Upcoming Events

Chris Edwards

Details pending

Western Washington University

Please RSVP if you plan on attending this event please let DanShufelt know, parking / seating is limited.

  • andrewkk and peanutb will be attending
  • This event may be recorded

Project details will be available soon

Ubuntu Live

Looks like we will not have a team booth at this years Ubuntu Live event. Sad :(

Team projects

Progress update on becoming an official team

  • Still unknown if we are eligible for Official status (but we are still working towards it)
  • Starting OR team and trying to help WA team get off the ground
  • Ubuntu mentors think our team looks good


Looks like we will be moving to a drupal theme soon. Also, the forums will stay where they are for the time being. We look in to posting PNW events on the Ubuntu forums to maximize the advertisement of our happenings

Install Fests!

A Seattle and Tillamook install fests are both pending (June OR Friday 22nd, WA Saturday 23rd)


An email was sent to the GSlug (Greater Seattle Linux User Group) team. They would like to get restarted but need a location to do so. We are trying to arrange a meeting room at Washington University


There may be a few bots added to the team IRC channel shortly. Go ahead and try typing '@H264--', 'slap dshufelt 3' or '!hotpotato' to see what's new


  • Upcoming Events
    • Christer Edwards (Zelut) from the Utah Loco is in town
    • Western Washington University
    • Ubuntu Live / OSCon
  • Team projects
    • Progress update on becoming an official team
      • Ubuntu mentors think our team looks good
    • forums/website
      • using Drupal for pnw.ubuntu-us.org
    • Progress on other projects?
      • Any new project ideas?
        • Restarting the GSLUG?
    • Ops / Bots for #Ubuntu-PNW

In the event that an agenda item is not able to be discussed then it will be added to the agenda for the next team meeting or a special meeting may be held to cover the topic.


06:03:38 PM) dshufelt: OK, shall we start?

(06:04:02 PM) H264: it's 5 after...

(06:04:58 PM) dshufelt: OK then, here we go!

(06:05:43 PM) dshufelt: So this past week Walter and myself met up with Chris Edwards from the Utah loco team. It was allot of fun.

(06:06:05 PM) H264: yeah, with Frys right there and all

(06:06:06 PM) dshufelt: The good news is he's in Seattle next week and would like to meet up with people in that area as well.

(06:06:41 PM) dshufelt: anyone interested and or have a suggestion for a venue?

(06:07:44 PM) H264: did peanutb go somewhere?

(06:07:53 PM) ***peanutb is back

(06:08:04 PM) H264: guess so Smile :)

(06:08:47 PM) peanutb: where in seattle will he be?

(06:08:47 PM) H264: where is Ashex?

(06:09:12 PM) dshufelt: I didn't ask but I'm sure he can drive a bit north

(06:09:43 PM) dshufelt: (Ashex was going to take a road trip)

(06:09:53 PM) dshufelt: (err flight)

(06:10:00 PM) H264: dshufelt: ah, ok

(06:11:04 PM) peanutb: and how long will Chris be in Seattle?

(06:11:05 PM) dshufelt: peanutb do you have any suggestions on where the meeting could take place?

(06:11:33 PM) dshufelt: probably for the week. He is on #ubuntu-us talking to H264 now

(06:11:35 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(06:12:01 PM) peanutb: I see

(06:12:38 PM) dshufelt: Looks like H264 is gathering the forgotten details as we speak.

(06:13:15 PM) H264: he is probably grabbing his schedule

(06:15:31 PM) peanutb: zelut just replied.

(06:17:08 PM) peanutb: "

(06:17:12 PM) peanutb: [18:12] <H264> we were wondering where and what times you will be in washington

(06:17:16 PM) peanutb: [18:16] <Zelut> ohh, next sun evening thru fri.

(06:17:17 PM) peanutb: [18:16] <Zelut> I'll have to find my location before I plan on anything though.

(06:17:17 PM) peanutb: "

(06:17:17 PM) peanutb: so i guess that settles it,

(06:18:03 PM) NaNO2x: why doesnt he come here heh?

(06:18:13 PM) dshufelt: OK, well I'll be sending an email to the Washington loco team as well as our list I'll IM Zelut later this week to get further details.

(06:18:27 PM) H264: very good

(06:18:32 PM) peanutb: ok

(06:19:13 PM) dshufelt: moving on then... Who all wants to attend the speech at WWU?

(06:19:29 PM) H264: want? or can?

(06:19:33 PM) peanutb: ohh pick me.

(06:19:34 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(06:19:55 PM) ***dshufelt will arrange to pick peanutb up

(06:20:10 PM) H264: Hello

(06:20:13 PM) dshufelt: welcome

(06:20:37 PM) MISTERTibbs: hey

(06:20:45 PM) andrewkk: i'll be there.

(06:21:07 PM) ***dshufelt is asking so he can get parking permits etc.

(06:21:46 PM) H264: I want to but will not be able to.

(06:22:17 PM) H264: MISTERTibbs: what's up?

(06:22:36 PM) MISTERTibbs: no $%#Q%$@#% wireless is up

(06:22:40 PM) NaNO2x: darn all you northern people!

(06:23:08 PM) H264: NaNO2x: you should come down here Smile :)

(06:23:24 PM) dshufelt: NaNO2x I will be driving up from Oregon.

