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Allow users to share an internet connection by simply clicking a check box.


Currently setting up Internet Connection Sharing can be quite troublesome for the average/normal user. All necessary software to enable this is already developed and deployed, thus implementation seems/is simple and would be a really great feature for future Ubuntu releases.

Use cases

  • Phil and Winifred are both sitting on the sofa with their laptops. Phil has a wireless connection to the internet but Winifred only has an ethernet port and doesn't have a cable long enough to reach the router. They use a hub or a crossover cable to connect their 100BaseT ports together. Phil opens up the Network Manager and clicks "Share this connection" for his WiFi port. Winifred can now surf happily.

  • John is living overseas and have just a cheap DSL modem without DHCP and without a hub. His desktop computer has two ethernet ports and friends from his native place sometimes go visit him with a Windows Laptop. He has a network cable to plug the laptop onto the desktop. He enables "Share this connection" and his friend can surf happily.



For those with access to Apple machines running OSX: Go to System Preferences. Click on Sharing. Select the Internet tab and notice the one click sharing capability. Pretty nice. Windows also has this same "one click connection sharing", but it's a bit harder to find. We can do the same for Ubuntu.

Functionally, this would set up IP masquerading on the outside port and start a DHCP server on the inside network ports, if necessary.


Maybe integrate Firestarter ( with the Network Manager. It could also be done with a fairly simple iptables script.


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