Please Vote

Which type of labels do we use for the 7.04 CD's that we plan on handing out at the fest?

Currently we have generic CD labels located https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PNWTeam/projects/lfnw2007/cdlabels. These files also exist in XCF format so we could easily change the text to be anything we want.

Some very slick looking CD labels that have been made available to us. Check them out here: http://www.wneary.com/Ubuntu7-04.zip

We need to make a decision on which labels to use as soon as possible so please cast your votes via email mailing list (ubuntu-us-pnw@lists.ubuntu.com).

Linuxfest RSVP

Please email RSVP to dshufelt@gmail.com if you plan on attending and working the booth so I can ensure we have a T-shirt for you.

What we don't have for Linuxfest

PC Speakers (at least one 19" LCD screen has integrated speakers the 20" does not).

A set volunteer schedule

What we have for Linuxfest


4 XL T-Shirts

2'x4' Color Banner

Ubuntu Stickers

Business Cards / Card Holder

Fliers/ Flier Holders


100 Blank CDR's CD Labels (2 stomper kits) CD Markers Paper CD Sleeves


Assorted Candy Table Cloth (brown)


1- Sempron 3000 computer

2- 19" LCD monitor 1- 20" Wide Screen LCD

1- 8 port Ethernet switch for net access

2- New Keyboards 2- New USB mice

1- A computer for demonstrating beryl

1- Old office computer (nothing special)

1- Color InkJet Printer

An assortment of Ethernet / power cables / Surge Suppressors

New Team Projects

Ubuntu Advertising

Per request at our last meeting we will open a team project to promote advertising. I'm certain that we'll want to work with the Ubuntu Marketing team on this project. I'll either post a rough project charter or schedule a team meeting to discuss this further in the near future.

OR and WA Loco teams

In an attempt to help support the current US Loco team goals we are going to try to start both OR and WA loco teams. This in no way means that we will not still be active and moving as the PNW team. We are going to continue encouraging collaboration participation on all levels. The current idea is that the PNW team would co-ordinate regional projects while the state groups would run projects that were more in their area. The PNW team will also continue to offer a home to anyone in AK / ID / MT that does not currently have a loco team.

Other Announcements

Our new team speaker/assistant forum admin Ahmed (aka Ashex)!

The door is open for PDX team members to join our team.


  • Linuxfest Northwest Booth
    • Demo Systems
      • Configuration / Demo Materials / Software
      • What versions are we going to show?
    • Who's attending?
    • What we have so far
    • What we don't have
    • Idea's?
  • Team projects
    • Progress update on becoming an official team
    • Progress on other projects?
    • New project ideas?
  • Team Speaker?


(05:55:33 PM) peanutb entered the room.

(05:55:45 PM) dshufelt: Hello

(05:56:15 PM) peanutb: hi dan

(05:56:27 PM) ak_ entered the room.

(05:56:29 PM) H264: hi

(05:56:54 PM) ak_: hey

(05:56:58 PM) dshufelt: hello

(05:57:33 PM) ak_: my friend just told me about linuxfest this afternoon, thought it sounded cool

(05:57:44 PM) dshufelt: It's going to be a blast!

(05:57:57 PM) ak_: saw you guys would be there and thought i'd check it out

(05:58:16 PM) ak_: i'm up in bellingham

(05:58:32 PM) peanutb: Are there lots of Linux users at WWU?

(05:58:32 PM) dshufelt: nice! We'll look forward to seeing you there.

(05:59:15 PM) H264: o.O

(05:59:22 PM) ak_: there's a fair amount, though we don't communicate much.

(06:00:11 PM) dshufelt: any particular reason?

(06:01:08 PM) ak_: i expect it's probably because no one's taken the initiative

(06:01:41 PM) peanutb: Me sister was thinking of going there (now goes to the UW) and i was impressed with the open house. But i guess it isint really relevent

(06:01:58 PM) peanutb: for me to be asking on this IRC channel

(06:02:25 PM) dshufelt: it's fine... We'll start the meeting in a few minutes.

(06:02:40 PM) dshufelt: I like to give people a chance to show.

(06:03:10 PM) ak_: whoa. i didnt realize that meeting was now.

