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About Me

I am a long time Free and Open Source advocate. I use and work full time with open source at Seravo Oy and the MariaDB Foundation. I've been involved with Ubuntu since 2005 as user, translator and contributor in many ways. I am also a Debian Developer.

Things I do for Ubuntu

  • Member of

  • Also active in Ubuntu marketing, Finnish translations, Ubuntu Friendly testing, Simple backup etc
  • Debian Developer and by extension maintain MariaDB, Galera, Entr and a few other packages in Ubuntu Universe

External Stuff

  • Country team co-cordinator for Free Software Foundation Europe
  • CEO at the MariaDB Foundation, producing one of the worlds most popular databases
  • CEO at Seravo Oy, an open source support service company and recently also WordPress optimized hosting and upkeep as a service (see

  • Chariman of the board at the Finnish Unix User Foundation, funding open source projects in Finland
  • Published many small open source projects myself and contributed to a was amount of existing ones e.g. Nginx, Docker, LibreOffice, Redis, git-buildpackage, KDE, Gnome etc. I've been doing open source since 1999 so the track record has more stuff than I can recall now.

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