There are multiple levels of support in the package archive. Packages that are part of ubuntu server are supported for 5 years on LTS releases, packages of ubuntu desktop are supported 3 years for LTS and other packages in main are supported for 18 months on a LTS. This is currently not reflected in the packaging tools UI in hardy. We need to rovide a UI that shows what package has what support status in hardy.


The support level is very important information to our users and we currently do not have a way to present it in hardy.


Synaptic supports a filter that is based on a static package name list. We use that to add three new preset filters to synaptic:

Supported for 5 years
Supported for 3 years
Supported for 18 months

The static list of package names is build based on the seeds list and reviewed by Colin Watson.


The implementation for this spec is done in the

The list of packages with the different support statues needs to be agreed upon and added, otherwise the package is ready for hardy-updates.

Test/Demo Plan


  1. Install the new synaptic
  2. Start it via System/Administration/Synaptic Package Manager
  3. Click on "Custom Filters" and there on "Supported for 5 years"

Outstanding Issues

The list of packages with the various support statuses need to be provided

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