlying technology for power management, laptop hotkeys, and handling of storage devices and cameras maps has moved from "hal" (which is in the process of being deprecated) to "DeviceKit-power", "DeviceKit-disks" and "udev". When testing Ubuntu 9.10 Beta, please be alert for regressions in those areas and report any bugs you find * The Intel video driver has switched from the "EXA" acceleration method to the new "UXA", solving major performance problems of Ubuntu 9.04. Ubuntu 9.10 also features kernel mode setting by default on Intel hardware, which reduces boot-time flickering and dramatically speeds up suspend/resume. * The new "ext4" filesystem is used by default for new installations with Ubuntu 9.10; of course, other filesystems are still available via the manual partitioner. Existing filesystems will not be upgraded. * GRUB 2 is the default boot loader for new installations with Ubuntu 9.10 Beta, replacing the previous GRUB "Legacy" boot loader. Existing systems will not be upgraded to GRUB 2 at this time, as automatically reinstalling the boot loader is an inherently risky operation. If you wish to upgrade your system to GRUB 2, then see the GRUB 2 testing page for instructions.

* The iSCSI installation process has been improved, and no longer requires iscsi=true as a boot parameter * AppArmor in Ubuntu 9.10 Beta features an improved parser that uses cache files, greatly speeding up AppArmor initialisation on boot. AppArmor also now supports 'pux' which, when specified, means a process can transition to an existing profile if one exists or simply run unconfined if one does not. In addition to the changes to AppArmor itself, several profiles were added. * Libvirt now contains AppArmor integration when using KVM or QEMU. Libvirtd is configured to launch virtual machines that are confined by uniquely restrictive AppArmor profiles. This feature significantly improves virtualisation in Ubuntu by providing user-space host protection as well as guest isolation. * The Uncomplicated Firewall now has support for filtering by interface and egress filtering when using the ufw command. Documentation for ufw is also improved to help users better utilise the ufw framework and take full advantage of Linux netfilter's power and flexibility * Building on the work done in Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04 to proactively protect Ubuntu from unknown threats by using strict compiler flags, more applications have been built as Position-Independent Executables (PIE) to take advantage of the Address Space Layout Randomisation (ASLR) available in the Ubuntu kernel.

That is a just a taste of what you can look forward to. For those who cant wait until October 29th, you can get the beta here:

Hulu Labs Cooks up Linux Support for Hulu Desktop Last May, Hulu launched a new project as part of its alien plot to rot our brains with premium content. Dubbed Hulu Labs, the site now offers experimental new features that users can play around with before they’re ready for prime-time. At launch these included thing like time-based browsing and recommendations, and today, Hulu is launching two new additions to Labs: Publisher Tools and a Linux version of Hulu Desktop.
At launch Labs’ most exciting (and surprising) new feature was Hulu Desktop--a downloadable native client available for both Mac and Windows that sports a new interface that allows users to sit back from their screens and navigate the site using either their Mac or Windows Media remotes. And today, it’s launching support for Linux. To be perfectly honest I did a double take when I heard the news--plenty of software never makes it to Linux at all, much less a few months after making its PC/Mac debut. But Hulu says that a Linux version was among users’ top requests, so they built it.
Gnome Shell
Gnome is planning a fairly major reworking of the Gnome interface for Gnome 3.0. The GNOME Shell redefines user interactions with the GNOME desktop. In particular, it offers new paradigms for launching applications, accessing documents, and organizing open windows in GNOME. Later, it will introduce a new applets eco-system and offer new solutions for other desktop features, such as notifications and contacts management. The GNOME Shell is intended to replace functions handled by the GNOME Panel and by the window manager in previous versions of GNOME. It's nice to see Open Source projects working to innovate. Too often the standard by which we judge Open Source Software is Proprietary Software. From what i have seen of Gnome Shell so far I am very excited about this project. They still have some work to do, but are off to a great start. If you decide to try Gnome Shell you will find instructions below. If you have Karmic, gnome-shell is in the repos. The second link is a forum post about using Gnome Do and Gnome Shell together.<<BR>>


Bored and Blogging - Ubuntu Podcast #32: In this Ubuntu Podcast: changing default irc channels in irc clients, Canonical Desktop Services, Xubuntu discussing what to do with new GDM, musician switched over to Ubuntu Studio from Macs, Microsoft mentions Canonical and Red Hat in its 10K SEC filings, first Launchpad community meetup, 100 Hundred papercuts round 3 and round 4, Debian is going to a fixed freeze schedule, SpreadUbuntu keeps moving along, Landscape System Management Tool Adds Dedicated Server, UbuCon @ Atlanta Linux Fest 2009<<BR>>

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue #162: Ubuntu 9.10 Beta Released, Ubuntu 9.10 Countdown Banners, Ubuntu 9.10: Testers Needed, Planning of Karmic Release Parties Kicks off, Ubuntu Karmic Free Culture Showcase Winners Announced, Changes to
rsync/FTP access, Ubuntu Stats, LoCo News: France, Ohio, Florida, Massachusetts, Honduras, Philly, Michigan, North Carolina, & El Salvador, Help Launchpad get better icons, Ubuntu Forums Tutorial of the Week, The Planet: Michael Lustfield, Martin Meredith, Mathias Gug, Shane Fagan & Luis de Bethencourt, In the Press & Blogosphere, PlayOnLinux to be in Ubuntu Karmic repositories, September Team Meeting Summaries, Upcoming Meetings & Events, Updates & Security<<BR>>

Full Circle Magazine - Issue 29:

  • Command and Conquer
  • How-To: Program in Python – Part 3, LAMP Server – Part 2, Virtual Private Networking.
  • My Story – One Man’s Journey, and Walk With Ubuntu.
  • Review – Kompozer.
  • MOTU Interview – Iulian Udrea.
  • Top 5 – Physics Games.
  • Ubuntu Games, as well as all the usual goodness!

Mark Shuttleworth Announces via video Ubuntu 10.04: Lucid Lynx<<BR>> continues to act as a mirror for the Linux Documentation Project. This is an awesome resource. Tons of guides and How-to documents on all Linux topics.<<BR>>

An excellent blog from one of the Ubuntu Community Forum Moderators. Lots of links to Forum Tutorial of the Week winners.<<BR>>

This site is a great resource for Ubuntu materials. They have dome a great job of taking the DIY section of the Ubuntu Wiki and turning it into one valuable community resource. Like all other aspects of the community, don't just take, give Smile :) If you have anything to contribute it is easy to upload posters, web buttons, ect.<<BR>>

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