(06:23:33 PM) MISTERTibbs: luv feisty but it hates my broadcom

(06:23:45 PM) NaNO2x: wow

(06:24:06 PM) dshufelt: MISTERTibbs, what have you tried so far?

(06:24:38 PM) dshufelt: (broadcom / linux have lots of documented issues)

(06:24:54 PM) MISTERTibbs: dshufelt: tried everything you and I discussed 2 nights ago.

(06:25:19 PM) MISTERTibbs: I know about the broadcom problems bunot i'm too obstinant to believe there is not a soluti

(06:25:50 PM) dshufelt: OK. Where are you located? Perhaps we can help organize an install fest to help you get your issues resolved

(06:25:59 PM) MISTERTibbs: seattle , wa

(06:26:09 PM) dshufelt: Groovy!

(06:26:13 PM) H264: that sounds like fun

(06:26:20 PM) dshufelt: what's your email address?

(06:26:21 PM) MISTERTibbs: thought you were in oregon shufelt?

(06:26:33 PM) peanutb: Is it a wifi card or is it for clearwire?

(06:26:38 PM) NaNO2x: yeah, i need to get fiesty on this comp

(06:26:39 PM) dshufelt: I am... But I take my volunteering seriously.

(06:26:52 PM) MISTERTibbs: the card has failed. my broadband is clearwire

(06:27:15 PM) MISTERTibbs: FYI TO ALL : clearwire has rec'd FCC approval for a wimax laptop card

(06:28:07 PM) MISTERTibbs: presently runnig clearwire off the desktop modem no problems with feisty or kubuntu

(06:28:53 PM) dshufelt: Well it sounds like we have 2 great reasons for an install fest.

(06:29:02 PM) peanutb: yep.

(06:29:26 PM) MISTERTibbs: has anyone ever done a fest at the library? seems like a natural match

(06:29:32 PM) NaNO2x: oh, i have someone whos leaving windows to get ubuntu next time we both have free time

(06:29:56 PM) peanutb: my sister has a few people lined up too

(06:30:03 PM) H264: NaNO2x: Nice Smile :)

(06:30:22 PM) H264: peanutb: your sister??

(06:30:23 PM) MISTERTibbs: i'm still dual booting. I have to use IE7 for my work

(06:30:35 PM) MISTERTibbs: but I haven't tried WINE yet

(06:30:48 PM) peanutb: H264, we have been through this before

(06:30:53 PM) NaNO2x: i'm dual booting for those few programs that i need for windows

(06:31:10 PM) peanutb: I dont think IE7 works with wine, let me take a look

(06:31:14 PM) H264: peanutb: then I don't remember Smile :)

(06:31:17 PM) MISTERTibbs: WHT?

(06:31:43 PM) NaNO2x: but i havent used windows since i got this computer heh

(06:31:49 PM) peanutb: 'nevermind, it does work.

(06:31:50 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(06:32:07 PM) MISTERTibbs: i'm afraid the NW multiple listing service isn't really FSS friendly . they refuse to adapt to firefox

(06:32:27 PM) peanutb: my dad is a REALTOR

(06:32:36 PM) peanutb: he is using IE6 perfectly

(06:32:42 PM) NaNO2x: zillow Wink ;)

(06:32:48 PM) MISTERTibbs: with wine peanut???

(06:32:54 PM) peanutb: (except for the map search)

(06:32:55 PM) peanutb: yes

(06:32:59 PM) MISTERTibbs: nice

(06:33:13 PM) peanutb: NaNo2x, grr

(06:33:15 PM) NaNO2x: hehe

(06:33:30 PM) NaNO2x: i know someone coding on the project

(06:33:33 PM) peanutb: MISTERTibbs, what company do you work for?

(06:33:44 PM) MISTERTibbs: remax

(06:33:52 PM) peanutb: which office?

(06:33:56 PM) MISTERTibbs: renton

(06:34:07 PM) MISTERTibbs: you local there peanut???

(06:34:12 PM) peanutb: BTW, heres how to get IE6 working: http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Installation:Ubuntu

(06:34:18 PM) MISTERTibbs: tyvm

(06:34:24 PM) peanutb: MY dad is in Ballard, Mutual realty.

(06:34:28 PM) NaNO2x: or just use ie tab :p

(06:34:46 PM) peanutb: NaNo2x, it requires IE anyway.

(06:35:06 PM) NaNO2x: yeah

(06:35:07 PM) dshufelt: OK, so moving right along then... Ubuntu Live-

(06:35:16 PM) dshufelt: still no good news.

(06:35:29 PM) dshufelt: I don't think that we can have a team booth. Sad :(

(06:35:36 PM) MISTERTibbs: dam!

(06:35:39 PM) ***peanutb wont be in the country

(06:35:53 PM) H264: I'll probably show up for one day

(06:36:01 PM) H264: but I'm not paying for anything

(06:36:04 PM) dshufelt: I'm probably going to register and attend though to represent the PNW Ubuntu community

(06:36:26 PM) dshufelt: we can still load up ubuntu CD's and distribute them

(06:36:26 PM) MISTERTibbs: if/when there's a seattle event, i'm in

(06:36:33 PM) H264: >$100 is just too much

(06:37:04 PM) MISTERTibbs: i'd be happy to give out disks locally. i see quite a few people locally who might be interested

(06:37:10 PM) dshufelt: MISTERTibbs, I assure you there will be a Seattle (community) event in the near future.

