Summary from Oregon team meeting at 7:30 PM on 09/21/2007

Sadly I completely forgot about the meeting and did not think about it till two days later; that was the last day of work before I moved to Corvallis to take classes at LBCC/OSU.

The agenda will be rolled over to the next meeting on the 26th of October


  • Upcoming Events
  • Team projects
    • Open
      • PNW Art Package
    • Closed
      • Software Freedom Day
    • New
      • Library Distribution
  • Other
    • Possible future meeting places - Linux Clinic?
    • All these could also apply to the PNW team as a whole
      • Oregon team Launchpad page
      • Oregon Linux Blog
      • Gutsy Install party
      • Easily Accessable Ubuntu CD Distrobution Point (ie, setup an Oregon/PNW website that people could easily request CD's and we could ship to them. Much faster than shipit)
      • Compile a list of our hardware with what works and doesn't, any hoops we had to jump though and submit it to the hardware/laptop teams


None Sad :(

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