Sunday, October 30th, 2011, 7:00pm (1900) PT

Original Agenda

  1. Decide Ubuntu Hour Day/Time
  2. Call for LoCo Contributors (To help with Wiki, Website, Social Media and Meeting Minute Taker)

  3. Discuss Ubuntu Oregon Approval Application
  4. decide regular meeting schedule
  5. Review and Discuss Ocelot
  6. Review Salem Ubuntu Hour
  7. Discuss Possibility of Oregon Ubuntu CD Distributing

Ubuntu Oregon meetings are open to anyone to attend and calls for agenda items are generally put out via mailing list one week in advance. Meetings are chaired by either team lead or assistant team lead.

Meeting started by bkerensa at 02:00:55 UTC. The full logs are available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-us-or/2011/ubuntu-us-or.2011-10-31-02.00.log.html .

Meeting summary

  • Decide Ubuntu Hour Day/Time

IDEA: Salem Ubuntu Hour Friday's (Proposed by c_smith) (bkerensa, 02:06:34)

  • Call for LoCo Contributors (Wiki, Forums, Website, etc)

c_smith and nathwill for Wiki (bkerensa, 02:13:06) ACTION: c_smith volunteers to also help with FB/Twitter (bkerensa, 02:15:00) ACTION: jvlb says website and forums preferred (bkerensa, 02:15:17) ACTION: MarkDude indicates he can help with wiki (bkerensa, 02:15:28) ACTION: bkerensa will provide in-depth tasks via e-mail (bkerensa, 02:15:50)

  • Discuss Ubuntu Oregon Approval Application (bkerensa, 02:18:52)
  • discuss regular meeting schedule (bkerensa, 02:24:39)
  • Discuss Ocelot (bkerensa, 02:27:00)

seems like everyone is running a 11.10 release or testing (bkerensa, 02:30:48)

  • Salem Ubuntu Hour Review (bkerensa, 02:30:58)
  • Discuss Possibility of Oregon Ubuntu CD Distributing (bkerensa, 02:36:32)
  • Assistant Team Lead/Contact (bkerensa, 02:45:48)

Meeting ended at 02:57:41 UTC.


  • Nathan Williams (nathwill) to take on role of new assistant team lead
    • For: 4 Against: 0 Abstained: 0

Action items

  • c_smith volunteers to also help with FB/Twitter
  • jvlb says website and forums preferred
  • MarkDude indicates he can help with wiki

  • bkerensa will provide in-depth tasks via e-mail

Action items, by person

  • bkerensa
  • * bkerensa will provide in-depth tasks via e-mail
  • c_smith
  • * c_smith volunteers to also help with FB/Twitter
  • jvlb
  • * jvlb says website and forums preferred
  • MarkDude

  • * MarkDude indicates he can help with wiki

People present (lines said)

  • bkerensa (196)
  • c_smith (72)
  • jvlb (25)
  • meetingology (18)
  • nathwill (16)
  • MarkDude (13)

  • thefinn93 (9)

Full Log

  • 02:00:55 <bkerensa> #startmeeting Ubuntu Oregon IRC Meeting 10/30/11 Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OregonTeam/Meetings/CurrentAgenda

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    02:00:55 <meetingology>

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    02:01:20 <bkerensa> Hello everyone and welcome to the October 2011 meeting for Ubuntu Oregon LoCo

    02:01:25 <bkerensa> How is everyone this evening?

    02:01:34 <c_smith> pretty darned good!! Big Grin :)

    02:02:00 <jvlb> Fine.

    02:02:05 <bkerensa> I have an agenda before us today located here "https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OregonTeam/Meetings/CurrentAgenda" and at the end of these items I will open the floor for comments or other issues

    02:02:19 <bkerensa> I will now start with the first item for this evening

    02:02:44 <bkerensa> #topic Decide Ubuntu Hour Day/Time

    02:03:14 <bkerensa> First topic is Decide Ubuntu Hour Day/Time

    02:03:36 <c_smith> is that for Portland?