(06:37:18 PM) MISTERTibbs: Smile :)

(06:37:22 PM) dshufelt: I just have to find a venue. Big Grin :)

(06:37:28 PM) MISTERTibbs: let me know if i can help

(06:37:30 PM) peanutb: ok, lets get Linus to move to Seattle. That'll settle it

(06:37:40 PM) H264: MISTERTibbs: this event is like _THE_ event for Ubuntu officially

(06:37:41 PM) peanutb: dshufelt, how about the UW?

(06:37:42 PM) MISTERTibbs: too many microsofties

(06:37:50 PM) dshufelt: Linus uses KDE... We've been over this.

(06:38:05 PM) peanutb: But he lives in Portland

(06:38:24 PM) dshufelt: err... Don't go there peanutb

(06:38:29 PM) dshufelt: :P

(06:38:31 PM) H264: how often does Ubuntu Live happen? Every year?

(06:38:41 PM) peanutb: This is the first time.

(06:38:42 PM) dshufelt: This is the first one so it's hard to say

(06:38:48 PM) H264: ok

(06:39:01 PM) dshufelt: they're doing it with OSCon though so possibly.

(06:39:23 PM) ***dshufelt has to go for at least the shwag

(06:39:31 PM) H264: so, MISTERTibbs, I would recomend going to it...

(06:39:39 PM) ***peanutb completely understands

(06:40:03 PM) H264: I don't think you have to drive any further than I do

(06:40:19 PM) MISTERTibbs: where u coming in from peanut

(06:40:25 PM) NaNO2x: where/when?

(06:40:31 PM) H264: what?

(06:40:35 PM) MISTERTibbs: city, state

(06:40:47 PM) peanutb: I cant come as i will be in Greece, but i live in Shoreline

(06:40:55 PM) ***peanutb was recently in the paper

(06:41:02 PM) NaNO2x: oh?

(06:41:08 PM) MISTERTibbs: waiiit a minute

(06:41:10 PM) dshufelt: Peanutb is the team celebrity

(06:41:13 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(06:41:19 PM) peanutb: Big Grin :)

(06:41:21 PM) MISTERTibbs: pnut: 13 year old rock star???

(06:41:40 PM) H264: MISTERTibbs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PNWTeam to see where everybody lives...

(06:41:48 PM) dshufelt: he was in the business section.

(06:41:48 PM) MISTERTibbs: thx

(06:41:51 PM) H264: then scroll to the bottom

(06:42:05 PM) H264: then consider signing up Smile :)

(06:42:15 PM) peanutb: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/business/314124_dellfolo03.html

(06:42:46 PM) peanutb: how about NSCC for the installfest?

(06:43:03 PM) NaNO2x: nice

(06:43:08 PM) dshufelt: NSCC... Sure, I can contact them.

(06:43:13 PM) MISTERTibbs: nscc would be great!

(06:43:36 PM) NaNO2x: i still say uw and have big ubuntu banners, get the m$ outa there

(06:43:54 PM) H264: NaNO2x: yeah, peanutb was on the front page of google finance for a few days

(06:43:58 PM) andrewkk: is there a linux group at uw?

(06:43:58 PM) NaNO2x: but nscc works

(06:44:04 PM) peanutb: I second that motion, but prepair for lawsuits

(06:44:08 PM) dshufelt: "it's easier to run through open source then closed windows"

(06:44:12 PM) MISTERTibbs: why lawsuits??

(06:44:12 PM) peanutb: andrewkk, there used to be.

(06:44:14 PM) NaNO2x: there is a linux facebook ground for the uw

(06:44:20 PM) NaNO2x: and i know quite a few linux userse

(06:44:47 PM) ***peanutb is only jokeing about lawsuits.

(06:44:53 PM) NaNO2x: at the end i'll be talking about the group

(06:44:54 PM) NaNO2x: :p

(06:45:09 PM) NaNO2x: or are we not going in order?

(06:45:18 PM) dshufelt: Nice (hopes it will all be good).

(06:45:23 PM) peanutb: well, lets move forward.

(06:45:41 PM) dshufelt: We are going in order

(06:46:07 PM) dshufelt: OK Progress on Officialness...

(06:46:42 PM) dshufelt: I think we are just about ready to submit the application. I'm going to wait until after the WWU speech.

(06:47:06 PM) H264: when is the speech?

(06:47:08 PM) NaNO2x: when is this speach btw?

(06:47:12 PM) dshufelt: I still don't know if they will let PNW be official but I still plan on trying. (while starting other teams)

(06:47:18 PM) dshufelt: June 8th

(06:47:23 PM) dshufelt: a Friday

(06:47:38 PM) NaNO2x: i'm outa town unfortunately

(06:47:49 PM) MISTERTibbs: stream the video onto youtube or ubuntu so we can ALL be dazzled please!

(06:47:59 PM) dshufelt: lol

(06:48:02 PM) peanutb: Ill bring the webcam.

