Upcoming Events

Oregon Install Fest

Friday, June 22nd

  • Team IRC support needed but otherwise H264 has things covered.

Washington Install Fest and BBQ

Saturday, June 23rd

  • Ashex will loan some equipment, peanutb will pick it up
  • peanutb and dshufelt will bring monitors, power strips, wireless router and cables
  • dshufelt will bing a BBQ, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Buns, Chips, Condiments and Soda for the BBQ
  • NaNO2x and AndrewK will show up and bring others

GSLUG Meeting

Saturday, July 28th from 2:00-3:20 PM

  • NaNO2x booked a room and set the date. The Meeting will take place on the University of Washington's campus in the Suzzallo library room 328.

Ubuntu Live

No updates at this time

Team projects

OR Loco Update

Everything is going well. dshufelt is planning a pizza social for Ubuntu live

WA Loco Update

  • We will continue to invite the WA team members to events that we plan and host in hopes of working together with them.
  • Lets help update the WA wiki page


  • We should be moving to a new page layout any day

Progress update on becoming an official team

  • We will submit our Approval Application for the July Community Council meeting (date yet to be determined). dshufelt will send an email out encouraging all team members to show up and advocate for our team.

  • H264 made some good points about the density or the population in throughout the Northwest and that we all participate in team events regardless of where they are located.

Art Package Competition

dshufelt has offered a $25.00 gift card to the winner of our art competition. This contest will be judged by the team during our October team meeting.


  • NaNO2x is our 1st official team scribe!
  • When posting on our team Forum, IRC or Mailing list please ensure to follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.


  • Upcoming Events
    • Oregon install fest (H264?)
    • Seattle Install fest and BBQ
  • Team projects
    • Open
      • Getting Ubuntu PDX loco active (DanShufelt)

      • Reviving GSLUG (venue?)
      • OR loco team update (H264?)
      • WA loco team update
      • Update forum (peanutb?)
      • Progress update on becoming an official team
    • Closed
      • WWU Speech
    • New
      • Art Package
  • Other
    • New Position Available "Team Scribe"
    • Team forum / IRC

In the event that an agenda item is not able to be discussed then it will be added to the agenda for the next team meeting or a special meeting may be held to cover the topic.


(06:00:35 PM) andrewkk: here.

(06:00:51 PM) ***H264 pokes Ashex

(06:01:09 PM) dshufelt: Ashex kestrel, peanutb, tgm4883 we're about to get this show on the road.

(06:01:26 PM) Ashex: ok

(06:01:30 PM) H264: AKA Get your act in gear

(06:01:52 PM) dshufelt: H264's excited about Install Fests and BBQ

(06:02:01 PM) H264: Wink ;)

(06:02:07 PM) NaNO2x: me me!

(06:02:17 PM) NaNO2x: are you coming up to seattle on sat h/

(06:02:30 PM) ***dshufelt will be there

(06:02:41 PM) H264: I have not decided yet

(06:03:09 PM) dshufelt: H264, do you want to give us a quick low down on your Tillamook install fest?

(06:03:09 PM) ***NaNO2x is driving 4 people up on saturday

(06:03:13 PM) H264: if I do then I will need directions... if they could be emailed to me, that would be great

(06:03:50 PM) H264: I could... depending on what a "low down" means

(06:04:00 PM) Ashex: details?

(06:04:45 PM) H264: well, I know a little blerb made it to one of the local papers here in town

(06:05:00 PM) H264: and I know of one person that found out about it that way

(06:05:21 PM) H264: don't know if a blerb made it to the other one

(06:05:58 PM) dshufelt: do you have any estimates on how many people will be involved?

(06:06:13 PM) H264: I put flyers at all the tech related places (the computer store, radio shack, eta ell...)

(06:06:28 PM) H264: I would guess 8-10 ppl

(06:06:41 PM) NaNO2x: be ready for more

(06:07:03 PM) dshufelt: http://maps.google.com/maps?daddr=345+NE+175th+St,+Shoreline,+WA+98155+(Shoreline+Library)+%4047.755895,-122.325995&saddr=tillamook,+oregon&f=d&hl=en&dq=library+loc%3A+shoreline,+wa&cid=47755895,-122325995,799904413622086&ie=UTF8&z=7&om=1

(06:07:03 PM) H264: 10 ppl for a 4,400 farming population is a lot...

(06:07:29 PM) NaNO2x: ah

(06:07:32 PM) peanutb_ [n=4725078d@phns1.gotdns.com] entered the room.

(06:07:39 PM) peanutb_: im here at ikea

(06:07:43 PM) dshufelt: well you never know if more will show from the surrounding areas

(06:07:45 PM) NaNO2x: lol

(06:07:56 PM) peanutb_: sorry im late

(06:07:59 PM) dshufelt: do you need anything from the team?

(06:08:04 PM) dshufelt: NP peanutb

(06:08:10 PM) H264: peanutb_:you better be

(06:08:23 PM) peanutb_: keyboards, mice, monitors,and power cords

(06:08:33 PM) peanutb_: and power strips too.

(06:08:36 PM) NaNO2x: not you

(06:08:39 PM) H264: not too much, just asking a little IRC tech support Wink ;)

(06:08:40 PM) NaNO2x: we are on h264

(06:08:42 PM) dshufelt: H264 was giving us the scoop on the OR install fest

(06:08:52 PM) peanutb_: sorry

(06:08:54 PM) NaNO2x: what time are you running it from?

(06:09:07 PM) H264: 9:30am to 4:30 pm

(06:09:08 PM) dshufelt: Tomorrow night I will likely be on driving. What time was this event again?

(06:09:10 PM) Ashex: hmmm

(06:09:15 PM) dshufelt: hmmm

(06:09:19 PM) Ashex: Nutters

(06:09:27 PM) NaNO2x: i'll be onish probably

(06:09:30 PM) NaNO2x: not till at least 1

(06:09:32 PM) dshufelt: OK, I'm available via email.

(06:09:33 PM) Ashex: had I known you needed monitors earlier, I could have gotten you 11 crt monitors

(06:09:38 PM) H264: hmmm?

(06:09:55 PM) peanutb_: Ashex, im shure we will be fine

(06:09:58 PM) Ashex: okay

(06:10:11 PM) Ashex: When/where did you want to meet tomorrow for hubs?