(06:03:25 PM) dshufelt: welcome to the meeting Smile :)

(06:03:38 PM) ak_ is now known as andrewkk

(06:03:55 PM) dshufelt: you're welcome to stay if you want.

(06:04:16 PM) andrewkk: i'll stick around.

(06:05:03 PM) dshufelt: OK, our agenda is located here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PNWTeam/Meetings/CurrentAgenda if anyone cares to look.

(06:05:13 PM) dshufelt: shall we get started?

(06:07:08 PM) peanutb: I guess everyone thats comming is here.

(06:07:41 PM) dshufelt: It's OK, we'll catch the rest of the team with the highlights via email.

(06:08:00 PM) dshufelt: Is anyone here that was going to be bringing a demo computer to LFNW?

(06:08:20 PM) peanutb: I will, if not the Sempron 3000 it will be an athlon 3000

(06:08:47 PM) peanutb: Im trying to get a replacement fan.

(06:10:07 PM) dshufelt: I think there were only three of us. I'm bringing a dinosaur though (I'm going to install edubuntu this weekend)

(06:10:42 PM) peanutb: I think Ahmed (ashex) was bring one also

(06:10:49 PM) H264: I think it might be good to maybe demo the live CD and maybe walk somebody though the process should they ask/want/need

(06:11:06 PM) H264: or be prepared to anyway

(06:11:11 PM) dshufelt: Absolutely!

(06:11:29 PM) peanutb: I agree

(06:12:36 PM) dshufelt: I also think we should try to keep the installs as close to the default installation as possible to help manage user expectations. (yes Ashmed is bringing a system)

(06:13:09 PM) dshufelt: The current equipment list is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PNWTeam/projects/lfnw2007/equipment?highlight=%28PNWTeam%2Fprojects%2Flfnw2007%2F%29 if anyone wants to look it over.

(06:14:05 PM) peanutb: will i need to bring the Big monitor?

(06:14:31 PM) dshufelt: If you have one that's bigger then what we have... Yes!

(06:14:51 PM) peanutb: sorry, i ment the 17" CRT

(06:15:02 PM) peanutb: on the equipment page

(06:15:16 PM) andrewkk: if you want small, i've got a 14" lcd

(06:16:02 PM) dshufelt: We only have a 6' table so I think the 3 LCD's we have listed will probably cover it.

(06:16:21 PM) peanutb: ok

(06:16:45 PM) dshufelt: Thanks for the offer though. Can anyone think of some good demo materials such as that Open Source movie. What was it called Elephant's Dream or something?

(06:17:30 PM) peanutb: It is elephants dream, its at http://orange.blender.org/

(06:17:46 PM) dshufelt: cool.

(06:18:38 PM) H264: I'm not going to watch it, but the front page looks good Smile :)

(06:19:10 PM) dshufelt: dose anyone else know of any other good free multimedia materials or killer must have software applications?

(06:19:23 PM) dshufelt: (I'll preview it this weekend)

(06:19:34 PM) H264: Gimp :P Wink ;) Smile :)

(06:20:01 PM) dshufelt: That's installed with Ubuntu by default. InkScape is sweet too.

(06:20:06 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(06:20:44 PM) H264: oh hey, Ubuntu 7.04 was released not too long ago

(06:21:02 PM) dshufelt: Nice!!!

(06:21:05 PM) andrewkk: does it have hugin now? i have hundreds of hugin-made cool looking panoramas

(06:21:55 PM) H264: lasted I checked the ubuntu.com server was crawling slow

(06:21:56 PM) dshufelt: No but what a cool app!

(06:22:08 PM) peanutb: 7.04 is releasing 2morrow

(06:22:30 PM) H264: well, it is tomorrow on the other side of the earth

(06:22:31 PM) andrewkk: so excited

(06:22:34 PM) dshufelt: (least I don't remember reading anything about hugin previously)

(06:22:52 PM) dshufelt: who all is planning on attending LFNW?

