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In the event that an agenda item is not able to be discussed then it will be added to the agenda for the next team meeting or a special meeting may be held to cover the topic.


Conversation with #ubuntu-pnw

(17:51:58) The topic for #ubuntu-pnw is: PNW meeting 12-13 | GSLUG meeting 12-08 | Please take wayyy off topic chatter to ##linuxNW

(17:52:07) zenrox [i=zenrox@pool-71-115-192-232.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] entered the room.

(17:55:42) H264: I'm adding to the agenda that the PNW wiki needs cleaning up

(17:56:07) M0nk3yMan: I see

(17:56:12) M0nk3yMan: Yeah it does

(17:56:27) M0nk3yMan: I like our new website

(17:56:31) M0nk3yMan: But forums gotta be fixed

(17:57:10) H264: oh, another thing I'm thinking about

(17:57:24) M0nk3yMan: Who are all these people in here?

(17:57:51) H264: M0nk3yMan: the regulars Smile :)

(17:59:22) H264: there, two last min additions to the agenda

(17:59:24) H264: lol

(17:59:51) zenrox [i=zenrox@pool-71-115-192-232.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] entered the room.

(18:00:15) H264: who is going to lead the meeting?

(18:00:30) X704: not me

(18:00:52) andrewkk: where's dan? ...how will we survive without him? I'm scared.

(18:01:08) LordDicranius [n=lorddicr@pool-71-117-207-76.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] entered the room.

(18:01:11) LordDicranius: there we go

(18:01:18) NaNO2x: we haven't been Sad :(

(18:01:26) H264: hey

(18:01:32) zenrox left the room (quit: Client Quit).

(18:01:37) LordDicranius: hey Smile :)

(18:01:39) andrewkk: hold up how long has he been gone?

(18:01:44) NaNO2x: at least two months

(18:02:16) andrewkk: (hey me too)

(18:02:44) M0nk3yMan: Dan has been gone for two months?

(18:03:03) H264: something very close to that, yeah

(18:03:23) andrewkk: H264 you want lead us through the agenda?

(18:03:37) H264: haha...

(18:03:42) H264: ha

(18:03:44) H264: haaaaa

(18:03:48) H264: not really

(18:04:00) X704: me neither

(18:04:08) X704: why not NaNO2x do it?

(18:04:18) NaNO2x: umm

(18:04:24) NaNO2x: aight

(18:04:26) NaNO2x: t

(18:04:28) NaNO2x: moment

(18:04:39) NaNO2x: or wana link me?

(18:04:47) andrewkk: I guess in the future we should have this pre decided, on the wiki or something, on an item by item basis perhaps

(18:04:58) NaNO2x: got it

(18:05:06) NaNO2x: well peanut ususally does it

(18:05:27) NaNO2x: so...

(18:05:28) andrewkk: ah. and he's doing some school thing?

(18:05:32) NaNO2x: this is outdated

(18:05:36) H264: I think the last couple times I was gone for PNW meeting for some reason

(18:05:48) NaNO2x: something about a coir

(18:05:48) peanutb: srry im late

(18:05:54) andrewkk: Upcoming Events: Gutsy Release Party

(18:05:54) NaNO2x: (sp)

(18:05:55) NaNO2x: :P

(18:06:03) H264: NaNO2x: I took out the one really really old thing and added a couple

(18:06:22) H264: except that one

(18:06:24) H264: lol

(18:06:35) NaNO2x: :P

(18:06:42) LordDicranius: haha

(18:06:42) H264: but it was fun Smile :)

(18:06:45) NaNO2x: all right

(18:06:53) NaNO2x: so peanut, you wana lead or shall i

(18:07:15) peanutb: yo uplease

(18:07:18) H264: I'll link to it because I just finished that page... just a sec

(18:07:49) peanutb: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PNWTeam/Meetings/CurrentAgenda

(18:08:00) H264: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OregonTeam/GutsyReleaseParty

(18:08:22) andrewkk: has there been a meeting since the release party?

(18:08:28) peanutb: dont think so

(18:08:32) H264: andrewkk: not really

(18:08:37) NaNO2x: nope

(18:08:43) NaNO2x: which we never did in seattle

(18:08:46) NaNO2x: and thus i still have feisty

(18:08:55) NaNO2x: btw i need to take care of that over break anyone who wants to join

(18:09:32) NaNO2x: anyway

(18:09:36) NaNO2x: gslug meeting

(18:09:47) NaNO2x: who all has been? other than myself and peanutb of course

(18:10:18) H264: I keep hearing about it from NaNO2x

(18:10:19) ***peanutb glares at all those who dont seem to be here

(18:10:29) zenrox [n=zenrox@pool-71-115-192-232.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] entered the room.

(18:10:33) H264: Ashex: poke

(18:10:42) NaNO2x: i'll take that as no one is paying attention and do the distract-a-monkey dance

(18:10:47) peanutb: M0nk3yMan: poke

(18:10:56) H264: peanutb: poke

(18:10:56) peanutb: wha?

(18:10:58) LordDicranius: here, just haven't been to one, so I didn't speak up :-P

(18:11:17) NaNO2x: anyway, things have been going quite well

(18:11:23) andrewkk: well I've been to one. they're kind of far away though

(18:11:35) NaNO2x: we shorted talk lengths to presuade more speakers

(18:11:41) zenrox left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).

