About Me

  • I am a fan of Ubuntu in Guangdong, China.
  • I am the co-founder of Ubuntu China LoCo.

  • I created the site.

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Summary of contributions to Ubuntu

  • Maintain and promote the Ubuntu China LoCo.

  • Translate and collate articles in the site.
  • Create Ubuntu online stores in China for clothes, DVD and stickers.
  • Recommend Ubuntu to enterprises and related government departments in Guangdong Province.
  • Help community members to use Ubuntu better.
  • Coordinate internal affairs in the community.
  • Review results of the Ubuntu China LoCo Teams.

Future Plan

  • Continue to devote myself into the community.
  • Try my best and hope that the community members can increase to 300,000 people from 245,000.
  • Recommend Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud to government departments in Guangdong Province.


  • Oneleaf is a very responsible, helpful and humorous community leader and contributor. He has created and been maintaining Ubuntu China LoCo website (now including Localized homepage, Wiki, Forum, Blogs and here is the older version which not finished migration yet, Linux websites navigation and Pastebin) since 2005, thanks to his great effort so that we can enjoy best resources while creating and sharing in our local community using native language. He is the most famous person in our LoCo, not only every of the 248028 registered LoCo Forum users knows him, but also many other people who are participating in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in China. Therefore, I support this Ubuntu Membership application, he is the one who deserves it. -- happyaron

  • Oneleaf is the co-founder of Ubuntu China LoCo. He is a very easy going and responsible leader of our community. He created our local website which is of great significance. Also, his dedication has impressed me a lot. I strongly support this application, and oneleaf deserves it. -- chenyueg

  • I have been worked with him since day one of Ubuntu China, he is very passionate on FLOSS, especially Ubuntu. Without his effort, we couldn't has such a good infrastructure for loco community. I'm 100% supportive to his application. -- zhengpeng-hou

  • He maintains the great Although facing something quite difficult, he is doing a perfect job. is a home of all ubuntu lovers, even other FOSS lovers, in China mainland. I have found some problems and mailed him, even very tiny questions he always replies me at very first time. I bought something from his Ubuntu China Online Store, great attitude. -- wzssyqa

  • I, on behalf of many ubuntu users, would like to say "thank you" to oneleaf since his effort on setting up and maintenance of Ubuntu China LoCo forum. Without this forum, we will lose a perfect platform of communicating and sharing our experiences. I'd like to put up both my hands to support his application. -- huangxin-cliff

  • Oneleaf is good leader of Ubuntu forum in China. Long years along, opensource in China not so wide to known, but, this guy coming and setting up and guiding more and more people pay their attention to Ubuntu and Linux, I must to say: Thank you, U are our model. -- mymathersname

  • Since I used Ubuntu,I could solve programs which I came cross and learn linux knowledges via "ubuntu forum of China" . Thank you, Oneleaf! -- lovemaonx

  • Being an Ubuntu user for almost 3 years, Ubuntu China Forum and its sub sites is the place for me to ask for help and share my own experience´╝î without his effort, we won't have these wonderful place. So I come here to recommend his membership of Ubuntu members. -- maxyang2008

  • Oneleaf is really a hardworking person , gives all his passionate on developing/maintaining Chinese ubuntu community.He's just like a big brother of all of us. Take care of the ubuntu community in China and those newbies who new to ubuntu and Linux. And make the right decision when we need him. We are proud of him. - ghosTM55@SHLUG

  • When I first start using Ubuntu 6.10 since four years ago, the kind people at helped me a lot to enter the Ubuntu world. The key people is Oneleaf, who create the great Ubuntu community for Chinese people. I must say without Oneleaf, Ubuntu in China won't be so poplar. I support this application. -- tualatrix

  • Oneleaf is a very patient, serious person. He dedicated himself into the construction and maintenance of Ubuntu China LoCo Forum in the early days of FOSS in China, and he has also established a series of matching services like blog system, wiki and so on. Currently, the forum is the largest Linux community website in China. The community introduced Ubuntu GNU/Linux to a vast number of Chinese users, and provides a stable platform up to 6 years. In particular, he has fought hard to maintain the normal operation of the website in such a complex network environment today. He not only contributes to building this community website, but also offers a variety of great help, such as helping Ubuntu lovers to set up their own websites, blogs, etc. Oneleaf is worthy of respect and appreciation, he is a good man. Thus, I support this Ubuntu Membership application. -- eexpress

  • oneleaf provides us an perfect local site to discuss everything about Ubuntu and many other aspects related with open source.-- letwego28

  • I really admire this guy. Oneleaf, as we know, he has power to do anything for Chinese Ubuntu users, and we can see everything what he's done for Ubuntu in China. We got him here on any link: -- pityonline

  • Oneleaf is the founder of and ubuntu-cn software source, which are big changes to Chinese ubuntu users. --iwheat0r

  • oneleaf is a very nice person to work with, I am very appreciate to know him. Since I became one fellow of the Ubuntu China forum, I believed I found the finest online forum I ever seen till now. He is gentle, in solving which our daily management conflicts arise, he can heal it; and he is a good technicals as well, wiki and forum problems saved pretty fast after reported; he classified the sections but grant all admins equal authorities across the board, which I consider as the best method in dealing with community like Ubuntu China; when talking about legal terms and conditions to use Ubuntu resources, he is the professional first appears in my mind. Did I mention the forum is he self-funded? In conclude of his role, he's a honest friend of Ubuntu.


  • Oneleaf is what a great person devoted himself to ubuntu's popularizing in china,I support him! --leeaman

  • Oneleaf is the founder and maintainer of a perfect all-in-one platform which provides strong support for all Chinese ubuntu users, spreads the Ubuntu Spirit and benefits not only the 240000+ registered forum members but also the whole open-source community in China. As one of the countless people who get enormous help from his hard work, I support his application unswervingly. -- GongXingyuan

  • He is a true man, a very responsible man, a quite open source man, a natural leader of ubuntu forum of China. Thanks to Oneleaf , thanks to the forum, I have a home to a happy life ! --pocoyo

  • Thanks to Oneleaf, the people in China mainland has an awesome localized forum and many other Ubuntu sites. More and more people start to use Ubuntu because of Oneleaf's work. I support his Ubuntu Membership application! -- homer-xing

  • Oneleaf is useful for every one who is newer in ubuntu. he is passion in linux, and take a good forum in china. we like him,and he like linux. --lerosua

  • I am a User and Developer under Linux. Oneleaf, as the Founder of the chinese Ubuntu forum, gives the Ubuntu even other Linux User a place in the Internet to communicate with each others and to exchange their views about the Linux. He deserves the name of Ubuntu Member. -- robinking623623

  • Thanks to Oneleaf´╝îthanks he set up the forum.I learn so much.thank you Oneleaf --socekin

  • Oneleaf is enough evidence to prove "To see a World in a Grain of Sand, And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour. "--avauntage

  • Oneleaf is the big brother of Chinese Ubuntu community. If it is not the great site created by him, I might still be crawling in the darkness of M$ Windows! -- roylez

  • Oneleaf maintained an excellent forum which helps me learn ubuntu and linux. Without the help of this website, I would have given up linux. -- dshbusiness

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