Debugging a failed Autopilot install

Majority of the time most failed Autopilot installations are due to improper configuration of MAAS. These below steps should guide you on what needs to be configured.

Install MAAS

To install MAAS, type the command below and follow the step-by-step instructions:

sudo apt install maas

Create your admin credentials by typing:

sudo maas-region-admin createadmin

Import Cloud images

  • Login to the MAAS UI at http:///MAAS/

  • Go to the “Images” tab and import disk images for “14.04 LTS amd64”

Add SSH key

  • On the Account page, add your SSH key

Configure Network

  • Go to the “Networks” tab and for each of the networks auto-created, click “Edit network” to add the default gateway and DNS server details
  • Go to the “Clusters” tab, open the “Cluster master” link, hover over the row for the interface that is connected to the private network and select the edit icon (looks like a pencil — )
  • Set this interface to manage DHCP and DNS
  • Set the “Router IP” to the default gateway
  • Fill in details for the dynamic and static ranges, remembering to leave gaps for the floating IPs
  • * Dynamic range — that has as many IPs as there are total NICs connected to the network (minimum 15)
  • * Static range — that has as many IPs as there are machines connected to the network
  • * Floating IP range — that has as many IPs as instances that you’ll have in your cloud

Now you need to enlist and commission machines

  • Ensure all machines are set to PXE boot, if possible disable all other boot options, including local disk, in the BIOS
  • Power the machines on so they will all appear in the “Nodes” tab of MAAS
  • Edit each machine filling in the power type and parameters
  • Select all the machines and, using the “Take action” dropdown, “Commission” them.
  • Wait until all machines have a “Ready” status

Once these steps have been completed MAAS should be ready to handle the Autopilot installation.

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