(06:22:56 PM) andrewkk: i remember seeing something, it may just be that it made it to the repos finally

(06:23:10 PM) peanutb: it did

(06:23:24 PM) peanutb: http://tinyurl.com/396jfo

(06:23:29 PM) H264: Depends on my math teacher, most likely it will not be a problem and I can go to both days

(06:23:33 PM) andrewkk: i'll likely show up one of the days

(06:23:56 PM) peanutb: I am.

(06:24:12 PM) dshufelt: Wow, we are going to have a great team turn out then!

(06:24:16 PM) peanutb: Probably both days.

(06:24:35 PM) H264: dshufelt: will you be setting up friday?

(06:24:48 PM) dshufelt: How many of you would be willing to work the booth for a little while?

(06:25:07 PM) dshufelt: I will be setting up either Friday night or Saturday morning before the fest.

(06:25:12 PM) H264: will you leave friday or thursday to set up?

(06:25:39 PM) dshufelt: I am leaving Portland Friday morning.

(06:25:51 PM) H264: I would not mind if I go (still questionable)

(06:26:44 PM) andrewkk: i'd offer but there's a small chance i may have to be in seattle for the weekend

(06:27:02 PM) peanutb: I would be willing to work the booth if needed

(06:27:35 PM) dshufelt: OK. I'm just trying to get a number for how many t-shirts we need to get.

(06:28:07 PM) dshufelt: I want to ensure that everyone who works the booth gets a shirt.

(06:29:10 PM) H264: well, I think chances for me going is high enough to reserve a shirt Wink ;)

(06:30:33 PM) dshufelt: Done deal. I'll have to order it so what size do you need? I'll cover the what we have/don't have so far on the mailing list.

(06:31:00 PM) H264: umm, probably a med.

(06:31:47 PM) dshufelt: Anyone else have any idea's about what we could do to help make team presence at this year's linuxfest better?

(06:32:43 PM) H264: did you get my email about the labels?

(06:32:57 PM) H264: I think I changed the URL...

(06:33:02 PM) dshufelt: I wanted to do a raffle for Ubuntu success stories but purchasing a cool prize just isn't in the budget this time.

(06:33:11 PM) dshufelt: not sure on the labels *checking*

(06:33:35 PM) H264: the URL changed, I'll get it...

(06:33:54 PM) H264: http://www.wneary.com/Ubuntu7-04.zip

(06:34:09 PM) dshufelt: I got the email and I'm opening it now.

(06:35:03 PM) H264: I may sound a bit strong in the email...

(06:37:54 PM) peanutb: do we need any outlet strips?

(06:38:11 PM) dshufelt: I understand your point. There are benefits to the Generic approach though. We want to be able to hand out Edubuntu, Kubuntu and Ubuntu Dapper LTS, Edgy, Feisty CD's for x86, 64bit, Power PC, or servers though.

(06:38:45 PM) dshufelt: That's a tall order of types of labels to try to print to order.

(06:40:07 PM) H264: yeah, but the most common will probably be Ubuntu 7.04 32 and 64bit... the rest I would agree with you Smile :)

(06:41:47 PM) H264: I'm not saying you have to go with it... just an idea

(06:42:18 PM) dshufelt: Here's my proposal (subject as always to team approval). We stick with the cool CD labels you've made for 7.04 CD's and any other version get the Generic CD label similar to the Ubuntu one on the wiki (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PNWTeam/projects/lfnw2007/cdlabels)

(06:43:20 PM) dshufelt: I've got to have the CD's label cleaned up a bit... Looks like I cut it off a bit on the left side of the screen (I'm not a graphics artist).

(06:43:22 PM) H264: for everything else, there is MasterCard

(06:43:33 PM) dshufelt: lol

(06:44:06 PM) dshufelt: Any other ideas?

(06:45:25 PM) H264: I can update the Kubuntu to 7.04 like the others, and I posted on the french forum asking for their EDUbuntu and Xubuntu version so I can update the version and translate the text to match the theme

(06:45:50 PM) dshufelt: sounds like a winning plan.

(06:46:26 PM) H264: but I have my doubts as to if I will get them...

(06:46:32 PM) dshufelt: Please try to package them all in the same location so team members can get a look at them (or email a new URL).

(06:46:49 PM) dshufelt: I'll have generic labels by the end of this weekend.

