Sunday, November 27th, 2011, 7:00pm (1900) PT

Original Agenda

1. Discuss WOU Mentorship Program 2. Announce New Ubuntu Oregon Web Admin 3. Discuss Debian/Ubuntu Local Jam in December 4. Announce Ubuntu Oregon Documentation Clinic 5. Discuss December Meeting Constraints

Action items

  • bkerensa will followup with Becka Morgan and share responses with Loco
  • nathwill thanks c_smith for contributions

People present (lines said)

  • bkerensa (65)
  • nathwill (19)
  • cweber10 (6)
  • meetingology (6)
  • jvlb (4)
  • Guest34864 (4)
  • bkero (2)
  • tgm4883 (1)
  • Guest28630 (1)

   1 03:00:54 <bkerensa> #startmeeting Ubuntu Oregon November 2011 IRC Meeting
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   5 03:01:00 <bkerensa> #chair bkerensa nathwill
   6 03:01:00 <meetingology> Current chairs: bkerensa nathwill
   7 03:01:09 <bkerensa> Hello and Welcome to the November 2011 Ubuntu Oregon IRC Meeting. I'm Benjamin Kerensa, Team Lead of Ubuntu Oregon. I will now begin to introduce the agenda items ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OregonTeam/Meetings/CurrentAgenda ) we have for today.
   8 03:01:28 <bkerensa> Before I begin with our Agenda I would like to thank everyone for attending
   9 03:02:16 <bkerensa> #subtopic Agenda: WOU Mentoring
  10 03:02:22 <bkerensa> Agenda Item # 1 - Per my announcement via mailing list I have initiated a "Call for Mentors" to help Mentor students at Western Oregon University whom will be taking a computer science course that focuses on contributing to a FOSS project. Assistant Professor Becka Morgan of WOU selected Ubuntu as the project to focus on for her course and as such reached out to me approximately a month or two ago to seek mentors. More information on the
  11 03:02:22 <bkerensa> mentoring need can be found here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-or/2011-November/000342.html
  12 03:03:05 <bkerensa> Does anyone have any questions, comments or discussion for this item?
  13 03:03:45 <cweber10> Have a few comments about what was in the e-mail.
  14 03:03:58 <bkerensa> cweber10: The floor is yours
  15 03:03:59 <bkerensa> :D
  16 03:06:00 <bkerensa> cweber10: You said you have some comments about the item?
  17 03:06:11 <cweber10> I know the class is for 10 weeks starting Jan 9th and the class is going to be split into two labs that are going to be running at the same time. now that is the total time of the class so i am not sure how much she is going to be needing.
  18 03:06:16 <cweber10> sorry slow typeing
  19 03:07:07 <bkerensa> cweber10: Yeah I'm still unsure of the format of the mentoring although she told me which topics she wanted covered in mentoring
  20 03:07:16 <Guest28630> A syllabus would certainly be enlightening.
  21 03:07:46 <bkerensa> #idea Request Syllabus from WOU Asst Professor Becka Morgan
  22 03:07:53 <cweber10> Yea this is the first time the class has been done so not sure she has a syllabus ready yet or not
  23 03:07:56 <jvlb> Perhaps he's not quite ready.
  24 03:08:39 <bkerensa> Well I know I will help with Bug Triage and Doc and someone from the Gnome community also reached out shortly after I sent the e-mail and offered her help too so we got two people
  25 03:09:16 <bkerensa> I'm hoping that some Devs might step forward to offer even a small token amount of mentoring to this worthwhile task
  26 03:09:37 <nathwill> i'm in for documentation and triage
  27 03:09:43 <cweber10> Just wanted to be sure you had some idea of the number of people that where needed to mentor
  28 03:09:45 <nathwill> just filled out the form.