(06:48:05 PM) dshufelt: OK

(06:48:09 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(06:48:22 PM) ***dshufelt better make this a good one then

(06:48:29 PM) H264: hehe

(06:48:36 PM) H264: no pressure

(06:48:52 PM) H264: and don't forget to tie your shoes this time

(06:48:56 PM) dshufelt: So that brings me to another point... H264 (aka Walter) is now the new Oregon team Contact!

(06:49:03 PM) NaNO2x: or wake up

(06:49:09 PM) peanutb: YAY.

(06:49:14 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(06:49:17 PM) H264: Hi Styles

(06:49:20 PM) Styles: Well i made home

(06:49:25 PM) Styles: ello

(06:49:53 PM) dshufelt: So the OR team has a wiki, is waiting for a mailing list, and is using our forum.

(06:50:00 PM) H264: yeah, and Styles was the first to find the oregon team Smile :)

(06:50:06 PM) Styles: freaking wreck on 26 righ out of the tunnel comming home, spent 45 mins just trying to get out of downtown portland

(06:50:17 PM) dshufelt: WOW

(06:50:18 PM) ***peanutb is trying to get the WA team to do something.

(06:50:38 PM) ***dshufelt has contacted the WA team too

(06:51:03 PM) Styles: I'm going to talk to my company and see if I can use the office for a possible ubuntu-oregon meetings and such

(06:51:15 PM) H264: o.O

(06:51:15 PM) dshufelt: I am going to start helping the WA team allot over the next few weeks

(06:51:18 PM) H264: ok Smile :)

(06:51:25 PM) dshufelt: NICE!

(06:51:36 PM) Styles: they might not go for it but we will see

(06:51:46 PM) NaNO2x: id like to help out with the wa team as well

(06:52:01 PM) dshufelt: Great! We can use all the help we can get!

(06:52:08 PM) H264: I'll talk to the head computer person here to see if I can do a install fest here in Tillamook at the school

(06:52:18 PM) Styles: so who is the coordinator for oregon?

(06:52:29 PM) dshufelt: Additionally I am working on getting the local PDX team active.

(06:52:36 PM) Styles: oh

(06:52:44 PM) Styles: dshufelt, well sign me up active

(06:52:46 PM) dshufelt: I'll have a Portland event planned by the end of the night. Big Grin :)

(06:52:51 PM) Styles: let me know if you need anything

(06:52:57 PM) H264: she is fond of Linux

(06:54:01 PM) dshufelt: H264 (Walter) is the team contact. I am going to continue to do everything possible to help OR / WA get official.

(06:54:04 PM) peanutb: you could try the portland free school if other meeting places dont work out

(06:54:08 PM) dshufelt: Then I'm starting on ID and AK

(06:54:10 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(06:54:18 PM) Styles: geeez

(06:54:22 PM) dshufelt: or FreeGeek

(06:54:24 PM) Styles: and with two jobs ?

(06:54:28 PM) H264: hmm

(06:54:32 PM) ***dshufelt likes to stay busy

(06:54:37 PM) Styles: i guess

(06:54:41 PM) Styles: heh

(06:54:56 PM) ***dshufelt has no life to speak of either

(06:54:59 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(06:55:09 PM) H264: I guess both OSU and OIT would be alright choices...

(06:55:34 PM) dshufelt: So OR and WA install fests will be happening soon!

(06:55:34 PM) Styles: dshufelt, I work 60 - 80 hours a week and feel the same

(06:55:35 PM) NaNO2x: life? what is this you are speaking of life?

(06:55:41 PM) ***peanutb makes his OpenSource University joke

(06:55:57 PM) NaNO2x: was working 86 hours a week at one of my 4 jobs a few months ago, then i started going to school heh

(06:55:59 PM) H264: Smile :)

(06:56:02 PM) Styles: dshufelt, guess I will get a PXE going on my lappy

(06:56:18 PM) dshufelt: Smile :)

(06:56:21 PM) Styles: for the install ^

(06:56:36 PM) peanutb: PXE?

(06:56:36 PM) H264: PXE?

(06:56:44 PM) H264: ????

(06:56:46 PM) Styles: Network boot

(06:57:06 PM) MISTERTibbs: what does that look like???

(06:57:07 PM) peanutb: why network boot for a laptop?

(06:57:20 PM) Styles: Pre-boot eXecution Environment (PXE, but pronounced 'pixie') is part of Intel's open wired for management (WFM) specification that automates client management.

(06:57:26 PM) dshufelt: yeah, then I can finally boot my phone

(06:57:27 PM) Styles: for the install fest

(06:57:38 PM) Styles: peanutb,

(06:57:45 PM) peanutb: got it.

(06:57:54 PM) Styles: work smarter not harder Wink ;)

(06:57:55 PM) dshufelt: OK so now let's all stare at our webmaster and wait for his message on Drupal

(06:57:56 PM) peanutb: so we are going to set up thin clients?

(06:57:58 PM) andrewkk: to install on to other computers from. i do it to install, firstly to my laptop with no optical drive, and from my laptop onto labs of computers i refurbish for charity

(06:57:59 PM) dshufelt: :|

(06:58:10 PM) peanutb: ok got it.