(18:11:43) H264: and my car is kinda not working right now

(18:12:00) NaNO2x: yeah well i sugest everyone try and attend one

(18:12:12) andrewkk: I noticed a -lot- of discussion on the mailing list a while back

(18:12:16) NaNO2x: hehe

(18:12:17) NaNO2x: yeah

(18:12:20) H264: when is the next one?

(18:12:25) NaNO2x: someone said that CLI shouldn't be talked about

(18:12:36) andrewkk: that group is going to destroy itself

(18:12:47) NaNO2x: the 5th

(18:12:53) H264: hmm

(18:13:02) H264: classes start the 7th for me

(18:13:04) NaNO2x: i'll keep it goin :P

(18:13:05) peanutb: i agree

(18:13:12) peanutb: it will if people dont take charge

(18:13:17) NaNO2x: btw i met brian today at google :p

(18:13:19) andrewkk: they could use some happy ubuntuism philosophy

(18:13:21) NaNO2x: anyway onward

(18:13:24) H264: I may be able to pop in for one

(18:13:25) ***peanutb votes for a Benevolant dictator

(18:13:25) NaNO2x: its going quite well

(18:13:36) H264: (the next one)

(18:13:41) FireRabbit [n=FireRabb@orion.extremeboredom.net] entered the room.

(18:13:45) peanutb: agreed, it isint gonna self distruct

(18:13:52) NaNO2x: and there's one of those dictators!

(18:13:55) NaNO2x: lynch!

(18:13:58) H264: ah, the sacred FireRabbit!

(18:14:00) NaNO2x: :P

(18:14:01) peanutb: lynch?

(18:14:05) FireRabbit: hello

(18:14:18) ***peanutb laughs at the EFnet truncation of his name

(18:14:24) peanutb: FireRabbi

(18:14:28) FireRabbit: yes yes

(18:14:30) NaNO2x: lulz

(18:14:33) LordDicranius: lol

(18:14:43) FireRabbit: so, you guys a real team yet?

(18:14:47) H264: BTW hello FireRabbit Smile :)

(18:14:49) andrewkk: hah.

(18:14:50) FireRabbit: hello

(18:15:01) peanutb: FireRabbit: probably never will be

(18:15:05) FireRabbit: peanutb: no

(18:15:06) FireRabbit: ?

(18:15:13) NaNO2x: so you'd agree things are going well right firerabbit?

(18:15:15) peanutb: they dont like us region-based teams

(18:15:19) FireRabbit: heh

(18:15:20) NaNO2x: would you like to add anything on gslug meetings

(18:15:26) NaNO2x: upcoming and past and how pnw can help

(18:15:26) FireRabbit: ok so why dont we all join #ubuntu-wa ?

(18:15:36) peanutb: its ubuntu-us-wa

(18:15:37) tgm4883_laptop: cause i live in oregon

(18:15:49) FireRabbit: tgm4883_laptop: well, get moving!

(18:15:57) H264: FireRabbit: which is alright with me as (not that I want to be) leader of the Oregon team

(18:16:01) ***tgm4883_laptop doesn't like sales tax

(18:16:13) LordDicranius: lol

(18:16:17) LordDicranius: ditto :-p

(18:16:28) peanutb: but you have income tax

(18:16:35) peanutb: i think we might be getting offtopic tho

(18:16:42) FireRabbit: NaNO2x: I thought the last GSLUG meeting went -much- better than the previous ones

(18:16:51) peanutb: agreed

(18:16:56) NaNO2x: yes

(18:17:03) NaNO2x: however i do feel that we should have spots for longer talks

(18:17:12) NaNO2x: i mean like brian's went over but it was great

(18:17:19) H264: so the next one is the 5th... does tgm4883_laptop want to go with me?

(18:17:30) FireRabbit: NaNO2x: well, I didnt kick him off.

(18:17:40) NaNO2x: no i agree

(18:17:41) FireRabbit: I think that keeping it short but not being too harsh on people going a bit over works well

(18:17:46) NaNO2x: but i want it so people have the choice

(18:17:50) FireRabbit: it keeps people focused

(18:17:55) tgm4883: X704, where?

(18:17:59) NaNO2x: otherwise people who could give longer talks would not want to talk

(18:18:08) NaNO2x: know what i mean?

(18:18:12) H264: tgm4883: to the GSLUG meeting on the 5th

(18:18:15) andrewkk: can we hold gslug discussion for gslug? I've got a bit to say but its really not the place in a pnw meeting

(18:18:23) tgm4883: yes, i gathered that much, but where is it?

(18:18:24) FireRabbit: andrewkk: yeah, sorry.

(18:18:26) NaNO2x: right

(18:18:32) NaNO2x: its at nscc

(18:18:38) NaNO2x: up by northgate

(18:18:42) FireRabbit: (I didnt even know the next meeting is the 5th)

(18:18:46) FireRabbit: (where did you all read this?)