(06:46:59 PM) H264: I only emailed you so far

(06:47:13 PM) dshufelt: I'll send the URL out with the highlights.

(06:47:35 PM) H264: and I just posted them on the ubuntuforum in the same thread that they came out of

(06:47:45 PM) dshufelt: OK, so what's our progress on becoming an official team?

(06:48:24 PM) dshufelt: Well, I'm please to report, we're starting to pickup some steam.

(06:49:01 PM) H264: should I invite #ubuntu-us about the topic?

(06:49:10 PM) H264: *we

(06:49:19 PM) H264: lol, I'm not the only one

(06:49:19 PM) dshufelt: I'm going to request that one of the volunteer loco team mentors takes a look at what we have going and provides some feedback.

(06:49:38 PM) peanutb: i think thats a good idea

(06:50:45 PM) dshufelt: I also plan on starting an email conversation with Jono to ensure that our now non standard name will not prevent us from becoming official. I'll keep everyone informed on the progress.

(06:51:18 PM) peanutb: Jono seems to want State teems. so i dont know how good our ods are

(06:52:05 PM) peanutb: So what versions are we going to Show at LFNW?

(06:52:13 PM) dshufelt: That's why I'm going to start a conversation. If we need to start state based teams with that work together then that's fine (but allot more work).

(06:53:00 PM) H264: I think growth first before we start giving out more work to simply become "official"

(06:53:11 PM) dshufelt: I plan on having a plain edgy install of ubuntu as well as edubuntu on my PC. I know both other machines were going to be 7.04

(06:54:09 PM) peanutb: So how are we going to separate the versions? by (k or x)ubuntu or by version?

(06:54:19 PM) andrewkk: does becoming official attract any more attention?

(06:54:44 PM) peanutb: You are considered an official part of the Ubuntu project.

(06:54:56 PM) H264: hmm

(06:55:06 PM) peanutb: And qualify for certain benefits such as getting cds shipped

(06:55:09 PM) dshufelt: Yes, becoming official has it's benefits. We would have received 300+ Feisty CD's

(06:55:56 PM) H264: their gola is to have a team for every state by the end of the year

(06:56:23 PM) dshufelt: When we burn / handout CD's, we will have (Edu/K/X)Ubuntu labels. One Generic label per flavor.

(06:56:59 PM) H264: so if we could grow enough to split into the approate state, we would then meet their goal

(06:57:21 PM) peanutb: yah, i think their goal is a bit unrealistic.

(06:57:39 PM) dshufelt: The problem is larger then just Oregon / Washington. it extends to AK and ID too

(06:58:27 PM) dshufelt: Starting loco's and getting participation and team members takes time and allot of work (from my experience).

(06:58:49 PM) H264: yeah, that's why some growth in the approperate areas would be good Smile :)

(06:59:10 PM) H264: personally I don't think it matters too much, just whatever happens.

(06:59:30 PM) dshufelt: however, I am willing to start work on all the state loco teams assuming that we can all operate under one alias until someone else from each state wants to take over each team.

(06:59:48 PM) dshufelt: anyway... I'll keep everyone up to date.

(06:59:57 PM) Ashex entered the room.

(06:59:58 PM) dshufelt: As for progress on other projects (not becoming official or LFNW)... There isn't much to tell this time around. My time is largely being consumed with the final preparations for LFNW.

(07:00:12 PM) Ashex: pardon my tardiness

(07:00:46 PM) dshufelt: Welcome!

(07:00:49 PM) H264: OFF With His HEAD!

(07:00:54 PM) dshufelt: glad you could make it.

(07:00:58 PM) H264: (sorry, could not resist)

(07:01:07 PM) Ashex: hehe

(07:01:22 PM) peanutb: yah, glad you could come

(07:01:29 PM) H264: me too Smile :)

(07:02:20 PM) Ashex: so, where are we at right now?

(07:02:31 PM) dshufelt: I would like to encourage everyone to take a look at our projects page and see if there are any tasks you feel like you can do.

(07:02:54 PM) dshufelt: We're discussing team projects other then LFNW and becoming an official loco team.