(06:10:17 PM) dshufelt: you can probably gmail chat with me. I don't think that any of the http ports are blocked at work

(06:10:21 PM) peanutb_: U district?

(06:10:49 PM) H264: I don't expect ppl to flock in right at 9:30...

(06:11:04 PM) H264: dshufelt: that would work too

(06:11:20 PM) Ashex: paul, yeah. Where in there?

(06:11:35 PM) H264: is peanutb_ going to be around on IRC between 9:30 and 4:30?

(06:11:45 PM) peanutb_: probably

(06:11:55 PM) dshufelt: well then you're set!

(06:12:31 PM) H264: I am, I just need to burn some CD's, print the labels for it and pack my computer

(06:12:51 PM) dshufelt: good deal. Did you catch the link I posted?

(06:12:53 PM) peanutb_: Ashex, hows outside of red robin?

(06:13:06 PM) H264: I did, thanks

(06:13:15 PM) peanutb_: my connection dropped out a bit

(06:13:39 PM) Ashex: hmm

(06:13:42 PM) ***Ashex googles red robin

(06:14:17 PM) peanutb_: Ashex, are u going to take 520? its close to there

(06:14:37 PM) Ashex: peanutb_: found it. Right off eastlake?

(06:14:45 PM) peanutb_: yep

(06:15:07 PM) Ashex: Okay

(06:15:18 PM) Ashex: I'm probably going to have to drop by work and grab some more hubs

(06:15:23 PM) Ashex: I'll see if I can round up some cables

(06:15:26 PM) peanutb_: ok. thanks

(06:15:44 PM) ***H264 starts burning CD's

(06:15:49 PM) dshufelt: I'll bring all my monitors, keyboards, mice, power strips and cables.

(06:15:53 PM) peanutb_: ok

(06:16:11 PM) Ashex: peanutb_: do you know what the response has been about the installfest?

(06:16:12 PM) peanutb_: H264, shipit, shipit, shipit

(06:16:21 PM) peanutb_: response?

(06:16:37 PM) Ashex: how many people have responded to the ads

(06:16:50 PM) dshufelt: Who's all going to show up to the BBQ? I need to get an idea about how much stuff I need to buy.

(06:16:55 PM) NaNO2x: meee

(06:17:06 PM) Ashex: bbq?

(06:17:11 PM) H264: if I go I will eat a bunch of junk

(06:17:22 PM) NaNO2x: bbq right after the seattle install fest

(06:17:29 PM) peanutb_: Ill be there

(06:17:31 PM) andrewkk: i'll be there.

(06:17:41 PM) dshufelt: that's right. We do install fests the stylish way and have a BBQ after

(06:17:42 PM) Ashex: Ah yes

(06:17:44 PM) andrewkk: how long is it expected to go?

(06:17:49 PM) Ashex: I won't be there.....birthday et al....

(06:18:08 PM) dshufelt: andrewkk the party will end after you leave.

(06:18:22 PM) NaNO2x: heh

(06:18:35 PM) dshufelt: Ashex we could help you celebrate. Smile :)

(06:18:39 PM) Ashex: haha

(06:18:47 PM) Ashex: my girlfriend runs my day on saturday

(06:19:03 PM) H264: andrewkk: so you will want to stay a ling time to make sure everyone else gets some

(06:19:09 PM) Ashex: I haven't a clue what I'll be doing that day. Only thing I know of is I'm taking the dinner train

(06:19:15 PM) NaNO2x: i'll be staying for the bbq because my 1st ed adnd game got cancelled again :'(

(06:19:24 PM) dshufelt: anyway. I don't have a set time for the festivities to end. I'll stick around through it though.

(06:19:33 PM) peanutb_: NaN02x, Sad :(

(06:19:46 PM) peanutb_: I mean about the games being canceled

(06:19:47 PM) andrewkk: i'm trying to coordinate being at another bbq a few blocks away at 5:00

(06:19:48 PM) NaNO2x: ok but yeah, we leave the library at 3

(06:19:50 PM) NaNO2x: then go where?

(06:20:18 PM) peanutb_: a park about .25 of a mile away

(06:20:22 PM) NaNO2x: kk

(06:20:27 PM) andrewkk: what park?

(06:20:35 PM) dshufelt: well this should be a great turn out then! what types of soda / chips should I grab?

(06:20:39 PM) peanutb_: Ronald bog park

(06:20:45 PM) dshufelt: (remember I am junk food illiterate)

(06:20:52 PM) NaNO2x: barqs

(06:20:58 PM) dshufelt: ronald bog park

(06:21:13 PM) NaNO2x: echo

(06:21:15 PM) dshufelt: we can do the root beer

(06:21:25 PM) H264: sea salted chips are always good

(06:21:33 PM) NaNO2x: plain ruffles are always good

(06:21:44 PM) dshufelt: ok

(06:21:56 PM) ***peanutb_ eats anything

(06:22:25 PM) H264: peanutb_: how did the download go?

(06:22:38 PM) peanutb_: Its done, it lasted ABOUT 12 HRS

(06:22:39 PM) dshufelt: So I'm planning on picking up some sausages, hamburgers, buns, chips, condiments and soda.

(06:22:45 PM) peanutb_: ok

(06:23:08 PM) dshufelt: (and a BBQ to cook it on)

(06:23:15 PM) andrewkk: whoa. what took that long?

(06:23:15 PM) H264: peanutb_: not bad, for 3 DVD's worth

(06:23:21 PM) peanutb_: andrewkk, downloading main, universe, and multiverse

(06:23:45 PM) dshufelt: wow

(06:23:50 PM) NaNO2x: crazy peanutb

(06:24:13 PM) peanutb_: I dont want to crash the aps at the library

(06:24:14 PM) NaNO2x: do we have a wireless router we are setting up?

(06:24:14 PM) andrewkk: is it very easy to incrementally update that?

(06:24:31 PM) peanutb_: NaNo2x,an ap would be great

(06:24:42 PM) peanutb_: we are connecting through wifi anyway

(06:25:03 PM) dshufelt: I can bring my wireless router

(06:25:09 PM) NaNO2x: i have a few i can bring

(06:25:11 PM) H264: sometime between now and next meeting we so need to customize a few CD ISO's to include (but not limited to) pacific north west pictures

(06:25:46 PM) peanutb_: just give me some pictures and ill do it.

