logo Ubuntu Oregon is a LoCo community which is focused on growing the use of and contribution to the Ubuntu family in the rainy state of Oregon. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Ubuntu who commits to abide by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. Ubuntu Oregon is delighted to present its application for verification at this time.

Key Details


  • Ubuntu


  • Ubuntu Re-Verified by LoCo Council members skellat, jose, pablorubianes-uy 25 Nov 2014 for two years.

    Ubuntu Memberships confirmed, encouraged: reached out to all Ubuntu members and confirmed their memberships. Also reached out to all members to confirm their membership in the LoCo. Additionally, started a discussion about the value of Ubuntu Membership..

    Ubuntu Mailing list/Launchpad list cross-referencing: made a script to cross reference subscription against group membership.

    Ubuntu Re-establish website: RT ticket 25072 filed for oregon.ubuntu-us.org as well as seizing ubuntu-oregon.org.

    Ubuntu Blog: Wordpress, for sure. Waiting on ticket above.

    Ubuntu Clean up wiki page:

    Ubuntu Updating and expanding marketing materials:

    Ubuntu Evangelisation effort:

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Hours:

    Ubuntu LUG infiltration:

    Ubuntu Release party:

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Global Jam: February 6th at Lane Community College, Eugene.

    Ubuntu Linux Fest Northwest: Signed up.

    Ubuntu OSCON: Email sent.


  1. The script used can't access hidden emails, so it's underestimating. (1)


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