Build the OOo l10n and help packs in less CPU time, and without duplicating the OOo source in the archive.


Currently the archive hosts two (identical) 450MB OOo source packages to be able to build the l10n and help packages independently from the OOo packages containing the binaries. Get rid of the duplicated source. The time required to build the language packages exceeds the time to build the binary packages.

Use cases

  • A translation team wants to test the current state of an OOo translation. The translation needs to be exported from Rosetta, converted to the GSI format and built (which currently requires bandwidth and a huge amount of build time).
  • An export from Rosetta should be checked for correctness (using the OOo lang tools)
  • The time to introduce a new OOo version into the distribution should be shortened.


Currently we have a copy of the package in the archive (; we build the binaries from the package, the -l10n and -help packages from the package. The latter currently requires a complete rebuild of the binaries (currently taking about 8 hours for one language, and about 14 hours for all languages). The goal is to reduce the build time for one language pack as well as for all language packs. For this to work we need to identify the parts of the build, which can be prebuilt in a OOo-l10n-dev package (built from the source) and the source files necessary to build the language packs (these files will form the new source package together with the translations from the community and exported from rosetta).


From the build (when the OOo binaries are built), build an OOo-l10n-dev package, containing

  • all the localize.sdf files
  • language tools (localize, transex3, ...)
  • the sources for OOo/solenv
  • the HelpLinker binary

  • other files required

Modify the build system (dmake) to be able to build the resource files for translations in all 32 subdirectories containing .sdf files independently from the binaries, lowering the build time for the language and help packs.

New idea:

  • Work with Sun and Novell to split language support into its own module that is separately buildable and will also help with the full split build when we move to it later.

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