Oliver Grawert

Email: ogra@ubuntu.com


Hi, I'm Oliver Grawert, a 34 year old german linux craftsman.

Started my computer career in 1982 being 12 years old with a vic 20 from commodore. In 1984 i ran the aquila mailbox and bbs system in hannover with this guy (it ran on a c64 system with analog modem Funny :))

In 1995 i discovered linux for the first time and tested its capabilitys (...and mine as well)

Getting a freelancer job at my local ISP in '96 introduced me to debian (say rex and bo) which fast became my all day toolbox.

In '98 i decided to give up my medicide job to become a full time IT guy.

My serveral jobs since then spread from end user support, network architect, server administrator and graphic designer to being head of a internet testbed and technical helpdesk. Today i do data mining for reports, information management and write debian based network monitoring tools for the regional cable provider.

As a person that belives that all mankinds knowledge belongs to public domain (where would we be if this guy who discovered the fire had kept the secret ;-)) i try to spread the idea of linux as the mankinds biggest community project and have brought a good bunch of people to linux.

I aspire the perfection of the Star Trek universe where greed and inhumaness are eliminated in the world and i think that with a big backer like SABDFL there is a chance to win one or two battles in this direction.

Introducing newbies to linux you recognize very fast that there is a big need for usability and desktop improvement so my efforts, if i'm allowed to join the force, will go into desktop integration, usability and newbie support.

I'm mainly a perl programmer (preferably gtk-perl) and my debian packaging skills could need a little training but i'm willing to put a big amount of my time into improving ubuntu.

I think ubuntu is the right thing at the right time, driven by the right people to gain world domination for linux Smile :)

To see more of me (little tools i wrote, or a not very frequent updated blog nobody reads) you can go to my homepage.

Since i am approved as MOTU now, i am helping wannabe universe maintainers to become Masters of the universe... if you are interested in becoming one, drop me (or ChrisHalls) a mail to hostmaster@grawert.net and read up on MOTURecruitment.


xscreensaver: In mataro i started to write a xscreensaver hack to add a ubuntu branding to the lockscreen/password window and to switch it to antialiased fonts with utf-8 support

i would like to take over the maintainership of the sceensaver packages

hwfu: as well in mataro i started working on the data collection tool for the HardwareDatabase (hwfu) where i will go on again after the screensaver hack is finished.

Wiki Pages:

I started the ListiQuette page, wrote up the IsdnHowto (i'm interested in taking over the package maintenance here as well), and the PalmtopHowto

I'm highly active in user support on #ubuntu in IRC and make heavy use of our documentation, thus i have edited and corrected a big amount of the wiki pages to keep them up to date and correct errors.

My Buglist (bugs i filed or am involved with):













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