    02:03:38 <bkerensa> It would seem Nathwill is gone and Brian_H I'm not sure if he or any other metro area members are available atm

    02:03:49 <bkerensa> c_smith: For Portland and Salem or any other regions

    02:04:21 <bkerensa> I think we should defer on deciding a time and date for Portland since everyone from Portland is not here atm

    02:04:29 <bkerensa> everyone agree with that?

    02:04:31 <c_smith> well, being as some of the Salem area member are here, we could try to decide on a more concrete time for the Salem one.

    02:04:58 <bkerensa> c_smith: Feel free to take the floor

    02:05:29 <c_smith> okay, for the day, I thought Fridays might be good, yea or nay?

    02:05:49 <c_smith> and after that we have to decide on frequesncy

    02:06:34 <bkerensa> #idea Salem Ubuntu Hour Friday's (Proposed by c_smith)

    02:06:56 <bkerensa> c_smith: Who else is here from Salem area?

    02:07:10 <c_smith> isn't JVLB from around here?

    02:07:24 <bkerensa> I think he is

    02:07:24 <bkerensa> Big Grin :)

    02:07:39 <c_smith> and let me go back up on the messages, gimme a sec

    02:07:56 <c_smith> and where is Markdude from?

    02:08:08 <c_smith> might have overestimated.

    02:08:08 <bkerensa> MarkDude is in California

    02:08:09 <bkerensa> Wink ;)

    02:08:26 <c_smith> okay, so I overestimated a bit.

    02:08:35 <c_smith> JVLB, are you here?

    02:08:37 <bkerensa> ok well I have noted your idea of Fridays... We can continue the discussion of this on mailing list until we get a workable time and day

    02:08:49 <c_smith> will do.

    02:08:49 <jvlb> I be here.

    02:09:15 <bkerensa> #agreed Will discuss Salem and Portland Ubuntu Hour Time and Dates via mailing list

    02:09:20 <c_smith> k, I'd like to enlist your help over on the mailing list on the Salem hour, just for some details.

    02:09:31 <c_smith> that was at JVLB.

    02:09:38 * MarkDude will back up there - soon enouhg

    02:09:48 <bkerensa> Ok

    02:09:51 <bkerensa> next item

    02:10:12 <bkerensa> #topic Call for LoCo Contributors (Wiki, Forums, Website, etc)

    02:10:35 <c_smith> I can help on the Wiki page like I have been here and there.

    02:10:47 <bkerensa> I have in the past discussed the need or importance of having more LoCo members contribute to the overall operations of the LoCo

    02:10:58 <bkerensa> c_smith and nathwill have volunteered to help manage the wiki

    02:11:12 <jvlb> Is there any information regarding what need to be done?

    02:11:19 <bkerensa> I would also love to see some people volunteer to blog on Ubuntu-oregon.org and also help on forums from time to time

    02:11:48 <bkerensa> jvlb: Well the most important thing at the moment is Wiki (making sure meetings are listed and the wiki needs cleanup)

    02:12:12 <c_smith> well, being as the wiki doesn't take much of my time, I could possibly help elsewhere as well, wherever is needed.

    02:12:17 <bkerensa> additionally I would like someone to help manage our Facebook page and Twitter account to we can cross list events and important info

    02:13:06 <bkerensa> #info c_smith and nathwill for Wiki

    02:13:11 <c_smith> is it okay to volunteer for more than one job when the first one doesn't take much time out of the schedule?

    02:13:23 <bkerensa> Most definitely

    02:13:25 <jvlb> Well, my forte is web page markup and also could contribute to forums.

    02:13:34 <bkerensa> Excellent jvlb

    02:14:00 <c_smith> ok, well, I could help with the FB and Twitter pages.

    02:14:03 <bkerensa> Well I can put together a e-mail and contact everyone about the various tasks

    02:14:08 <bkerensa> c_smith: Excellent Smile :)

    02:14:20 <c_smith> considering I already use those pretty extensively.