(06:58:49 PM) peanutb: Well, Drupal is a Content managment System, that includes forums, all in favor to switching to it say I.

(06:59:03 PM) dshufelt: I

(06:59:08 PM) peanutb: i am open to other suggestions though.

(06:59:14 PM) H264: umm... I?

(06:59:17 PM) NaNO2x: i

(06:59:21 PM) ***dshufelt has a suggestion

(06:59:25 PM) Styles: eh? Drupal as long as someone keeps up on the security updates to it

(06:59:30 PM) andrewkk: "I" just got a site up and running for my computer refurbishing charity program using drupal actually

(06:59:31 PM) peanutb: yep.

(06:59:56 PM) dshufelt: anyone apposed to moving our forums to UbuntuForums and then drupal'ing the site?

(07:00:16 PM) peanutb: what would happen to the old posts?

(07:00:21 PM) ***peanutb would like a link to andrewkk's site.

(07:00:24 PM) andrewkk: that's probably the best plan

(07:00:31 PM) Styles: dshufelt, what do the other teams do?

(07:00:31 PM) andrewkk: http://gtawwu.asicreateorder.com/

(07:00:31 PM) dshufelt: we could try to work that our with their admins

(07:01:09 PM) andrewkk: we're awaiting further funding for better hosting; for the time being it's on my personal webspace

(07:01:19 PM) Styles: Also I will volunteer my server (ubuntu.linuxsystems.net)

(07:01:25 PM) ***peanutb understands.

(07:01:39 PM) ***peanutb volunteers his virtual server

(07:01:45 PM) dshufelt: most other teams did not have forums before Ubuntu Forums upgraded and started creating sub forums for people

(07:01:55 PM) Styles: hmmm

(07:02:10 PM) peanutb: I guess it would be goodpublicity.

(07:02:29 PM) peanutb: to move the forum to ubuntuforums.

(07:02:31 PM) X704: :/

(07:02:57 PM) andrewkk: not to mention we we wouldnt have to worry about maintain them


(07:03:42 PM) dshufelt: The part I don't like is that we run the risk of not having as tight of a local community (what we've worked so hard to get).

(07:04:19 PM) peanutb: I think Drupal would be good because it also has a blogging engine included.

(07:04:30 PM) H264: heh

(07:04:38 PM) peanutb: for news and such

(07:04:58 PM) ***dshufelt votes drupal either way

(07:05:00 PM) H264: next time I will let you know where I left off

(07:05:07 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(07:05:50 PM) peanutb: k ill get it set up soon (probably this weekend)

(07:05:54 PM) H264: whatever works

(07:06:03 PM) dshufelt: exactly... no rush

(07:06:43 PM) dshufelt: what's every-ones' take on the forums?

(07:06:53 PM) H264: whatever works

(07:06:58 PM) H264: Wink ;)

(07:07:19 PM) dshufelt: there are benefits / drawbacks either way.

(07:08:16 PM) andrewkk: could be problems with matching users between pnw's site and ubuntu forums'?

(07:08:37 PM) dshufelt: yeah... This is a sticky one.

(07:08:38 PM) dshufelt: /votes not to fix what isn't broken without a good reason

(07:08:57 PM) peanutb: /agrees

(07:09:02 PM) ***dshufelt is trying to make new IRC commands

(07:09:19 PM) MISTERTibbs: ditto

(07:09:31 PM) NaNO2x: /aswell

(07:09:47 PM) andrewkk: although.. it might be better to make the switch sooner rather than later if we think we might at all ever want to use ubuntu's forums

(07:09:55 PM) H264: /whatever++

(07:10:33 PM) ***peanutb thinks we need more publicity and the forums are a great way.

(07:10:44 PM) dshufelt: that is a good point but I think I should have done more work weighing pros and cons before bringing it up.

(07:10:45 PM) H264: hmm

(07:11:06 PM) peanutb: yah. Lets move on to the next issue

(07:11:24 PM) peanutb: So GSLUG

(07:11:26 PM) dshufelt: why don't we open a PNW thread on the Ubuntu forums and post our happening for others to read?

(07:11:32 PM) dshufelt: best of both worlds.

(07:11:33 PM) NaNO2x: yes gslug Big Grin :)

(07:11:45 PM) peanutb: I agree.

(07:11:52 PM) MISTERTibbs: absolutely

(07:11:58 PM) NaNO2x: i put that up there because there isnt a lug in seattle or seattle area anymore

(07:12:03 PM) dshufelt: So what's up with GSLUG?

(07:12:06 PM) NaNO2x: the gslug went defunc last year

(07:12:11 PM) NaNO2x: havent seen anything since

(07:12:16 PM) MISTERTibbs: no new posts since 06

(07:12:18 PM) andrewkk: what is gslug?

(07:12:28 PM) MISTERTibbs: greater seattle linux user group

(07:12:58 PM) dshufelt: Who was running / coordinating things?

(07:13:04 PM) NaNO2x: no clue

(07:13:13 PM) peanutb: kmeyer@blarg.net

(07:13:23 PM) peanutb: "Meeting-place wrangler, lead organizer."

(07:13:31 PM) ***dshufelt may have to quit a job just to make time to help all things linux

(07:13:56 PM) H264: dshufelt: how many jobs do you have?

