• The next team meeting will be @ Wednesday April 11th at 6:00 PM
  • We will be adopting a system of majority rule. for electing people to positions or (in the unlikely event) impeachments.
  • Dan
    • Continue working toward getting our team official as well as enable others to get involved
    • Will scheduling a team meeting to discuss the Linuxfest project
  • Paul
    • New team web master
    • Will help moderate the team forum / email list
    • Looking in to either changing the functionality of the SpellCow spell check on the forums so it's non-annoying or will remove it

  • Tamera
    • We'll spread the word and try to get some others involved in Ubuntu


  • Introductions
  • Identify team issues - any concerns so far?
  • Clarify team governance - how do we want to run the team going forward?
    • Who would like to do what
    • How do we initiate a change in key roles?
      • When
      • Disaster recovery?
    • Team positions and responsibilities
      • Team Contact
      • Web Master
      • Forum / List Moderator
  • Team mission and objectives
  • Team projects
    • Forum SpellCow spell check - keep or remove?

In the event that an agenda item is not able to be discussed then it will be added to the agenda for the next team meeting or a special meeting may be held to cover the topic.


(05:59:46 PM) peanutb: ok i guess lets start

(06:01:35 PM) dshufelt: ok

(06:02:03 PM) peanutb: i guess its just us.

(06:02:18 PM) dshufelt: I guess so! That's ok, it's a start anyway.

(06:02:30 PM) peanutb: yep

(06:02:56 PM) dshufelt: Should we do introductions or do we all know eachother?

(06:03:30 PM) peanutb: shure why not

(06:04:32 PM) dshufelt: OK. I'm Dan Shufelt (the guy who started the team) my goal for this team is to get it official and to enable anyone who wants to to participate.

(06:05:15 PM) dshufelt: I make money by supporting Providence Hospitals and doing network operations for an ISP

(06:05:46 PM) peanutb: Im Paul Bartell, my goal is to show people that they have a choice, and its not limited to propritary s/w.

(06:05:56 PM) peanutb: I dont work, and am in school.

(06:06:10 PM) dshufelt: well said Paul.

(06:06:45 PM) dshufelt: baxrob_away?

(06:06:54 PM) peanutb: I think its just you and me on here, baxrob has been away for 19 hours

(06:07:08 PM) peanutb: i just did a whois

(06:07:10 PM) dshufelt: OK, well I want to make sure I give everyone a chance.

(06:07:27 PM) peanutb: so now Clarify team governance.

(06:07:36 PM) dshufelt: I know a least one other person will be reading the web logs

(06:07:44 PM) peanutb: ?

(06:08:43 PM) peanutb: what do you mean?

(06:09:07 PM) dshufelt: I received an email from Aaron (bigfnkymonkeyman@gmail.com) saying that they had to work.

(06:09:36 PM) dshufelt: Oh, sorry. I'm going to post the meeting transcript on the wiki

(06:10:12 PM) dshufelt: Paul do you have any concerns about the team that you would like to address?

(06:10:21 PM) peanutb: not really

(06:10:28 PM) peanutb: you?

(06:10:49 PM) dshufelt: nope. Starting teams takes a little time from what I hear so I think we are doing well

(06:10:59 PM) peanutb: ok

(06:11:24 PM) peanutb: so what would we like to do?

(06:11:38 PM) dshufelt: So team governance... I'm in favor of the majority rules personally.

(06:11:52 PM) dshufelt: any thoughts?

(06:11:59 PM) peanutb: yep, a democracy is best.

(06:12:33 PM) dshufelt: if others disagree then I guess they will have to get a majority vote then. Big Grin :)

(06:12:45 PM) peanutb: ok

(06:12:50 PM) peanutb: Smile :)

(06:13:11 PM) dshufelt: So how do we determine when to or how to change the key players?

(06:13:36 PM) dshufelt: For instance, if I were to get hit by a bus or something... How would the team continue?