    02:14:43 <MarkDude> Consider me as helper for wiki, I am ok with moin

    02:15:00 <bkerensa> #action c_smith volunteers to also help with FB/Twitter 02:15:00 * meetingology c_smith volunteers to also help with FB/Twitter

    02:15:17 <bkerensa> #action jvlb says website and forums preferred 02:15:17 * meetingology jvlb says website and forums preferred

    02:15:28 <bkerensa> #action MarkDude indicates he can help with wiki

    02:15:28 * meetingology MarkDude indicates he can help with wiki

    02:15:50 <bkerensa> #action bkerensa will provide in-depth tasks via e-mail 02:15:50 * meetingology bkerensa will provide in-depth tasks via e-mail

    02:16:09 <c_smith> that would help steer us in the right direction :P

    02:16:09 <bkerensa> any questions on the contributions item?

    02:16:27 * MarkDude can also do some basic graphics, consider me a low-level design team

    02:17:01 <bkerensa> Ok well I will move to the next item

    02:17:08 <jvlb> I'm not sure it has much relevance, but I can GIMP pretty well.

    02:17:47 <bkerensa> jvlb: Ahh on another note we are looking for some to help finish our banner layout

    02:18:02 <bkerensa> Linbit has agreed to sponsor it but my gimp/inkscape skills are epic bad

    02:18:03 <bkerensa> :P

    02:18:34 <jvlb> Could you provide any guidelines, or such? Later is fine.

    02:18:35 <bkerensa> jvlb: If you would like to have a crack at it I can send the info via e-mail

    02:18:39 <bkerensa> yeah

    02:18:40 <bkerensa> Big Grin :)

    02:18:42 <bkerensa> ok next item

    02:18:52 <bkerensa> #subtopic Discuss Ubuntu Oregon Approval Application

    02:19:26 <bkerensa> So... I would love to see us become an approved LoCo before year end so we can have the few added perks of being approved

    02:19:47 <bkerensa> Which would be.... We get cases of CD's each release cycle and also bigger conference kits

    02:20:05 <bkerensa> The only barrier is getting the LoCo council to approve us

    02:20:31 <bkerensa> The criteria is essentially they want to know we are active and continue to be a sustainable contributor as a group

    02:20:47 <bkerensa> as such participation in events, meetings and around the community is important

    02:21:03 <c_smith> so, pretty much they want a team that actually does something?

    02:21:12 <bkerensa> yes

    02:21:23 <MarkDude> The team already does MORE thn other approvede teams

    02:21:29 <c_smith> well, we have that covered, at least atm.

    02:21:34 <bkerensa> MarkDude: Except California

    02:21:34 <MarkDude> Many agree on that

    02:21:34 <bkerensa> :P

    02:21:48 <bkerensa> I agree

    02:21:50 <MarkDude> you have like 3 elevtoral votes

    02:22:03 <MarkDude> we have like 40 its ok

    02:22:05 <MarkDude> Smile :)

    02:22:21 <bkerensa> anyways I would feel comfortable submitting an application in the next 60 days or so and I suggest we discuss it more at our next meeting

    02:22:35 <c_smith> sound fair.

    02:22:46 * MarkDude would suggest getting approved by Zmas

    02:22:53 <MarkDude> or Xmas

    02:23:05 <bkerensa> MarkDude: I think the biggest hurdle will be paultag

    02:23:06 <bkerensa> imho

    02:23:07 <bkerensa> :P

    02:23:21 <c_smith> paultag?

    02:23:30 <bkerensa> a LoCo Council Member

    02:23:31 <c_smith> is he a high-up?

    02:23:31 <bkerensa> :P

    02:23:36 <c_smith> oh, ok

    02:23:40 <c_smith> strict?

    02:24:07 <bkerensa> nah just idk Smile :) a unknown element

    02:24:07 <bkerensa> :P

    02:24:09 * MarkDude will help at thos meetings?

    02:24:12 <c_smith> ah, ok

    02:24:13 <bkerensa> sure 02:24:19 * bkerensa is going to move to next item

    02:24:20 <bkerensa> Smile :)

    02:24:21 <c_smith> shouldn't be too bad.

    02:24:39 <bkerensa> #subtopic discuss regular meeting schedule

    02:24:52 <MarkDude> paul can also be asked to step aside due to conflict of interest

    02:25:06 <bkerensa> So right now we are meeting towards the end of each month in the evening and I wanna make sure this is working well.... So far I have had no complaints

    02:25:10 <MarkDude> BY definition he cant be to uppity

    02:25:47 <bkerensa> any feedback our our meeting time/day?

