Debugging the Placement UI

It's possible to debug the placement UI with faked MAAS data so you don't need an actual connection (or even an install of any kind) to test UI tweaks.

First, generate a config file like this:

   1 current_state: 0
   2 install_type: Multi
   3 openstack_password: ubuntu
   4 openstack_release: juno
   5 storage_backend: none

(the storage_backend can be any of the valid values)

save it somewhere outside of ~/.cloud-install/ -- ~/fake-maas-config.yaml will do.

then run openstack-status like so:

  • $ FAKE_API_DATA=path_to_openstack-installer-sourcetree/test/fakemaas/lotsamachines openstack-status -c ~/fake-maas-config.yaml --edit-placement

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