Kubuntu will release version 11.10, the Oneiric Ocelot, in October 2011. With this alpha pre-release, we have introduced a few new things in in preparation for our next official version. Read below for some of the highlights. For more information of what is planned and being worked on, please read the To Do document.

NOTE: This is an alpha pre-release. Pre-release versions of Kubuntu are NOT encouraged for anyone needing a stable system or for anyone who is not comfortable running into occasional, even frequent, breakage. Pre-release versions ARE recommended for Kubuntu developers and those who want to help in testing, reporting, and fixing bugs. Please do not use this in a production environment with data or workflows that you cannot do without.

Alpha releases can be downloaded from the following URL:

It is always best to check your CD image before you install! The MD5 checksums can be found alongside the CD images.

What's New In Alpha 3

On top of the underlying changes in our Ubuntu core, there are a number of new and interesting things happening for this alpha.

The 11.10 Technical Overview shows the changes in the rest of Ubuntu.

Plasma and KDE Applications 4.7


The latest stable release of KDE's Plasma Workspaces and Applications brings new features and improvements all around. Highlights include:

  • Visual updates include a new Oxygen icon theme
  • A cleaner default look to Dolphin
  • Gwenview's new ability to compare two or more images
  • New breadcrumb feature in the Kickoff menu that simplifies navigating submenus
  • More improvements in the Network Management widget

More details can be found here and here.



Along with KDE 4.7, 11.10 also introduces the new KDEPIM suite, which includes the new Kmail 2. The look and feel is familiar, but under the hood, most of the PIM suite is now fully migrated to the Akonadi storage service.

IMPORTANT: Do note that this is a major upgrade to the mail, calendar and addressbook systems, and as such still needs usage and migration testing. While loss of data should not be an issue, it is highly recommended to back up all important data, mail, contact information, and calendars if you plan to test upgrading to 11.10.



The Amarok folks have just released the latest version of the popular music player. Work has been done to improve the interface, drag-and-drop inside of collections, and dynamic playlists are some of the new things to be found. See this for more details.

Muon Software Center


Kubuntu has switched to providing the Muon Software Center and Muon Package manager by default. The Muon package management suite is tightly integrated with the Debian package management system (all Ubuntu flavors use under the hood) for better performance and more reliable results.

Known Problems

  • 820638 Muon defaults to allowing untrusted packages - In order to securely install new and updated packages you must change the default setting for "Allow installation of untrusted packages" so it is not checked.

  • The ISO for powerpc has only had very limited testing. Installation of a new system with it has not been tested.


We want to hear what you think about this alpha release of Kubuntu 11.10. We want to know if it rocks, if it is just OK, or it is flat out wrong. No matter the feedback, as long as it is in line with the Ubuntu Code of Conduct we would like to hear it.

So what are you waiting for; head on over to the Feedback Page and let us know!

Please give our Alpha 3 a try, and let us know what you think!

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