(06:26:10 PM) dshufelt: I think we need a photo contest

(06:26:19 PM) peanutb_: good idea

(06:26:23 PM) NaNO2x: i really need to backup all my crap

(06:26:34 PM) NaNO2x: its like gigs and gigs before i can reformat

(06:26:38 PM) H264: and a bit more collaboration Wink ;)

(06:26:43 PM) dshufelt: I'll throw in a $25 gift card

(06:27:07 PM) andrewkk: will we have drivespace available for backups of those doing installs?

(06:27:08 PM) peanutb_: how much longer do you think we are going to be here?

(06:27:12 PM) NaNO2x: any chance an extern hd that i usually use in windows is unsafe to write onto from nix/

(06:27:37 PM) peanutb_: no, its perfectly ok.

(06:27:38 PM) NaNO2x: i can bring dongles but i am out of hd's

(06:27:41 PM) dshufelt: peanutb, we can blow through the rest of the meeting if you want

(06:27:49 PM) H264: NaNO2x: what do you have? a years worth of new releases in full resolution on your disk(s)?

(06:27:53 PM) NaNO2x: i'll be here forever

(06:27:58 PM) dshufelt: lol

(06:28:00 PM) peanutb_: dshufelt, i just need to plan

(06:28:02 PM) H264: (of movies)

(06:28:07 PM) NaNO2x: actually one of the things is a 11.11gb audiobook

(06:28:07 PM) NaNO2x: :p

(06:28:13 PM) dshufelt: OK, moving on then

(06:28:27 PM) NaNO2x: discworld ftw!

(06:28:34 PM) dshufelt: I actually was able to host a successful PDX team meeting!

(06:28:42 PM) peanutb_: YAY

(06:28:48 PM) ***peanutb_ claps his hands

(06:28:50 PM) H264: Oh, yeah... how did that go?

(06:29:08 PM) dshufelt: The rest of the PDX'ers decided that they liked the Old Town Pizza location and would like to meet once a month

(06:29:27 PM) peanutb_: how many other showed up?

(06:29:41 PM) desmondo [n=desmondo@c-24-16-218-238.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] entered the room.

(06:29:46 PM) dshufelt: We are also going to get the info out for a Sunday Night Pizza social so anyone that can't afford Ubuntu Live can still take part

(06:30:04 PM) dshufelt: there were 6 of us at the pizza joint

(06:30:09 PM) peanutb_: cool

(06:30:15 PM) H264: Woah

(06:30:19 PM) H264: nice Smile :)

(06:30:21 PM) peanutb_: did you invite Linus? (jk)

(06:30:33 PM) dshufelt: Much better then having meetings with myself

(06:30:40 PM) H264: desmondo: Hello

(06:30:53 PM) dshufelt: I told you, as soon as Linus renounces his evil KDE ways then-

(06:30:53 PM) NaNO2x: watch him show up Wink ;)

(06:30:55 PM) desmondo: Hi

(06:31:10 PM) H264: desmondo: what's up?

(06:31:22 PM) desmondo: Smile :-) My first meeting and my first use of IRC

(06:31:30 PM) peanutb_: welcome

(06:31:33 PM) NaNO2x: fun fun

(06:31:34 PM) desmondo: Thanks

(06:31:35 PM) dshufelt: well welcome desmondo!

(06:31:48 PM) peanutb_: is there an echo in here?

(06:32:04 PM) H264: echo?

(06:32:05 PM) dshufelt: next item on the agenda (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PNWTeam/Meetings/CurrentAgenda) is GSlug

(06:32:08 PM) NaNO2x: echo

(06:32:17 PM) H264: lol

(06:32:20 PM) NaNO2x: all right so what have you heard so far

(06:32:25 PM) NaNO2x: they haven't contacted me at all

(06:32:37 PM) dshufelt: (not due to a lack of my trying)

(06:32:41 PM) NaNO2x: :p

(06:32:50 PM) H264: I know nothing

(06:32:54 PM) NaNO2x: i think we can easily get space at various place

(06:32:54 PM) NaNO2x: s

(06:33:04 PM) dshufelt: they are very optimistic about starting back up but the contacts we have are too busy to run the meetings

(06:33:07 PM) ***peanutb_ mentioned libraries

(06:33:13 PM) NaNO2x: i mean on the uw campus i can either start a club and get official space or steal some

(06:33:32 PM) NaNO2x: id actually mention coffee houses to them

(06:33:54 PM) peanutb_: thats not such a bad idea actually

(06:33:54 PM) H264: coffee... blah

(06:33:59 PM) NaNO2x: this is seattle h264 :P

(06:34:01 PM) ***peanutb_ doesent drink coffee either

(06:34:07 PM) dshufelt: I would still like to get GSlug up and running again since they already have an established presence but if we need to then we can go all out and start an Ubuntu group in seattle

(06:34:12 PM) ***NaNO2x is off coffee after 56cups/day

(06:34:28 PM) peanutb_: ITS A DRUG...

(06:34:45 PM) H264: and not that great for you

(06:34:57 PM) NaNO2x: caffine has stopped affecting me Sad :(

(06:35:08 PM) peanutb_: you have built up a tolerance

(06:35:14 PM) NaNO2x: yeah i know, i hate it

(06:35:22 PM) NaNO2x: i need a buzz and i'm not going to drugs

(06:35:31 PM) NaNO2x: :p

(06:35:39 PM) NaNO2x: redline not working doesnt help!

(06:35:44 PM) dshufelt: peanutb, coffee is still legal not to mention an important dietary suppliment

(06:35:58 PM) H264: haha

(06:35:59 PM) peanutb_: right... shure it is.

(06:36:04 PM) H264: anyway..

(06:36:12 PM) NaNO2x: anyway, off of coffee, there are a few places i could see

(06:36:14 PM) dshufelt: it builds strong bones and active brain cells

(06:36:20 PM) dshufelt: anyway

(06:36:27 PM) peanutb_: lets move on.

(06:36:40 PM) ***peanutb_ points to moveon.org

(06:36:56 PM) dshufelt: I think if we want to bring GSlug back then we are going to need to schedule a meeting and see who shows

(06:37:10 PM) NaNO2x: yeah

(06:37:14 PM) desmondo: Smile :-) That's a good idea!