(07:14:01 PM) dshufelt: I'm shooting kmeyer an email now.

(07:14:19 PM) ***peanutb points out http://lists.gslug.org/

(07:14:53 PM) dshufelt: I work for Providence, the ISP and I have some insurance companies and other business that I have been supporting since I was 15 built their networks.

(07:15:41 PM) H264: hmm... well either way, don't try to bite off too much

(07:16:01 PM) Styles: going afk for a bit

(07:16:06 PM) NaNO2x: anyway, i could startup a uwlug but i would like to see something for greater area

(07:16:12 PM) peanutb: NaN02x, anything else?

(07:16:30 PM) ***peanutb didnt see the previous line

(07:16:35 PM) NaNO2x: np

(07:16:37 PM) dshufelt: I'm not worried about biting off too much. Smile :)

(07:17:01 PM) NaNO2x: if we cant get ahold of the gslug people, would anyone like to startup a slug or something else as that seems dropped

(07:17:21 PM) dshufelt: Well lets contact the GSlug team and see what turns up.

(07:17:33 PM) peanutb: lets do it.

(07:17:34 PM) NaNO2x: aye

(07:17:46 PM) dshufelt: I'm completely willing to help with PDX, Plug and GSlug

(07:18:04 PM) andrewkk: if the greater seattle lug isnt active, i dont think thats a good indicator that a seattle lug will be

(07:19:02 PM) NaNO2x: well, i think there are enough people who want to try out linux

(07:19:08 PM) peanutb: I know of ~5-6 people that will be willing to join.

(07:19:19 PM) Styles: btw way we should have topics in both pwn and oregon channels

(07:19:21 PM) ***peanutb points to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PNWTeam

(07:19:23 PM) NaNO2x: and i know quite a few people in my class

(07:19:27 PM) MISTERTibbs: maybe wait until after a few dozen more people install at parties?

(07:20:24 PM) ***dshufelt clicks send

(07:20:38 PM) peanutb: andrewkk, are you in seattle or bellingham?

(07:21:29 PM) dshufelt: PNW, ID, OR, and WA channels

(07:21:29 PM) H264: Seattle...

(07:21:33 PM) MISTERTibbs: are there ubuntu PNW flyers available for download somewhere?

(07:21:45 PM) NaNO2x: hes in bellingham

(07:21:46 PM) andrewkk: i'm in bellingham at wwu, though i consider my home to be in seattle

(07:22:02 PM) dshufelt: yes from the DIY marketing page.

(07:22:12 PM) dshufelt: just a sec, I'll find the link.

(07:22:15 PM) MISTERTibbs: blush!

(07:22:56 PM) NaNO2x: where is it, looking dont see diy

(07:23:20 PM) peanutb: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DIYMarketing?highlight=%28diymarketing%29

(07:23:22 PM) dshufelt: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DIYMarketing

(07:23:33 PM) andrewkk: peanutb: would it be more appropriate to change my member listing?

(07:23:49 PM) peanutb: andrewkk, i was just curious

(07:25:03 PM) dshufelt: peanutb what do you think about adding an affiliations page to the site?

(07:25:15 PM) peanutb: Im up for it.

(07:25:22 PM) dshufelt: we could then place links to LUGs and such

(07:25:45 PM) peanutb: you know the PW to login if you want to edit the text for it.

(07:25:46 PM) H264: Ah, sounds like a good idea to me Smile :)

(07:25:53 PM) dshufelt: NP

(07:26:06 PM) dshufelt: I'm thinking of making a WIKI page too.

(07:26:50 PM) dshufelt: the WIKI page could outline how and why PNW supports other user groups

(07:27:42 PM) H264: just put one up and decide the fine print content later Smile :)

(07:28:21 PM) ***peanutb is currently doing that.

(07:28:33 PM) dshufelt: It's not really fine print, just an explanation since I get asked all the time. (lots of email for the week that I was both the PNW and OR contact on the Loco wiki)

(07:29:12 PM) MISTERTibbs: 2nd edition of the offiicial ubuntu book will come out 7/07 according to amazon. possible marketing hook??

(07:29:13 PM) dshufelt: OK so Ops / Bots for $1000 anyone?

(07:29:35 PM) peanutb: how about Loco Bot?

(07:29:40 PM) H264: Smile :)

(07:29:45 PM) peanutb: and Chanserv

(07:30:29 PM) dshufelt: what were every-ones thoughts on this?

(07:30:47 PM) H264: on bots?

(07:30:59 PM) ***dshufelt has no real experience with using bots

(07:31:21 PM) peanutb: will set it up in a few secs.

(07:31:34 PM) dshufelt: what are the advantages?

(07:31:47 PM) H264: just the coolness factor

(07:31:52 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(07:32:04 PM) dshufelt: :/

(07:32:11 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(07:32:22 PM) dshufelt: OK, what will this bot do?

(07:32:45 PM) NaNO2x: serve warze of course :P

(07:32:51 PM) dshufelt: :O

(07:33:07 PM) NaNO2x: j/k of course

(07:33:16 PM) peanutb: loco bot will log the conversations here (do we want that?) and chanserv can give you op status whenever you want it.

