List of uploads which should (and should not) happen at the start of the P-Series release cycle. This is in addition to the opening process for a new release as described in NewReleaseCycleProcess.

Packages to upload

  1. Toolchain updates (minor, update to the binutils 2.22 branch and the GCC 4.6 branch, Linaro update). (set, doko, ubuntu-toolchain-r PPA)
  2. autotools updates (set, just libtool, Matthias Klose).
  3. Update linux-libc-dev (set, kernel team)
  4. Merge dpkg, keep the compiler flags in the environment for the P-series. (set, Colin Watson)
  5. Drop python2.6 as a supported python version (set, Matthias Klose).
  6. Bump swig from version 1.3 to version 2.0 (available in Debian unstable). (set, Matthias Klose)
  7. Merge cdbs (set, Martin Pitt; in precise)
  8. Merge debhelper (set, Martin Pitt; in precise)
  9. jpeg8/jpeg62. Start with libjpeg-dev provided by jpeg8 (set, Matthias Klose).

Library packages to upload

Things to avoid

  1. perl-5.14 (not yet in Debian). (proposed).

Library updates to avoid

  1. Don't sync libraries from unstable which are just converted to multiarch; these conversions may cause build breakage, which is not yet fixed in unstable.
  2. don't bump boost beyond 1.46.x

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