(18:18:48) NaNO2x: i give rides to people in the vicinity of me

(18:18:57) H264: FireRabbit: NaNO2x told me :]

(18:18:59) NaNO2x: firerabbit i may have given the wrong date

(18:19:06) NaNO2x: its not updated yet

(18:19:12) NaNO2x: and i don't schedule the room

(18:19:13) NaNO2x: :P

(18:19:19) NaNO2x: nvm its not on the 5th

(18:19:20) NaNO2x: i'm wrong

(18:19:21) zenrox [i=zenrox@pool-71-115-192-232.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] entered the room.

(18:19:24) NaNO2x: its on the...

(18:19:26) zen-afk [n=zenrox@pool-71-115-192-232.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] entered the room.

(18:19:39) NaNO2x: 12th

(18:19:42) NaNO2x: right?

(18:19:45) FireRabbit: where are you seeing this?

(18:19:47) H264: oo, umm

(18:19:54) NaNO2x: second sat of the month

(18:19:59) FireRabbit: that's not set in stone

(18:19:59) peanutb: yes

(18:20:11) peanutb: true

(18:20:12) NaNO2x: its fairly set in stone as what everyone cept like two people prefer

(18:20:13) FireRabbit: the person who schedules the room is out of the country, ill send a message to the list when we have a date.

(18:20:16) tgm4883: how is the second saturday of the month ever on the 5th?

(18:20:24) NaNO2x: shuddup

(18:20:24) NaNO2x: :P

(18:20:27) FireRabbit: ANYWAY

(18:20:37) FireRabbit: so if you guys arent a real team, what's there to talk about in here? Smile :)

(18:20:40) peanutb: lets move on

(18:20:42) H264: I could still pull that day... tgm4883 do you want to go with me?

(18:20:45) peanutb: i have to leave in like 20 min

(18:20:47) NaNO2x: we talk about or and wa here

(18:20:56) tgm4883: H264, on the 5th, or the 12th?

(18:21:03) peanutb: 12th

(18:21:03) H264: ...

(18:21:05) peanutb: so far

(18:21:06) FireRabbit: tgm4883: NaNO2x: H264: join #gslug and talk in there

(18:21:06) tgm4883: or the second saturday

(18:21:11) H264: ART PACKAGE

(18:21:11) peanutb: agreed

(18:21:20) NaNO2x: FireRabbit: read the wiki for todays pnw meeting

(18:21:22) peanutb: whats the status on this?

(18:21:36) H264: I think we need to set a due date

(18:21:43) H264: and a judging date

(18:21:59) tgm4883: preferably sooner rather than later

(18:22:04) peanutb: i agree

(18:22:05) H264: and who needs to do the judging

(18:22:08) zenrox left the room (quit: Nick collision from services.).

(18:22:11) tgm4883: everyone

(18:22:13) zen-afk is now known as zenrox

(18:22:18) tgm4883: like a voting system

(18:22:29) H264: but you can't vote for yourself?

(18:22:34) tgm4883: why not?

(18:22:34) NaNO2x: why not?

(18:22:35) peanutb: no

(18:22:38) peanutb: you should be able to

(18:22:40) andrewkk: I think that's alright

(18:22:52) zen-afk [i=zenrox@pool-71-115-192-232.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] entered the room.

(18:23:05) H264: tgm4883 said something about setting up something that pictures could be uploaded to

(18:23:05) tgm4883: i'm pretty sure that the president voted for himself in the last election

(18:23:18) peanutb: i hope the due date is something like the 29th or something

(18:23:22) tgm4883: well who's running the website?

(18:23:23) peanutb: lol

(18:23:27) peanutb: i am

(18:23:32) peanutb: but i have no acces at all

(18:23:33) tgm4883: it's drupal right?

(18:23:35) zen-afk left the room (quit: Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer)).

(18:23:37) peanutb: yes

(18:23:41) peanutb: its a shared install

(18:23:43) H264: the 29th would be alright with me

(18:23:45) tgm4883: can we add modules?

(18:23:45) peanutb: so i have no upload access

(18:23:48) peanutb: umm

(18:23:49) tgm4883: ah

(18:23:50) peanutb: prolly not

(18:24:00) tgm4883: who do we have to go to to add stuff?

(18:24:01) peanutb: so basically im gonna get it hosted somewhere else

(18:24:03) H264: can we set a due date right now?

(18:24:07) peanutb: ill host it

(18:24:09) peanutb: yes.

(18:24:15) tgm4883: H264, i think right now is a little early

(18:24:31) peanutb: ah yes

(18:24:36) peanutb: thats only 2 weeks away

(18:24:45) H264: tgm4883: do you know how long this "package" has been sitting around?

(18:24:50) H264: lol

(18:24:57) tgm4883: peanutb, well throw drupal on there with gallery2 and voila, theres your viewing, voting, uploading

(18:24:59) tgm4883: all done

(18:24:59) andrewkk: is there a page up on what the big picture is here?

(18:25:18) andrewkk: like on what sort of art package is this

(18:25:21) tgm4883: peanutb, if you can't host it, i probably can

(18:25:22) peanutb: tgm4883: if you can set it up, that woul dbe great

(18:25:25) peanutb: ok

(18:25:33) ***peanutb has plenty of bandwith ATM

(18:25:48) tgm4883: peanutb, where you host at?

