Ubuntu-specific changes for Openstack Essex

Below is a list of Openstack Essex packages shipping with Ubuntu 12.04 with a quick summary of Ubuntu specific changes for each.



Currently, Nova's debian/patches contains the following:

  • nova-manage_flagfile_location.patch: Updates Nova to also look in the distro-specific location for nova.conf
  • path-to-the-xenhost.conf-fixup.patch: Updates xenserver plugin to look for xenhost.conf in the distro-specific path (/usr/etc/xenhost.conf -> /etc/xcp/)

  • fix-ubuntu-tests.patch, kombu_tests_timeout.patch, fix-docs-build-without-network.patch: Minor changes to doc build confs and two tests that allow them to succeed on the network-isolated and permissions-constrainted package build systems.
  • As of 04/12/2011, we're also carrying 6 patches that have been cherry-picked back from the stable/essex branch since it was opened. This will be dropped with the first stable/essex update is issued and SRU'd:
    • * upstream/0001-fix-bug-where-nova-ignores-glance-host-in-imageref.patch
    • * upstream/0002-Stop-libvirt-test-from-deleting-instances-dir.patch
    • * upstream/0003-Allow-unprivileged-RADOS-users-to-access-rbd-volumes.patch
    • * upstream/0004-Fixed-bug-962840-added-a-test-case.patch
    • * upstream/0005-Populate-image-properties-with-project_id-again.patch
    • * upstream/

Default configuration

The default nova.conf shipped with all Nova components relies heavily on Nova's own defaults. We set a number of platform-specific paths (logdir, state_path, etc). Other default settings of note:

  • --iscsi_helper=tgtadm: Allows nova-volume to use the TGT iSCSI target which is currently the officially supported target implementation on Ubuntu (Nova defaults to ietd)
  • --connection_type=libvirt: We currently support the libvirt compute driver. This flag is required for nova-compute and also needs to be set during database migration from diablo to essex (or passed manually to 'nova-manage db sync')
  • --libvirt_use_virtio_for_bridges: Configures instances to use the virtio network driver for added performance. * --root_helper=sudo nova-rootwrap: Instructs Nova to filter all shell commands that require root access through a wrapper that authorizes commands based on the process that is calling them.
  • --ec2_private_dns_show_ip: Displays private IP addresses instead of hostnames by default in output of ec2-describe-instances.

User-facing changes

  • Instances are configured with virtio network drivers by default
  • ec2-describe-instance displays private IP address instead of private hostname by default.



Currently, Keystone's debian/patches contains the following:

  • fix-ubuntu-tests.patch: Disables a number of tests that require acecss to external git repositorys and/or target irrelevant branches of keystoneclient.
  • sql_connection.patch: Configures all Keystone's backend drivers to use the respective SQL backends.

Default configuration

Minimal. Setting default log file paths and setting all Keystone backends to store in a local sqlite database are the only two Ubuntu-specific changes.

User-facing changes





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