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  • Kubuntu 11.10 is great, best release ever! I really feel Kubuntu exceeds the quality of other variants for this release. Only thing I have some issues with the new KDE PIM. Hopefully it will improve with time. Oh and performance of the system is mind blowing compared to natty. One issue present however is that in plasma "Add default panel" produces a crash. -- ktech 2011-10-12 05:59:02

Smooth, web page changes, Activity Manager

I ran dist-upgrade from Kubuntu 11.04, it went pretty smoothly! Congratulations! Following subsections are all me. -- skierpage 2011-10-14 22:19:07

web page improvements

After update, "Apper" (new KPackageKit?) panel icon says You have 86 updates.

I think this is what means when it says

  • : 11.10 will have KDE SC version 4.7.1; Due to it's very recent release, the latest version, 4.7.2, will be available in our updates PPA until it is available in the standard repositories."

Ignoring the "it's" typo, I think this is better expressed as

  • : 11.10 includes KDE SC (Software Compilation) version 4.7.1. But after installation you will be probably be prompted that many updates are available including the updates to KDE version 4.7.2.

Also should mention this new "Apper" thing that's replaced KPackageKit and/or the system tray. Is Apper part of Muon?

  • Apper isn't part of Kubuntu 11.10. Apper is kpackagekit's new name Muon has an update manager. -- lunarcloud 2011-10-19 15:03:33

Also, that web page should mention the new Activity Manager icon and panel with a link to an explanation.

Activity Manager panel display glitches

I clicked the new ooo Activity Manager panel shortly after the desktop drew, and it displayed a gray area with some short lines on it, and never updated. Later, whenever I click this there's some display glitches before it paints properly. ATI R300, version 6.14.99. And sometimes the large Show Activity Manager tooltip appears as well/on top of the Activity Manager panel

dist-upgrade improvements

I have some long-standing gripes about dist-upgrade, but I don't think they're specific to Kubuntu or KDE.

  • The long list of unsupported packages isn't copy-n-pasteable, and there's no indication where it's stored (/var/log/dist-logs ??), so you worry you need to hand-write it all down!
  • If you click in the scrolling window that appears when you click [Show terminal output>>>], new terminal output gets interspersed with old!

  • In 11.04 update I pressed Ctrl-C in here to copy and it crashed whatever program was running at the time, I didn't retest that bug.
  • The square yellow restart computer icon appeared while the Distribution Upgrade was still running. I clicked it and it seems it would have let me restart while the upgrade was continuing, though I didn't try it. I think dist-update should disable this, it has its own "You need to reboot" dialog that appears later.


  • Very nice release and smooth upgrade.

Just the problem with Kmail make me switch to Thunderbird as it was about the same work of reloading everything. -- pch 2011-10-16 12:11:02

  • Upgrade from 11.04: Went smoothly according to instructions.

Post Upgrade: (1) Kubuntu Documentation <Applications - Help - Security - Set up a firewall> states that "Guarddog is the firewall of choice for Kubuntu". However Guarddog is not to be found anywhere on the system. (2) Banshee has stopped working altogether. I can see it trying to load in the Task Bar and then it just goes away.

  • I have a problem with low fps in Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare. I have two Kubuntu versions: 11.04 and 11.10. Fps in this game are quite good in 11.04, but 50% less in 11.10. It makes the game hardly playable. I have spent some time trying to investigate it, e.g. I tried to run the same CoD binaries from both the systems, using the same wine configuration (~/.wine folder), installing DirectX etc. It seems the problem is on the system side, maybe NVidia driver. Does anyone have similar problem? -- orkanspec 2011-10-23 19:01:43 Update: problem has been solved by installing wine1.2. There were some changes in implementation of DirectX in Wine1.3.

Good, but...

Definitely room for improvement. Most of my complaints with Kubuntu are with the pre-installed software.

  • rekonq. Yeah, it's a browser and it works. But I need my extensions. Add Firefox as pre-installed and not a damn download link. Remove rekonq.
  • Kubuntu at a glance to me seems to be the pretty, yet out of the box functional version of Ubuntu. Add either gnash or flash to the pre-installed lineup. Everyone uses Youtube.
  • I would like to see some numbers of people that use the office software of K/Ubuntu. I'm under the impression not many, as I personally remove all office software after a fresh install. If I need to do anything with spreadsheets I've Google docs anyway.
  • Muon Software Center. It's decent but needs quite a bit of work still yet. Repositories for it are empty.

-- thomgrimes 2011-11-04 06:49:56

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