(06:37:16 PM) peanutb_: lets do it.

(06:37:36 PM) dshufelt: OK, lets get a venue and schedule a meeting.

(06:37:50 PM) peanutb_: agreed.

(06:37:55 PM) dshufelt: I don't have a problem being bold

(06:37:56 PM) NaNO2x: well whats good for other people

(06:38:00 PM) H264: when? where? will there be free food?

(06:38:17 PM) dshufelt: weekends are best for me if I have to drive up north

(06:38:23 PM) NaNO2x: we could do washington convention center

(06:38:25 PM) NaNO2x: thats where 2600 meets

(06:38:32 PM) ***dshufelt is due for a vacation though

(06:38:38 PM) andrewkk: how big are we talking?

(06:38:55 PM) Ashex: NaNO2x: can you get a room at UW?

(06:39:05 PM) dshufelt: I'm down is there any cost involved?

(06:39:13 PM) NaNO2x: i'll ask around but probably

(06:39:15 PM) NaNO2x: i mean we could always just meet there

(06:39:18 PM) Ashex: UW is fairly central for seattle, and it's easier to get a room there then at the convention center

(06:39:29 PM) Ashex: for reserving a room at UW, none for a student

(06:39:37 PM) NaNO2x: really?

(06:39:40 PM) NaNO2x: who do i talk to

(06:39:42 PM) Ashex: I'm pretty sure

(06:39:45 PM) Ashex: um

(06:39:49 PM) ***Ashex thinks real quick

(06:39:53 PM) NaNO2x: :P

(06:39:55 PM) Ashex: I can't remember it off the top of my head

(06:40:00 PM) Ashex: I've gotten rooms at the library

(06:40:09 PM) Ashex: you can walk in and reserve one at the front desk

(06:40:27 PM) NaNO2x: oh

(06:40:30 PM) NaNO2x: library rooms

(06:40:32 PM) NaNO2x: thats different

(06:40:36 PM) NaNO2x: i was looking at getting a whole place

(06:40:55 PM) NaNO2x: anyway

(06:40:59 PM) NaNO2x: i'll look into it umm

(06:41:01 PM) NaNO2x: tomorrow

(06:41:13 PM) Ashex: NaNO2x: http://www.lib.washington.edu/services/facilities/studyRooms/How_to_Reserve.pdf

(06:41:19 PM) dshufelt: library conference rooms work, coffee houses, pizza joints, what ever we can work out.

(06:41:20 PM) NaNO2x: yeah study rooms

(06:41:28 PM) NaNO2x: i agree

(06:41:59 PM) NaNO2x: gimme a date i'll reserve one

(06:42:03 PM) dshufelt: OK, this is going to be one of those things that would be better for someone in the area to handle.

(06:42:07 PM) dshufelt: OK.

(06:42:16 PM) dshufelt: lets book it out about a month or so...

(06:42:19 PM) Ashex: NaNO2x: also, if you have a faculty member your cozy with, they can help you get a room

(06:42:46 PM) NaNO2x: and i do know most of the cs staff

(06:42:55 PM) dshufelt: any objections to the 21st?

(06:42:58 PM) NaNO2x: so i could probably get a really nice conferrence there

(06:42:59 PM) peanutb_: someone just walked up to me and asked about linux... LOL

(06:43:03 PM) NaNO2x: nice

(06:43:10 PM) NaNO2x: tell them to come to the install fest

(06:43:12 PM) dshufelt: nice

(06:43:24 PM) ***peanutb_ gave her a flyer

(06:43:26 PM) dshufelt: if they are cool then they will show up

(06:43:36 PM) H264: tell them to join this channel Smile :)

(06:43:39 PM) peanutb_: she wanted to know if i do consulting

(06:43:41 PM) H264: *her

(06:43:43 PM) dshufelt: yup

(06:43:47 PM) H264: haha

(06:43:55 PM) H264: at 13 Wink ;)

(06:44:04 PM) dshufelt: do it paul!

(06:44:06 PM) peanutb_: I dont look 13 to everyone...

(06:44:11 PM) peanutb_: I am...

(06:44:18 PM) dshufelt: well played!

(06:44:29 PM) ***peanutb_ needs to read up on centos

(06:44:38 PM) andrewkk: july 21 sounds like a good date for gslug

(06:44:51 PM) desmondo: 21 sounds good

(06:44:53 PM) peanutb_: sounds great.

(06:45:09 PM) NaNO2x: aight so a date

(06:45:11 PM) NaNO2x: the 21?

(06:45:15 PM) NaNO2x: aight lemme check this out

(06:45:24 PM) dshufelt: OK, mark your calendars because that meeting is going to be AWESOME!

(06:45:50 PM) ***peanutb_ needs to email himself

(06:45:55 PM) andrewkk: we better get hoards of people. Smile :)

(06:46:23 PM) peanutb_: well, i cant come, im going to be in europe

(06:46:23 PM) dshufelt: we could have Ashex give a speech.

(06:46:38 PM) peanutb_: Big Grin :)

(06:46:38 PM) NaNO2x: well the room the largest size i can get officially there with chairs is 11

(06:46:38 PM) Ashex: ha

(06:46:38 PM) NaNO2x: but we can spill out

(06:46:39 PM) dshufelt: :|

(06:46:43 PM) NaNO2x: what time?

(06:47:24 PM) dshufelt: well that depends on how early you want to get up. After noon'ish?

(06:47:33 PM) Ashex: I guess I could do a speech :P

(06:47:33 PM) ***Ashex checks calendar

(06:47:33 PM) NaNO2x: and i have ideas of places we can move if there are to many people

(06:47:33 PM) peanutb_: hmm they block port 6667, but not port 22. what a weird world

(06:47:37 PM) Ashex: I'll be in spokane 21st

(06:47:49 PM) dshufelt: just a sec

(06:47:50 PM) Ashex: on the 21st*

(06:47:51 PM) NaNO2x: what are you using 6667 for hmm?

(06:47:55 PM) Ashex: irc?

(06:47:58 PM) andrewkk: afternoon, 2-3ish? more people will come the later it is

(06:48:00 PM) NaNO2x: ahh

(06:48:01 PM) NaNO2x: :P

(06:48:06 PM) peanutb_: Im using my server as a proxy

(06:48:13 PM) NaNO2x: well i can get it at night

(06:48:15 PM) NaNO2x: but whenever

(06:48:21 PM) Ashex: any chance we can do the 14th?