  29 03:10:21 <bkerensa> cweber10: Well that I do not know she told me she had 28 students that would need mentoring and they would be broken into groups of 14
  30 03:10:29 <nathwill> btw people, bug triage and packaging is going to be focused on at the dec 3 debian/ubuntu local jam, so if you aren't feeling qualified in any of these areas, consider attending the meeting to learn!
  31 03:10:35 <bkerensa> I'm not sure that one person could handle mentoring 14 people
  32 03:11:13 <Guest34864> I have mentored before, the trick is to keep it structured.
  33 03:11:15 <bkerensa> nathwill: Yeah... Hoping we can make the Dec 3/4 weekend event a big thing... Waiting on slangasek to shoot a e-mail
  34 03:11:27 <cweber10> I am guess there are 28 students that are in two groups, so you might get some overlap between the two groups as far as questions
  35 03:11:39 <bkerensa> Guest34864: Yeah
  36 03:11:53 <Guest34864> bkerensa: I hate it when Freenode decides my nick is unavailable. :(
  37 03:12:16 <bkerensa> Guest34864: Nickserv is your friend ;)
  38 03:12:24 <nathwill> ghost is your friend
  39 03:12:30 <Guest34864> Nickserv says I'm identified, and then it renamed me Guest anyway.
  40 03:12:40 <bkerensa> Well I will try and discuss getting some more firm guidelines and structure surrounding the mentoring and will share her response
  41 03:12:42 <Guest34864> Anyway, on with the meeting.
  42 03:13:10 <bkerensa> Any further questions, comments or concerns regarding the WOU Mentoring?
  43 03:13:45 <nathwill> i'll just note that i'm pumped to be involved.
  44 03:14:18 <tgm4883> wow, it's 7:14 already
  45 03:14:20 <bkerensa> #action bkerensa will followup with Becka Morgan and share responses with Loco
  46 03:14:21 * meetingology bkerensa will followup with Becka Morgan and share responses with Loco
  47 03:14:27 <bkerensa> Ok moving to next agenda item
  48 03:14:50 <bkerensa> #subtopic Agenda: Announce Ubuntu Oregon Web Admin
  49 03:14:59 <bkerensa> Agenda Item # 2 - I'm proud to announce that I have appointed Ubuntu Oregon Contributor Cody Smith (c_smith) as the new Web Admin for Ubuntu Oregon which means he will lead contributions surrounding our website and wiki and will also assist in administrating our Facebook page (and G+ page when it supports multiple admins)
  50 03:15:34 <bkerensa> Any questions, comments or concerns regarding Cody Smith as Web Admin?
  51 03:15:42 <nathwill> thank you cody :)
  52 03:15:55 <bkerensa> #action nathwill thanks c_smith
  53 03:15:55 * meetingology nathwill thanks c_smith
  54 03:16:13 <nathwill> :p
  55 03:16:24 <bkerensa> ok I will move to the next item
  56 03:16:51 <bkerensa> #subtopic Debian/Ubuntu Local Jam
  57 03:16:54 <bkerensa> Agenda Item # 3 - Although this has yet to be announced (waiting on slangasek to make it official) Ubuntu Oregon will be working closely with local Portland Debian Developer community to hold a Ubuntu/Debian Local Jam focusing on bug fixing, packaging and more during the first weekend of December. More details on this event will likely be announced jointly on Monday.
  58 03:17:35 <bkerensa> Any questions, comments etc on this event?
  59 03:18:38 <nathwill> fyi: it's downtown at puppet labs
  60 03:18:49 <bkerensa> I will note for the meeting minutes that I was able to secure venue from PuppetLabs and that tomorrow morning I will be following up with Rentrak and Taos to see about potential food sponsorship
  61 03:19:14 <bkerensa> I believe the Debian folks will be providing the EC2 instances for building packages etc
  62 03:19:20 <jvlb> You have my unreserved support.
  63 03:19:53 <bkerensa> with that I think I will move to the next item but expect a announcement on ^ tomorrow
