I am Omer Akram better known as om26er. I triage ubuntu bugs, gwibber(upstream) bugs, I am a Ubuntu member, also member of the UbuntuQA team these days I have shifted my focus to ubuntu SRU.

Contributions to Ubuntu

I have been doing non-stop triage from the very start of year-2010, that I believe is my only contribution to ubuntu. Have worked very closely with upstream like the awesome telepathy guys, I have sent a lot of bugs from launchpad to gnome/freedesktop overall I have done bug triage to an amazing level of madness. 5-a-day statistics shows that I have been doing triage for 52weeks without a break, man I am on fire Big Grin :)

My Teams



*Gwibber bugs heroes




Comments from Developers

I have got some great comments from Upstream developers

Ryan Paul(Gwibber developer) wrote on twitter: "Thanks to everyone who is helping out with Gwibber bug reports! I'm especially grateful to Gwibber bug triaging hero @om26er."

Guillaume Desmottes(Empathy developer) said at #empathy(gimpnet): "Its really good to have someone bringing in tons of empathy bugs from launchpad to bugzilla. Thanks"

And also an email from Ubuntu's very own Jorge O. Castro: "Thanks for your bug work on gwibber, it's been real helpful!"

Future Plans

* I have been one of the most active bug-triagers in 2010, without being a programmer my next target is becoming a member of ubuntu-sru team, the journey is long and would take time but i'll get there Smile :-)


  • +1 - Omer's hopped on board adopt-a-package and has made a significant dent in the amount of bus we've needed triaged for gwibber. It would be very difficult to get gwibber in good shape to ship by default in main without his help! -- jorge 2010-04-12 15:32:10

  • +1 - Omer happens to work on triaging bugs for packages I maintain, so I really appreciate all he does. I maintain gwibber, empathy and indicator-*, Omer's work has been indispenable. Not only is he quick to handle incoming bugs and quickly mark dupes, etc for all those packages, but he has been amazing with the gwibber backlog. Gwibber had basically a complete re-write for the Lucid cycle, and prior to Lucid there was an overwhelming volume of bugs filed without triaging. He has gone through them all and marked old stuff as invalid or requested testing/further information. Now our bug load is managable and he triages them quickly, so we on the Gwibber team love Omer! -- ken-vandine

  • +1 - Omer has helped a ton with triaging and investigating bugs for indicator-applet and the related projects. He makes fixing them easier. -- ted

  • +1 - Omer's works is definitely amazing, he works and is making always a great job under weekdays, weekends and bugdays and also share ubuntu spirit sending tips and advices to improve triage proccess. I have seen Omer's work under Launchpad and other Bug Trackings, specially working with desktop applications. I really support him to get his Ubuntu membership Smile :) -- kamus

  • +1 - Omer has been doing a good work on empathy bugs, keeping the launchpad issues triaged and sending those with enough information to The work he's doing there is helping empathy to be better maintained in Ubuntu and to get issues fixed upstream too. (seb128)

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