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 1. Merge cdbs (proposed, Martin Pitt)

 1. Merge debhelper (proposed, Martin Pitt)

List of uploads which should (and should not) happen at the start of the P-Series release cycle. This is in addition to the opening process for a new release as described in NewReleaseCycleProcess.

Packages to upload

  1. Toolchain updates (minor, update to the binutils 2.22 branch and the GCC 4.6 branch, Linaro update). (set, foundations team)
  2. autotools updates (set, foundations team).
  3. Update linux-libc-dev (set, kernel team)
  4. Merge dpkg, keep the compiler flags in the environment for the P-series. (proposed)
  5. Drop python2.6 as a supported python version (set, foundations team).
  6. Bump swig from version 1.3 to version 2.0 (available in Debian unstable). (proposed)
  7. Merge cdbs (proposed, Martin Pitt)
  8. Merge debhelper (proposed, Martin Pitt)

Library packages to upload

  1. jpeg8. Start with libjpeg-dev provided by jpeg8 (proposed).

Things to avoid

  1. perl-5.14 (not yet in Debian). (proposed).

Library updates to avoid

  1. Don't sync libraries from unstable which are just converted to multiarch; these conversions may cause build breakage, which is not yet fixed in unstable.
  2. don't bump boost beyond 1.46.x

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