Ubuntu needs to support as many modems as practical out of the box.


Modems for which a reasonable driver is available (even one containing binary blobs) will be supported.


  • Free drivers: for soundcard-like modems compatible with the sl-modem-daemon, we will have full support. This daemon can be started with any modem, but will fail with modems not supported by the ALSA drivers library, or with copyrighted, therefore not allowed to be distributed, smartlink version of the slmodem package. Therefore not allowed to be distributed, Smarlink version for the slmodem package. Compatibility is with the ALSA library or with genuine Smartlink hardware, not with the Sl-modem-daemon. Sl-modem-daemon is not a driver.
  • Non-free drivers: other modems typically involve a non-free kernel driver. We will decide on these on a case-by-case basis.

Reasonable drivers use the standard kernel device detection mechanisms (hardware autodetection). This avoids any need for unpleasant tools like "scanmodem" or Wvdialconf .

Automatic installer would be transparent for the user and would autoconfigure the modem. It could also use "Ehternet-over-USB" to employ DHCP for easier autoconfiguration and autoconnection.

When Ethernet-over-USB would not be used, it would attempt to connect to the network using the network-manager panel icon, providing details of a suitable dialup ISP account.

It would use Smolt and for help and documentation about drivers.


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