(07:33:18 PM) dshufelt: apt-get warez wont do?

(07:33:50 PM) ***NaNO2x goes off to try that

(07:33:53 PM) peanutb: i believe it would be apt-get install warez

(07:34:09 PM) peanutb: darn,

(07:34:10 PM) peanutb: <li><a href="support.php">Get

(07:34:10 PM) peanutb: Support</a></li>

(07:34:20 PM) peanutb: E: Invalid operation warez

(07:34:24 PM) peanutb: paulb@caspian:~$ sudo apt-get install warez

(07:34:28 PM) peanutb: Reading package lists... Done

(07:34:32 PM) peanutb: Building dependency tree... Done

(07:34:32 PM) peanutb: E: Couldn't find package warez

(07:34:32 PM) peanutb: paulb@caspian:~$

(07:34:39 PM) dshufelt: make warez

(07:34:44 PM) andrewkk: (apt-cache search warez gives some interesting results)

(07:35:00 PM) dshufelt: (a package full of PNW pictures)

(07:35:19 PM) H264: hmm

(07:35:39 PM) peanutb: hmm, "a configurable talking cow"

(07:35:59 PM) H264: whos computer does it run on?

(07:36:09 PM) dshufelt: the LocoBot... Where does it save the conversations and can it be set to a cron?

(07:36:35 PM) andrewkk: i've gotten a fair amount of use out of browsing other loco's logs

(07:36:38 PM) peanutb: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots

(07:37:00 PM) ***peanutb should put a project charter up for the pnw pictures package.

(07:37:02 PM) ***dshufelt thinking of not having to manually clean up all the meeting logs.

(07:37:23 PM) ***dshufelt a slacker that hasn't done it yet

(07:38:20 PM) peanutb: dshufelt, did you register out channel?

(07:38:43 PM) dshufelt: yes

(07:38:58 PM) dshufelt: now if I could only remember what I did...

(07:39:05 PM) peanutb: that explanes it

(07:39:23 PM) dshufelt: password is probably the same as the one for website ftp.

(07:39:29 PM) ***dshufelt hopes

(07:40:05 PM) peanutb: i need you to add me to the list of ops, a simple /msg ChanServ access #ubuntu-pnw add peanutb opp

(07:40:10 PM) peanutb: will do it.

(07:41:02 PM) dshufelt: (07:40:41 PM) ChanServ: (notice) [peanutb] has been added to the access list for #Ubuntu-PNW with level [0]

(07:41:30 PM) peanutb: ok try that again only replace opp with 50 or something

(07:41:33 PM) dshufelt: I'm all for the logger and the opp

(07:41:58 PM) peanutb: sorry, 25

(07:42:28 PM) ChanServ [ChanServ@services.] entered the room.

(07:42:29 PM) mode (+o ChanServ ) by irc.freenode.net

(07:42:34 PM) peanutb: thats better

(07:42:39 PM) H264: Smile :)

(07:42:54 PM) H264: how about a custom bot?

(07:43:13 PM) dshufelt: yeah like the ubotu thing only our own

(07:43:29 PM) H264: mixed with the OSU bot

(07:43:35 PM) andrewkk: would we really use that?

(07:43:45 PM) dshufelt: perhaps we could make it so everytime you enter :\ it says *SLANTY FACE*

(07:43:45 PM) H264: OOOoooo

(07:43:50 PM) H264: you betch ya

(07:44:15 PM) H264: @andrewkk

(07:44:40 PM) dshufelt: what would you have this custom bot do Walter?

(07:44:44 PM) H264: and other uber cool stuff

(07:44:53 PM) H264: I don't know

(07:45:05 PM) H264: something interesting

(07:45:06 PM) ***dshufelt blinks

(07:45:14 PM) H264: heh

(07:45:39 PM) dshufelt: Display prime numbers at random intervals?

(07:45:41 PM) ***peanutb cant host irc stuff of any kind (its spry)

(07:45:46 PM) peanutb: Big Grin :)

(07:45:50 PM) H264: I really really like the !s/something/something/g feature of the OSU bot

(07:46:19 PM) NaNO2x: a reverse latin translator for everything we say!

(07:46:28 PM) H264: sure Smile :)

(07:46:31 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(07:46:41 PM) H264: a tiny URL for every link posted

(07:46:44 PM) dshufelt: semper ubi sububi

(07:46:53 PM) NaNO2x: an auto pastebin for everything posted!

(07:47:12 PM) H264: yeah, stuff like that could be done Smile :)

(07:47:18 PM) andrewkk: H264: that could get annoying

(07:47:40 PM) H264: I'm just saying you can do some really cool stuff...

(07:47:55 PM) dshufelt: Well do you want to throw together something for us to look at?

(07:48:27 PM) ***dshufelt officially has no time to tackle this one

(07:48:30 PM) H264: umm... I could get the source for the OSU bot... I just want to know how to add one.

(07:49:03 PM) dshufelt: I think we would need someone to host the bot...

(07:49:07 PM) dshufelt: I can host it.

(07:49:34 PM) mode (+o peanutb ) by ChanServ

(07:49:36 PM) H264: oh, so it could run with me while I am connected?