(06:13:49 PM) dshufelt: (I always ask questions like this)

(06:13:54 PM) peanutb: I guess we would elect a new person

(06:14:36 PM) peanutb: or possibly have terms?

(06:14:38 PM) dshufelt: How would it be determined necessary? If it was planned then that would be easy but if it weren't...

(06:15:34 PM) peanutb: I guess if someone dosnt do anything for 6 months they should be removed from their post, or get someone to fill in for them for that time?

(06:15:41 PM) dshufelt: I propose the following. Regular meetings. Anyone holding a team position such as "team contact" has assumed the responsibility to either show or give notice.

(06:15:53 PM) peanutb: I agree

(06:16:04 PM) peanutb: all in favor say I

(06:16:05 PM) dshufelt: .. After a few meetings it would be very apparent

(06:16:13 PM) dshufelt: i++

(06:16:17 PM) peanutb: yes it would.

(06:16:20 PM) peanutb: I

(06:16:45 PM) dshufelt: OK, that solves the big issue. How often should we have team meetings?

(06:16:51 PM) dshufelt: Monthly?

(06:17:23 PM) peanutb: I guess for now, but we might want to have special meetings for events such as LFNW

(06:17:52 PM) dshufelt: Very true. I would encourage any team members to hold project meetings when they felt the need.

(06:18:51 PM) dshufelt: Since I am heading the LFNW project, I will make an action Item to schedule a team meeting to hash the details and go over our plan

(06:19:04 PM) peanutb: ok

(06:19:51 PM) peanutb: maby we should set up a calender to show when we are availabel to have a meeting.

(06:20:01 PM) dshufelt: good idea.

(06:20:38 PM) peanutb: so now i guess positions and responsibilities.

(06:20:49 PM) dshufelt: Like individual calendars or a team calendar where people can add their names to days?

(06:21:04 PM) peanutb: I was thinking a team calender

(06:21:29 PM) dshufelt: ok, thanks for the clarification. Do you want to take that one or do you want me to?

(06:21:47 PM) peanutb: I do it.

(06:21:53 PM) peanutb: *ill

(06:22:14 PM) dshufelt: cool. On to team positions and responsibilities?

(06:23:09 PM) peanutb: yah i guess so.

(06:23:14 PM) dshufelt: Team Contact- how am I doing so far?

(06:23:27 PM) peanutb: I have no complaints

(06:23:30 PM) dshufelt: and can you think of anything else that I should be doing?

(06:23:48 PM) peanutb: not really.

(06:24:16 PM) dshufelt: I'm basically trying to act as the team glue right now. I'll continue doing so and remain open to suggestions.

(06:24:37 PM) peanutb: Ill take on the webmaster responsibility

(06:24:44 PM) dshufelt: as stated earlier the team can feel free to vote me out of office if they see fit.

(06:24:56 PM) dshufelt: That would be GREAT

(06:25:19 PM) peanutb: I dont think you will be voted out of office anytime soon.

(06:25:20 PM) dshufelt: I'll get you the needed information.

(06:25:24 PM) peanutb: ok

(06:25:53 PM) dshufelt: I would like to encourage interested parties to assist you with design concepts. Is that OK?

(06:25:54 PM) peanutb: so that leaves moderators.

(06:26:03 PM) dshufelt: I really want people to feel like they can contribute

(06:26:08 PM) peanutb: yes thats completely fine.

(06:26:16 PM) dshufelt: Currently I am moderating everything

(06:26:25 PM) peanutb: I made the design while i was bored out of my mind.

(06:26:34 PM) dshufelt: I think redundancy would be nice but I'm not pushing.

(06:26:37 PM) peanutb: I guess thats fine

(06:27:06 PM) dshufelt: I'll gladly accept any volunteers for the mailing list / forum moderators.

(06:27:17 PM) peanutb: With the permissions i have on the forum, i technically am a forum moderator

(06:27:31 PM) dshufelt: BTW I like the web page

(06:27:40 PM) dshufelt: That's correct.