(18:25:55) peanutb: vpslink

(18:25:57) H264: andrewkk: this is to modify the ISO's to include the PNW background pictures

(18:25:58) tgm4883: k

(18:26:13) peanutb: it might actually end up as just a package

(18:26:20) peanutb: but thats the end result we want

(18:26:43) H264: true... PPA's I hear are easy enough

(18:26:53) tgm4883: peanutb, my work has extra space and bandwidth, but i'm not sure how much traffic pnw site usually gets

(18:27:25) tgm4883: if you can set me up with some access, i'll set it all up

(18:27:39) tgm4883: or i can do it on my host at work

(18:27:54) peanutb: ok

(18:27:56) H264: so can we vote on a due date and min. picture size?

(18:27:57) tgm4883: H264, PPA's are pretty easy, although we could probably easily get this into official repos

(18:28:03) peanutb: lets do that

(18:28:06) tgm4883: min 1024x768

(18:28:14) peanutb: thats pretty small

(18:28:16) H264: neh, bigger

(18:28:27) tgm4883: well i was saying min

(18:28:32) zenrox: damn crap

(18:28:40) tgm4883: but bigger is better

(18:28:45) H264: hmm

(18:28:46) andrewkk: they should look nice at larger resolutions though

(18:28:50) tgm4883: true

(18:28:52) andrewkk: 1024 is small

(18:28:58) zenrox: i am gona kill some ubuntu-kernel devs

(18:29:01) tgm4883: 1280x800?

(18:29:05) zenrox: any one want to help

(18:29:08) zenrox: heheh

(18:29:10) tgm4883: 1440x900?

(18:29:13) M0nk3yMan: h264 you go to UW?

(18:29:22) peanutb: hes at OSU?

(18:29:24) peanutb: i think

(18:29:24) H264: M0nk3yMan: no, OSU Smile :)

(18:29:39) NaNO2x: i have a 1680 res that i use...

(18:30:09) H264: and how about if we keep the min. resolution that the default pictures come with

(18:30:21) peanutb: that sounds good

(18:30:24) andrewkk: agreed

(18:30:29) M0nk3yMan: 1280x1024 would be better

(18:30:31) zenrox: i have 3200x1200

(18:30:31) tgm4883: what?

(18:30:33) H264: whatever they decided

(18:30:36) M0nk3yMan: My laptop is 1920x1200

(18:30:45) tgm4883: 10240x7680

(18:30:52) andrewkk: 1024x768 ftw

(18:31:02) H264: lol

(18:31:03) LordDicranius: lol

(18:31:06) M0nk3yMan: lol ducks

(18:31:09) tgm4883: 54123255635x144565226852325

(18:31:11) NaNO2x: you crazy blind people

(18:31:13) zenrox: dual montors rocks

(18:31:15) M0nk3yMan: Anyway

(18:31:21) H264: this laptop is 1024x768

(18:31:21) andrewkk: small laptops rock

(18:31:23) M0nk3yMan: Sorry I had to take care of something back there

(18:31:30) M0nk3yMan: Anyone have an EEepC?

(18:31:35) M0nk3yMan: (Off topic)

(18:31:35) tgm4883: sounds good

(18:31:50) tgm4883: peanutb, just so we are clear, are we setting it up on your host or mine?

(18:31:51) andrewkk: couple guys at work do

(18:32:08) LordDicranius: M0nk3yMan: no, but I've looked at them online and they look cool

(18:32:18) H264: so what is the min. resolution? what the default pictures are from install?

(18:32:24) peanutb: tgm4883: it would probably be easier to set it up on yours

(18:32:28) tgm4883: ok

(18:32:37) peanutb: but we might just be pointing a cname or a host at it

(18:32:43) peanutb: i

(18:32:51) tgm4883: cname would probably be easiest

(18:32:52) peanutb: i'll have to file a bug to get it changed

(18:32:55) peanutb: ok

(18:33:15) H264: lol... are we going to vote on resolution sizes?

(18:33:15) andrewkk: they vary. 2048x1536, 1920x1440

(18:33:38) M0nk3yMan: How hard would it be to just vector it and have multiple sizes?

(18:33:49) zenrox: not to hard

(18:34:01) tgm4883: but you still need a min

(18:34:06) H264: how can you vector a picture?

(18:34:07) andrewkk: depends on the original

(18:34:08) tgm4883: 1280x1024

(18:34:09) peanutb: we can set the server to do that also

(18:34:10) M0nk3yMan: 1024 is min

(18:34:26) H264: 1024x768?

(18:34:27) M0nk3yMan: Does ubuntu have a "safe modE"?

(18:34:31) M0nk3yMan: with like 640x480?

(18:34:33) M0nk3yMan: vga

(18:34:33) andrewkk: not like windows

(18:34:38) M0nk3yMan: DIdn't htink so

(18:34:44) peanutb: M0nk3yMan: its called boot from a live cd

(18:35:01) zenrox: or recovery mode and get a terminal

(18:35:05) M0nk3yMan: No way peanut it's not 640 on the live cd?

