The Open Management Server Administrator software is used to monitor Dell hardware. The official dell site for this is:

The relevant Dell pages are:


Dell has started releasing community supported(unofficial) OMSA since 6.3. Therefore Sara team has stopped development of new versions. For installation instructions:

For details about Dell released OMSA:

Instructions below are specific to Sara team's OMSA.

First, install openipmi and ipmitool:

 sudo apt-get install openipmi   sudo apt-get install ipmitool 

install lib32ncurses and ia32-libs:

 sudo apt-get install -f lib32ncurses5   sudo apt-get install -f ia32-libs 

Grab the OMSA:


Install OMSA:

 dpkg -i dellomsa_5.5.0-5_amd64.deb 

For 64-bit users

The rest of this may only be relevant for users that have 64-bit systems and are using Sara team's OMSA.

You will need to download the old ia32-libs DEB file and extract the libstdc++ library.


 dpkg-deb -x ia32-libs_2.7ubuntu6.1_amd64.deb ia32-libs 

 sudo cp ia32-libs/usr/lib32/ /usr/lib32/ 

 cd /usr/lib32 

 sudo ln -s 

Testing your installation

Now you should be able to run some of the tools.  sudo omreport storage controller 


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