(07:03:02 PM) Ashex: Ah, gotcha

(07:03:19 PM) dshufelt: (I have to leave in 20 minutes but the meeting can continue with out me)

(07:03:31 PM) H264: ok

(07:03:35 PM) peanutb: ok

(07:03:58 PM) dshufelt: Does anyone have any ideas for new projects?

(07:04:06 PM) Ashex: I'm willing to assist with the project on updating the forum

(07:04:36 PM) H264: so you plan on burning the special (alternate, DVD and server) editions at LFNW?

(07:04:37 PM) Ashex: A good project would be to work on advertising linux, promoting it. Although that may be too large a project to be just one thing

(07:04:56 PM) dshufelt: Awesome. That project is actually probably now more Paul's then mine but I know we both welcome assistance.

(07:05:18 PM) H264: oh, I almost forgot...

(07:05:45 PM) H264: about the libraries and Ubuntu

(07:05:49 PM) dshufelt: I don't plan on burning any dvd's but I do plan (hope) to distribute OEM/server CD's

(07:05:55 PM) peanutb: ashex, yah i welcome assistance. Ill give you admin forum access if you want. And ftp data is available too.

(07:06:27 PM) Ashex: Yeah, that would be great

(07:06:39 PM) Ashex: I can help with projects, but I did to suck when it comes to leading them

(07:06:43 PM) dshufelt: Projects always seem too large... Advertising. We could work with the marketing team.

(07:07:05 PM) Ashex: s/did/do

(07:07:06 PM) peanutb: Ashex, Just email me with your username

(07:07:13 PM) Ashex: okay

(07:07:16 PM) H264: I was in Frys Electronics and they had "The Official Ubuntu Book" with a 6.06 CD inside

(07:07:42 PM) Ashex: sounds about right, dapper has 5 year support

(07:07:47 PM) Ashex: "officially"

(07:07:54 PM) Ashex: peanutb, will do

(07:08:03 PM) dshufelt: I agree it was a great choice.

(07:08:34 PM) peanutb: i think they plan to do an LTS for fiesty+2

(07:08:49 PM) dshufelt: So expect to see something related to Advertising in the near future.

(07:09:09 PM) dshufelt: It fit's the release cycle schedule so probably.

(07:09:20 PM) H264: I think supplying libraries with a book with some additional instructions would be good

(07:09:32 PM) H264: (long slow process)

(07:09:45 PM) dshufelt: I'd like to bring up two other topics really quick before I have to go...

(07:10:27 PM) dshufelt: Jono asked all teams to identify 1 or 2 team speakers. Is anyone interested in assuming the role (I don't mind speaking personally).

(07:10:56 PM) H264: my lips just fell off

(07:10:57 PM) Ashex: I'm willing to be a speaker

(07:11:19 PM) Ashex: just keep in mind, I don't write speeches. I generally just wing it

(07:11:22 PM) dshufelt: Sweet! Would you change your title to reflect that on the front page of the WIKI?

(07:11:32 PM) Ashex: To just speaker?

(07:11:38 PM) dshufelt: Team Speaker

(07:11:56 PM) H264: who is Jono?

(07:11:58 PM) Ashex: okay, sounds good

(07:11:59 PM) dshufelt: I'll play backup fiddle for now.

(07:12:09 PM) dshufelt: Jono is the leader of the Ubuntu loco team project

(07:12:19 PM) H264: oh, ok Smile :)

(07:12:45 PM) peanutb: I posted on the forum about Cd stands, those will probably be great for distributing media. I made some svg's with the pnw teem ill post em online in a bit.

(07:12:45 PM) dshufelt: OK and now the moment we've all been waiting for... *drum role*

(07:12:59 PM) dshufelt: sounds good.

(07:13:16 PM) dshufelt: The PNW /PDX team merger proposal

(07:13:24 PM) H264: ah

(07:13:26 PM) H264: that...

(07:13:30 PM) dshufelt: Wow! The email lists are on fire!

(07:13:35 PM) andrewkk: what is PDX?

(07:13:45 PM) H264: #ubuntu-pdx

(07:13:46 PM) dshufelt: Portland metro area

(07:14:05 PM) dshufelt: (PDX is the Portland international airport code)

(07:14:22 PM) andrewkk: a large group?