    02:25:52 <bkerensa> on our*

    02:25:53 <c_smith> I have no complaints, can't meet when I'm not here, but this schedule is pretty good.

    02:26:09 <c_smith> *I can't meet when I'm not here

    02:26:12 <bkerensa> jvlb: Did this time work good for you?

    02:26:17 <jvlb> The time is fine, by me.

    02:26:21 <bkerensa> ok Smile :)

    02:26:33 <bkerensa> #agreed current meeting day/time works well

    02:27:00 <bkerensa> #subtopic Discuss Ocelot

    02:27:09 <bkerensa> so how many people are running Ocelot?

    02:27:19 <c_smith> I am, Kubuntu Oneiric atm 02:27:19 * bkerensa raises hand

    02:27:28 <c_smith> have used Ubuntu Oneiric, too

    02:27:57 <jvlb> I've tested it, but am holding out for 12.04 to go production. 02:28:01 * c_smith raises hand to be safe

    02:28:04 <bkerensa> Big Grin :)

    02:28:08 <bkerensa> excellent

    02:28:18 <bkerensa> well I'm glad to see people are using or testing it... 02:28:33 * bkerensa was skeptical at first due to the resource intensiveness of Unity

    02:28:45 <bkerensa> in fact I had to get a new laptop just to run Ocelot which disturbed me

    02:29:13 <bkerensa> but I'm using it full time... I like it but still do prefer Gnome2... I may switch to OpenBox on top of Ocelot

    02:29:14 <bkerensa> Big Grin :)

    02:29:16 <jvlb> Perhaps I should point out, I'm KDE all the way.

    02:29:16 <c_smith> eh, when I use Ubuntu, I always use Cairo Dock

    02:30:04 * bkerensa really likes OpenBox but in order to efficiently be a bug contributor I need to run current release stock

    02:30:04 <bkerensa> :P

    02:30:22 <c_smith> Bkerensa, I have a media-player question for ya after the meeting.

    02:30:30 <bkerensa> c_smith: k 02:30:36 * bkerensa will move to next item

    02:30:48 <bkerensa> #info seems like everyone is running a 11.10 release or testing

    02:30:58 <bkerensa> #subtopic Salem Ubuntu Hour Review

    02:31:09 <bkerensa> c_smith: Can you tell us how the Ubuntu Hour went?

    02:31:42 <c_smith> it went pretty well, considering the turnout, but I would say it went well, would you, JVLB?

    02:32:16 <jvlb> Hearkening back to the IRC meets, perhaps we should consider the ramifications of December 31.

    02:32:40 <c_smith> hmmmm, new-years, I see what you mean.

    02:32:50 <jvlb> I'm down wid dat, Cody.

    02:32:58 <bkerensa> c_smith: Just remember that if you look at other LoCo's events they are not always huge... In fact usually small groups but persistance will pay off in growing our events as more people see how much fun your having and want to get involved

    02:33:08 <bkerensa> jvlb: Yeah in december we will have to do something else

    02:33:09 <bkerensa> Smile :)

    02:33:22 * bkerensa will be out of state even... In MarkDude's neck of the woods

    02:33:23 <bkerensa> :P

    02:33:30 <c_smith> yeah, good point, I honestly wasn't expecting anyone to show up, hence what I said about the turnout.

    02:34:00 * bkerensa continues to look at other LoCo's throughout the country who posts photos

    02:34:15 <bkerensa> and thus far our Release Party and Global Jam were both a bit bigger then other LoCo's

    02:34:29 <bkerensa> Its not a competition but its a good sign that there is a good community here

    02:34:30 <c_smith> that's good.

    02:34:40 <bkerensa> anyways

    02:34:59 <bkerensa> let me note for the minutes that I will likely do our December meeting mid-month

    02:35:02 <bkerensa> due to Holidays 02:35:18 * bkerensa will ping the mailing list to see what works best

    02:35:20 <jvlb> Well, take some photos of Portland crowds and I GIMP some Ubuntu logo in.

    02:35:33 <bkerensa> jvlb: k

    02:35:55 <c_smith> JVLB, would you teach me how to do that at another time?