(18:35:07) peanutb: gotta leave in like 7 min

(18:35:10) tgm4883: I say 1024x768 min. Do bigger if you can, but if someone has a pick they think is just awesome that they took years ago with their old camera then keep it

(18:35:21) peanutb: M0nk3yMan: it can be

(18:35:23) peanutb: and its UGLY

tgm4883 tgm4883_laptop

(18:35:36) H264: we can always discourage voting for the min. size pictures

(18:35:41) H264: Smile :)

(18:35:45) andrewkk: for the sake of having an answer, I'll agree with tgm4883. 1024x768 minimum

(18:35:46) M0nk3yMan: I think just stay minimalist and go with our logo in the center with very little else

(18:35:49) H264: I vote 1024x768

(18:35:55) M0nk3yMan: I vote 1024x768

(18:36:10) LordDicranius: I vote 1024x768

(18:36:11) zenrox: i vote 3200x1200

(18:36:27) ***peanutb agrees with the crowd

(18:36:31) NaNO2x: 1024 min, 1920 max

(18:36:35) tgm4883: 5 for 1024x768, 1 for 3200x1200

(18:36:41) H264: no max rez

(18:36:42) peanutb: i disagree for a max

(18:36:43) andrewkk: no max

(18:36:43) tgm4883: no max

(18:36:45) NaNO2x: :p

(18:37:02) tgm4883: next?

(18:37:04) H264: ok, I just got that down... how about a due date?

(18:37:11) tgm4883: christmas

(18:37:21) andrewkk: new years

(18:37:23) tgm4883: it's already marked on my calendar Smile :)

(18:37:26) tgm4883: that works too

(18:37:38) andrewkk: or feb 1

(18:37:43) H264: how about just before the next GSLUG meeting?

(18:38:00) H264: err

(18:38:03) peanutb: so we can advertise the voting there?

(18:38:03) andrewkk: you mean pnw?

(18:38:08) H264: before school starts would be better

(18:38:10) M0nk3yMan: Executive decision H264

(18:38:14) M0nk3yMan: January 5th

(18:38:34) H264: sounds good

(18:38:36) M0nk3yMan: That's 3 weeks about?

(18:38:49) H264: yeah

(18:38:58) H264: 3 weeks and a day or two

(18:39:09) ardchoille [n=ardchoil@ubuntu/member/ardchoille] entered the room.

(18:39:09) andrewkk: that's good

(18:39:11) M0nk3yMan: and who is doing this project?

(18:39:16) H264: who shall everything get mailed to?

(18:39:28) peanutb: mailed to?

(18:39:33) peanutb: emailed you mean?

(18:39:43) H264: I could put everything on my website... I have the space

(18:39:50) peanutb: paul-bartell@ubuntu.com?

(18:39:58) tgm4883: err, it's it going on the website?

(18:40:07) peanutb: twas what i thought

(18:40:25) peanutb: do we want to list the contributers names or have a blind vote?

(18:40:33) H264: well, just everyones zip or tarball on my website

(18:40:43) tgm4883: blind vote

(18:40:43) andrewkk: blind might not be a bad idea

(18:40:47) tgm4883: err

(18:40:50) tgm4883: i have to go

(18:40:55) tgm4883: the gf is yelling at me

(18:41:11) H264: tgm4883: don't bend to her for once

(18:41:13) H264: :P

(18:41:17) andrewkk: lol. see ya

(18:41:20) LordDicranius: lol

(18:41:22) tgm4883: yea, thats not such a good idea Wink ;)

(18:41:29) tgm4883: H264, keep me posted

(18:41:33) tgm4883: im out

(18:41:34) H264: ok

(18:41:38) NaNO2x: toodles

(18:41:41) LordDicranius: cya tgm4883

(18:41:46) H264: BTW hello ardchoille Smile :)

(18:41:47) M0nk3yMan: Byes

(18:41:55) ardchoille: hi H264

(18:42:06) H264: so is the due date the 5th?

(18:42:11) H264: my midnight?

(18:42:13) H264: *by

(18:42:16) M0nk3yMan: yup

(18:42:22) andrewkk: yes

(18:42:39) H264: ok, getting this on my gedit Smile :)

(18:42:54) NaNO2x: where is dan, he needs to take care of this stuff

(18:42:56) peanutb: gotta go yall

(18:43:03) NaNO2x: anyway, H264 talk about or team

(18:43:04) H264: ciao peanutb Smile :)

(18:43:04) LordDicranius: cya peanutb

(18:43:08) NaNO2x: toodles peanut

(18:43:18) ***peanutb gets his tux on

(18:43:25) NaNO2x: penguine

(18:43:27) H264: why don't everyone email the pictures to me

(18:43:43) H264: email them to this address:

(18:44:03) andrewkk: just get a good page up explaining the contest and how to submit

(18:44:15) H264: yeah

(18:44:36) H264: ok

(18:45:00) H264: nearyw@ml.linnbenton.edu

(18:45:17) H264: enh

(18:45:37) H264: how about just my gmail address?

(18:46:15) H264: I'm not sure what kind of limits I have on my linnbenton address

(18:46:47) LordDicranius: gmail would probably be easiest then

(18:46:52) H264: so email all pictures to me in a zip at tiwake@gmail.com

(18:46:58) H264: by the 5th

(18:47:31) andrewkk: preferred format?