(07:14:42 PM) H264: no

(07:14:48 PM) dshufelt: Not a large or active group currently

(07:14:50 PM) H264: and nobody does anything

(07:15:04 PM) Ashex: well

(07:15:11 PM) Ashex: personally, I don't think we should merge the groups

(07:15:20 PM) dshufelt: But everyone seems to want to get active and seems in favor of a team merger.

(07:15:28 PM) Ashex: what we should do, is rejuvenate the group and bring it back to life

(07:15:49 PM) dshufelt: Interesting idea..

(07:16:06 PM) H264: however I think a mere suggestion would be alright

(07:16:14 PM) Ashex: I kinda like the idea of having a ubuntu loco hierarchy where ubuntupnw is the larger group that co-ordinates regional projects and the more local groups run the projects around their area

(07:16:47 PM) dshufelt: I'm digging that idea too. Any ideas on how I can sell that one to Jono?

(07:16:51 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(07:17:17 PM) dshufelt: Honestly, I want to see the PDX group become the OR group.

(07:17:20 PM) Ashex: heh

(07:17:38 PM) peanutb: It would help minimize the duplication of effort for multiple groups in the PNW

(07:17:44 PM) Ashex: that sounds much better, since there isn't really any other group in oregon right now

(07:18:06 PM) peanutb: I agree, Maby State teams should be part of regional teams.

(07:18:21 PM) dshufelt: I'm going to continue to openly welcome anyone who would like to join our team.

(07:18:44 PM) Ashex: We can tell Jono that to ensure that there is always something going on to motivate members and to help recruite more, we can organize the ubuntu loco teams int he PNW to be able to work together by having one larger group that they are all part of

(07:19:26 PM) Ashex: so, split up the projects by regions, but when a major event/project comes about, all the state/local groups can get together and combine resources for that event/project

(07:20:44 PM) dshufelt: I did have some for-sight on this. I've essentially made the PNW team as much like a template as possible so it would be easier for others to start state based teams. The problem is it still takes a HUGE time commitment.

(07:21:44 PM) dshufelt: Working as the PNW team though I think we could easily start WA and OR teams and still have cross state collaboration.

(07:22:01 PM) Ashex: True, that's more or less what I was getting at

(07:22:19 PM) Ashex: helping eachother without overlapping and causing conflicts

(07:22:39 PM) dshufelt: This seems kind of like a win / win situation with a somewhat distributed work of team building.

(07:23:09 PM) peanutb: I agree.

(07:23:26 PM) Ashex: I second that

(07:23:37 PM) dshufelt: Alright, well I've got to go or be late for work. I will start taking with the LOCO team council this weekend.

(07:23:44 PM) Ashex: okay, I gotta run. My girlfriend wants dinner

(07:23:55 PM) Ashex: excellent

(07:24:19 PM) dshufelt: Everyone please feel free to hash out other details or points of interest. I will continue logging this meeting then clean up and post the IRC logs on the WIKI in the morning.

(07:24:40 PM) dshufelt: so long

(07:24:48 PM) peanutb: ok

(07:26:03 PM) Ashex: seeya

(07:36:01 PM) H264: sorry,I was watching a in-class movie

(07:39:37 PM) andrewkk: so are you guys all in portland then?

(07:39:55 PM) H264: not me, Tillamook...

(07:40:00 PM) Ashex: I'm up in Bellevue, WA

(07:42:49 PM) peanutb: Im in North Seattle

(07:43:11 PM) peanutb: Ashex, BTW you are now a forum admin

(07:43:27 PM) Ashex: okay, awesome

(07:43:34 PM) Ashex: I'll start working on it tomorrow

(07:43:48 PM) Ashex: Although I'll try not to make any actual changes, I'll by hyped up on vicodin

(07:53:17 PM) H264: Smile :)

(07:54:07 PM) peanutb: well off to do homework.

(07:55:23 PM) Ashex left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).

(07:59:52 PM) andrewkk left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).

(08:09:35 PM) H264: forgot to talk about car pooling

(08:19:14 PM) peanutb left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).

(08:55:03 PM) zenrox left the room (quit: "FRAKEN screwd").

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