(07:49:38 PM) dshufelt: If comcast yells at me then I'll go to my ISP

(07:49:51 PM) mode (+o dshufelt ) by ChanServ

(07:49:58 PM) peanutb: happy birthday

(07:50:08 PM) dshufelt: looks that way.

(07:50:28 PM) H264: I just don't know how the computer end of a bot works

(07:50:29 PM) peanutb: you are marked as away for some reason

(07:50:34 PM) NaNO2x: darn didnt work for me :P

(07:51:14 PM) ***dshufelt thinks it runs on the room

(07:51:23 PM) peanutb: dshufelt, how hipocritical, you work for an isp, yet dont use them.

(07:51:39 PM) dshufelt: I live too far away from them.

(07:51:42 PM) NaNO2x: i know the command to op and it didnt op because i dont have the proper level hehe

(07:51:54 PM) dshufelt: I used to but they don't offer service at my current location.

(07:52:35 PM) peanutb has changed the topic to: The Ubuntu PNW team. (Dan, change this with /TOPIC )

(07:52:41 PM) H264: if properly used a bot will not take much bandwidth

(07:54:43 PM) H264 left the room (quit: "You can fix anything with a screwdriver and a bigger hammer.").

(07:54:48 PM) dshufelt has changed the topic to: The Ubuntu Pacific Northwest Community Team

(07:55:28 PM) H264: hmm

(07:55:41 PM) dshufelt: I'm working on a better slogan

(07:56:05 PM) H264: so who all gets to be an OP?

(07:56:21 PM) peanutb: Im leaving that to dan to decide.

(07:56:24 PM) H264: (not that it matters, just wondering)

(07:56:27 PM) peanutb: Im trying to loose op

(07:56:51 PM) mode (-o peanutb ) by peanutb

(07:57:00 PM) peanutb: Wahoo

(07:57:05 PM) NaNO2x: yeah you could also do it the /msg way

(07:57:16 PM) peanutb: I dont know how to

(07:58:26 PM) NaNO2x: /msg chanserv deop #ubuntu-pnw i believe

(07:58:38 PM) H264: ok, I got the source

(07:58:39 PM) H264: https://lug.oregonstate.edu/svn/hackabot/

(07:59:16 PM) H264: https://lug.oregonstate.edu/websvn/

(07:59:25 PM) H264: http://code.google.com/p/hackabot/issues/list

(07:59:32 PM) dshufelt: /cs deop

(07:59:36 PM) H264: was the links they just gave me

(07:59:54 PM) dshufelt: /cs mode (-o dshufelt)

(08:00:04 PM) ***peanutb needs to go eat dinner

(08:01:55 PM) H264: https://lug.oregonstate.edu/svn/hackabot/trunk/doc/README

(08:02:37 PM) H264: it looks like it is modular by design

(08:03:11 PM) ***peanutb didnt find anything to eat

(08:03:26 PM) dshufelt: OK well send one of us a packaged deal.

(08:03:52 PM) H264: *shrugs*

(08:04:29 PM) peanutb: dshufelt, try /meg ChanServ OP #ubuntu-pnw -dshufelt

(08:04:55 PM) mode (-o dshufelt ) by ChanServ

(08:05:01 PM) dshufelt: nice

(08:05:02 PM) dshufelt: thanks

(08:05:39 PM) peanutb: to give yourself op privlages if the need arises just take away the -

(08:05:50 PM) H264: maybe someone else could set it up first... I have absolutly no experience with bots

(08:06:19 PM) H264: heh, looks like I will learn Smile :)

(08:06:26 PM) dshufelt: /meg ChanServ OP #ubuntu-pnw dshufelt

(08:08:28 PM) peanutb: /msg

(08:08:48 PM) mode (+o dshufelt ) by ChanServ

(08:09:27 PM) mode (-o dshufelt ) by ChanServ

(08:10:52 PM) peanutb: the website is set up with an affiliats page.

(08:11:03 PM) dshufelt: Nice.

(08:11:16 PM) dshufelt: anything else anyone wanted to make official?

(08:12:25 PM) H264: umm

(08:12:37 PM) H264: I need to eat X-)

(08:13:17 PM) MISTERTibbs: official ubuntu hot wings

(08:13:26 PM) dshufelt: lol

(08:15:24 PM) MISTERTibbs: gg.

(08:15:31 PM) MISTERTibbs left the room ("Leaving").

(08:15:43 PM) NaNO2x: official ubuntu mud Wink ;)

(08:16:29 PM) peanutb: as soon as i get my gateway running Debian, i can host the bot.

(08:16:40 PM) H264: ok

(08:17:18 PM) ***dshufelt doesn't miss MUD's much

(08:17:29 PM) ***peanutb puts it on his todo list

(08:17:39 PM) NaNO2x: play mine Wink ;)

(08:18:11 PM) dshufelt: That's how I lost interest... (Hosting one).

(08:18:24 PM) H264: well...

(08:18:37 PM) NaNO2x: i've been deving one for almost a year now

(08:18:38 PM) H264: is there anything else that needs to be talked about?

(08:18:47 PM) NaNO2x: umm, i think that was the agenda

(08:20:21 PM) dshufelt: Thanks everyone! This is the best meeting turn out so far.

(08:20:37 PM) H264: it can only get better Smile :)

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