(06:48:45 PM) ***peanutb_ cant go anywhere till the 29th

(06:48:48 PM) Ashex: or 28th

(06:49:04 PM) NaNO2x: of july/

(06:49:14 PM) dshufelt: 2-3 sounds good to me

(06:49:18 PM) peanutb_: but i can be on irc

(06:49:18 PM) andrewkk: 28th over the 14th will give us more time.

(06:49:28 PM) dshufelt: the 28th would work for me too.

(06:49:42 PM) NaNO2x: of july?

(06:49:42 PM) peanutb_: sounds great.

(06:49:51 PM) andrewkk: NaNO2x: july.

(06:49:52 PM) Ashex: yeah, July 28th

(06:49:55 PM) dshufelt: Although I won't be as cool of a person on the 28th as I will on the 21th

(06:49:57 PM) NaNO2x: saturdays earlier is better for me

(06:50:06 PM) NaNO2x: but leaving at 3 is fine

(06:50:09 PM) dshufelt: yes july

(06:50:18 PM) NaNO2x: whys that d

(06:50:29 PM) ***dshufelt will be an older man

(06:50:39 PM) desmondo: Sounds good, and you'll send location/ time details to the mailing list?

(06:50:44 PM) dshufelt: I'm getting up there, I'm almost as old as Ashex

(06:50:47 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(06:50:56 PM) Ashex: haha

(06:50:58 PM) peanutb_: @slap dshufelt

(06:50:58 PM) ***PNWbot slaps dshufelt around with a small, small space marine

(06:51:22 PM) peanutb_: I figured it was approperiate

(06:51:26 PM) dshufelt: H264, hows the OR loco doing?

(06:51:34 PM) peanutb_: well, shall we move on to the oregon team?

(06:51:59 PM) ***dshufelt shakes off peanutb's abuse

(06:52:00 PM) NaNO2x: The material you have chosen has been booked during Sat Jul 28 2007 02:00PM - Sat Jul 28 2007 03:30PM

(06:52:22 PM) dshufelt: sounds like a winner.

(06:52:23 PM) peanutb_: hmm

(06:52:40 PM) ***dshufelt pokes H264

(06:52:48 PM) andrewkk: hour and a half?

(06:53:02 PM) H264: umm, aside from the little install fest I am having, I think alright

(06:53:20 PM) peanutb_: fscking gnome, it keeps freezing

(06:53:28 PM) NaNO2x: max was 2 hours i figured give it an extra half hour because if people dont want to leave right then or want to plan a new place to be

(06:53:55 PM) dshufelt: Any other big plans besides the Install fest and the pizza social (that I didn't tell you about)?

(06:54:09 PM) NaNO2x: whats this pizza social?

(06:54:20 PM) dshufelt: yeah, we can always move to someplace with more coffee.

(06:54:39 PM) H264: well, I will be going to OSU/LBCC in the fall, I will then get to see what is going on around there

(06:54:56 PM) H264: and I will live in a more populated area Smile :)

(06:54:58 PM) dshufelt: I am going to invite everyone that is coming to Ubuntu Live to meet up Sunday night at Old Town Pizza in Portland

(06:55:11 PM) NaNO2x: whens ubuntu live and where?

(06:55:28 PM) peanutb_: http://www.ubuntulive.com/

(06:55:42 PM) peanutb_: portland on the 22-24th

(06:55:48 PM) H264: you beat me to it

(06:55:51 PM) dshufelt: July 22, 23 and 24th in Portland Oregon.

(06:55:51 PM) NaNO2x: :p

(06:56:16 PM) Ashex: Oh snap

(06:56:17 PM) peanutb_: Im still getting this echo from dshufelt

(06:56:20 PM) Ashex: that's when it is? :O

(06:56:23 PM) dshufelt: I am going to try to get SABDFL, Jono and the rest of the team

(06:56:39 PM) ***peanutb_ wishes him luck

(06:56:54 PM) H264: I'll tell Zelut Smile :)

(06:57:00 PM) peanutb_: I sent jono an email, he still hasent responded 2 days later

(06:57:17 PM) dshufelt: The social will take place Sunday night after Ubuntu Live gets out

(06:57:28 PM) ***Ashex completely forgot about ubuntu live

(06:57:35 PM) Ashex: in that case, I won't be going to spokane :/

(06:57:40 PM) peanutb_: it costs money

(06:57:46 PM) andrewkk: so expensive.

(06:57:59 PM) NaNO2x: you think its expensive

(06:57:59 PM) H264: it is.. $_$

(06:58:01 PM) peanutb_: why do i have to go to Greece? why?

(06:58:09 PM) NaNO2x: you should have seen the wc conferrence in seattle

(06:58:10 PM) dshufelt: I either go to Ubuntu live or buy a dell this month.

(06:58:14 PM) ***peanutb_ gets bored there

(06:58:20 PM) dshufelt: I already committed to the dell

(06:58:30 PM) peanutb_: dshufelt,dude you're getting a dell

(06:58:35 PM) Ashex: full time students get 65% discount

(06:58:52 PM) dshufelt: lol

(06:58:54 PM) peanutb_: that is still a lot of $$$$

(06:59:07 PM) Ashex: so, it's around 200 with discount....

(06:59:14 PM) NaNO2x: thats not to bad :P

(06:59:21 PM) NaNO2x: but it is for an ubuntu thing

(06:59:29 PM) Ashex: although, I'd have to get time off work

(06:59:32 PM) Ashex: Sad :( I wanted to go

(06:59:35 PM) peanutb_: well i have to leave pretty soon here (like in the next 10-15 min)

(06:59:42 PM) dshufelt: OK.

(06:59:45 PM) Ashex: ok

(06:59:48 PM) NaNO2x: the webdev one was $895

(06:59:49 PM) NaNO2x: :p

(06:59:49 PM) Ashex: paul, gimme a call tomorrow

(06:59:56 PM) Ashex: do you want my local number?