    02:36:10 <bkerensa> #agreed December End of Month Meeting Unlikely To Work (Will Shoot for Mid-Month)

    02:36:18 <jvlb> Sure, CS. 02:36:22 * c_smith agrees

    02:36:24 <c_smith> cool

    02:36:27 <bkerensa> Ok next item

    02:36:32 <bkerensa> #subtopic Discuss Possibility of Oregon Ubuntu CD Distributing

    02:36:55 <bkerensa> Ok so I have been pushing around a idea of burning cd's here in Oregon and distributing them

    02:37:08 <c_smith> if there it helps, I could try to get the CDs to people on the street.

    02:37:16 <bkerensa> I have no problem buying a spindle from time to time and also we will likely need a label system

    02:37:25 <bkerensa> and some sleeves 02:37:37 * bkerensa can look into sponsorship opportunities

    02:37:40 <c_smith> would Lightscribe discs be acceptable?

    02:37:53 <bkerensa> I have a call out to Verbatim and I will nudge my corporate contacts there 02:38:05 * c_smith has a Lightscribe drive and just needs to buy sleeves and discs.

    02:38:11 <bkerensa> c_smith: I have heard that people are rejecting lightscribe because they look homemade

    02:38:15 <bkerensa> and people fear viruses

    02:38:27 <c_smith> hmmmm, will keep that in mind.

    02:38:52 <bkerensa> I think honestly we could get a box or two of cd spindles sponsored and labels and sleeves

    02:39:12 <bkerensa> and then I can make labels and distribute spindles of burned labeled cd's to members to give out in their regions

    02:39:18 <c_smith> would it help if we pitch in to buy some of them off the Canonical shop?

    02:39:28 <c_smith> if so, I'd pitch in a bit

    02:39:43 <bkerensa> c_smith: Although I think Canonical does a great job by supporting Ubuntu

    02:39:53 <jvlb> You know, I've been thinking about the barriers to entry for some time. I think workshops on installation and setup are more relevant than install fests, these days. Downloading and burning your own CD is a useful skill to teach. Factory CDs would be nice, though.

    02:39:54 <bkerensa> I feel the cost of buying CD's or most merchandise from them is loss

    02:39:59 <bkerensa> its very expensive

    02:40:02 <c_smith> hmmmm, ok

    02:40:07 <bkerensa> because they sell/ship from europe

    02:40:34 <bkerensa> We could have the same quantity printed locally for much cheaper and other LoCo's feel the same way so :P

    02:41:06 <c_smith> for JVLB's idea, couldn't we integrate a workshop AND installfest into one?

    02:41:15 <bkerensa> Their shirts for instance I can get them $5 cheaper with free shipping from CustomInk which is still expensive

    02:41:15 <bkerensa> :P

    02:41:26 <jvlb> The problem is you need to go for quantity to get a good price and in six months, they're out of date. LTS would be a better deal, though.

    02:41:42 <bkerensa> jvlb: Well we have a partnership formed with FreeGeek so yeah we can do workshops

    02:41:50 <bkerensa> also a workshop in Salem would be cool

    02:42:28 <c_smith> I honestly don't have contacts for salem for that stuff, but I could look into it. can't say I'd find much,

    02:42:41 <bkerensa> c_smith: Google is your friend

    02:42:41 <bkerensa> Wink ;)

    02:42:44 <c_smith> true.

    02:43:07 <c_smith> though honestly not sure what to look for....

    02:43:19 <bkerensa> Big Grin :)

    02:43:22 <c_smith> I'll have to figure that out.

    02:43:30 <bkerensa> Yeah... We can talk in private

    02:43:33 <bkerensa> shoot me a e-mai

    02:43:39 <bkerensa> nathwill: Welcome

    02:43:48 <c_smith> hey, there.

    02:43:52 <nathwill> greetings

    02:43:57 <c_smith> cool, I'll do that later.

    02:44:05 <jvlb> Mr. Smith, would you be up for co-hosting a local workshop? I could approach the library about it.

    02:44:08 <nathwill> sorry i'm late

    02:44:14 <c_smith> that would work.