(06:27:50 PM) dshufelt: you are as much of a moderator as I am

(06:27:54 PM) dshufelt: Smile :)

(06:28:06 PM) dshufelt: you want to help with the email list too?

(06:28:10 PM) peanutb: Is the mailing list set to await moderation for each message?

(06:28:17 PM) peanutb: shure

(06:28:46 PM) dshufelt: No but to resolve the spam issues I set it to only accept subscriber emails and to email the moderators with external messages

(06:29:18 PM) dshufelt: I'm generally on top of it but in the event that I fly to Africa for a week or some jazz

(06:29:31 PM) peanutb: ok that makes sence

(06:29:35 PM) dshufelt: Cool

(06:29:42 PM) dshufelt: Team Mission and Objectives.

(06:30:01 PM) peanutb: I guess spread ubuntu?

(06:30:12 PM) dshufelt: Currently I have had a few underline goals but the main one has been to advocate Ubuntu

(06:30:26 PM) peanutb: what are the others?

(06:31:24 PM) dshufelt: other goals include 1) ensuring all my work is reproducible by other interested parties.

(06:31:24 PM) dshufelt: 2) enabling others to participate. No matter who they are or what their skill level.

(06:31:54 PM) dshufelt: I think it would be great to have people start submitting photos of the northwest so we could make an PNW art package for Ubuntu

(06:31:58 PM) peanutb: I agree

(06:32:39 PM) dshufelt: OK, then there you have it out in the open. That's what we'll do until someone has a better idea. Wink ;)

(06:32:51 PM) peanutb: ok

(06:32:53 PM) dshufelt: Do you have anything you would like to add?

(06:33:36 PM) peanutb: not especially, except for somehow telling people that Linux isint just a console os anymore.

(06:34:31 PM) dshufelt: No kidding. Showing people that they have options needs to be a major team goal.

(06:35:30 PM) peanutb: anything else?

(06:35:37 PM) dshufelt: Personally I'm not ani-microsoft (except vista and me); I'm pro choice and happen to prefer a different tool.

(06:35:48 PM) dshufelt: team projects?

(06:36:00 PM) peanutb: ok

(06:36:08 PM) dshufelt: what do you think of the project charters I've drawn up?

(06:36:45 PM) peanutb: I think they are great, Im especially interested in the distributing to libraries one.

(06:37:15 PM) peanutb: Ill be takeing a Kubuntu CD to my local one, and donating it.

(06:37:35 PM) dshufelt: So they're easy enough to read. Do you feel comfortable with using them?

(06:37:37 PM) dshufelt: NICE

(06:38:23 PM) peanutb: I feel fine useing them.

(06:38:41 PM) dshufelt: it's important that we document so we can become an official team.

(06:39:00 PM) dshufelt: OK. How do you feel about the SpellCow spell check on the forum?

(06:39:43 PM) dshufelt: I think I would prefer if it didn't check unless I asked but I like accommodating windows users.

(06:40:12 PM) peanutb: I feel it is a bit annoying having it pop up like that, but being able to press spell check is a good feature.

(06:40:44 PM) dshufelt: OK, so then lets look in to changing the default behavior or loosing it all together.

(06:41:06 PM) dshufelt: I don't want to annoy people who are using the forums.

(06:41:33 PM) dshufelt: I'll put that on my todo list.

(06:41:34 PM) peanutb: I agree.

(06:41:45 PM) peanutb: Ill look into it, as it is sort of my role

(06:41:50 PM) dshufelt: OK.

(06:41:55 PM) dshufelt: sounds good.

(06:42:09 PM) dshufelt: when would you prefer to have the next meeting?

(06:43:55 PM) peanutb: what days are good for you? I booked thursdays until mid April, and every other tuesday.

(06:45:09 PM) dshufelt: Anytime before 7 PM Sunday - Wednesday, any time on Thursday or Friday.

