This topic provides an overview on how to setup native LXC support under Openstack Havana. This feature is to be included in the next release of Openstack (Icehouse) and the next LTS release of Ubuntu. (14.04).

Getting Started

Installing LXC

In order to use the LXC driver for openstack you must have LXC installed and configured. To start off you must install LXC:

sudo apt-get install lxc

After you have installed LXC, nova-compute likes to control its own networking settings, to configure your containers network with Openstack you have to disable the lxcb0 interface. To do this you have to modify the /etc/default/lxc-net file so the USE_LXC_BRIDGE looks like the following:


Configuring Compute

After you have installed nova-compute, you have to configure the compute driver to use native lxc. To do that modify your /etc/nova/nova.conf to the following:

compute_driver = nova.virt.lxc.LXCDriver

After you have finished modifying the /etc/nova/nova.conf restart nova-compute.

sudo restart nova-compute

Once you have completed these steps you now have an Openstack cloud that can native LXC containers.

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