(07:00:01 PM) peanutb_: shure

(07:00:03 PM) dshufelt: I don't really have any updates on the WA loco team. (sorry)

(07:00:12 PM) peanutb_: but i cant get pms. so email it

(07:00:24 PM) Ashex: ok

(07:00:31 PM) peanutb_: that works too

(07:00:35 PM) Ashex: hehe

(07:00:39 PM) Ashex: I'll email it just in case

(07:00:51 PM) dshufelt: paul do you want to talk about updating the forum or the team blog or anything?

(07:01:42 PM) peanutb_: Ill be getting the drupal site up soon. The team blog is open for anyone who wants to install themes etc, but i think drupal will handle it all.

(07:02:08 PM) peanutb_: so Wa loco team,

(07:02:26 PM) peanutb_: how about everyone in Wa, sign up for it on the wiki.

(07:02:32 PM) andrewkk: what's going on with that? does it exist?

(07:02:33 PM) Ashex: link?

(07:02:36 PM) dshufelt: Sounds like a good idea

(07:02:39 PM) peanutb_: So we can get a count of who we have

(07:02:52 PM) NaNO2x: as i recalled the wiki for wa sucked

(07:02:54 PM) peanutb_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WashingtonTeam

(07:02:56 PM) NaNO2x: :P

(07:02:58 PM) peanutb_: it does.

(07:03:16 PM) peanutb_: Im going to talk to the team contact and get approval to change it,

(07:03:29 PM) NaNO2x: ok so do i need to do anything special?

(07:03:32 PM) NaNO2x: or just ad my name

(07:03:40 PM) peanutb_: just add your name

(07:03:48 PM) dshufelt: well, we can work with them to try to implement improvements

(07:04:19 PM) dshufelt: Our wiki didn't always look so nice either

(07:04:36 PM) ***peanutb_ looked at the history and agrees

(07:05:04 PM) peanutb_: so. Progress on becoming official...

(07:05:08 PM) dshufelt: LOL thanks man

(07:05:31 PM) peanutb_: shure anytime

(07:05:35 PM) dshufelt: I am going to submit the request. I think we have shown that we are active and mean business

(07:06:03 PM) peanutb_: We will run into the statewide barrier though

(07:06:05 PM) dshufelt: The request will actually be submitted tonight or maybe on Saturday

(07:06:12 PM) Ashex: When we met with zenrox way back, he mentioned that getting a pnw team approved is unlikely, but having a team in each state and us all networking to create pnw team would work better

(07:06:14 PM) dshufelt: that's fine with me

(07:06:36 PM) peanutb_: not zenrox, whats his face

(07:06:48 PM) Ashex: Christer

(07:06:49 PM) peanutb_: Zelut

(07:06:56 PM) Ashex: yeah, Zelut

(07:06:56 PM) H264: that guy

(07:07:01 PM) H264: :P

(07:07:03 PM) ***Ashex could only remember that it started with a Z

(07:07:11 PM) dshufelt: I'm down with whatever but I think we have put allot of work it to this and deserve the official bennies

(07:07:20 PM) H264: Edwards I believe

(07:07:24 PM) Ashex: Yeah

(07:07:27 PM) Ashex: Christer Edwards

(07:07:32 PM) Ashex: I never got his card...

(07:07:40 PM) H264: me neither

(07:07:42 PM) peanutb_: I agree.

(07:07:56 PM) peanutb_: i agree

(07:07:56 PM) peanutb_: lets all show up at the community council meeting then.

(07:08:06 PM) H264: when is that?

(07:08:15 PM) peanutb_: does he have a card?

(07:08:16 PM) dshufelt: I've heard allot about this topic from all angles but we are providing something few locos would... An inclusive community

(07:08:53 PM) peanutb_: we can argue on #ubuntu-meeting when the time comes

(07:09:05 PM) dshufelt: Sounds like a plan. It would be nice to have many people show up and explain what they like about th ePNW team

(07:09:08 PM) H264: peanutb_: when is the next one?

(07:09:22 PM) peanutb_: good question

(07:09:25 PM) dshufelt: other then that I still plan on starting and supporting the state level teams

(07:09:35 PM) ***dshufelt checks his email

(07:10:09 PM) peanutb_: ok

(07:10:33 PM) peanutb_: shall we recap about the WWU speach?

(07:10:40 PM) NaNO2x: aye

(07:10:47 PM) dshufelt: The next loco team meeting is Sunday, June 24, 2007 at 14:00:00 UTC time.

(07:11:04 PM) peanutb_: not loco team, Community council meeting.

(07:11:12 PM) dshufelt: sure WWU speech went as well as could be expected.

(07:11:14 PM) peanutb_: they are held fortnightly

(07:11:49 PM) peanutb_: and we met andrewkk in person.

(07:12:22 PM) peanutb_: so art package?

(07:12:24 PM) NaNO2x: been there dione that :

(07:12:25 PM) NaNO2x: :P

(07:12:47 PM) peanutb_: so art package, I have it all ready, just give me the images

(07:12:54 PM) H264: umm

(07:13:22 PM) dshufelt: if you want to know more about the speech then check out the google video

(07:13:48 PM) dshufelt: err or our project documentation.

(07:13:52 PM) H264: I'lll have to email some to you later... however if it is only going to include my pictures then I don't want you to do it

(07:14:04 PM) dshufelt: The big one on the art package was the contest.

(07:14:04 PM) peanutb_: if all of mac's people are as boreing as that guy was, they wont be in buisness for much longer

(07:14:28 PM) NaNO2x: lol

(07:14:43 PM) H264: heh

(07:14:50 PM) dshufelt: yeah, he helped make us look like super heros

(07:14:52 PM) peanutb_: I have a few too.

(07:15:05 PM) ***NaNO2x will finially be migrating back to gnome on saturday

(07:15:06 PM) NaNO2x: Big Grin :)

(07:15:08 PM) H264: does designing a rocket nozzle on a mac count as boring?

(07:15:21 PM) peanutb_: and the MS person was a complete joke.

(07:15:24 PM) dshufelt: cool, like I said I'm going to post a $25.00 gift cert up as a prize

(07:15:37 PM) dshufelt: (the team will vote during a meeting)

(07:15:42 PM) NaNO2x: whats this prize d?

(07:15:58 PM) NaNO2x: brb

(07:16:13 PM) peanutb_: my internet access keeps dropping out.

