This is the main index page for "Ubuntu on POWER8" "Ubuntu on POWER9"and "Ubuntu on OpenPOWER".

When referring to any of these, please use the word POWER, in all caps. (In this context, POWER refers to the ppc64el hardware architecture.) When there are differences, please specify whether you are referring to POWER8 or POWER9 or OpenPOWER.

There is a community-maintained page here that is collecting useful information about Ubuntu enablement on POWER hardware http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ppc64el

http://askubuntu.com is a great place to reach out to the community for support. (Remember to tag your question with POWER8, POWER9, ppc64el)

The main page for OpenPOWER foundation-related information is here: http://openpowerfoundation.org/

If you can't find what you're looking for, or for general information about Ubuntu's POWER initiatives, please reach out to:
Randall Ross
Ubuntu Community Manager - POWER
<randall AT ubuntu DOT com>

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