(06:45:55 PM) dshufelt: I was trying give people their weekends but that may be an none issue at this point.

(06:46:08 PM) peanutb: perhaps wednesdays?

(06:46:17 PM) peanutb: at 6:00

(06:46:28 PM) peanutb: or possibly 5:30

(06:46:40 PM) dshufelt: Wednesday April 11th at 6:00 PM?

(06:46:48 PM) peanutb: fine with me.

(06:46:52 PM) dshufelt: done.

(06:46:55 PM) tamera [n=tamera@70-41-237-90.cust.wildblue.net] entered the room.

(06:46:57 PM) peanutb: ok

(06:47:02 PM) dshufelt: Hi Tamera!

(06:47:12 PM) tamera: Hi sorry Im late, long commute

(06:47:20 PM) dshufelt: No problem!

(06:47:46 PM) dshufelt: we were just wrapping the meeting up. Do you have anything you would like us to cover?

(06:48:23 PM) tamera: hmmm, can't think of anything off the top of my head

(06:49:09 PM) dshufelt: OK, so the big news summarized then...

(06:49:27 PM) tamera: yep a summary would be great!

(06:49:43 PM) dshufelt: Paul is going to assume the role of our team web master and help moderate the team forum / email list.

(06:50:20 PM) tamera: cool

(06:50:24 PM) dshufelt: I will continue trying to get our team official as well as enable others to get involved

(06:51:03 PM) tamera: I'll spread the word too, trying to get some others involved in ubuntu here

(06:51:22 PM) dshufelt: We will be looking in to either changing the functionality of the SpellCow spell check on the forums to either be non annoying or remove it

(06:51:51 PM) dshufelt: I will be scheduling a team meeting to discuss the Linuxfest project.

(06:52:09 PM) tamera: thats the one in Bellingham right?

(06:52:28 PM) dshufelt: and the next team meeting will be @ Wednesday April 11th at 6:00 PM as long as the majority is OK with the time.

(06:52:38 PM) dshufelt: yes.

(06:52:53 PM) dshufelt: it will be a long drive for me but I'm excited about it.

(06:53:16 PM) peanutb: it was pretty fun last year.

(06:53:21 PM) dshufelt: did I missing anything Paul?

(06:53:31 PM) tamera: yeah, I'd love to come, I'll have to see if I can manage it

(06:54:14 PM) dshufelt: Well we would love to see you there! I think it's going to be a blast.

(06:54:27 PM) peanutb: umm We will be adopting a system of majority rule. for electing people to positions or (in the unlikely event) impeachments.

(06:54:42 PM) tamera: sounds fair

(06:54:43 PM) peanutb: Yah LFNW will be a blast

(06:55:23 PM) dshufelt: Oh yeah and we encourage feedback / participation / assistance in anything.

(06:55:55 PM) tamera: cool, i'd love to help

(06:56:17 PM) dshufelt: do you have any concerns about the team so far?

(06:56:37 PM) tamera: nope, just joined, so no concerns

(06:56:51 PM) tamera: sounds like its off to a good start

(06:57:29 PM) tamera: as long as us female types are welcome, no concerns Wink ;-)

(06:57:33 PM) dshufelt: Yeah, it's a bit slower then I originally thought but that is partially due to my work schedules

(06:58:07 PM) dshufelt: Everyone is welcome!

(06:58:24 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(06:58:27 PM) tamera: yay!

(06:58:36 PM) peanutb: ok

(06:59:16 PM) dshufelt: OK, If no one has anything else then I am going to get the transcription from this meeting on the wiki.

(07:02:54 PM) dshufelt: OK then... Thanks everyone for showing up!

(07:03:08 PM) tamera: nice meeting everyone

(07:04:38 PM) dshufelt: It was good meeting you to.

(07:05:11 PM) peanutb: ok bye

(07:05:19 PM) tamera: bye everyone


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