(07:16:24 PM) dshufelt: NaNO2x - a $25.00 gift cert (and maybe some books)

(07:16:26 PM) peanutb_: stupid IKEA

(07:16:41 PM) peanutb_: dshufelt, which they have to review

(07:16:50 PM) dshufelt: Ok... Anyone interested in being a team scribe

(07:17:01 PM) andrewkk: what is that exactly?

(07:17:11 PM) dshufelt: yes, that's what I mean. The team will vote on their favorites.

(07:17:17 PM) H264: scribe? I don't even have a light scribe burner

(07:17:23 PM) desmondo left the room.

(07:17:36 PM) peanutb_: @H264--

(07:17:45 PM) dshufelt: well, the team scribe could write blurbs on the team blog about our happenings.

(07:17:45 PM) H264: :/

(07:17:55 PM) H264: oh, that thing

(07:18:09 PM) Ashex: take minutes of our meetings

(07:18:17 PM) Ashex: keep track of what projects we are working on

(07:18:35 PM) Ashex: and when we get approved, depending on officer structure, submit reports

(07:18:36 PM) ***H264 has to update the Oregon team's wiki

(07:18:52 PM) dshufelt: well, that's already done by the logger bot but the scribe could also clean them up or write the abridged version

(07:19:05 PM) peanutb_: what logger bot?

(07:19:18 PM) Ashex: :O

(07:19:21 PM) peanutb_: am i supposed to be logging this with PNWbot?

(07:19:23 PM) dshufelt: I thought we had a logger turned on?

(07:19:39 PM) peanutb_: sorta, but its for everything

(07:19:41 PM) ***dshufelt is logging the meeting

(07:19:53 PM) peanutb_: Ill set it up soon.

(07:20:18 PM) dshufelt: I got that but taking those logs and trimming them will be easier and quicker then trimming my gaim logs

(07:20:23 PM) andrewkk: wait we have a blog?

(07:20:27 PM) dshufelt: Yeah!

(07:20:37 PM) peanutb_: pnw.ubuntu-us.org/blog

(07:20:37 PM) dshufelt: because Paul is THE MAN!

(07:20:51 PM) Ashex: haha

(07:20:51 PM) peanutb_: but lets wait till drupal gets installed

(07:20:57 PM) Ashex: I log the chats in kvirc

(07:21:11 PM) peanutb_: ok.

(07:21:23 PM) dshufelt: anyway, team scribe is more fun then Ashex is making it sound.

(07:21:30 PM) Ashex: hehe

(07:21:36 PM) Ashex: well, those are some of the required duties

(07:21:42 PM) dshufelt: just write about us every once in a while and make us sound epic and exciting

(07:21:44 PM) Ashex: but it IS way more fun then it sounds

(07:21:48 PM) Ashex: job descriptions always sound lame

(07:21:50 PM) peanutb_: did ashex just say he wanted to do it?

(07:21:51 PM) dshufelt: Big Grin :)

(07:21:57 PM) Ashex: heeeeelllll no

(07:21:57 PM) Ashex: :P

(07:22:02 PM) dshufelt: Smile :)

(07:22:08 PM) H264: I think I read that he did between the lines

(07:22:24 PM) Ashex: as soon as I get my club chartered, I'll assume an officer position

(07:22:29 PM) Ashex: in the time being though, I'm just a speaker

(07:22:33 PM) dshufelt: He's already the team speaker. We can't give him all the jobs

(07:23:06 PM) H264: from team speaker to scribe is not a jump, more like a step

(07:23:06 PM) peanutb_: true

(07:23:06 PM) Ashex: hehe

(07:23:16 PM) andrewkk: well scribe is definitely something i could do, but i feel like i'm not very updated on the happenings on the group myself

(07:23:19 PM) peanutb_: how about H264?

(07:23:39 PM) dshufelt: Ok for now I am inspired (although short on time) and will try to continue bloging about the team in an epic manner

(07:23:45 PM) H264: hahaha, trust me, you don't want me to do it

(07:23:54 PM) peanutb_: andrewkk, you would be a great person for it.

(07:24:00 PM) Ashex: we really need to use the mailing list too

(07:24:24 PM) H264: but the mailing list takes forever for things to go through

(07:24:35 PM) ***dshufelt wrote a script to send email reminders about meetings out so he quits forgetting

(07:24:37 PM) Ashex: we using mailman?

(07:24:40 PM) andrewkk: do you guys use this channel much besides during these meetings?

(07:24:53 PM) dshufelt: yeah it's a mailman interface

(07:24:59 PM) dshufelt: yes

(07:25:02 PM) andrewkk: anything wrong with using a google group?

(07:25:20 PM) Ashex: hmm

(07:25:34 PM) NaNO2x: back

(07:25:41 PM) Ashex: I'm betting the reason it's laggy is because it's used by many loco teams

(07:25:45 PM) dshufelt: I'm down for google groups and stuff but I think it's easier if we stick to the infrastructure that we already have

(07:25:46 PM) Ashex: the mail server that is

(07:25:51 PM) H264: hmm

(07:26:03 PM) dshufelt: forums, mail list and IRC is a lot to keep track of at times

(07:26:07 PM) andrewkk: i always thought it made more sense to use tech that someone ELSE keeps running

(07:26:13 PM) H264: could we like have our own automated system?

(07:26:13 PM) Ashex: paul, do you have access to the MX entries of our site?

(07:51:08 PM) dshufelt: (07:26:30 PM) dshufelt: The mail server isn't that bad. Most people receive a daily digest though

(07:51:08 PM) dshufelt: (07:28:20 PM) dshufelt: I have been trying to contact people to see if I could help with the SPAM and config on the mailing servers. I would rather help fix the problem for everyone then abandon ship

(07:51:08 PM) dshufelt: (07:28:56 PM) dshufelt: Last but not least (we can continue talking after this of course) IRC / Forums-

(07:51:08 PM) dshufelt: (07:30:02 PM) dshufelt: We need to adhere to the Code of Conduct when using these tools. Not that any team members have abused them but I just wanted to make sure that we clarify that conversation should be appropriate for all audiences.

(07:51:08 PM) dshufelt: (07:32:01 PM) dshufelt: does anyone have anythings else they wanted to bring up?

(07:52:22 PM) NaNO2x: so on the channel we need to keep to code?