(18:47:35) H264: if it does not say received on the 5th or before, then it does not count

(18:47:38) andrewkk: jpg, png

(18:47:59) H264: andrewkk: it does not really matter..

(18:48:17) NaNO2x: png format == better

(18:48:22) andrewkk: k. when do we vote?

(18:48:25) NaNO2x: less artifacts

(18:48:27) H264: Ubuntu I don't think minds what kind of picture it uses for a background

(18:48:47) andrewkk: after or before the 5th

(18:49:16) H264: we will vote probably after the 5th... umm

(18:49:32) H264: sometime?

(18:49:39) M0nk3yMan: Do they have to be a photo/

(18:49:57) andrewkk: no

(18:50:02) H264: we'll work the details about actually voting on who's picture later

(18:50:11) andrewkk: desktop wallpaper, pnw themed

(18:51:40) andrewkk: we good on the art package then?

(18:51:53) H264: sure, I am..

(18:52:04) H264: wait... problem

(18:52:14) H264: do I have to email my pictures to me?

(18:52:26) H264: (moving on)

(18:52:28) LordDicranius: lol

(18:53:17) H264: Oregon... I would like to set up an install fest in Portland sometime soon

(18:53:50) Ashex left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).

(18:54:00) H264: and I know nothing about PDX... somebody would have to contact Dan Shufelt on that

(18:54:21) Ashex [n=Ashex@c-24-22-190-122.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] entered the room.

(18:54:34) LordDicranius: I'd like to do an install fest too, I don't know much about PDX either though heh (and I live about 15 miles away)

(18:54:57) LordDicranius: does Dan live in PDX?

(18:55:02) H264: LordDicranius: you are in Portland?

(18:55:13) LordDicranius: just outside of Portland, more in Beaverton

(18:55:14) H264: and yes, he lives in Portland

(18:55:21) LordDicranius: I'm living in Aloha

(18:55:30) H264: ah, that's right...

(18:56:03) H264: well, I'll see who I can contact at PSU, or was it OIT?

(18:56:16) RedGreen [n=brian@75-172-102-200.tukw.qwest.net] entered the room.

(18:56:20) andrewkk: do you guys usually get a good turnout for these kinds of things?

(18:56:22) LordDicranius: OIT

(18:56:25) H264: hey RedGreen Smile :)

(18:56:29) RedGreen: hiya

(18:56:40) LordDicranius: I haven't been to one yet.. :-\

(18:56:43) H264: andrewkk: don't know... never really done one before :]

(18:56:55) NaNO2x: washington one didn't do to bad

(18:57:12) LordDicranius: H264: didn't the gutsy party go pretty well?

(18:57:25) LordDicranius: oh wait, u didn't get to that either, did u?

(18:57:33) H264: who all from Washington would be able to come to the Portland install fest?

(18:57:35) LordDicranius: or did u? I can't remember lol

(18:57:40) andrewkk: I mean they sound great in theory but without pr as your main focus I can't see it being much more than a bunch of linux guys sitting around doing what they always do

(18:57:55) H264: LordDicranius: yes.. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OregonTeam/GutsyReleaseParty

(18:58:13) LordDicranius: ah, that's right

(18:58:27) H264: andrewkk: other states seem to get a really good turnout

(18:58:35) H264: in general

(18:59:13) H264: there are lots of Linux people in Portland willing to advertise.. like Free Geek

(18:59:25) H264: but there is only one way to find out Smile :)

(18:59:41) andrewkk: when you talking about doing this?

(18:59:51) H264: don't know, sometime

(18:59:53) H264: lol

(19:00:06) NaNO2x: wasn't a freegeek trying to be started in seattle?

(19:00:09) H264: Oregon's meeting is next week

(19:00:23) andrewkk: some people wanted it to happen, but that's all I think

(19:00:39) andrewkk: no real commitment

(19:00:51) H264: ok

(19:01:32) H264: after a couple install fests I think we (Oregon) could apply for officialness

(19:01:54) H264: that's about it for Oregon

(19:02:16) H264: any questions?

(19:02:28) LordDicranius: OR wiki wise..

(19:02:37) LordDicranius: I was looking at the PNW page, they have a nice setup for the projects

(19:02:44) LordDicranius: helps give ppl an idea what the OR is up to

(19:02:54) LordDicranius: we get something like that going on the OR wiki?

(19:03:03) andrewkk: just keep us updated, posts just about your planning efforts and stuff would be cool

(19:03:34) LordDicranius: I can give it a shot, but I don't know the wiki formatting :-\

(19:03:55) H264: LordDicranius: yes.. just copy paste Smile :)

(19:04:10) LordDicranius: haha good idea

(19:04:14) andrewkk: it doesn't take much effort to figure out, just imitate what's already there

(19:04:49) H264: what about the Washington team?

(19:05:00) LordDicranius: as for the OR team, do we have projects on hand other than the library distribution project? which to my understanding is on hold til April when the Ubuntu makes updates to their book?

(19:05:04) andrewkk: (what washington team?)

(19:05:05) LordDicranius: and 8.04 is released?

(19:05:28) andrewkk: oh what book?

(19:05:39) H264: LordDicranius: lol, I almost forgot about that.. umm, yeahhhhh...?