  64 03:20:18 <bkerensa> #subtopic Agenda: Documentation Clinic
  65 03:20:23 <bkerensa> Agenda Item # 4 - I will be holding a Ubuntu Documentation Clinic In-Person & Virtually in January in which I will provide a education/training opportunity on how to contribute to the Ubuntu Documentation Team and how to become familiar with bazaar and various terminal based text editors.
  66 03:21:12 <bkerensa> One thing that our 2011 survey revealed was a lack of education opportunities for Ubuntu Oregon LoCo members as such I'm going to bat to change this by holding a Documentation Clinic in January
  67 03:21:55 <bkerensa> any questions, comments etc?
  68 03:22:08 <bkerensa> fyi: Date/Time Venue TBD
  69 03:22:44 <jvlb> I'd try to attend.
  70 03:23:07 <nathwill> ditto here
  71 03:23:30 <bkerensa> I guess I will move on unless there is anything further on this?
  72 03:23:35 <nathwill> quack
  73 03:24:00 <bkerensa> #subtopic Agenda: December Meeting
  74 03:24:03 <bkerensa> Agenda Item # 5 - [ December Meeting ] Due to the hectic nature of the holiday season it may be impossible for me to chair a meeting in December since I will be out of state and likely busy the weeks prior getting stuff done for that trip. If anyone is available to chair a meeting and would like to then that would be great otherwise we could move to not have a meeting in december.
  75 03:24:45 <nathwill> do we have a date in mind?
  76 03:25:06 <jvlb> The end of December is a tough time to try to line things up. I move we forgo the December meeting.
  77 03:25:16 <bkerensa> nathwill: End of month is usually when we have our meetings but it could be at the convenience of anyone who would like to chair
  78 03:25:29 <bkerensa> I second jvlb's motion
  79 03:25:37 <bkero> what motion is that?
  80 03:25:52 <bkerensa> bkero: To forgo a December Meeting
  81 03:25:57 <bkero> ok
  82 03:26:02 <nathwill> so, i have a big stretch of time in the last week of the month off (corp holiday), and would be available if we want to go ahead.
  83 03:26:36 <nathwill> but can we get a quick census of who thinks they might actually make it if it were, say dec 30?
  84 03:26:49 <nathwill> dec 31 is obviously a terrible day for it
  85 03:27:16 * bkerensa would not be able to... I will be mobile before christmas and until after
  86 03:27:17 <bkerensa> :D
  87 03:27:32 <bkerensa> and I'm doing a self-imposed technology embargo on myself
  88 03:27:35 <nathwill> doing alaska?
  89 03:27:41 <bkerensa> California
  90 03:27:42 <bkerensa> :)
  91 03:27:57 <nathwill> ah
  92 03:28:38 <bkerensa> well so far I show a majority for forgoing a december meeting
  93 03:28:44 <bkerensa> nathwill: Can we have your vote
  94 03:29:16 <nathwill> unless somebody speaks up, sounds like there wouldn't be enough interest to merit it
  95 03:29:45 <bkerensa> Last call for anyone interested in a meeting +1 if you want a meeting if not we will forgo
  96 03:30:14 <bkerensa> On 5
  97 03:30:16 <bkerensa> 1...
  98 03:30:19 <bkerensa> 2...
  99 03:30:20 <bkerensa> 3...
 100 03:30:23 <bkerensa> 4...
 101 03:30:25 <bkerensa> 5...
 102 03:30:37 <nathwill> aight. no dec meeting.
 103 03:30:52 <bkerensa> Done.. We will forgo December meeting and will announce Jan meeting via mailing list consistent with prior months
 104 03:31:15 <bkerensa> Unless anyone has any other items to discuss? I noticed a few OSU LUG and OSU OSL people popped in
 105 03:31:16 <bkerensa> ;)
 106 03:31:38 <nathwill> yeah
 107 03:32:14 <bkerensa> Ok.... With that I adjourn this meeting
 108 03:32:17 <bkerensa> #endmeeting

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