(07:53:19 PM) dshufelt: yeah, there was an issue a few weeks back with someone that thought it was cool to insult people. It actually made some people feel uncomfortable and I don't think thats at all cool

(07:54:06 PM) Ashex: who was it?

(07:54:07 PM) dshufelt: it wasn't a team member but still, better to clarify for everyone.

(07:54:07 PM) H264: I thought that guy was annoying

(07:54:09 PM) ***NaNO2x calls off the warez bot that was on the way

(07:54:09 PM) NaNO2x: :P

(07:54:15 PM) dshufelt: lol

(07:54:42 PM) andrewkk: especially when dealing with ubuntu i think thats a pretty important thing to remember.

(07:55:25 PM) ***dshufelt nods

(07:55:29 PM) NaNO2x: as long as cursing isn't disallowed completely and joking around about stuff then i'm good

(07:55:36 PM) NaNO2x: Wink ;)

(07:56:11 PM) dshufelt: joking is encouraged. Profanity should be kept to a minimal (I think we do a good job)

(07:58:13 PM) dshufelt: Anyway, was there anything else you guys wanted to discuss?

(07:58:22 PM) NaNO2x: we get through the lineup?

(07:58:44 PM) H264: umm, we need to set a dead line for the picture contest

(07:58:54 PM) dshufelt: yeah I think so.

(07:59:06 PM) H264: otherwise it will never get done

(07:59:15 PM) dshufelt: nope but I was thinking of putting it out a few months to encourage participation.

(07:59:57 PM) H264: well, yeah, make it three... or better yet time it to end right before fall term

(07:59:06 PM) NaNO2x: umm whats the update on becoming official

(08:00:04 PM) dshufelt: Ahh... I am going to send the application in for our team. We may get turned down but at least we will have tried. We'll continue to support the state region teams

(08:00:25 PM) NaNO2x: wait so whats the hold up so far and why would we get turned down?

(08:00:36 PM) dshufelt: and if you can make it to the team council meeting to discuss what you like (or dislike) about PNW that would be good.

(08:00:48 PM) NaNO2x: when is it

(08:00:51 PM) dshufelt: I'll send an email out with details when the time comes

(08:00:51 PM) NaNO2x: and where

(08:01:02 PM) NaNO2x: i'll help with making us official

(08:01:09 PM) dshufelt: we may get turned down because they are trying to get teams per state currently.

(08:01:15 PM) NaNO2x: btw, which mailing lists should i be on and how can i check which i'm on?

(08:01:31 PM) NaNO2x: ok, well i can talk for us definitely; I'm good at that

(08:01:37 PM) dshufelt: (there are no official odd ball regional teams like ours in the US)

(08:01:57 PM) NaNO2x: well we'll be the first Wink ;)

(08:02:00 PM) H264: well... the pacific north west is much less populated...

(08:02:09 PM) NaNO2x: oddly enough

(08:02:18 PM) H264: there is a good reason...

(08:02:36 PM) NaNO2x: umm because to many people are either non tech or pro m$

(08:02:44 PM) dshufelt: if you are on the PNW list then you'll get all the emails about this team. You may get the same email twice if you join other lists but that's because we want to make sure people are informed.

(08:03:00 PM) NaNO2x: i realize that when i graduate theres a high certainty i'll be working there, but that doesn't mean i have to like them :p

(08:03:07 PM) NaNO2x: pnw i'm on

(08:03:13 PM) dshufelt: lol

(08:03:19 PM) NaNO2x: do i need to be on washington

(08:03:20 PM) NaNO2x: i mean any special washington list

(08:03:39 PM) H264: and there is participation at local events in different states by everybody

(08:04:00 PM) H264: good reason #2

(08:04:11 PM) dshufelt: if you want to join then you will be sure not to miss any WA specific events that PNW isn't involved with (there haven't been any yet)

(08:04:29 PM) NaNO2x: naw

(08:04:35 PM) NaNO2x: just tell me here if there is something :P

(08:04:35 PM) H264: we need to compile a list of good reasons before the ubuntu-meeting

(08:04:44 PM) dshufelt: we can do that

(08:05:10 PM) NaNO2x: yeah we can make a nice speech Big Grin :)

(08:05:39 PM) H264: well, I would rater present the facts and let them decide

(08:05:40 PM) dshufelt: Ashex is doing the next one (as long as it's not in Oregon)

(08:05:51 PM) dshufelt: exactly, it's just another tool.

(08:06:14 PM) dshufelt: it may be better for the job you're working on and then again it might not.

(08:06:49 PM) dshufelt: (OK) so it is better and we know it but- ohhh yeah! I have a bunch of project outlines that I have to post up soon.

(08:08:57 PM) NaNO2x: cool

(08:09:12 PM) H264: well, even if we abs(can't) get officialness for PNW, we could still get official for Wa and Or and just pool the resources so it would be basically the same as if PNW was official

(08:09:19 PM) NaNO2x: well getting gslug going will be a big thing

(08:09:25 PM) NaNO2x: we can officially say thats a pnw project

(08:09:26 PM) NaNO2x: Wink ;)

(08:09:38 PM) NaNO2x: lets try for pnw

(08:09:43 PM) NaNO2x: then wa and or later

(08:09:52 PM) dshufelt: Yeah but it would honestly be better to have all three be official IMHO

(08:10:03 PM) dshufelt: I want more not less Big Grin :)

(08:10:21 PM) NaNO2x: Smile :)

(08:10:30 PM) NaNO2x: pnw first because its best!

(08:10:52 PM) dshufelt: we have to at least try... We're the ones that inspired the rest to the similar teams.

(08:11:09 PM) NaNO2x: aye

(08:11:15 PM) dshufelt: we owe it to our fans... This is for our PUBLIC MAN!

(08:11:46 PM) H264: *republic

(08:11:47 PM) NaNO2x: *cheers are heard from the croud*

(08:11:47 PM) H264: Wink ;)

(08:12:15 PM) dshufelt: it's about FREEDOM! It's about DEMOCRACY! and it's about a darn good Project line up! Smile :)

(08:12:42 PM) Ashex: I'll be back...

(08:12:46 PM) ***Ashex is going to play some games

(08:12:56 PM) Ashex left the room (quit: "Just Wing It").

(08:12:57 PM) dshufelt: I knew that would be too much for Ashex

(08:12:59 PM) H264: heh

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