Example of writing new IPMI tests via checkbox

This example was created for an Open Compute ipmi test.

  1. Creating an ipmi test job
    1. Download checkbox source via lp:opencompute/checkbox
    2. Create a job file name ipmi.txt.in in the jobs directory.
    3. Add the following job definition for your IPMI test (script or command line).
        plugin: shell
        name: ipmi/admin/dcmi_info
        requires: package.name == 'ipmiutil'
        user: root
        command: ipmiutil dcmi -N $OC_IPMI_TARGET $OC_IPMI_ADMIN $OC_IPMI_ADMIN_PASSWORD
         Get DCMI capabilities with Admin User
    4. Add the ipmi.txt.in job file to local.txt.in.
    5. Make a copy of the default whitelist in data/whitelist and name it opencompute.whitelist.
    6. Edit the whitelist including the new job and test with the following syntax:
    7. Build the package and add it to your ppa
    B. Executing the test
    1. Install your ppa and install ipmituil, checkbox, and checkbox-cli
        sudo add-apt-repository ppa:<your-launchpad-id>/opencompute
        sudo apt-get update
        sudo apt-get install checkbox checkbox-cli
        wget "http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net/FILES/ipmiutil_2.9.0_ubuntu12_amd64.deb"
        sudo dpkg -i ipmiutil_2.9.0_ubuntu12_amd64.deb
    2. Run checkbox in "headless" mode while using the whitelist you created.
        checkbox-cli -W /usr/share/checkbox/data/whitelists/opencompute.whitelist

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