"OmniColos" is the nickname used by Francisco Athens on iRC. Currently running Ubuntu Dapper on a Medion Akoya EX laptop and an ASUSP4P800 based desktop

I've installed Ubuntu on our family's two computers, replacing Windows, mainly because I wanted to end our dependance on proprietary software and the problems associated. Before Ubuntu we had begun using OSS such as Firefox, Thunderbird, OO.o, virtualdub, audacity, etc. and it was a very positive experience. After using the live CD of Hoary, to play with Ubuntu (also my first prolonged experience with Linux) and Breezy for a nearly a year, I decided to take the plunge and install on my laptop as dual-boot. A few months later, I install on my wifes desktop and show her how to use Ubuntu. I've tried a number of linux distros, but I keep coming back to Ubuntu because the suport community is so good. I think Gentoo community also has great documentation, but I'm not needing to complile all the software I use at this time. I use my computer for classwork and web development and I like the wealth of applications found in the Ubuntu repositories. I find lots of unexpected (coming from a windows world) treasures like Jack, JackRack, etc and even gedit (much more powerful than I assumed from its description). I hope to create more support for Linux in general at our school which is very Mac-centric. It's difficult because OS X, with it's posix roots, has much of the same software available to it as linux, but with it's highly polished interface, it seems very few people find it compelling to switch.

I run a few wikis:

  • ArchOpen is a project to develop an opensource alternative firmware and softwares for Archos multimedia devices

  • Herena Forge began as a personal modding homepage for my own open source projects with the Dungeon Siege game, but has grown to be a community site with news, forums, files and wiki.

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