(19:05:40) LordDicranius: the official ubuntu book

(19:05:51) H264: it was just updated though...

(19:05:56) LordDicranius: I'd assume they'd make updates to the book once the new LTS is released

(19:05:58) H264: hmm

(19:06:05) ***andrewkk googles...

(19:06:23) LordDicranius: oh, I didn't know it was just updated

(19:06:26) LordDicranius: news to me hehe

(19:07:05) NaNO2x: just a quick ping in, did we ever get those metal tags?

(19:07:19) H264: though it might be updated again soon

(19:07:47) H264: NaNO2x: Dan Shufelt was supposed to bring them to the Washington team

(19:08:00) NaNO2x: yeah and the o'reilly books

(19:08:00) NaNO2x: :p

(19:08:15) H264: he has like 500 of them

(19:08:29) LordDicranius: ooo, I want one... :-P

(19:08:35) H264: I still have some, but Oregon is greedy :P

(19:08:36) andrewkk: yep.

(19:08:45) LordDicranius: lol

(19:08:55) NaNO2x: :p

(19:08:56) H264: Oregon only.. sorry :P

(19:09:01) LordDicranius: H264, if we get an install party planned, I'll pay ya for some :-P

(19:09:10) H264: LordDicranius: indeed Smile :)

(19:09:44) H264: NaNO2x: what is the Washington team doing?

(19:09:50) NaNO2x: ask peanut

(19:09:55) H264: nm

(19:10:05) H264: and the forum?

(19:10:17) H264: what is the website?

(19:10:26) andrewkk: have they done anything besides form a wiki page?

(19:11:28) andrewkk: what what?

(19:11:29) H264: jumping back again, if anybody wants some stickies, then they will have to come to an Oregon based event

(19:12:10) NaNO2x: :p

(19:12:48) H264: so are we done with Washington? Or does somebody want to talk about it?

(19:12:50) H264: lol

(19:13:04) andrewkk: don't think there's much to cover. lets move on

(19:13:27) NaNO2x: yeah we've been not doing much

(19:13:35) H264: at all

(19:13:43) H264: *cough*

(19:13:49) H264: Smile :)

(19:13:55) NaNO2x: Wink ;)

(19:14:01) LordDicranius: hehe

(19:14:15) H264: so then I guess the last thing is the PNW wiki

(19:14:33) H264: (which I added an hour and 15min ago)

(19:14:33) andrewkk: just in a shabby state right now?

(19:15:04) H264: it needs 40 min of caring love

(19:15:44) H264: to put closed things in the right place, this log and some other small tidying things

(19:16:53) H264: any volunteers?

(19:17:16) LordDicranius: for the PNW wiki?

(19:17:24) H264: Ashex has not said anything, I vote him in

(19:17:27) andrewkk: I can take a stab at it on Sunday

(19:17:28) LordDicranius: rofl

(19:17:29) NaNO2x: i vote ashex

(19:17:36) LordDicranius: ashex has my vote :-P

(19:17:39) Ashex: HA

(19:17:41) Ashex: funny

(19:18:18) H264: Ashex: congratulations, you win!

(19:18:22) LordDicranius: haha

(19:18:28) Ashex: I vote andrewkk

(19:18:30) andrewkk: I'll work on it sunday regardless, if you want to do something before then go ahead, or you can leave it all for me

(19:18:35) Ashex: and his self-voting counts triple, so he wins

(19:18:48) LordDicranius: lol

(19:18:55) H264: Darn! a tie!

(19:19:00) andrewkk: lol.

(19:19:28) H264: somebody _does_ have a log... right?

(19:19:40) andrewkk: yes

(19:19:50) LordDicranius: Imma try and get some stuff cleaned up and created on the OR teams page, but if there's anything else that needs done later (after Sunday, if andrewkk doesn't get everything done he'd like to), I can try and do a few things

(19:19:54) H264: one time that was a problem... lol

(19:20:14) H264: cool... just as long as it gets done

(19:20:28) H264: or half way done... lol

H264: is there anything else?

andrewkk: well

NaNO2x: is dan alive?

LordDicranius: from me, I suggest nobody upgrade to 8.04 yet. FF keeps crashing on me lol

andrewkk: there's the general issue of this just being the same 10 of us every month

H264: NaNO2x: I... don't know

NaNO2x: who has his number

Ashex: .seen dan

H264: I may have his number... let me look

andrewkk: we can't very well form a successful group without some serious growth into other communities

andrewkk: *checks the calendar

H264: NaNO2x: I don't havew it

H264: *have

andrewkk: nope, still december 2007

H264: andrewkk: isn't that what team events are for?

andrewkk: doest look like april yet

andrewkk: that is what they're for. but I think right now expansion should be our main focus

M0nk3yMan: lol Hardy is only in Alpha 2 right?

H264: hmm

H264: andrewkk: any suggestions?

