It is proposed that we create a pamphlet that can be distributed along with ubuntu CD's to further explain a few things, answer common questions, and point people to where they can get help.

The little folder that Ship It CDs come in has improved since hoary. It explains stuff a little better, like the difference between the install cd and live cd. However, it would be useful to have some kind of Ubuntu pamphlet that could be printed on a home printer.

I try to give the nice Ship It CDs to people who aren't going to just toss them. If one had this pamphlet, however, one could just burn stacks of the cds and give out the pamphlet/CD without putting more load on the Ship It system.

A few ideas for pamphlet topics:

  • What Ubuntu is.
  • What Open Source is + Why it is good.
  • Brief Linux History
  • The concept of "Ubuntu".
  • What makes Ubuntu Unique
  • What Canonical's role is.
  • Open Office and its compatibility with MS office
  • Thunderbird/Evolution Should be mentioned
  • Gaim and its compatible networks.
  • Synaptic, and the whole concept of repositories
  • Support options (Wiki, Forum, IRC, and contact info for a LoCoTeam)

Perhaps different versions of the pamphlet could be made depending on who the target audience is. For example:

  • Mention Gaim and gaming for teenagers
  • Mention Open Office, Evolution, and server mode for businesses
  • Etc.

If someone creates a nice layout with the ubuntu logo and color palette, I (CameronBergh) would be willing to write up a draft. it would be a wiki effort and use a creative commons license or something similar.

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