    02:44:18 <bkerensa> jvlb: Library's are a good option

    02:44:23 <bkerensa> If they give you a no

    02:44:26 <bkerensa> shoot me a e-mail

    02:44:39 <c_smith> didn't know the Library would do that. but I'll get in contact with them.

    02:44:48 <bkerensa> I can send them a convincing e-mail :P from a @ubuntu.com e-mail which might be a little different

    02:44:49 <bkerensa> :P

    02:45:10 <bkerensa> c_smith: Oh yeah... Multnomah County Library allows people to do workshops heck the county will pay you to do one here

    02:45:11 <bkerensa> Big Grin :)

    02:45:12 <c_smith> when I get their contact email, I'll have to have you do it.

    02:45:16 <jvlb> CS, not sure they will, but it's who I talk to first.

    02:45:27 <bkerensa> ok

    02:45:35 <bkerensa> I want to add a agenda item

    02:45:46 <jvlb> I don't actually have any contacts at the lib. If you do, Cody, go for it.

    02:45:47 <nathwill> suhi!

    02:45:48 <bkerensa> #subtopic Assistant Team Lead/Contact

    02:46:03 <nathwill> sushi, that is...

    02:46:06 <bkerensa> So since thefinn93 is gone.... I have taken over 100% of the load

    02:46:22 <c_smith> and I've seen that go downhill before.

    02:46:32 <c_smith> not with Ben, but other places.

    02:46:39 <bkerensa> and although thefinn93 will tell you I did everything anyways ( I disagree ) I feel it would be good to have an Assistant Lead again

    02:47:02 <jvlb> Nathwill, are you baiting us, (all puns intended)?

    02:47:05 <c_smith> that should ease stuff up there. so I say go for it.

    02:47:09 <bkerensa> c_smith: What goes downhill?

    02:47:11 <thefinn93> sorry

    02:47:26 <c_smith> when people take on all the load, eventually they burn out.

    02:47:43 <bkerensa> I mean a few weeks back I was so burnt out.... from back to back conventions and events up the wazoo

    02:47:44 <bkerensa> :P

    02:47:45 <c_smith> that's what I meant by that.

    02:47:53 <bkerensa> yeah

    02:48:05 <nathwill> bkerensa, anything with a friction coefficient < gravity

    02:48:14 <bkerensa> Does anyone have any ideas for assistant lead? 02:48:18 * bkerensa has someone in mind

    02:48:22 <bkerensa> but has not asked them yet

    02:48:23 <bkerensa> :P

    02:48:31 <bkerensa> they are in channel right now too :P

    02:48:33 <nathwill> what are the responsibilities?

    02:48:41 <c_smith> I honestly don't know anyone here well enough to offer up.

    02:48:44 <bkerensa> nathwill: ask thefinn93 he was the last one

    02:48:45 <bkerensa> :P

    02:48:59 <bkerensa> thefinn93: Not really hard right?

    02:49:21 <thefinn93> not much IIRC

    02:49:40 <bkerensa> nathwill: Essentially the responsibilities consist of helping lead the team (meetings, events etc)

    02:49:43 <thefinn93> nope

    02:49:48 <thefinn93> i had to carry some stuff, meet ben places

    02:49:57 <bkerensa> there is not a major burden or any obligation to be at every meeting or event

    02:50:03 <thefinn93> yep

    02:50:11 <c_smith> I'd offer myself, but I think that would be a bit self-glorifying, wouldn't it?

    02:50:18 <bkerensa> for instance if I cant make a meeting

    02:50:21 <nathwill> heavy stuff? Wink ;)

    02:50:24 <bkerensa> you would act in interim

    02:50:25 <bkerensa> Big Grin :) 02:50:36 * bkerensa pokes thefinn93 ^

    02:50:57 <c_smith> also, don't know that I could travel up to portland too much..... without learning the portland equivalent of the City Bus.

    02:51:09 <bkerensa> nathwill: he just helped carry like swag and food

    02:51:10 <bkerensa> Big Grin :)

    02:51:21 <bkerensa> and helped me do the shopping for global jam

    02:51:23 <jvlb> Yeah, the time/distance thing for us in Salem is an issue.