LordDicranius: M0nk3yMan: Hardy's still in Alpha 1

andrewkk: I don't know. but there's got to be something more to either discover the thousands of other ubuntu users in the pnw or let them discover us

LordDicranius: M0nk3yMan: Alpha 2 comes out on the 20th

andrewkk: I think we focus too much on getting more people to use ubuntu

H264: andrewkk: we could masterbate the threads for locals Smile :)

andrewkk: we need to connect with current users

H264: maybe masterbate is too strong

LordDicranius: haha

NaNO2x: i've been spreading it around uw

andrewkk: that's good

NaNO2x: handing out cds when i see someone using vista

NaNO2x: :p

H264: lol

LordDicranius: haha

andrewkk: but really, connecting with those who already use ubuntu is key I think

LordDicranius: I tried spreading the Ubuntu (and Linux in general) love around my office, but I work with a bunch of Linux haters Sad :(

H264: lol

H264: why?

LordDicranius: one guy actually installed Ubuntu, but I haven't heard back from him yet

NaNO2x: because vista suxors

LordDicranius: he's on vacation right now and won't be back until after the new year

andrewkk: I told my friend about ubuntu pnw and he didn't know there was such a thing as linux groups and stuff, but he's been using linux on his own

H264: hmm

LordDicranius: I kinda agree with andrewkk, but I don't know many ppl who use linux :-\

LordDicranius: (in RL)

H264: andrewkk: he must not look at linux related stuff online too much

H264: and I think the meeting is close enough to done that whoever needs o leave can leave

H264: *to

andrewkk: he's a user, not an enthusiast, a typical guy who cares about the end result of using his computer and doesn't care about the specifics behind the particular operating system he uses, just chose the one that worked est for him

H264: andrewkk: woah, rare indeed

andrewkk: that is the future of the success of linux

andrewkk: that is what ubuntu holds above every other distro out there

H264: it's only like what.. 17 years old in general?

H264: (linux)

andrewkk: linux has for a long time now badly needed to step out of of its geek niche

M0nk3yMan: Yes

andrewkk: ubuntu makes that a real potential

LordDicranius: agreed

H264: it's getting there with every Ubuntu release Smile :)

andrewkk: and along those same lines,

andrewkk: WE need to step out of our niche

andrewkk: be something more than ten linux geeks on irc

NaNO2x: brb

LordDicranius: *hiding face*

andrewkk: we could be the core of a real local communitly of people who don't care when the latest release is coming out

H264: that is something I can't give up... lol

andrewkk: we need those people to start watching us, get on our *active* mailing lists

***LordDicranius picturing andrewkk behind a podium

H264: well, maybe every LTS I could do

andrewkk: our job should be keeping that community together

H264: andrewkk: but it comes down to team members and activities...

andrewkk: right now we don't have that community

H264: nobody wants to be a part of something if it is not fun

H264: lets make Ubuntu fun! Smile :)

H264: though nobody had to tell me that when I popped the first live Linux CD in my computer

andrewkk: I think our most important "team" member is the one who doesn't come to irc meetings

H264: andrewkk: but it does not have to be that way

andrewkk: I don't disagree though that we have to do a lot to get this core moving as well, making it fun, keeping the real geeks involved

LordDicranius: this discussion reminded me of this article, interesting read: http://handyfloss.wordpress.com/2007/12/04/vendor-lock-in-for-dummies/

andrewkk: others can come and go, but you're right the geek events are vital

LordDicranius: install fests? LUG meetings?

andrewkk: yeah that kind of stuff. others will come out of interest but never regularly

LordDicranius: true

H264: I think that's why the US team project in general discourages large areas because it's hard to go to all of the events if scattered across 4 states

andrewkk: that makes sense

LordDicranius: agreed

LordDicranius: speaking of LUGs, does Oregon/Portland have one?

H264: so Oregon and Washington must become official Smile :)

H264: I was looking into getting a CD making machine

andrewkk: what's the benefit of being official?

H264: andrewkk: the state gets colored green https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/TeamList

H264: lol

andrewkk: Smile :)

LordDicranius: haha

H264: the biggest thing is the ability to get several hundred CDs from shipit for free

andrewkk: there is that aspect of it, being Official just for the sake of being official, for the accomplishment

M0nk3yMan: Tru that

H264: if not official then a team can't get near as many

H264: CD's

M0nk3yMan: I think we have wanted to do that for a long time

andrewkk: but it wouldn't hurt at all to not worry about it for a year though

LordDicranius: don't official teams get a forum on ubuntuforums, too?

M0nk3yMan: What are we lacking to be a official team?

LordDicranius: a good track record for one

LordDicranius: well, a track record at all heh

LordDicranius: the team has to show that it has some things going for it

LordDicranius: events, projects, spreading the love, etc

H264: M0nk3yMan: well.. if you are talking about Washington and/or Oregon then I think a couple events is enough under that teams name

LordDicranius: some criteria for becoming approved: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingApproved

LordDicranius: Experience - What have you done so far? Have you done any advocacy, translations, exhibitions, support or other activities? We recommend you have done at least three activities before you apply for approval.

H264: I was about to say experience.. lol

LordDicranius: anyways, Imma get going, I have some other stuff I need to get done before it gets too late

H264: TTFN LordDicranius Smile :)

LordDicranius: I'll work on the OR wiki and get a projects section laid out all nice n neat :-P

H264: glad you were here

H264: great Smile :)

LordDicranius: and I'll keep in touch via the mailing list and IRC rooms Smile :)

LordDicranius: nice meeting some of u and seeing others again

LordDicranius: take care everybody


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