    02:51:33 <c_smith> hence me not offering myself.

    02:51:35 <nathwill> well i agree that a backup is a good idea. ben's a busy guy, and we would do better w/ people to share the load

    02:51:53 <jvlb> No question.

    02:51:58 <nathwill> people/person i should say

    02:52:01 <thefinn93> yes

    02:52:05 <thefinn93> if you miss a meeting, big deal, just make sure that ben doesn't

    02:52:07 <bkerensa> Well I had nathwill in mind for the role but this is up to the LoCo if everyone agrees including him

    02:52:08 <bkerensa> Big Grin :)

    02:52:13 <bkerensa> lol

    02:52:26 <bkerensa> thefinn93 used to SMS bomb me when I missed that one meeting

    02:52:27 <bkerensa> Big Grin :)

    02:52:35 <jvlb> I'll vote for anyone who isn't me.

    02:52:36 <c_smith> I agree with Nathwill,

    02:52:39 <nathwill> i'm amenable if there are no major objections

    02:52:51 <bkerensa> lets put it to a vote

    02:52:52 <bkerensa> one sec

    02:53:04 <jvlb> I second Nathwill's nomination.

    02:53:24 <bkerensa> #voters jvlb bkerensa MarkDude thefinn93 c_smith

    02:53:24 <meetingology> Current voters: MarkDude bkerensa c_smith jvlb thefinn93

    02:53:44 <bkerensa> #vote Nathan Williams (nathwill) to take on role of new assistant team lead

    02:53:44 <meetingology> Please vote on: Nathan Williams (nathwill) to take on role of new assistant team lead

    02:53:44 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    02:53:51 <bkerensa> +1

    02:53:51 <meetingology> +1 received from bkerensa

    02:53:55 <c_smith> +1

    02:53:55 <meetingology> +1 received from c_smith

    02:54:00 <jvlb> +1

    02:54:00 <meetingology> +1 received from jvlb

    02:54:02 <thefinn93> +1

    02:54:02 <meetingology> +1 received from thefinn93

    02:54:17 <bkerensa> #endvote

    02:54:17 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Nathan Williams (nathwill) to take on role of new assistant team lead

    02:54:17 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    02:54:17 <meetingology> Motion carried

    02:54:35 <nathwill> flawless victory!

    02:54:36 <bkerensa> so its official

    02:54:37 <bkerensa> Wink ;)

    02:54:54 <bkerensa> nathwill: You also get a e-mail address or alias if you so choose

    02:54:55 <bkerensa> Wink ;)

    02:54:59 <thefinn93> lol

    02:55:00 <bkerensa> @ubuntu-oregon.org

    02:55:00 <meetingology> bkerensa: Error: "ubuntu-oregon.org" is not a valid command.

    02:55:00 <bkerensa> :P 02:55:08 * bkerensa slaps meetingology

    02:55:11 <nathwill> thanks guys. appreciate it, i'll do the best i can

    02:55:20 <bkerensa> well that concludes the agenda items

    02:55:27 <bkerensa> does anyone have anything to add before I end?

    02:55:30 <c_smith> lol @ bkerensa and meetingology

    02:55:39 <jvlb> Do you move we adjourn?

    02:55:52 <nathwill> one note before we go

    02:55:56 <bkerensa> yes?

    02:56:18 <nathwill> i started the dicussion re: a talk @ yahoo with our site mgr

    02:56:27 <bkerensa> nathwill: Yeah Smile :)

    02:56:51 <bkerensa> cool

    02:56:55 <nathwill> but will not have results to announce until next week, as i am training in cali all this week

    02:57:04 <bkerensa> OH

    02:57:11 <bkerensa> nathwill: Sunnyvale for the win

    02:57:11 <bkerensa> Big Grin :)

    02:57:18 <bkerensa> I assume Sunnyvale anyways

    02:57:19 <nathwill> yessir Smile :)

    02:57:21 <bkerensa> LOL

    02:57:22 <bkerensa> :P 02:57:34 * bkerensa knows every Tech Companies corporate HQ city :P

    02:57:38 <bkerensa> ok

    02:57:41 <bkerensa> #endmeeting

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